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DROID 2 Benchmark Score Drops Jaws

Stock Droid 2 running Android 2.2 and crushing any phone on the planet in a Quadrant benchmark.  That my friends, is real power.  And as you can see, this D2 was taken straight out of the box and didn’t even have the opportunity to get undressed before blowing minds.  Anyone still not sure that this device is a certified winner?

  • D1ownsD2

    I get that score on my D1 @ 800Mhz, 1900s @ 1.25ghz. Running UD2.5

  • Burgess
  • Chris Nimon

    I don't know man, its showing 2547 on quadrant and it doesn't even have froyo yet. That's. Way more than the D2

  • can someone please explain to me how the droid x got so high up there?
    it beat the galaxy s and everyone not running froyo…
    so when the x gets froyo its game over.

    i was thinking about getting the epic 4g but if the x gets custom roms by my bday hello droid!!! but boy does the r2d2 phone sound bad ass. might just get it as a collectors item haha

  • My captivate is getting 2100 running 2.1..

  • DAMN YOU MOTO! Why did you change the button layout? It's not right! My hands are used to my D1 and now you change the layout! It'll take me a good 15 minutes to get used to this new layout! Who has that kind of time!?

  • Looks promising for the Droid family of phones. Too bad, like my Droid X, that it has a locked bootloader. Oh well, not the end of the world for me, and with all the great devs out there hoping someone will come up with a solution to get around the dreaded eFuse.

    I can't wait for 2.2 on the DX. Although, I thought that w/ 2.2 and the same TI processor as the DX the Quadrant score would be higher. My stock DX (smart mode and no live wallpaper) scored 1283 running the Quadrant test.

  • Nick Legger

    Why is it missing the Droid incredible It was 2nd to the Nexus one when i ran my test a day or two ago.

  • gallyjh

    I guess you haven't met the galaxy:


    • I guess you didn't read the article.

      • Chris Nimon

        I don't know man, its showing 2547 on quadrant and it doesn't even have froyo yet. That's. Way more than the D2

  • G37

    I have a Droid2 and did a full benchmark several times…Thing is Nexus always comes in the 1st place. Don't understand how you guys did it….

    Correction 8/11/10: I have killed social net service, news weather and skype mobile and now Droid2 is on 1st place. This skype useless thing really pisses me off cannot be uninstalled.

  • Not a fan of the locked bootloader but that's a pretty nifty benchmark. Maybe once dx is cracked this one will fall too. Then it'll be a phone worth having. Mind u I just want stock froyo then later stock gingerbread.

    That said I'm going to wait to upgrade my Droid till November or December and see what my options are then. Even tho verizon is already pressuring me. But no need to upgrade a phone I love already running at 1ghz on froyo.

  • I wonder how my Droid X will compare when it gets official 2.2 unrooted? D2's battery should be better, fueling a smaller screen.

  • Anyone w/ newer devices, e.g. Droid X, shouldn't get too offended by the many (to paraphrase), “Locked bootloader, Motoblur, this sucks!” remarks. In no way most of us are saying that the Droid 1's h/w is superior in any sense, but you have to give credit to a phone that's been around for 9 mos. and is able to keep up with newly released or unreleased hardware.
    I've had my phone since November and only recently rooted using Easy Root. Flashing stock FRG22 w/ P3's 1000 MHz lv kernel, I scored a 1272 on Quadrant's Benchmark. That's not too bad for a phone which is getting pretty long in the tooth.
    That said, I should be able to keep this phone until I'm eligible for an upgrade in Feb without feeling too lustful for new hardware.

  • otter34

    It's nice that it's fast, but how does battery life of this and droid x compare w/ the not so good battery life of D1?

  • Blur & locked bootloader = #MOTOFAIL

  • Nikobasile

    Droid 1 forever!!! I really hope this is our replacement though. MY upgrade is in feb so i wouldnt mind this phone till then (:

  • Hoorah!

  • fastlane

    1210 on my Droid1 running JRummy/Lithium at 1.0 ghz.

  • Luvjones305


    • Ray

      thats because your phone is overclocked once this phone is rooted and overclocked @ 2.2Ghz it will be off the charts!

      • Well that's not happening.. Locked bootloader.. So stock its what it is..

        • The X bootloader is already cracked, what makes you think that the same thing won't happen to the D2?

