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Motorola CEO Admits DROID X Has Blur, Talks Future of the Brand

In a recent Q2 earnings call for Motorola, CEO Sanjay Jha talked all things Moto, but as you may have expected, highlighted a lot of mobile business including their new Droid X and its early success.  One of the more interesting points though, was his acknowledgement of the DX as not being a “Google-experience” device and instead running MotoBlur.  Yes, the same MotoBlur we’ve been telling you that it runs, but everyone else seems to be in denial over…

Remember that DROID X is not a Google-experience device. It’s a Motorola-experience device and we have spent a lot of time integrating a lot of experiences, which are unique to Motorola, MOTOBLUR is one. Certainly, the user interface is meaningfully improved also from what we delivered in our first MOTOBLUR experience.

Not to jump up and down and scream “We told you so!” but seriously, the clues were all there weren’t they?  It should also be noted that Moto plans to move away from Blur as a brand and instead will continue to enhance the experience of the skin in the background much like we’ve seen on the DX and soon-to-be-released Droid 2

With MOTOBLUR, we have found that being able to convey the value proposition around MOTOBLUR is not an easy thing to do in a 30-second ad spot. We have decided that we will focus on the value proposition of products and not MOTOBLUR as a brand name in its own right. MOTOBLUR continues to be important and I think you will see increased functionality in MOTOBLUR. This notion of push-Internet is going to be very important to us, but as a brand name, which we make matter in front of consumers as a brand name, I don’t think that’s going to be our focus going forward, but we see the experiences that we deliver is being relevant and differentiating us.

We were definitely hoping for a “Death to Blur!” mention and that a series of Google-experience phones was on the way, but that appears to be just a pipe dream.  Maybe when Gingerbread arrives?

Source:  Morning Star
Via:  Android and Me

  • obsidiangt

    Nice photo… Wuphf?

  • Actually, if you spent the 2 or 3 dollars on LauncherPro plus, then you CAN resize the widgets. Just an FYI

  • Samsung? Have you played with TouchWiz? Bleeeeeech! Talk about over the top!

  • motorola is the best mobile phone brand the the new mobile phone land like DROID X this mobile phone is the very good and also great feature like camera and audio and video memory etc..

  • Myfacebookmail16

    I commend motorola for trying to make an android phone “for the masses” but let's face it: Google Experience is way better! That's why I'm not rushing to upgrade from my original Droid! Oh and seriously, the bootloader? C'mon guys Android is OPEN!!

  • mcdoogles

    I guess Im the only one that doesn't have a problem with MotoBlur… Do I use it now… no. But that is only because you have no control over it. U cant tell it what contacts to add to your phone and what ones not to as well as u cant control the update intervals. Maybe its just mine but my Blur feeds would update randomly usually a couple hours in between intervals. If Moto would just work to fine tune it a lil more I think that Blur would be great for anyone who is into social networking. They should take some serious cues from SocialScope for Blackberry.

  • DroidDoes7

    Put LauncherPro on the X and it whips the shit out of any Android device

  • BAoxymoron

    Honestly I think they should make a installer(like the one for swype) and allow you to install or uninstall the app in order to save memory… speaking of saving memory any news on the whole facebook background task issue?

  • andrew401

    This Motoblur bullsh*t absolutely ruins the phone. WE BUY THESE PHONES FOR A GOOGLE EXPERIENCE! GET WITH IT MOTOROLA! NO ONE WANTS YOUR MOTOBLUR EXCEPT MAYBE A COUPLE TEENAGERS WHO DON'T KNOW BETTER!!!!! I had to sell mine just because it was so damn awful. Motorola please let Google handle the software from now on and just stick to what you do best. Making hardware.

    • Droiddddd1332

      I call BS on this post. You obviously have never owned an X. And when it's using a custom launcher it's better than anything out there…even Sense UI on the EVO 4G

      • andrew401

        Hrm, that's pretty funny since I own every Droid Verizon has came out with. I also have credit in the community to prove it unlike yourself. When using a custom launcher my Droid Incredible is still A LOT more smooth and snappy. Lets do some benchmarks if you want to argue that I would love to prove you wrong. I absolutely love vanilla Android and that's my main choice of a UI, but there is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY the UI on the Droid X is better then Sense UI. Everything about Sense UI is BLOWING it out of the water, You can't even compare the two. I am going to take what you say with a grain of salt because it's very obvious you have absolutely NO Android experience or knowledge. Feel free to message me back if you'd like to compare the two. I still have one of my Droid Xs and I can even post a video for proof of how much better the Dinc, is. Thanks for the laugh noob.

