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The Tato Custom ROM Manifest!

WELL! We had a sweeeet idea floating around and here we are today. With tons of time to fill waiting to find Kellex and for that darn Froyo Update on the D-Inc, I have decided to start a manifest of *almost* ALL custom ROM’s. This is my way of making droid-*life* easy on all you.

I know there are screen shots of mostly all of them, but there is never full write ups from the people who really use them. I think it would be great to get real user opinions out there for people to read and also see. Sometimes forums are just TOO jumbled to find what you’re looking for. 🙂

So I am taking comments below about what YOU (the droid-lifers) want to see! What type of reviews do you want? Check lists of features, “smoothness”, lag, aesthetics? You tell me, and I’ll make it happen….as always! The possibilities are pretty much endless.


-Tim-o-tato and everyone here at Droid-Life

Thanks everyone for the great ideas! Droid-Lifers are the best!

Picture is credit to: Cyanogen Mod

  • Mobileman0102

    that Sky Raider ROM is for the DI, I rooted my wife's phone and that is the one she is currently running. I have not seen any problems out if that one, but can't find it for the D1

  • tonytbone7883

    A bit off topic but, I just saw a poll on kernels and “Slayher” was number one and “Chevy” and P3 were 2nd and third? Does anyone use Slayher? Thoughts.

  • kkj

    Reviews, definitely, sort by phone, manufacturer, carrier, ROM (for ROMs like CM or BB that are multi-phone) UI (Stock, Sense, TouchWiz, BLUR, DROID-BLUR, Socialite) ratings on different aspects (speed, stability, compatibility with apps)

  • machinegun68

    I'd like to see a simple poll on who is running what ROM. No clocking details or themes, just ROMS.
    Another words how many people are running BB or Lithium, etc.

  • Gregjohnson916

    would like more info about devstools

  • Rjfrank

    This is a great idea! I've been using custom roms for a while and have found that there are different things I like about each. A little better description for each rom would help but mostly a walk through of the install process. Some roms I've installed have options that I have no idea what it's for and I end up just taking a guess at it. Anyway, the moe info on each rom the better as far as I'm concerned.

    Thanks for all the work done at Droid-Life!

  • DeeMat

    Great idea Tato. Try to keep it simple!

  • I would like to see a run-down of the top few roms. A comparison of features. Cyanogen, Bugless, Pl3x, etc… I am the kind of person that goes back and forth between all those different ones.

  • Superstevo

    How about it layed out like distrowatch.com for linux, makes finding the right one simple and easy!

  • Please include a column that explains any unique features for that particular ROM. Many roms are pretty similar and it’s the small unique features that really sets them apart for me.

  • Theetechkid

    If you were to review themes I would love to see ratings on design both icons and gui. Because sometimes you can download a rom that looks nice from a picture but when you get it to your phone is choppy. I would also like to see ratings on performance, stability, and extra features. This will make finding the right rom much easier to decide upon then searching through forums. One final thought would be a search option to sort by user rating, popularity, its review score, and overall download.

  • Fullback118

    My biggest concern with rooting is that I really like my phone's software to be polished and I don't want to run into any issues with apps not showing up or force closing, phone getting too warm inside, etc. I would be interested in knowing what roms and CPU set-ups are the most stable. Function over form.

    • Rooting is the best thing I have ever done to my phone(Droid 1). I have never ran into ne major problem and if I ever have a problem with a new rom I just boot in recovery(power+”x”) then restore a backup from when my phone was running perfect. Then I try something different to make sure I don't run into problems when I re-download the rom that I ran into problems with…my phone gets warm, not hot, only when I'm charging my phone and doing something using a lot of processor, like youtube, and I'm overclocked a 1ghz…my phone rarely gets above 112f…now some of the really old roms, before everyone knew what they were doing, my phone would really overheat like 140f and high, but the developers have gotten WAY better so heat is not a huge problem nemore the only time I get high temps now is it I overclock at 1.3-4ghz, charging, and using the processor, youtubing, downloading, stuff like that…I would recomnend rooting, try it out for a week, if u hate it or can't figure it out u can go back to stock, exactly where u were before u rooted because you create a back-up of ur entire phone before u start the rooting process…I would also copy everything on ur sd card onto ur computer just to have that backed up too…if u need ne help droid life has almost all, if not all ur answers and I can help if u need to or atleast ill do my best…my email is [email protected]
      I hope this helps u make ur decision!!! And goodluck and godspeed

