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Custom Theme Friday: Gala S for Lithium Mod

Hello everyone! Welcome to my first lil’ rendition of Droid-Life’s Custom Theme Friday! Today we are featuring the Gala S (Samsung Galaxy S) theme by “Hexzamatic”.  This theme is quite lovely in my opinion and I have been rocking it myself for a few days. Which is rare for me I may add.

This theme has been ported to many ROM’s, but today we will be seeing it on top of Lithium Mod.

Instructions and gallery after the jump!

If you haven’t tried it already, I highly suggest you pick up the Lithium Mod Stock ROM here: http://bit.ly/StockTheme

Lithium Mod has made it super easy for everyone to jump from theme to theme by having it already installed on the ROM.


1.  Download full ROM and theme http://bit.ly/cZdH0f and place on SD Card.

2. Open ROM Manager and select “Install from SD Card”.

3. Find the .zip file and hit it. When prompted, create a backup if you do not have a current one. If coming from a non Froyo ROM then please wipe data. If already on any of the many Froyo ROMs out there then you may also skip wipe/data cache. BUT if you come across any problems please restore a backup then reinstall after wiping data/cache.

4. Select “OK” and allow Clockwork to do its thing! After reboot you should see some amazing Lithium Mod Gala Theme action!

If you have any problems while installing or any such thing feel free to leave comments and our panel of experts aka community will try our best to help out! You can also jump to our IRC Channel and see if anyone can help you there!


Enjoy! -Tim-o-tato

Source: Droid Forums

LauncherPro Dock by: Grant Williamson His work 🙂

  •  Nice! Love it!

  • carl

    I followed the directions, enabled the make a back up and whipe data. and then i clicked ok, my phone turned off and back on, and now i just see this screen.


    am i suppose to do something else? its been on this screen for about 5 minutes now.

  • Riverjao

    Where did that sweet wallpaper come from??? That's what I want??? REALLY though, anyone know where to get it?

  • Audmad529

    my phone just keeps staying on the droid eye screen and wont turn on

  • Audmad529

    my phone just keeps staying on the droid eye screen and wont turn on

  • Zachtaylor

    ive tried to install lithium mod 2 already and it wont reboot and wen i turn it on and go to rom manager it says failed

  • does these roms work for droid x??

    • Mrpicolas

      No not yet they are working on it

  • ryanallaire

    nevermind i figured it out, is it just me or does it seem like it takes longer to download things as the battery gets lower?…

  • ryanallaire

    How do i get this theme if i already have stock lithium mod?

  • Jeremyc1331

    love this theme…anyone know how to get the phone/sms/gmail/market that is at the bottom of the launcher? thanks guys!

    • ryanallaire

      Download launcherpro or launcherpro plus

      oops didnt see it was a different dock, sorry…..

  • So many bugs in this rom. I just installed the new cyanogenmod v6 RC3 for rom manager and it rocks. I'll stick with this for awhile until lithium mod brings something out better. It's really only between these two in my mind. 😉

  • Chris Emerson

    First time doing a ROM and it installed perfectly with all the info you guys give. My only question is about the first screen shot. Where do I get that time and weather widget? Also where do I get that bottom touch bar with the Phone, SMS, Gmail and Market selections? Cheers!

  • Stangcf2

    Best looking rom I have seen so far!!! Is it me? or does it seem like the signal strength is not as good with this rom. I never droped call on the droid before. But with this one i have dropped a few.. Do Roms change the way your phone works? (for calls). Does the calling part of the phone get changed alot with all the roms?

    • Mrpicolas

      signal has nothing to do with the rom that is in your baseband and unless you have changed that the next thing that will effect it is your area

  • T Mendoza89

    help!!! i rooted phone, and when i tried downloading this ROM a bunch of stuff went wrong, and as i recovered it and did some other stuff i think i might of wrecked my phone. nothing will load up but the motorola screen at the beginning of boot. The clockwork recovery loads, but it doesnt have any of my backups on there. is it possible i wiped my phone out completely? what do i do

    • Mrpicolas

      I venture to say you used easy root? Good news is it's fixable bad news you need to grab RSD lite and the 2.0.1 sbf after that follow the steps to go to 2.1 with sp recovery. And then flash a rom in rec

    • listen to Mrpicolas!!! trust me, i know……………

      • Mrpicolas

        thanx for the props jeff hows the phone workin for ya?