          • Mrpicolas

            Custom rec and the bootloader are not the same thing the actual bootloader is still locked I'm sorry to inform you

  • scottholstein

    I agree with both views…the phone will be a hit…but I won't buy it. I will hold out for another unlocked boot loading phone. It is an awesome device no doubt…but it won't satisfy my craving for customization. A rooted, custom Rom D1 has created a monster in me that no locked device can satisfy. I would be bored with blur, sense, or anything else that cannot have the custom qualities the D1 is capable of. So go ahead “average Joe”… enjoy the new phone…I would have too before rooting and custom roms…now…its just not that simple for me.

  • indiana85

    i just ran this quadrant and got a 954 on my motorola droid stock froyo 2.2 damn sure does seem like it though

  • Jack

    What are the bugs, the milestone has minor bugs even with the latest firmware – rebooting, hardware keyboard keeps repeating alphabets when typing rendering it almost un-usable, unable to pick up call at caller screen…

  • jucytec

    can you guys share how many FPS you get on the video tests?!

  • 1294 on my x

  • woohoo!!

  • Drcaveman6

    Droid X 2.1 Update 1 Stock I scored a 1259, cant wait to see what Froyo will do for me

  • dannydarko

    How about this one. Just love android for android period! Who cares about whos quadrant scores are better, who knows more , blah blah. I have been an Androiddict to the core since the get go. I used to be headstrong like many of you seem to be. Android was never originally created for the masses to begin with it. It was for the geeks I use that term with pride. The whole point is that as a community we are supposed to stick together , If someone is a wrong or doesn't know help them out. If we tell everyone to kick mud when they have an opinion then we are no better than those pompus crApple drones. You can hate on this comment all you want but, a true Androiddict is open minded and ready to help anyone who needs it. Lets not loose sight of that ever!

  • Meh.. people are getting similar results on the Droid X right now using the overclock method that I released, and it's not even running Froyo. I expect at least 1500+ with Froyo on the X.

  • Meh.. people are getting similar scores using the overclock I released for the Droid X, and that's not even with Froyo. I'm expecting 1500+ with Froyo, easily.

  • Steve

    Based on the difference between the Nexus One running 2.1 and 2.2 in the picture, it looks like the Droid X is going to smoke the Droid 2 once it gets Froyo.

  • Not you

    No EVO comparison?

  • Vyruzx

    what benchmark test is this i cant find it on marked

    • Doolidg

      Its called quadrant…..and yes its in the market…

  • Firemanrob102

    Will droid X run like this when the updates are released for it?

  • Mscampon

    One thing that sucks about Quadrant is that it weights too much toward the graphics sub system. Thats why the Omap based SoC's score so much higher than the Snapdragon SoC's and also why the OC'ed Galaxy is hitting 2500+. That really means nothing unless you are running 3D intensive applications. In day to day use the OMAP based SoC's are faster than either Snapdragon or Hummingbird. We need to see some CPU only based tests and the Droid's will be faster than anything currently out.

    To all the Droid users who are crying that their OC'ed D1's can best the new Droids and run custom roms and blah blah blah, The Droid X was rooted in less than two weeks and is currently able to be overclocked. As the Droid X and Droid 2 are virtually the same inside we can be pretty sure that it will be as well. The only thing they can't do is run custom roms but wioll all that goodness under the hood who really cares.

    If you need to make yourself feel better to think your phone is better than maybe you should be spending less time at places like this.

  • Doolidg

    my score licks Balls! I'm in the mid 3s…so I took the plunge and rooted…I didn't put 2.2 on I'm trying to be patient for the ota ….I have set cpu and rom mngr.as you all know were limited on overclock speed with the stock kernel at 550, is there a kernel I can download for rooted stock 2.1 to bump it up to 1ghz without putting on a whole new rom?

    • Doolidg

      …..anybody?.. a little help would be killer I have everything up and running flashed and backed up….just need to be pointed to the right kernel…….

      • dandroid

        Try the 250-1000 standard voltage kernel–if your phone can handle that, then try the low voltage for improved battery life. Maybe start at 800, monitor your temps, and bump it up to 100 if everything stays cooler than 45 degrees.


        • Doolidg

          Thanks… I appreciate it

  • GFY

    “Oh look at me I scored a 1550 on my OC'd D1”

    …. Congratulations you just made it easier to stay a virgin longer d-bag

  • Thatsnot1234

    Get lives you tools. The whole point of a phone doesn't revolve around the fact of if you can install custom ROM's or not. You sound like whining girls.

  • Thatsnot1234

    Get lives you tools. The whole point of a phone doesn't revolve around the fact of if you can install custom ROM's or not. You sound like whining girls.