    • SecurityNick

      I have to admit that I was a little worried about rooting before I did it. I was experimenting around with various home replacement apps like Launcher Pro, ADW, etc before I actually rooted and would get pretty frustrated with my phone because I would get lots of force closes and stuff. Then one day, I made the plunge and rooted. Best decision ever. My phone works BETTER than it did before I rooted. I overclock occasionally, but not all the time. I rarely get force closes. My phone works faster even when I am not overclocked. I think you should do some research into the various ROMs out there though to decide what you really want, but like Cory said, back ups are great and whether something goes wrong or you just don't like something, it's really easy to restore your back up (saved my neck a couple of times when I've gotten a little too enthusiastic about what I download). Personally, anything Cyanogen or by JRummy (now part of Lithium Mod) are clean and work really well.

  • Mark

    Thanks for all the work you guys do! I think the most important things I look for in a rom are: aesthetics, stability, and speed. I'm currently running insanely clean with the 1000 mhz kernel. Swype is a must. 3d app drawer is very nice. Can't beat the droid ringtones!

  • Brian

    I just found out that the droidx bootstrap recovery link wont download as an APK on the computer you will need to use your phone.

  • Are there other ROMS out there besides the big ones mentioned on places like DF? I saw something on Phandroid about a Sky Raider ROM for a specific phone that looked really cool. I'm much more into the aesthetics and the way it looks (performance a HUGE second) but didn't know if it works for D1.

    • Mobileman0102

      that Sky Raider ROM is for the DI, I rooted my wife's phone and that is the one she is currently running. I have not seen any problems out if that one, but can't find it for the D1

  • Bballgarnett
  • Brian

    Koush has did it and found a way to put into recovery and you can download it here

    or support him by downloading it from the market just type (recovery) and it should be listed as droidx bootsrap recovery its only $2.00.

  • lakerzz

    Not sure why it does it, but you need rsd lite at that point.
    (Whats even worse is instead of saying “ok to program”, it says “can not program”. Rsd lite cant fix that.)

  • fred114

    This sounds like a good idea. When most new ROMs are released there always seems to be a small bug or too. Wifi doesn't work, Gmail force closing, little things like that. Usually when you go to the forum thread to try and keep up, see if things get sorted out, the thread has grown so large it would take an hour to read. Would be nice to have some have a easier way to see if problems were fixed. My thoughts.

  • Fawzi94

    battery life!!!!

  • Chris Nimon

    screengrabs so we can see what they all look like. Jrummys screengrabs are very good but not all are there. Also like to see section with all the boot animations.

  • Chris Nimon

    Id like to see a section on what has gone wrong and how that problem was fixed. Think that would help the noobs a lot.

  • Mosskingpin

    Just go back and read all of the old posts. You will be an expert.

  • Anonymous

    What I would love to see, and I hope I’m not the only one, is any info on the Terminal Emulator. What is it? How do I use it? I have been wondering about this for a while, would live more info. Also, 1) Speed2) Smooth/Laggy3) Problems with WiFi, etc…4) Screenies5) Personal Settings (i.e. SetCPU, Themes, LauncherPro, etc…)

    Running JRummy, Lithuim mod, 1GhzLV – set 900 Mhz

  • Joey563

    I would also like to see ratings on stability, functions, customisation, and speed.

  • Cyanogen rc1 here. Decides to behave about half the time and wont do the rc2 update for some reason even though I have flashed it numerous times and it keeps promoting me to do so. Other than that out looks great and i am getting great quadrant scores oc at 1100mhz

  • Maizekid

    I agree with everyone on this. I think this would be a sick idea. And who better than us to bring it to the next level. Tim you were always first on the blogs. Now let’s all be first at this.

  • bartnyogi

    I think this is a great idea. Saw the suggestion on the comments last night. My first request as a noob is for ROMS that require choices upon download {i.e. Kernel}; love to know how those choices affect different phones. It is difficult to choose for those of us new to this. After that I too would like a chart showing different features, scripts, etc.included with the ROMS and how they might affect diffefent phones. This is a huge undertaking but I'd imagine well worth it for droid-life and itso users. It would be great if there were a way for you guys as experts to post your opinions and experiences, the devs to have a place to post theirs and users to add as well. Sort of a wiki but with sections to indicate the experience level of the poster. This would help keep the site updated but the input of the various level of user would offer some unique views. Often the less experienced user can gain from a combination of expert opinion combined with noob language and pitfalls to avoid. (that the experts might not have run into due their skill level). Anyway love the idea and the site. I look forward to your updates and this project. I alsoo appreciate how much I've gotten from the site already. It is as daily stop for me. And I like the mobile website rather than as a dedicated app.I'd like to see more well done mobile web sites. Too much walled garden is bad for everyone.

