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App Roundup: Virtual World Live Wallpaper, No Lock, Mangler

Virtual World Live Wallpaper (Free):  I was digging pretty deep and by now you all know I like to find free stuff to share.  This wallpaper delivers.  Virtual World creates an 3D landscape as your background that moves according to your compass or according to the tilt of your phone.  It travels as you switch screens and generally just looks awesome.  You can customize the level of detail from low to ultra high, and the various shadings, etc.  Maxed out settings make my Droid X kind of cower in fear, however this app was designed with a 2.2 device in mind.  Give it a try and let us know what you think!

No Lock (Free): Do you hate that you have to slide to unlock your phone constantly?  Wish you had nothing to hinder your progress when trying to download that new (insert Emo band here) album from Amazon?  Then guess what this app/widget does!  No Lock is a super stable, super easy, super effective way to get rid of your on screen lock/slider.  This is a no nonsense app that I can really appreciate.

Mangler (Free):  If you are like me and sit around at your computer day in and day out playing with cell phones, you also likely play video games.  It could be assumed you also talk to random people on Ventrillo servers.  Well my friends, I have found a way to break away from the screen and still talk about Icecrown Citadel in real time!  Mangler is an in-phone Ventrillo client that lets you access all the features of Vent.  Walk out into the sunshine knowing that you can now be yelled at by your raid leader even when you are out buying toilet paper.  The features are no filler and simple to use.  Chat and push button talk are both available.

State Farm Pocket Agent (Free):  This is a bit of a departure from the norm, but I feel this app is pretty neat.  Pocket Agent allows you to input your account information from State Farm Insurance and a real time look at your policy no matter where you are.  You can even pay your bill from your phone with the integrated payment feature.  There is also a way to view your insurance card should you get in an accident and cannot find your information in that nasty glove box of yours.  What I found to be the nicest feature however is the ability to record an auto claim, right from the app.  Pocket Agent even finds you repair facilities near you should you need it.

Cestos (Free):  Cestos is a simple game that is played over 3G with an opponent.  The object is to knock his balls into the hole or off the playing field in one of several maps.  The app is straight forward and is much more difficult the more you play and think about it.  There is a lobby for chatting and real time smack talk.  This game is a great way to kill some time, or get abused by teenagers.  Cross platform play with that other phone that we don’t talk about here is coming soon.

Shinobi Barrage (Free):  Do you like shoot ’em up games?  Of course you do.  Shinobi Barrage is a great example of a classic shoot ’em up.  The difficulty curve is amazingly rough, however.  I went from Easy directly to Hard and was startled at the difference.  This game is more about your ability to react than your ability to shoot things.  A friendly interface and intuitive controls make it a pleasure to play.

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  • i praise the android gods for no lock! fantastic widget!

  • i praise the android gods for no lock! fantastic widget!

  • Nightfox981

    My Incredible handles the Virtual World Live Wallpaper Incredibly well. As ususal.

  • Anonymous Coward

    Reading this on my phone. Like I do 10 times a day. I have time to kill, thought i would download these apps. How about a link for mobile users who don't have appbrain installed? How about linking the QR-code to the market, instead of to an image? Do I need to get a friend to go to the site, and then fire up Barcode Scanner so I can scan their phone?
    You would think this site would be mobile friendly.
    Sorry for the rant, just a little frustrated by the frustrating User Experience. I got excited for the post, and some new apps to play with… but couldn't figure out how to download them from my phone.

    • WhereIsTony

      I can't imagine not having appbrain installed.

      takes all kinds i guess

  • Lee W.

    No Lock is great. Thanks for the tip. One might ask themselves if this app is free, simple, and useful, why is not just an option in the OS?

  • memnoch73

    No Lock FTW!!! That kicks ass when you are having a texting conversation so the lock screen doesn't get to be a pain every time.