  • SWED

    Ok What about graphics

  • tonytbone7883

    Kernels are nice but can make the Droid 1 unstable. For the “difference” it makes, the millisecond you might pick up, I'll take a stable Droid over a unstable Droid any day. Seriously, the OEM kernel that comes with your custom ROMs work great. The freedom Droid 1 gives you out-weighs and kernel.

  • JosueD

    Wow Thats High, I wonder what the Linpack scores are?


  • Mike


    • tonytbone7883

      Have you had any issues with random reboots and browser stability on high flash sites?

  • I find it funny that some peeple think of the D1 as some out of date apple 2e. We are not even a year in, and it is obsolete?

    Here is a fun fact for you. The F16 fighter jet uses three main computers onboard. All of them are based off the 486 75mhz pc. Granted the newest ones are more, but the run of the mill F16 still uses the same computers. Thing is, they only have one purpose so there was never a need to upgrade. If it works, don't f with it.

    My droid rocks. Only capability I wish I had was HD video and waterproof. When they build something with that, I will switch.

  • xanaxdroid

    My Droid just got a 1531 with quadrant. It's the first time I've used it so I/m not to sure if thats a good score.

  • Tony

    i cannot wait until the X gets Froyo. The score should be right up around there.

  • Destructive_hippie

    they did a quadrant run on the dev Droid X running 2.2 over at alldroid.org and it scored over 1500 on their test.

  • Alex

    dont forget that the droid x, which didnt score to far below, will get froyo and will most likely dominate the charts in a month or two when it gets it

  • You know when this phone sucks when you're original Droid gets over 1750 in quadrant with Froyo and older CPU.

  • Too bad my Droid 1 benchmarks higher. So, until this thing is rooted and has custom overclocked kernels/ROMs, it's the second fastest Droid. 🙂

    Don't get me wrong, it's a sweet phone but an evolutionary device.

  • John

    PLUS if you dont like motoblur, uhhh if you really understood android like you act like you do.
    You would notice all you have to do is drag the frakkin widgets the bottom of the screen and poof gone
    Refer to the video about BLUR on the Moto DEVOUR, this is common knowledge people.

  • Brianad

    still waiting for my epic 4g. but im sure once some of those other phones get 2.2 they'll be in the same range. jaw drop maybe if they all had 2.2.

  • John

    They said they couldnt root the Droid X, it was rooted less than 2 weeks after release.
    They say this phone cannot be rooted, give it a few weeks, even less I bet.
    Just keep your panties from getting in a bunch and I am sure you will see rooting and roms for this Droid2.

    Rooting is nice but its not like the phone doesnt work just ducky out of the box too.
    Same could be said for the Droid 1, I rooted mine and unrooted it, I hardly noticed the overclocking.
    What the apps load 2 milliseconds faster, come on…..

    PLUS its got a R2-D2 version coming out, NOBODY else has that.
    Thats hot stuff right there,

    • You can root the x but you can't load custom roms.

      • mikehoncho


  • P!X3L

    Locked bootloader… fail. motoblur…fail. AND I can OC my droid to 1250 to give me that exact score. D1 lives on until they come out with a 2ghz device with 1gb ram…

  • Ken619

    PLEASE MORE FROYO NEWS! Is it still attempting to launch on the 12th for the Droid?

  • Opi

    Where's 2.2 for my Droid-1?
    What's the word?

  • RanballX

    I fully expect my X to pull down numbers like this. I already get 1274 right out of the box with 2.1 and I know as you all do that 2.2 will do for the X as it did for N1.

  • Urugami

    Jaw-Dropping? Seriously?
    Like others here, I have gotten better than that on my Droid^1, overclocked to 1.2GHz, of course. At 1GHz, mine's probably a bit less. This is nothing to sneer at, but not that remarkable.
    Jaw-Dropping is going from ~350 stock to 1677+ after rooting, OCing, and Froyo. The pic above is like “Hey, that's pretty good, what'll it do supercharged. Oh yeah, we'll probably never know, huh?”

  • youngnamlee

    Imagine if you could overclock this thing. That would be EPIC!
    I just wish the D2 had an HDMI port, 8MP camera, and 720p video. Then I would be sold!

  • This is the first thing I've read about it that makes me want it, but I'm still holding out for the 2 Ghz version this fall.

  • What is it with Motorola switching the home buttons!!!??!! arggg… i'm getting tired of the “my d1 is better” talk, listen, we know it's unlocked, we know you are on froyo, we know you can have custom kernels, but we don't care, i used to own the original droid, and while yes, it is a good device, i still love the X and its awesome power, and it's all stock, so we didn't have to almost brick our devices to get it the way it is… i just think youre really trying to hold on to whatever spotlight the d1 had, put it to rest and let the new droids in!!!

