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Verizon Sending out DROID X “Thank You” Packages?

Attention all Droid X users, prepare to obsessively check your mail over the next couple of days and you may find a surprise waiting in your mail slot.  Apparently, some owners of the 4.3″ beast are receiving “thank you” packages for their DX purchase which includes a t-shirt, stick and flyer for 25% off accessories.  Our reader also mentioned that he ordered just as most of you did, over the phone.

Check out the package and its contents after the break!  

Cheers Jubby!

  • It’s a nice touch, but I really don’t care if I get one or not being as I
    paid for a phone and not a t-shirt. Of course, I would be satisfied if I
    could just get the phone I ordered.

  • Well They also sent out thank you texts to everyone in our family for being loyal customers. Not quite a T-Shirt, but a $50 credit for a $20 charger ain't half bad! Thanks

  • It's a nice touch, but I really don't care if I get one or not being as I paid for a phone and not a t-shirt.and I got one and i bought my phone instore on release date ..

  • Branditoe

    Screw the “Thank You” package, I would like my X to just finally ARRIVE!

  • Branditoe

    Screw the “Thank You” package, I would like my X to just finally ARRIVE!

  • Woohoo!! Got mine!! Now to go pick up the ladies!! :-}

  • Bobe21

    I like the thank you package…Just waiting for it to come in the mail

  • Joshpaynedesigns

    I just got mine in the mail yesterday. I pre ordered through Best buy. 🙂

  • Hogasswildmc

    I got mine in the mail yesterday. XL t-shirt and a little fold out with coupons for $25 off of a new Droid phone for my friends and a 25% off coupon for accessories. I already get a 25% through my employer discount. The coupon is not stackable so pretty much useless to me. But the t-shirt is a nice gesture. I went in to look at the extended battery to see how much bulk it adds, but they don't have them in the store yet. I know they are available through the Verizon store but don't want to buy it until I see it. I like my phone thin and light.

  • Just called and asked a Verizon rep. She asked a manger about it and said they really didn't have information on it. She offered me 25% of any accessory.


    I ordered mine online on 7/26 and just called Verizon to inquire about this package and spoke to a rep named Brittany. The rep didn't know of any such promotion and she then preceded to put me on hold for about 10 min to talk to a manager and supposedly call 3 other branches only to tell me that there is no such promotion according to Verizon's corporate promotions list. She mentioned that it is most likely a third party or independent VW retailer that is sending those thank you packages out. I said, “Well, I'd like one as a purchased a Droid X too and I find it shocking that you don't know about a promotion and won't honor it.” She then put me hold again to find out if she could send me out a similar package and she said, “I'm sorry but we can't do anything for you.” Well guess that's the thank you I get from Verizon…nothing, along with a 30 min waste of time call…Thanks Verizon i guess thats what i get for being a customer since 2001.

  • TweeSpeech

    I don't want the friggin box of goodies….I want the 2.2 software update….it has all the goodies I want. Move your azz Verizon.

  • I just received my box last night – I ordered mine over the web late in the afternoon on the 15th (and received the next Tues, because it was after the 2:30pm cutoff). I live in VA, for those keeping track.

  • Ice

    LOL I haven't gotten mine yet…

  • Bobalay

    WTF! Verizon I bought 2 Droid Incredibles1 for me and 1 for the wife and we don't get no love. I paid just as much for our DIncs and extra $60 for the data plans where's my shirts Mofo! Keep the shirts and let me upgrade for no extra charge or extended contract.

  • AllSystemsDown

    Hey, those who got the thank you packages – what state do you guys live in?

    • ReebyWantsYoMom


  • ReebyWantsYoMom

    How do i add pics i got one aswell. I have both droid and droid x maybe that's why

    • ReebyWantsYoMom

      Oh and i ordered online the first day

      • mee to but i aint got nuttin i ordered it at like 2 in the morning

        • ReebyWantsYoMom

          We live in a small town maybe they delivered there packages earlier. Thanks for the photo info.

    • Chris Nimon

      use an online photosharing site like Photobucket.com. copy the url of the picture and just paste it right into your droid-life comment.

  • TOMBRONX1953


    • ReebyWantsYoMom

      I got one too tis no hoax my friend 🙂

  • SpN

    So I called *611 to find out if I was getting one of these “goody pckgs.” Turns out those are only going out to customers on the Northeast only. I happen to live in NY but moved here from CA so I still don't get it. SOL. Hah!

  • Shinjaejun

    I ordered mine online. Sooo hoping I get one of these!