        • This is the whole “point” of companies like HTC and Motorola(and I guess Samsung… but does anybody like TouchWiz?) making custom implementations of their phones.

          Once you get past shape, sticking with the Google Experience gives them little to differentiate themselves with on the phones. Every phone is basically the same. So it is not difficult for users to jump from HTC to Motorola to Samsung, and so on. They are taking Android and making it so that if you love the Sense experience, well then when it is time for you to get your next phone, then you are going to look for an HTC phone.

          Personally, I HATE HTC Sense. It is nothing but eye candy (from my experience and trials, I do not own a Sense powered phone). Yes, some of their apps are better and cleaner, but at the expense of the phone being weighted down by much heavier screen graphics.

          I like the new MotoBlur (as opposed to the older in your face…. crap… of the Cliq version) because for the most part it is basically a series of widgets that can be removed (or turned off). Was it the smartest move to overload the interface from the start with all the widgets? I don't think so, and I am sure most people that read this board don't… but we are not the “general public” that is needed for these phones to be a success, we are but a small piece of the puzzle. That being said, it took all of two minutes to remove all the useless widgets, and phone speed was as great as expected.

          I have no reason to doubt your claims that you purchased a Droid X, but I think your conclusions and claims simply do not meet the reality of most Droid X users that have used the phone for more than a day (which is why I suspect Droiddddd1332 questions your ownership). The phone is not, but any stretch of the imagination show or unuable. It is different than Sense (which again is simply a matter of preference), but I disagree that Sense is “superior” when it comes to how the phone runs. It seems your preference to Sense may have skewed your view of this phone just a tad… In my Not So Humble Opinion of course.

        • Tarsis Brito

          not all droid x are equal some are faster than other you do not know anything. You can not compare htc with motorolla the second best phones are the sansumg with good updates moto being first forever

      • Tarsis Brito

        that’s why i keep telling these people to put the nice application on their droid x and they will never mention the blur again ever droid x the best phone 2010 running apex 1.3 overclock to 1.2 i can do 1.3.5 but i dont i use adw launcher and autokiller application for the precious memory the people that like to complain try these settings

  • Droiddddd1332

    Droid X + LauncherPro = Super Fast Phone

    Nuff said

    • Tarsis Brito

      droid x stock adw launcher autokiller application faster phone in the market excluding the droid pro which run 1.2

  • Redskenrk112

    Droid X w/Launcher Pro > Any other Android phone, locked or not

  • Just Remember who brought you back from the graves, not verizon. Google did.
    F U C k motoblur.

    • Tarsis Brito

      no they did not motorolla always have been the best when it come to cellphones like sony is with TV google need to improve also with these updates fix the market etc. The new blur will rock i love my blur now using adw launcher my x is super fast

  • sean

    I don't understand why these guys don't just visit a forum. That's where we all get real support for our phones anyway. Jus visit a damn forum and hire one of those guys who make those brilliant themes like the guys who made dark edge. You know how much sexier the dx would be with a UI that actually looks good?

  • I actually like Blur. Resizable Widgets is genius. I would be okay with it gone if stock Android will have a UI to compete. If not, there's always all those launchers.

  • Am0795

    Personally, i have to say this motoblur is nice and actually it gets upgraded quicker than htc sense, so im fine. Motorola is a fine company and i think google will either get rid of these skins with gingerbread, by force, or maybe buy the rights to them so users can pick which one they want to use on their handset- That would be amazing.

  • snafu009

    Include your Blur by all means, Motorola, just give users the option to disable it; that way we can have our Froyo and eat it too.

  • Nightfox981


  • Rain_king46

    If Moto thinks that Blur is really all that great, why not make it a free app in the market and let the users decide? If its as great as they claim it to be, everybody will rush out and download it like we do launcher pro now to get rid of blur. Just my thoughts. If blur is so great, why try to FORCE us to use it?

  • JT

    Maybe it's because my phone (DX) is the first smartphone I've gotten, but I don't see what all the fuss is about blur? Granted I don't know what I'm missing, but from dozens of comments I've read, I don't really see the point people are making besides that it's “forced” upon the user. What does it do specifically that people don't like?

    • ReebyWantsYoMom

      Your not really missing anything your just getting more stuff you may not want to use. I agree i've had both and i don't see the fus. If i get tired of it ill just switch to launcher pro. The phone has plenty of space for usless stuff

  • djenks24

    Moto Blur has not bothered my x. Although I don't use any of it I don't know that its there. Hopefully the bootloader will be cracked soon and we will be able to make our own decision with our own device.