    • Tyler

      “but we don’t care”. Then why are you all complaining about the fact that you have a locked bootloader? You sure as hell do care that you do not have an unlocked bootloader, and you do care that you’re running 2.1 and you’re pissed off about it, otherwise you probably wouldn’t be on this site.

  • Android_love

    if you throw a bunch of turds in a bucket.. yes one might float to the top and be deemed the winner.. but at the end of the day.. these android devices are still turds.

  • My god, I take back that I don't want this phone

  • Stephen D

    Holy s***. I want a Galaxy now. That's amazing.

  • Stephen D

    Holy s***. I want a Galaxy now. That's amazing.

  • mjDROIDluvR

    All of y'all are really annoying. Y'all keep saying that its not impressive because your D1 can do that. But keep in mind that in order for your D1 to that, you have to root it and over clock it. The D2 does this straight out of the box. No root or over clocking needed.

  • digipimp

    D1 quad score of 1653 running Simply Stunning v4.6 and 1.25ghz uLV kernel. Really stable, rooted, wireless tether (nice!) and all the other goodies…I'll be sticking with this for awhile.

  • EC8CH

    Impressive Hardware < Crippling Software

    • Dneezy33

      I don't understand. Droid X had the same “crippling software” and was still rooted in a matter of weeks. Why do people think the Droid 2 will be any different?

      • EC8CH

        Rooting and gaining access to the encrypted bootloader are two very
        different things.

        • Dneezy33

          I was unaware.

  • The350zWolf

    Not quite, difference is that you have an unlocked bootloader, rooted and are able to run Froyo.

  • ChevyNo1

    Very nice – wouldn't mind having one of these in the stable as well 😉

  • kulz

    stock? out the box? that's WHOA~!


    Galaxy phones already pushing past 2500… http://phandroid.com/2010/08/10/htc-glaciers-gp

    • Not stable……yet

      • FSRBIKER

        yet is the word…will be though and that's not even with Froyo.

    • Stephen D

      Holy s***. I want a Galaxy now. That's amazing.

  • Pcguru30

    interesting.. I would have thought the droid X would have beaten it

  • nick
  • D1 FTW

  • dfh

  • tonytbone7883

    I'm running 1100 on my quads with BBv0.4 stock kernel @800MHz, so not allot of difference and ROM is very stable and smoooth. Difference is I'm ROOTED!!!! 🙂

    • The350zWolf

      Not quite, difference is that you have an unlocked bootloader, rooted and are able to run Froyo.

  • Octotron

    Dude… my Nintendo 64 hit 6500 overclocked running a quad core AMD Phenom with a Playstation Rom and 5 women spontaneousl came intomy room when Iran quadrant on it. Droid 2 is so lame! Gosh!

  • palomosan

    Nope, let's wait and see when the other phones get the official 2.2 update.

  • tonytbone7883

    We need to get some Quads from the DX users up here. I heard some say theirs was doing 2400 Quads!!!

  • Puck3511

    stupid question: But how do i get a pic for my profile on here?

  • rockymtnhigh

    Impressive. I have been more interested in the D2 than the X because I'd like to be able to continue using my accessories (multimedia docks/car dock), although I am making an assumption that the form factor is the same and they will still work.

    But I am irritated that both phones felt it necessary to move the buttons around. It will take me forever to hit the right button for menu and back, with them moved around.

    I want to see a real photo of the R2D2 phone!

  • Epell

    Galaxy S broke 2500 with 1.2Ghz custom ROM. with Android 2.1.
    This is unimpressive.

    • kellex

      The whole point is it runs this way stock. You don't even need to overclock this, it comes out of the box this way.

      • Puck3511

        do i need to sign up to be a member of this site to get a profile pic

        • no you link your fb account silly

        • Ryan C

          i use gravatar

      • FSRBIKER

        No doubt it's fast, hopefully Moto gets the hint and stops locking the bootloaders.

      • P!X3L

        lol if anything it proves the need to root and overclock… Snapdragon < TI-OMAP3430


      No custom Rom just an OC kernel from 1.0 to 1.2 on Eclair, can't imagine once they get Froyo on it. Kellex there is an issue with the Galaxy phones and there dual SD card setup, the hack to fix this with the EXT2 file system is something i am sure Samsung will be doing as well. Rumors are flying that the Sprint/Verizon versions don't have the dual SD card setup but 1 or 2gb of flash memory so they should be posting 2500+ scores out of the box. I have heard it will be the Droid Fascinate on Verizon…anyone else??

