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DROID 2 Benchmark Score Drops Jaws

Stock Droid 2 running Android 2.2 and crushing any phone on the planet in a Quadrant benchmark.  That my friends, is real power.  And as you can see, this D2 was taken straight out of the box and didn’t even have the opportunity to get undressed before blowing minds.  Anyone still not sure that this device is a certified winner?

  • D1ownsD2

    I get that score on my D1 @ 800Mhz, 1900s @ 1.25ghz. Running UD2.5

  • Burgess
  • Chris Nimon

    I don't know man, its showing 2547 on quadrant and it doesn't even have froyo yet. That's. Way more than the D2

  • can someone please explain to me how the droid x got so high up there?
    it beat the galaxy s and everyone not running froyo…
    so when the x gets froyo its game over.

    i was thinking about getting the epic 4g but if the x gets custom roms by my bday hello droid!!! but boy does the r2d2 phone sound bad ass. might just get it as a collectors item haha