  • Die Motoblur! Die! Die! Die!

    I wont be buying another Motorola Device with blue-anything on it. Looks like my next phone will be a Samsung product. Its too bad that we will never see a repeat of the Droid. It was such a great phone.

    • Samsung? Have you played with TouchWiz? Bleeeeeech! Talk about over the top!

  • ericsorensen

    I like the blur. I had the original droid, and I like the zoom-in to select a letter featrue. I like being able to skip songs without having to swipe-on the phone first. And I could care less about the “bloatware”. There is plenty of space for those couple of programs that I don't use. I like launcher pro, but using it, I actually miss the motoblur re-sizable widgets. You can still use them, but can't re-size them. My phone is super-fast – what is there not to like about a few refinements and improvements? One thing, is a slower upgrade to 2.2 and 3.0, I suppose.

    • ReebyWantsYoMom

      I agree

    • Actually, if you spent the 2 or 3 dollars on LauncherPro plus, then you CAN resize the widgets. Just an FYI

  • amy

    Would it be possible to flash a new ROM to the DX that's not based on Blur?

  • Some people don't seem to like the idea of write once and push everywhere. I personally do not participate in any social media and do not even have a facebook account. I feel MOTO would do well to hire some UI folks who can do a better job and communicate well with the hardware folks so that battery life is optimized. What do you think?

  • zach471

    But is Blur really that difficult to circumvent?

  • I don't understand what it matters if it is called MotoBlur or ShadowBlur or w/e. I have the Droid X and with Launcher Pro I feel like I get near the Google Experience (not as much application alteration as Sense). Other than the bootloader being locked down I don't mind it at all.

  • Michael_NM

    Dear Dr. Droid Doubters. Don't!

  • rockymtnhigh

    As was just posted below, Free the Bootloader! There is no need for a motoblur experience. We want the google experience. It rocks. Makes me hesitant to upgrade from my dear dear Droid 1. 🙁

  • EC8CH

    Dear Sanjay,

    Please drop all the Blur nonsense and start concentrating on differentiating your products by making your HARDWARE better than your competitor's.


    • RACER X

      Half the themes for Roms are Garbage. The color schemes they use looks like someone who is colored blind designed them. I enjoyed switching them in the beginning but then it became a hassle loading a different rom where the only thing different was the color of the usb icon or some other bs. Plus you had to search around until you had one where all the basic features actually worked. Granted they do improve the functionality of certain features such as being able to skip songs with the volume button. Most of it though is not necessary. MOTO is a business and is about making money. They designed something to appeal to everyday people not those who follow blogs and technology updates everyday. You have a choice for an unlocked bootloader and its the droid. Moto probably got tired of replacing bricked phones cause half the people trying dont have a clue what they are doing. Just tired of reading all this bitchin. This is not personal attack on you. Its just my opinion.

    • Contrarian

      hmmm…as opposed to HTC and Apple?

  • In all reallity Blur isn't that bad. I got my wife a DroidX and while helping her set it up I couldn't help but compare it to my Droid. For a power user, sure the android experience is great. But let's face it, the majority of people don't want to fiddle with their phones. They want something easy to setup. There isn't as much hunting around in menus with the Blur accounts and messaging setup. Things are where you would expect them to be. Motorola isn't out to make a nitche product. You make money selling to the masses and that's what Blur is for.

    • zach471

      Totally agree. Most people aren't even aware of the screen customization options. I do enjoy the flexibilities of the Droid, though. I'm in no hurry to change.

    • mikejs78

      True, but it would be nice to get rid of all the bloatware if you don't want to use it.

    • The minority shouldn't have to be forced to conform with the majority. {{-_-}}

      • Jedi_Gunslinger


    • Tarsis Brito

      i do agree but most people hate blur i am not i love some blur and i am waiting for the new version of blur myself. If people does not like blur why do they keep buying the moto cell phone i feel because they know they are the best and if they say otherwise they will have the second best phone which can be htc sansumg or lg

  • mikejs78

    I just think in general that skins should all have the ability to be turned off / deleted. I have no problem if Motorola/HTC/Samsung/LG/etc. want to create and put their own skins on top of Android. I just think that the purchaser of the device should have the options to:

    1) Turn off the skin and revert to Stock Android
    2) Remove Bloatware

    This should all be able to be done without rooting. In addition, users who are saavy should be allowed to make use of just the hardware and use custom ROMs. No freaking locked bootloaders!