        • like a smooth buttered charm..lol thanks again!
          i do have another question though if ya dont mind, if i go to change roms, do i have to go back to the vzw a855 first or can i just download one from rom manager and go?

  • Stangcf2

    This Rom Rocks! Iv been trying all the different roms as they came out for the droid one. I found one that i like! No way. I like the colors. Only problem i had was the Maps using the Labs. Force close. Very hard time removing the maps, would not uninstall. Untill i remember the good old program.
    (Root Explorer) Got-R-Done. Great Rom. Thanks..

    • Jeremyc1331

      same problem here, only root explorer won't let me delete maps.apk….any suggestions to what you did?

      • Mrpicolas

        need to make sure the system is mountes as r/w not r/o

        • Jeremyc1331

          thank you kind sir, worked like a gem

  • Tamiam

    What does it mean when the red eye then the words DROID keeo alternating back and forth? It wont finish rebooting from my Gala instal…wahhhhh Help?

    • Mrpicolas

      wipe data and cache in recovery should work then

  • Johnnylopezmhs

    does the droid 2 have a bootloader?

    • Mrpicolas

      yes and it is locked its the same one from the droid x

    • jxcgunrunna

      No bootloader means no OS at all.

      • Mrpicolas

        Actually it means the kernel can't be messed with but custom based roms off the stock build are possible

  • I installed the file from step one in the instructions and it put me in a boot loop. I was coming from stock 2.2 and didn't wipe data or cache.

  • will this work on droid inc?

  • Droid Takeover

    Try the collision theme its all the themes mashed into one its preety beast also try the intigeration and black and bold themes the evo theme as well but kellex really should've posted the collision theme

  • Edit: The Rom Manager now has the phone slider fix. Just download from there. 😛

  • Forget my last comment. I found the fix. Go here—>http://www.droidforums.net/forum/lithiummod/65208-rom-lithium-mod-source-built-awesomeness-themes-galore.html

    Find in the middle of his listing where it says “Phone Slider Fix(stock themed sliders and phone i think)-credit to chewy74 for the find”

    Click the link below it and rename it update. After that just go into recovery mode and select your update.

    Your sliders will then be fixed for this theme. 😛

  • I like this rom EXCEPT…………….that when you get a call from someone and you slide to anwser the call. The sliders are messed up. It's that way with all the themes. Even the stock one. Update please? Thanks

  • Alconguy

    quick question do you lose your apps when you change roms?

    • Flyinion

      Only if you choose to “wipe data/cache” in ROM Manager or “wipe data” from recovery. (wiping cache only won't affect them or your settings) If you've been running a Froyo ROM though before, even if you do a full wipe, most of them will download/reinstall automatically from the market within the first 15-30 minutes after you boot. You'll still have to reinstall apps you downloaded from other sources though. Titanium makes that pretty easy since you can just “restore missing apps” after the Market is done with what it can restore.

  • where u get that wallpaper

    • Look here in the comments section. I posted a link…

      • thanks man ur a beast aha

  • emanuelC

    Lovin the new Galaxy S theme!

  • Flyinion

    Did you do “step 1” and “flash clockwork mod recovery” at the top of ROM Manager? Sounds like you don't have a valid recovery installed. Or……….next silly question……..you ARE rooted and on an original Droid right?

  • JosueD

    Anyone have a link for that wallpaper?


    • I posted it here in the comment section….
      Look harder 🙂

      • Alconguy

        im new to installing roms i have rom manager and every time i try to install i get a ! on reboot and phone wont let me do anything i have been able to hit power botton and reboot phone what am i doing wrong

        • Flyinion

          Did you do “step 1” and “flash clockwork mod recovery” at the top of ROM Manager? Sounds like you don't have a valid recovery installed. Or……….next silly question……..you ARE rooted and on an original Droid right?

