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LauncherPro Icons Site and App Available

A few of you have been wondering which LauncherPro dock we were using in some recent screenshots, and we’re just here to let you know that you can grab it now through a site called LauncherPro Icons or by downloading their app from the market.

LPi is your ticket to customizing your dock and app icons without having to go digging around the internet.  It offers a pretty wide variety of docks and an icon for almost any app you can think of.

Check out the LauncherPro Icon site here.

App available for a whoppin’ $1.49 in the market.

Update:  Was my fault for listing as $.99 originally.  That was the price a few weeks ago before the developer overhauled the app.


Download Link

  • This app just provides the icons. What you do with them is up to you!

    You can use them on the home screen with Desktop Visualizer or BetterCut. There may be other apps that allow you to replace the home screen icons, but those are the two I'm familiar with.

  • Walkecody

    how do you apply the dock icons i have a droid and i need help applying them

  • Dawgpound3

    quick question off subject….. does anyone know how to get sprecovery off the droid 1?

  • Seanj22

    Quick question, does this allow customization on apps on the screen and in the app drawer or JUST the LP dock? Thanks!

    • This app just provides the icons. What you do with them is up to you!

      You can use them on the home screen with Desktop Visualizer or BetterCut. There may be other apps that allow you to replace the home screen icons, but those are the two I'm familiar with.

  • skltr21

    anyone out there use bettercut??? i can't find instructions anywhere on how to use the app. there's no support……. its the most confusing app! if anyone out there knows how to use it, id really appreciate the help. thanks!

  • what i dont understand is why it has to be so incredibly difficult to apply one of the custom icons from this app using bettercut. the only way that i have found it to work takes close to 1 min for each custom icon u want to add to the homescreen.

    bettercut>activities>select what you want(which takes forever to load)>change icon>pick picture>launcherpro icons>pick the custom icon>create

    i do realize that i was overstating how long it takes to do this whole process… but i mean come on there has to be an easier way. only way that i see that this process doesnt take as long is if u are using openhome… but if im correct, that is a launcher….so that defeats the purpose of all this cool stuff for launcherpro.

    if anyone can please shed some light on this i would greatly appreciate it, i bought bettercut and this launcher pack and its like pulling teeth getting the 2 to work together. does anyone know if u use open home u can still use launcherpro?

  • Mark

    Thanks for the information!!


    • balthuszar

      can you do them in purple? i'm running the midnight droid live wallpaper and have been looking for purple icons since i upgraded to sapphire 1.0.0 and havent seen anything about purple passion being upgraded to work with 1.0.0

  • I downloaded LPi but it cost 1.49 might want to update your post.

  • I've asked before and I don't mean to bother. Is it possible to make the app drawer completely transparent with LauncherPro?

    • Yes, there is a transparent icon on the LPi website above.

  • mnguyea

    I agree that I'm not comfortable buying an app that basically re-package from other people's work and then charging it. It also doesn't support the dev which I rather do.

  • Mark

    Anybody who has 2.2 can simply go to the Launcher Pro Icon site, click on the icon they want, then use Chrome-to-phone and then you download it from your browser. Took me 5 minutes to get like 10 new icons. No need for the app.

    • You can also use the barcodes beside each icon/dock. They link to the post containing that image. A little faster than Chrome-to-phone IMO, and doesn't require 2.2.

    • re747

      you can, but for someone who doesn't know how to do it like that through the website (or would just rather not) the app does make it a ton easier. all you do is touch the one you like and it automatically saves it.

  • Adam

    In Reply to several comments about LP integration, Actually, an integrated gallery / theming would be sweet, however, when the issue was brought up in fede's forum, admins stated it wasn't really high priority. You can check it out on their forums page. http://www.launcherpro.com/forum/viewtopic.php?… Fede has said himself he focuses on performance over eye candy. So until Fede decides to integrate this himself, this is the closest & next best thing.

  • noberly

    this should be included in the paid app i paid 3 bucks for the app shouldnt i get an intergrated gallery!

  • RJM

    I bought LPi a couple of days ago. Someone please tell me why all the icons are black/white? Is there some way to color them?
    I also bought AnyCut and there are lots of Icon Packs free in the market that have multi-colored icons.
    So why is LPi all b/w?

    • Since there are so many color icon packs available, we are deliberately sticking to the style of the original stock LauncherPro icons. We don't plan on deviating from this style.

      • RJM

        Thank You

  • Jpeeps05

    how do i change the dock? thanks

    • Download the dock background you want, then from your home screen, press Menu -> Preferences -> Appearance settings -> Dock Background -> Custom, then choose the one you downloaded from the gallery.

      • Myles

        lol I was totally doing this all wrong. I was clicking on default Launcher Pro app drawer icon and clicking on change icon. I was wondering why it was showing up so small. This clears things up nicely lol. This should be communicated on your site on via the download from the market. Im new to android so it was frustrating at first. IMO of course but I do think it would help if if was posted.

  • zero

    Damn it. I've been using ADW because I could customize it and it came with BB. Since then I added an ass load of apps to my screen. Now switching back to LP (which I always preferred but had to switch off of cause of FC's while running CM) I'll have to rebuild all my home screen and add all the apps to the proper place.

