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Verizon Sending out DROID X “Thank You” Packages?

Attention all Droid X users, prepare to obsessively check your mail over the next couple of days and you may find a surprise waiting in your mail slot.  Apparently, some owners of the 4.3″ beast are receiving “thank you” packages for their DX purchase which includes a t-shirt, stick and flyer for 25% off accessories.  Our reader also mentioned that he ordered just as most of you did, over the phone.

Check out the package and its contents after the break!  

Cheers Jubby!

  • It’s a nice touch, but I really don’t care if I get one or not being as I
    paid for a phone and not a t-shirt. Of course, I would be satisfied if I
    could just get the phone I ordered.

  • Well They also sent out thank you texts to everyone in our family for being loyal customers. Not quite a T-Shirt, but a $50 credit for a $20 charger ain't half bad! Thanks

  • It's a nice touch, but I really don't care if I get one or not being as I paid for a phone and not a t-shirt.and I got one and i bought my phone instore on release date ..

  • Branditoe

    Screw the “Thank You” package, I would like my X to just finally ARRIVE!

  • Branditoe

    Screw the “Thank You” package, I would like my X to just finally ARRIVE!

  • Woohoo!! Got mine!! Now to go pick up the ladies!! :-}

  • Bobe21

    I like the thank you package…Just waiting for it to come in the mail

  • Joshpaynedesigns

    I just got mine in the mail yesterday. I pre ordered through Best buy. 🙂

  • Hogasswildmc

    I got mine in the mail yesterday. XL t-shirt and a little fold out with coupons for $25 off of a new Droid phone for my friends and a 25% off coupon for accessories. I already get a 25% through my employer discount. The coupon is not stackable so pretty much useless to me. But the t-shirt is a nice gesture. I went in to look at the extended battery to see how much bulk it adds, but they don't have them in the store yet. I know they are available through the Verizon store but don't want to buy it until I see it. I like my phone thin and light.

  • Just called and asked a Verizon rep. She asked a manger about it and said they really didn't have information on it. She offered me 25% of any accessory.


    I ordered mine online on 7/26 and just called Verizon to inquire about this package and spoke to a rep named Brittany. The rep didn't know of any such promotion and she then preceded to put me on hold for about 10 min to talk to a manager and supposedly call 3 other branches only to tell me that there is no such promotion according to Verizon's corporate promotions list. She mentioned that it is most likely a third party or independent VW retailer that is sending those thank you packages out. I said, “Well, I'd like one as a purchased a Droid X too and I find it shocking that you don't know about a promotion and won't honor it.” She then put me hold again to find out if she could send me out a similar package and she said, “I'm sorry but we can't do anything for you.” Well guess that's the thank you I get from Verizon…nothing, along with a 30 min waste of time call…Thanks Verizon i guess thats what i get for being a customer since 2001.

  • TweeSpeech

    I don't want the friggin box of goodies….I want the 2.2 software update….it has all the goodies I want. Move your azz Verizon.

  • I just received my box last night – I ordered mine over the web late in the afternoon on the 15th (and received the next Tues, because it was after the 2:30pm cutoff). I live in VA, for those keeping track.

  • Ice

    LOL I haven't gotten mine yet…

  • Bobalay

    WTF! Verizon I bought 2 Droid Incredibles1 for me and 1 for the wife and we don't get no love. I paid just as much for our DIncs and extra $60 for the data plans where's my shirts Mofo! Keep the shirts and let me upgrade for no extra charge or extended contract.

  • AllSystemsDown

    Hey, those who got the thank you packages – what state do you guys live in?

    • ReebyWantsYoMom


  • ReebyWantsYoMom

    How do i add pics i got one aswell. I have both droid and droid x maybe that's why

    • ReebyWantsYoMom

      Oh and i ordered online the first day

      • mee to but i aint got nuttin i ordered it at like 2 in the morning

        • ReebyWantsYoMom

          We live in a small town maybe they delivered there packages earlier. Thanks for the photo info.

    • Chris Nimon

      use an online photosharing site like Photobucket.com. copy the url of the picture and just paste it right into your droid-life comment.