  • Dman27

    if i ordered it from best buy I assume i wont get one, correct?

  • JosueD

    Verizon is sending out Thank You Packages, While Apple is sending out free Cases or Bumper Stickers to try to solution their antenna problems!


    • ReebyWantsYoMom

      I thoroughly enjoyed sending pics of mine to my buddy hahaha

  • Jwbvideo

    I'd be happy if I could just get a Droid X. I bought one and the screen went out within a few hours. Verizon isn't sending a new one until the 19th.

  • Am0795

    Dam i hope i get one when my droid x arrives!

  • Dude i would definitely rock that t shirt and being that i payer full price for my dx i hope i get one

  • Revdroidx

    I called Verizon…they said it was a hoax…and my local corporate store knew nothing about it!

  • Justin

    F I B

    Free Is Best!

  • AllSystemsDown

    Ordered my Droid X online opening day at 3am EST. I hope I get one of these!

  • MerrillNY

    I switched from iPhone and Droid X for all its capabilities and cool features is missing a key iPhone feature: it doesn't drop calls!

    • Justin

      Please refrain from swearing on this site.
      We prefer you not use profanity such as I¥hone.
      Thank you.

    • Emuumuumuu

      the unintentional comedy of this post is off the charts.

  • This is pretty cool. Even my Verizon business rep didnt realize that Verizon was doing this. Of course i emailed him to ask him where mine was at! I do love the Droid X. I was a previous HTC user. Had a couple of the first HTC ppc's like the 6800, then migrated to the Eris. Liked the Eris but LOVE the Droid X. I have video clips recorded by it on my twitter and the clarity is great for a phone.

  • thats pretty cool stuff, even my verizon business rep didn't know they were doing this.

  • I bought mine in a VZW store. I wonder if i will get one?

  • A real care package would be another free x

  • joesred

    ordered mine on verizonwireless.com the first hour it was out…..
    nothing for me yet…..
    anyone get it from web order?

  • do you think they'll reach customers who ordered through best buy mobile?

    • Reeb99

      My guess would be no. I'm in the same boat, day one BB pre order. Who knows though.

      As far as out goes with the whole geek shirt thing, it never fails that some hottie shows up when you expected to just be around friends.

  • chai

    I ordered mine through Best Buy, I wonder if this gift is from motorola or verizon? should I still get one? I hope so….

  • Tony

    Not fair! I probably won't get one because I got my X through best buy.

  • oscarahj

    Awesome! What happens if you returned your X for the Incredible?

    • tbaybe

      why would u do that!??!

  • I need some help how would I install a new rom over another do I just install it like the first 1? And how do I install a kernel?

  • Big black dude with that mickey mouse picture? I don't think so

    • tbaybe

      thats what im sayin! 😉

      • T-Baybe sounds like a rapper. Though I do think the MIckey pic gave it away. 🙂

        • tbaybe

          lol, yea just got back from disney, i wish someone would make me a cool avatar pic tho!

  • nick

    i hope i get one i guessing its only people who bought oopening day

  • Bethlyn184

    Just received our yesterday. =D

  • Evermour

    Oo a stick kellex? I could use that stick to beat apple fanboys. Yup. I can see it now..

  • mendy817

    it won't work…i have no backups in sprecovery, only clockwork. it says error when i try that

  • GeneralG

    FUnny… I asked if I could have one of the shirts the employees were wearing the launch day of the X. Man I hope I get one in the mail. IDK if its XXS I will still rock it. Even if I wear a XXL. LOL

  • Ghostrigger

    I got a original droid shirt at the hangout festival earlier this summer

  • Zeadaplaya

    this is just like the thank you package i got with my original Droid in December, AWESOME!

    • Zeadaplaya

      Wait, what about the Droid Incredible thank you package?

    • tbaybe

      i never got a damn package… and my house bought 2 on release day!

      • joesred

        3 D1 in our house…no thank yous ; (

  • That is my couch under the shirt! FTW!

  • I want this package. I wonder if it will be shipped with my Droid X.

  • mendy817


    sorry, not sure where else to post this, but here's what happened:

    1. rooted, have nandroid back up on rom manager
    2. flashed sprecovery to try and flash dark edge for saphire
    3. didn't realize it was not for saphire 1.0
    4. didn't back up nandroid for spr
    5. now i'm in a boot loop of dark edge and no matter what i try i can't get into the phone!!! any ideas???