  • Adam

    Well first off, for some readers, this isn't actually part of LP. It's 2 different guys which explains the 2 costs involved. Anyways, I used to go through LP's forum and find docks there but totally love this app. I mean yeah, I can go to their site and get the images for free but this app basically bypasses all the trouble of downloading / transferring images between my computer and phone. And I've heard rumors there are more customization features on the way too. I figure it's worth $1.49 for the trouble it saves me. And besides, there are some SAWEET docks there! Thanks for covering the app DL! 🙂 LP rocks!

    • jiggaman508

      I agree I've had it for a few days now and it does make it much easier….well worth 1.49 imo….

    • its easier to go to the website on your phone that way you dont have to transfer it from your computer to your phone

  • Ben

    I agree with a lot of the other comments. I'm all for supporting devs & their apps too. But here's my thoughts…

    – This kind of functionality should be included in LauncherPro Plus (IMO, any plans on that Fede?)
    – Raising the price after being featured here is kind of a slap in the face to the D-L readers (but I also understand wanting to make bank on app popularity)
    – LauncherPro still only allows for dock icon customization, for the amount of times I change my dock icons I can just download them manually.
    – If LanucherPro ever allows for complete icon/shortcut customization on both the homescreens & app drawer, THAT'S when this tool would come in real handy to customize a lot of icons/apps quicker than manual downloads

    Just my $0.02.

    • noberly

      thank you thats exactly true!

      • DanB

        No, it's not exactly true. The price was not raised because it was featured here. It was raised a couple of weeks ago. Perhaps a little research is in order.

  • Monkey

    I feel strange buying this because it is not Federico's name on the program. So I dunno it just feels strange to me to buy something like this that doesn't benefit the developer of the program.

    I am fine using the forums for now, I think.

    • yourdum

      Looks like some guy is just packaging other people's work and reselling it. Unless all those people who created those icons/docks getting a piece of that selling price and agreed to someone using their work, this is copyright infringement.

      • Monkey

        That's what I thought. I went through their web page (http://launcherpro.droidicon.com/) and almost all, if not all the artwork are lifted straight from the forums.

        • We don't lift from the forums. The artists cross-post their work. Each artist owns and posts their own work as they see fit.

          • fish1552

            Don't you think that #2 & #3 bullets kind of contradict each other? Site may distribute as either a pair or unpaid app, then in second one: site may not sell copies of artwork? Isn't distributing them in a $.99 market download selling? Gotta agree with Monkey unless there is something I am missing.

            Maybe a free download in the market is in order?

          • Your edit is correct. If the app were free, I wouldn't be able to keep the site up. All the traffic has forced me to move hosting companies twice because they were unable to meet the demand. The one I'm on now is quite expensive.

          • fish1552

            Hey, can't blame you about trying to keep it afloat.

          • Hand made? Or finger typed?

          • Maybe mouse drawn?

  • JosueD

    I rather spend the time manually installing them….


  • picked this up a few days ago, it's OK.

  • Doolidg

    this should be free for those of us who have already purchased launcher pro….

  • wolverinefan

    1.49 man plus unless u get froyo update i would not lose my money cuz luncherpro dont work

    • balthuszar

      sorry to do this…but “doesn't work”
      but my original point in replying was this, i downloaded/purchased launcherpro before i rooted and went froyo, and it worked just fine

    • skltr21

      launcherpro should work either way….. rooted or unrooted.

  • thebourbonnflip

    i could just look them up manually on the forums and it's free

    • ReebX

      You can just view the list, long press on the ones you like, and it is still free. The app is just a little easier.

      • thebourbonnflip

        app could be easier but i wouldn't want to pay for it when i can find it on the web and use drop box to put it on my phone or something like that

        • That is a valid opinion, and for people living in countries not supported by Google Checkout, it is the only good option.

    • Yes! Definitely! We've tried really hard to make the website easy to use. As you're grabbing them, make sure you vote up the ones you like, and make requests for icons you can't find.

      A semi-hidden feature is the icon grid view at http://launcherpro.droidicon.com/icons/grid. You can see more icons at once, but still vote them up download them, etc.

      Happy downloading!

  • Flying_Hellfish

    I would think about buying this if I could get the unread SMS count to work with custom icons.

  • joesred

    They raised their price….
    Good 'ole supply and demand

  • I think they raised their price when they saw they were featured on DL;)

    • We actually raised the price a couple of weeks ago when we added docks to the app (originally it was just icons).

      Appbrain.com shows the dates when this kind of stuff happens.

      We're working hard on an update that brings a more beautiful user interface, and I plan on working out a a system to better integrate with LauncherPro. My dream is to be able to apply the icons/docks from within the app directly to LP, or natively select icons/docks from within LP. I really want to make customizing LP easy!

  • Listed as 1.49 US for me.

    • davesdroid

      Same here

    • Timoh

      Price went up once it was listed on Droid-Life? That's pretty cool.

    • JosueD

      Same, I think they raised it.


  • eddieonofre

    what launcher Pro is getting greater and greater this was a little detail it was missing more customization (to bad it is not part of the Launcher Pro )

    • EC8CH

      Agreed, seems like this should be part of Launcher Pro, similar to the way skins are selected in Beautiful Widgets. I wouldn't be surprised to see it added into Launcher Pro natively. Makes me reluctant to purchase this app in the mean time.

      • Tyler

        The developer is someone other than Frederico…

        • EC8CH

          Yes I understand that. I could just see him adding the functionality that this program offers into Launcher Pro at some point in the future. It would seem like a logical progression of the development.

  • I messed with this app and it works ok. gives you some decent options

  • Nice, I may buy this!