  • Ace Z.


    on DROID 2 First Impressions, Free Swag with Purchase? 5 hours ago

    I know this is completely off topic, but we have some danger in our hands by our own friends, Verizon and Google. I have been reading and done some research on their “net-neutrality” proposal and its completely and utterly ridiculous! This stupid damn proposal only benefits the big giants to charge more for better service (corporate, organizations) and not us small people, they will block any traffic work, and basically they will discriminate what we want on our web. That means they will regulate almost everything what we taste, see, smell, the whole nine yards. Net neutrality helps the net continue to move smoothly with no discrimination: “Network neutrality is the principle that Internet users should be in control of what content they view and what applications they use on the Internet.” And lastly if this proposed bill goes through by our “friends” Google and Verizon that means corporate distributors will hassling us with better service fees: “Without net neutrality, the Internet would start to look like cable TV. A handful of massive companies would control access and distribution of content, deciding what you get to see and how much it costs.” So much for good believing in the “no evil” motto cause this is complete BS! Thank you Verizon…you do “Rule the Air.” If this deal does go through I swear I will return my DROID, cancel my Verizon contract and boycott anything that has to do with Google and Verizon. I will support this site cause the community is cool as shit and Kellex is the man! Help us out guys…we need to do something about this BS!!!!

  • Flyinion

    Wow virtual world is brutal even on Froyo, D1 clocked at 800Mhz. What settings are people using? I tried it with pretty much the defaults and with/without the battery mode and it was just really blocky once I actually set it was a wallpaper.

  • WhereIsTony

    No lock would be tempting, but tasker lets you set the same up plus add conditions. My phone does not lock when plugged in, or near my desk.

  • Wish you had included the market links so I could Chrome2Phone this and just go from there. I'm in for three of these!

    • N're mind. I see these are AppBrain links – which works for me, too.

  • WhereIsTony

    Multicon has changed my life. Four icons where only one could be really tidy's the home screen.

  • Chris Nimon

    Ive been playing Cestos for a while now. It sure makes dropping the kids off at the pool better when ive already read Droid-Life 10 times that day lol

  • How are these apps choosen? seems like by random…

    • Octotron

      Generally, I like to do ones that are sent int o me by developers and by readers. Since I do not get paid, and I am poor, I try and find ones that are free to just toss out for the general public that I found would be useful for the everyday user, or fun for myself personally.

      • If it is any consolation Octo, you are filthy, stinking rich in awesomeness!!

  • Phoxus

    is that a Task killer I see?… I am dissapointed.

    • Octotron

      Odd… there isn't one up there.

      • lakerzz

        In the notification bar on the screenshot…

        • Octotron

          That is not my phone, it is just a picture 😛

    • Still slightly nubbish but, is Task Killer bad? I downloaded it to try to stop some of the programs from running in the background that I may not have closed out properly. Though I have to say it's kinda weird to see things that I didn't start as running….

      • That's how the Android OS works. Usually, ALL Devs will tell you not to use a Task Killer. Sometimes it takes more battery then it saves. Only if you see an app REALLY sucking your battery, then just dont use it and see how it runs 🙂

  • xbenzerox

    Love the no-lock app. I hate having to unlock the damn thing all the time.

    • Sjschwar

      I have a droid x, i just found the setting and clicked no screen lock? Am I missing something, why do i need an app for this? I know press the power button or home and I am in.

      • timarnette

        Where did you find the setting? Thanks

        • Sjschwar

          TO disable slider, go to:
          Menu- – Settings – – Location & Security
          There is an option listed as “Screen lock” – uncheck the box and the slider disappears. To lock or unlock the screen, hit the power button. Home button also unlocks the screen.

          I dont have any other droids, it sounds like according to octotron, it might be a dx only feature?

      • Octotron

        The app provides you with the ability to set this up as a widget and not dig around in your settings. Also, not everyone who reads DL has a DX! 🙂

  • NuclearFluxx

    Do you have 2.2? I can't find Virtual World in the market.

  • Pcguru30

    so with no lock if you have your phone locked down with a gesture or a password, are you still presented with that when you turn the screen on or does this surpass any security you have on your phone?

    • Zach

      Yes, I tried it out and seems it does not bypass any security, at least the draw pattern. Once you input the pattern just goes straight to the last screen you were on. Only thing this app takes away is the secondary sliding to unlock.

  • I use vent a lot, but which app would you recommend, Ventriloid or Mangler?

    • Octotron

      I put up Mangler because that was what I enjoyed personally.

  • TechDeft

    ” Walk out into the sunshine knowing that you can now be yelled at by your raid leader even when you are out buying toilet paper. The features are no filler and simple to use. Chat and push button talk are both available.”


  • cystic

    ya I have been running Virtual World for about a week now and must say it is quite impressive.

    • NuclearFluxx

      Do you have 2.2? I can't find Virtual World in the market.

  • Jager07

    The mountain scene is awesome!

    • Jager07

      And No-Lock is a fantastic idea! The first I'll be playing with for fun, but No Lock will be a keeper (assuming it works, of course).