          • Alconguy

            yes to “flash clockwork mod recovery” and yes im rooted. just rooted a day ago and haven't put any roms on yet. everytime i try through rom manager it auto reboots and i get the ! stuck on screen…..?

          • Flyinion

            Huh, no idea. You might try asking over at droidforums.net in the Lithium Mod section or the Hacking section. I've never had any problems loading ROMs or themes with RM so I'm not really sure what else to suggest.

          • DRock

            Try flashing to SPRecovery and then back to Clockwork. This happened to me a couple of weeks ago. FYI, you can do both from within ROM Manger…SPRecovery is at the bottom under “Flash Alternate Recovery”

  • bryan

    someone please help im new to this how do I reboot into recovery

    • While your phone is off, press and hold “X” on the keyboard then press the power button. Hold down the “X” until the screen starts to come up.

    • turn off your droid, open keyboard, hold X and Power button at the same time

  • Myles

    Noob Question: Will this work for Droid X?

  • Paulforshee

    I stood in line for the first droid and i was there in dothan alabama for the droid 2 yesterday and played with it and BOY am I glad i didnt get it. My phones been not as responsive lately but this Lithium rom changed the colors and my back-ground is the finished wood look and let me say (THIS IS CLEAN !) And better than that its working fast and very responsive. IM ALL INTO MOTOROLA AND DROID ! Is it REALLY CHEATING if i go with the samsung facinate at verizon next month ? Its got AWESOME color !

  • bryan

    it seems to be stuck on screen what should I do

  • Bryan

    Please help, when the phone reboots I get a triangle with a ! in the middle. Is that normal……

    • mendy817

      happens a lot… make sure you choose wipe data/cache

      just reboot into recovery and get to your last backup

    • JosueD

      Yeah, Its happend to me also, Reboot your phone into recovery mode and hopefully you ll have a backup to go back to!


    • Eric

      This happened to me when I first rooted. You do not need to go to backup. In ROM manager there is an option to Flash Alternate Recovery. Do this it will take like a second, then go and reflash the ClockworkMod Recovery. You will then be able to load the Rom.

      • Tamiam

        Thanks Eric!! U so smart! (=

      • Tamiam

        Your tip worked but after Gala went into install mode my phone keeps going from the Droid eye to DROID then back to the eye again…is this norm? Now what? Waaaah I just want my new rom already!

        • MuddyB00ts

          did you wipe data/cache? It usually clears up the problem.

  • Good call on Gojira sir

  • Finally a good rom to look at this friday although I have already moved way past this theme but it is one of my favorites. Im on to lithium mod collide its pretty sweet too. And dear god please do not start a give credit fight over here we had enough of that over on DF

  • timarnette

    Tim you ROCK!!!!!!!

  • juan

    will this work with droid x?

  • Madaggin

    Unrelated post I know..but i had to let everyone know if they didnt know..Launcherpro Plus released a update..downloading now.

  • John

    What launcher/theme is that?

    • LauncherPro with this custom dock. Don't think I'll be using it anymore though lol http://www.droidforums.net/forum/droid-themes/5

      • SFC Airborne51

        I don't blame you I wouldn't either. He did not even give you the benefit of the doubt he just basically flamed you and said thanks for stealing my stuff!! It was pretty childish.

  • that background is sweet

  • Flyinion

    Nice! Ok I see ya posted the background, where's the LP dock and icons? That looks hawt!! 🙂

      • Flyinion

        Thanks, wow I see now so the “apps” at the bottom are fixed hehe, oh well was hoping you were using custom icons that were using the text. Maybe I'll figure out how to make my own docks and icons since I have Photoshop. I know Icongnito theme for Sapphire uses all text icons but I just thought it was a cool idea for the dock only.

  • Cool! I love it when my stuff is stolen and ZERO credit goes to me.
    Here's MY dock that this person stole.