  • marms


  • Dan_08

    Love the idea(s)! It would also be nice to have all the downloads on the same page, so we could read the review and install! Please include release dates and last updates, etc.

  • Bzchickin

    I would like to see a response to this error: http://goo.gl/IrRs
    Also: Thank you for everything you've done. Wonderful job sir 🙂

    • lakerzz

      Not sure why it does it, but you need rsd lite at that point.
      (Whats even worse is instead of saying “ok to program”, it says “can not program”. Rsd lite cant fix that.)

  • I would like to see the different themes capable for each one of the Roms. Thanks love the Site

  • Personally for the most part of being here 10 months or so roms are pretty much colors. I think cm 6 had pretty good I deal of one Rom change all your colors except the notifications tab not bar to make it customuse such as blue energy love it. Next smooth no hangs ups and no market problems. Next all roms must have pics!! And also one site all roms and information and brand new roms posted immediately…. Oh yes icons of our choice to be colorized. Thanks been wanting to get that off my chest for awhile. Good Ideal

  • Babestern44

    I want to see motoblur ported to the droid 1

  • Oh my Tim… this might be one big labor of love. Better get the “ROM-Life” An Android Rom Blog domain locked down. 🙂

  • Unexpected62

    what's added to the rom to separate it from stock, theming ease, speed, stability. Let's just get a review page for each ROM with a comment section

  • Include launchers like launcher pro, almost everyone uses it!

  • Maybe an article our section for tech-challenged people like me like a tech terms section. To explain things like boatloader, jailbreak, roms, etc… These seem like simple ABC's to most droid life readers but other people might get lost and it'd be kickass to have a section just for us… i can't speak for all but I'm definitely eager to learn the way of the droid!
    “Tech-Terms 101”

  • tonytbone7883

    What about kernel issues, like if you are having random reboots or browser issues using Flash you could lower your speed or increase the kernel voltage, stuff like that.

  • tonytbone7883

    This is really good stuff. I've been waiting a long time to see this. I have 3 ROMs back up on my D1 now and it's really easy to just go into ROM manager and restore one of these ROMs. I think EC8CH made a good suggestion on what we need to see in as what each ROM can do. In addition to that I'd also like to know what themes will work with each ROM even if that Dev did not make that theme. Screen shots of themes including Icons in Phone settings, and whether or not there is a Dev Tool menu. I've used chaos black ice theme, blue energy by Pete, and blue theme by ChevyN01 which I'm currently running on SS4.6. All nice themes but I never knew what the settings icons were going to look like till i installed the ROM. Not all themes work on all ROMs, lets have a table of that too. Nice job Tim-o-tato!!!!

  • just make a link to a page with a search button in the middle. HA! Just kidding… my number one gripe are the people who post saying to search for stuff. Thanks again for ALL the help you guys gave me. I switched to Sapphire today and love the new rom. Thanks Tim… I look forward to reading the manifesto.

    • Doolidg

      Nice one…. Truce…. I have run my white flag up the pole.. I really was trying to help…sorry for the confusion on the whole search thing…

  • Chris

    It would be nice to have screen shots of every rom in rom manager + other roms in one location with ratings on certain categories like, speed, looks, functionality, known problems…ect.

    It's a PITA downloading every rom to find one you like. It would be a lot nicer to just have a location online where you could easily find all the information you need to know about all the roms.

  • EC8CH

    In addition to any write ups in review form I would like to see a table that is kept current with the latest versions of the major ROMs. It would look like the product comparison page from any electronics manufacturers website, listing the major features that would allow users to differentiate between the various ROMs.

    A few features to include in the Table:

    Built from Source (Y/N)
    Officially supported themes
    Notification Bar Customizations
    Available scripts
    GUI for scripts
    OC governor control
    Max OC control
    Min OC control
    Back/Restore Options
    Notification LED control
    Lock Screen Music controls
    Reboot options

    Thanks Tato & Droid-Life, here's hoping this becomes the definitive source for those looking to compare ROMs.