      • Droidzilla

        Can't wait for that! When they have the 1.2GHz Galaxy tablet 10″ running FroYo, I might just break down and get that (should be posting crazy benchmarks with the SD fix and FroYo, plus the 1.2GHz stock).

        From what I can see, all stock tests put the Galaxy (Captivate, Fascinate, etc.) ahead of the Droid X by a bit except for the read/write speed. When you apply the fix, that goes up, too. Add the unlocked bootloader, and I'm in love!

  • snafu009

    My jaws are firmly sealed. The Droid X should equal that score when its 2.2 upgrade arrives. The OMAP line outperforms Snapdragon (the Nexus One w/2.2) as a processor and has the improvement of a dedicated GPU. A good score, to be sure, but certainly not unexpected.

  • Snowblind164

    Meh. I get similar scores on my OC'd D1 on BB v0.4. Only thing that makes me want D2 is the extra RAM. Otherwise it's not really a big step above the D1. Plus I haven't seen any sign of custom ROMS being available for DX (due to the bootloader) so I'm gonna wait and see if the DX and D2 get their bootloaders hacked/replaced before I make a move.

  • Tinkeringteck

    Wow. My Jaw is dropped 😛

  • T Money

    Where does the HTC Incredible rank on this list?

    • mmm.. i think it didnt seeing as how no one could get one to even test it out! ahahah

    • They think that its a nexus 1

    • Gritchu

      Compare the Incredible’s benchmarking to this one. It places the Incredible just under the Droid 2 but above the Nexus One.


      • Gritchu

        I should add that in that image I linked, “Your Device” is the HTC Incredible 2.2. The Incredible listed further down the screen shot is with 2.1 installed.

  • jahpickney

    The only thing that's holding back the D1 is the 256 mb of ram. But I think that the unlocked bootloader makes up for that!

  • I can get a score around that (maybe even slightly above) on my Droid 1 (BB .4 Froyo, 1.2ghz overclock)

  • straight out of the box…. impressive!!!

  • Puck3511

    D1 FTW

  • Gottheguds112

    Weren't there pics of a DX running some 2.2 test build, and it was like -300 points from the 2.1 score?
    What was up with that?

    • I would like to know this as well. It doesn’t make sense that Froyo on DX would bring a performance reduction….. does it?

      EDIT: Nevermind. Saw the link to the thread on AllDroid and that takes care of that.

  • Hogasswildmc

    I agree, DX looks slower (as do the others), but it's the OS that is making D2 so speedy.

  • Slashdpc

    This isn't really that powerful. I've hit 1600+ on my Droid1 before, and that was months ago. Of course, that is oc'ed and running Froyo.

  • tbaybe


  • Puck3511

    My D1 gets 1568 on quadrant !! running sapphire 1.0 froyo 1.2ghz

    • Same here man, and its not even maxed out: Max 1.2 Min: 125mHz

    • Swould333


    • Benchmark scores ≠ real life performace

  • sc4fpse

    “Anyone still not sure that this device is a certified winner?”

    Locked Bootloader.


    Yup, pretty sure it's a loser.

    • The350zWolf

      To be fare, it's completely reasonable to expect same results from the Droid X than from the Droid 2 running both on Froyo. Heck, some people have the same results running Froyo on an overclocked Droid. The caveat is that owners of the Droid X are at the mercy of Verizon and Motorola thanks to the bootloader. You'll get Froyo when they feel like releasing it. That is the power of the original Droid. Too bad the original Droid only has 256 MB of RAM since we can tell by the number of people running the CPU at 1GHz+ that the CPU can take that punishment. Right now the edge goes to the D2 just because it comes with Froyo.


        To be “fare” you must first be in a taxi.


        • The350zWolf

          Haha, you got me! I stand corrected 😉

        • U troll

      • LightNfluffy

        A developer droid x recently got 1558 running froyo – I expect that number to increase with the official release of froyo. Frankly I think the number seen here for the droid 2 is preliminary as well – I would expect the droid 2 to at least match the droid x’s pre-release score of 1558

    • Brad

      Not true. Yes, I rooted my Droid. And yes, I don't want Blur. But guess what? 99.9% of people that are going to buy this phone don't give a sh*t about rooting or Blur. This phone is a guaranteed hit.