    • evltwn

      try a battery pull and boot up into recovery by holding the X and the power button. then select back up and go to one of your older backups.

    • Eclpsrcrx82

      If you can get back to SPrecovery you can try this. Connect your USB to computer. In SPrecovery go to mount options then select Enable USB Mass Storage. You should be able to then put sapphire back on your SD card rename update.zip. Disabe USB Mass Storage. Then you can wipe and reflash Sapphire. You will have to rebuild your phone from the ground up but this should fix it. Good Luck.

      • mendy817

        ok, trying that now… where do i get saphire from? (i dl'd it from rom manager originally)

  • you know verizon is awesome they dont need to send this kind of stuff out. I know it was cheap to make whatever but do you ever see ATT, Tmobile, Sprint or any other carrier doing this? As much as verizon can be a holes they really do appreciate their customers and I have never had a problem with them.

    • Geniusdog254

      Sprint has actually been really good about making it’s customers happy. When I was on gAyT&T they were rude & callous any time we called them or went in store. Now that I’m on Sprint, they’ve credited out account $50 because they accidentally gave us the wrong car charger in store, and they’ve been nothing but polite & helpful.

      They also sent out thank you texts to everyone in our family for being loyal customers. Not quite a T-Shirt, but a $50 credit for a $20 charger ain’t half bad!

  • you know verizon is awesome they dont need to send this kind of stuff out. I know it was cheap to make whatever but do you ever see ATT, Tmobile, Sprint or any other carrier doing this? As much as verizon can be a holes they really do appreciate their customers and I have never had a problem with them.

    • Droidzilla

      Well, some AT&T customers are getting free bumper cases . . .

      • Crackedvenom


      • DrDroidX

        I sold my iPhone 3GS so I could buy the Droid X….couldn't be happier with the trade. A friend of mine just switched from Verizon to ATT and bought an iPhone 4…took him three weeks to get it. He showed it to me last week….looked like it had a black-wall truck tire around it!

  • I'm sure most would greatly accept a nice discount on their bill over a T-shirt and sticker.

    • Tyler

      Discounts don't create advertising

      • Exactly…this is a cheap form of advertising and promotion. It's basically a shameless plug by using the excitement of the latest Droid owners.

      • If every X owner suddenly got a $10 credit on their account, you don’t think there’d be any publicity?

        I would totally rock the shirt, though. Inner nerd coming out. 🙂

        • I would wear it, too. It would be cool to see other Droid X users wearing them around, as well.

  • Hogasswildmc

    I can just imagine someone asking if you want to play with their droid stick.

  • EC8CH

    Shirts are nice, but how 'bout mailing out keys ta that bootloader?

  • havetolovemusic

    Do you think they will send this to people that bought it in the store? I was the first in line and they recorded that, so it would be awesome If I got one as well.

    • tbaybe

      they recorded it??

      • havetolovemusic

        Yep, they recorded the first 3. They took our names and our wireless numbers, but not addresses =/. So I just hope they look it up from our account info.

    • I was third at my store… We tail gated LOL

  • hmm my Droid X was a new line-so lets hope i get one of these bad boys.

  • tbaybe

    not fair!!!!

  • briderx

    I don't see a stick in the pictures..

  • Droidzilla

    Those shirts ought to make you a hit with the girls.

    • kellex

      Haha +1.

      • tbaybe

        lol im about the only girl i know with this phone who has a clue of its capabilities, so it might score with me 🙂 lol j/k!

        • Hahaha I had no idea you were a girl till just now. For some reason your name had me picturing a large black dude.

          • tbaybe

            lol!! Seriously?!1 haha that made my day!

          • For real!

        • Them Ants

          Ummmm, tech girls.

    • EC8CH

      These are more of an everyday shirt…

      Now you can save your Three Wolf Moon shirt for those special occasions!

    • Lmao!


    • Anonymous

      Is that a Droid X in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

  • Mrpicolas

    They nerd to send my a free x and the goodies lol…:-)

  • Bgs1

    Screw the t-shirts…how about stocking the phone!!!

    • Bill

      couldn't have said it better my self

  • DroidOwnerX2

    I received this package yesterday in the mail. My order was placed online via verizonwireless.com.

  • Two firsts and a comment, all 0 minutes ago. Well played sirs.

    I think they should send me a shirt and some coupons, then maybe I'll think about buying the X!

  • Hogasswildmc

    Hey I was first!

  • Hogasswildmc

    I never got the droid tshirt so I hope I get this one.

  • Oo3rex