    • Mrpicolas

      When you post something for everyone don't expect credit to come your way but be thankful when it does

    • We aren't advertising YOUR dock at all. I really like your dock and share with people all the time.
      That was my personal home screen. I didn't STEAL anything. Ay caramba…

      • I'm very grateful, but I feel like my stuff goes noticed. This is the SECOND time that this has happened lol.
        Sorry for acting like a whiny baby. I just want some exposure. And, the dock is a huge part of the home screen, pretty much a focal point. I didn't mean to bark at you, I just get super “In the moment”.
        Thank you for using my dock. I'm glad you like it. Again, sorry for semi-overreacting.

        • Guess what dude…..fixing post so EVERYONE can see who made it lol
          Keep up the great work…D-D

        • hey um how do you get your dock to work, i went to the forum got your dock background, but dont know how to apply the invisible item.png to make the regular launcher pro icons go away


      • Also, it says “theme by “Hexzamatic”.” and that to me usually means everything that consists of it.

      • Oh, and one more thing. I checked out your music, and it's pretty good 🙂
        (I'm not bipolar lol)

      • BY THE WAY, OFF TOPIC, Have you heard of the band “Abriel”? Their pretty good. I just listened to them.

    • holy cow dude. calm the hell down. is your dock available for download? for free? how the hell was it stolen? If you want exposour then your doing it wrong. you should be happy everytime you see/hear of it being used. You shouldnt be freaking out because you didnt get the credit you think you deserve.

      btw I liked your dock but I wont be getting it just because how you reacted here. I wouldnt want to “steal” it any way.

      • I get why he’s mad though, I mean if someone else was taking credit I’d be mad. But if no one was taking credit for it and it was just shared then kudos!


    • Anonymous

      Dude it’s called custom theme friday….not custom dock friday. Your dock background has nothing to do with the theme. If you want credit for your dock backgrounds sell them. but when you put them out there for others to see and use, don’t expect to be given credit all the time. Damn.

  • Mayne dat rom go stupid hard

  • Maizekid

    Like the look. From comments to posts,love it.

  • JosueD

    Really Nice, Thanks


  • tbaybe

    nice job!!

    • Nice car tbaybe 😉

      • tbaybe

        Its my dream car 😉

  • Well done Tim 🙂

  • TechDeft

    Tim, don't lie, we all know that you don't run a ROM for more than 24 hours.

  • nice job tim!

    • Thank you kind sir 🙂

    • Droidzilla

      I'll second that; nice one!

      • TechDeft


  • nkhex19

    I have been using this theme with Lithium Mod since it was released and this is my favorie theme that I have used thus far.

  • Paulforshee

    FIRST !

  • btb103

    I NEED that wallpaper

    • btb103

      And that BW weather theme…

    • http://img6.imageshack.us/img6/3083/zkx.png

      Here you go 🙂
      Credit to Ludacrosse05!

      • btb103

        Thank you kind sir! 🙂

      • Craig

        Sweet!…..so how does one make a PNG file become their wallpaper?

        • Put it in your gallery then set it as wallpaper like any other picture 🙂

          • Tim, quick question, when i go into rom manager and select “backup current rom” my phone reboots to the screen with the triangle and ! but then nothing. what am I supposed to do then? all I can figure is volume up and camera button to reboot..

  • Doesn't look too bad

  • BostonB

    first to comment

    • Droidzilla

      First to reply that you're not first to comment.

  • Droidzilla

    All I need is this and a 2500 Quadrant score and my Droid OG can pretend to be a Galaxy S.

  • Beautiful and all but why can't BB ever have sexy themes? Oh well. Hey a bit off-topic but does anyone know where I can find the re-colored swype keyboards? The red one that was hosted on this site is classy but expired 🙁

    • Droidzilla

      Like Audrey Hepburn: classy but expired.

    • tbaybe

      i miss the colors too!!! 🙁

    • John

      Make the switch to source built ROMs (like this one), you won't be sorry! BB will be built from source starting with 0.6.