      • Unfortunately the 99.9% of people you are referring to will never use quadrant or even know the power the d2 holds, for us reading this, who do care, the phone sucks.

        • and unfortunately they still wont care and will use the phone regardless if they knew or not; what does that change if they know? nothing.

        • Rooting is for pigs not phones just be glad u still don’t have a party line.

        • Coffee

          Come on bro, we are such a small percent of the users who strain our phones, and break into the mainframe to get more freedom and power. 96% of the market who will buy this phone doesn’t care. 1 percent of that 96% will probably be curious down the road after the purchase about rooting. And as far as that 4 percent of the 100%… we are the rooters. And 2% of that 4% cares that it is bootable, and will say it sucks because they really want the phone, but are upset because they have a contract, and specifically because the phone is locked. The other 2% of that 4% will notice the phone is locked, but still will congratulated the phone on its clear power.

          And that is how it goes. 🙂 Can I get a hoorah?

          • Anonymous

            Hoorah. And I’d say you’re being generous with the 96% – I’d say it’s probably even higher than that.

          • Anonymous

            Yep. This has been way predicted during the earlier benchmark scores from androidandme and was spread through the tech-blogs. Showing that Droid 2 has an amazing I/O processing power.

          • Let me double-down on that hoorah. You are right on the money.

          • Mineisasdf

            2% of 4%? LOL. I presume you meant 50% of the 4%?

      • Isaac Sloan

        While I agree that most people wouldn’t care about rooting. Blur completely sucks and while most people won’t know any better their experience would have been better had then not been using blur. Everyone who had used something else wouldn’t want to use blur.

    • Austin

      I had a droid1 since day 1… rooted… had froyo months ago… I could care less now.. sure it would be nice… but I can't stand anything smaller than 4.3″ and the 1ghz processor matches anything my OCed droid ever did


    • IseWise

      Has it been officially confirmed to have a locked bootloader? Anyone know for sure?

    • Am0795

      Your just an idiot, with an evo, and jealous that motoblur is getting better, moto has better build quality and it can still be rooted, so once again, evo sucks compared to the droid 2.

      • sc4fpse

        I have an Evo? Tell that to my Droid. 😐

        Totally confused about your comment.

  • fgonzo98

    Nice! Was just asked which Droid to recommend…thinking Droid2!

  • thebourbonnflip

    just wait till the droid 3…..in 9 months..that thing will be a beastly device

  • Erik

    I need to see DX quadrant scores running stock 2.2 now.

  • Good show! lol

  • Still no way to put custom ROMs on it though, right? :/

    • Puck3511

      nope no custom roms 🙁

    • Bill

      nope 🙁

  • Hummerdude731


  • First, and this is awesome!

  • why is it better than Droid X?

    • JT

      duh, the bar's bigger. It's all about the size of your bar!


      would like to know myself, though it's a moot point – I'm loivng my DX 🙂

    • Josh Phillips

      When the X gets 2.2, I expect similar if not the same results…

    • masterxchief

      Only because Droid X isnt on froyo yet. Once the Droid X gets 2.2 then it should have similar scores.

    • Jmcfsu13

      x still runs 2.1

    • The most obvious reason is that Droid X is running 2.1, Droid 2 is running 2.2. I'm sure there are other reasons also.

      • adam

        keep in mind, larger screen required more processing power. Even with 2.2. i'm assuming D2 will still be a little faster than DX

        • Anonymous

          Not true, more battery sure, but that’s negligible at that size. It’s still outputting at the same resolution. That’s like saying a bigger monitor takes more processing power from your computer.

          • youre both wrong… thats why they have dedicated graphics chips… baka!!!

          • Anonymous

            Are you seriously posting that? Processing power(CPU or GPU) has nothing to do with the size of the display, It would only change if one had a higher resolution than the other. A deidcated graphics chip just means the CPU doesn’t have to take the whole load running the graphics.

        • HalfMoon

          Um.. No. count the pixels…. size != more pixels or more processing power.

          • Oo3rex

            right, screen size has nothing to do with processing power, the resolutions on both phones are the same. the only thing the bigger screen will require is more battery power.

      • droid x has more computing power because it takes more power to run the phone, think about a circuit, if you put a certain amount of voltage into a current, even if the currents are both closed, the one that requires the higher voltage has more power, i.e. more power to run the dx= more power then the d2

        • and my friend just ran the same benchmark on his x and got 1254, not “obliterated” in a number sense, i wouldnt be surprised if the X is faster then the droid 2 when it gets froyo

    • Zach

      Thanks for the quick reply. Should have occurred to me.