    Maybe what Google means when they say Gingerbread will solve this stuff is that they will make Android so custom skins can be created/added without really mucking with the code, and will allow users to revert to stock through a “revert to stock” option.

    Of course, it's probably just a pipe dream….

  • So in other words, Moto will continue to lock down their phones and force that Blur garbage on everyone with no custom ROM option. Brilliant, MotoApple. {{-_-}}

  • Stephen D

    I really hope Google kills all skins with Gingerbread, including Sense since HTC seems to think Gingerbread won't change anything. I want vanilla Android and an unlocked bootloader, not a phone with Blur or Sense and a bunch of bloatware and a locked down bootloader.

    • WhereIsTony

      If google starts killing skins to control the experience how is that any different than Apple?

  • Hell I could have told him that just from all of the com.motorola.blur apps showing up in task killer. On the other hand, I at least LIKE this version of Blur, compared to the other blown-up processor killing version. Skins I can deal with, especially the resizable widgets (it comes in quite handy).

  • gamboo

    Blur is just blot ware. It's turned the droid x into a slow phone handcuffed by a bad program.

    • Djspikezz

      Excuse me but that statement is just bull crap. You probably don't even own a DX. I owned a Droid 1 and now have Droid X. It runs stock as fast as a Droid 1 thats been overclocked to 1.1ghz. I get 1300 score with quadrant stock and the phone blazes even with the stupid bloatware.

      • guest

        Exactly. I upgraded from a Droid to a Droid X as well and the phone is blazing. It's at least as fast as my overclocked Droid ever was. It scores a few points less on quadrant than my Droid did running various 2.2 roms at 1.2ghz and the ui is buttery smoothe. Not sure how the X could be considered in any way 'slow.'

        • Tony

          It's considered slow by people who don't have it and are hurt that their precious droid is being replaced by newer models.

          My X is fast as hell. Blur did nothing to the speed of the phone.

          • cullen

            I too have the DX and been an Android user since the G1 and I have to disagree, Blur has done a little bit to the speed of the phone within certain applications. If you have a lot of contacts Blur slows down the speed of the Contacts app and the text messaging app is where I've noticed the most slowdown. I only have about 80 text messages from 11 different people and it takes upwards to 10 seconds to display the names (instead of numbers) of those 11 contacts in the text messaging app. Aside from some older Blur and Sense phones,this issue has never been this noticeable, even on the G1.

          • Droiddddd1332

            Here’s a thought.

            Download ADW or Launcher Pro and your phone is pretty much Stock-Sense

          • Tarsis Brito

            these people are crazy blur its not as bad as many people think. remember not all droid x run the same speed. adw apex autokiller application and if u want to switch roms use apex 1.3 and you will see how fast your phone is. I love some blur and i feel they will fail if they remove it they need to make it better

          • No, we just don’t like being told what we can and cannot do with the phones WE purchased. {{-_-}}

      • gamboo

        Easy!!!! I own a Droid X! Would I return it for my droid 1???? NO! You can post your speed tests and thats fine. What I'm referring to is the stuttering between contacts and switching screens. I'm not a reader who posts as a guest I'm someone who is passionate about Droid. If you love blur thats great. I prefer the goggle experience not the moto version. This will go away when someone cracks that damn boot loader.

        • Oo3rex

          thats the odd thing though, ive got my X loaded with widgets and icons and dont lag at all when switching screens, and i dont have problems with contacts loading either. But to be fair, ive avoided the blur social widgets and havent integrated my facebook account with the phone, so my contacts list is sparse, i just use the facebook app. 🙂

          • gamboo

            I know they are having issues with exchange and all my contacts are run in exchange. 270 to be exact. I just never had this issue with my Droid 1. Maybe 2.2 will resolve this issue.

          • rob

            yep, exchange support is lame on the Droid X (incl first OTA update). The location field in a calendar appointment gets corrupted or deleted if the appointment is edited on the phone. The contacts don’t pull photos from Exchange either. The UI layout (in calendar, contacts, etc.) looks like it was designed by a 5 year old. I returned mine. The speed was great, but the lack of polish vs. htc sense was surprising.

        • timarnette

          Very well said!!!!

    • This statement is NOT bullcrap. {{-_-}}

      • MotoFan

        I'll second that as it not being bullcrap. I own all the Moto Andorid devices and the D1 tops the list by far. Don't get me wrong I love the hardware of the X and its size but the whole SW setup is just garbage. and this whole BLUR setup is garbage and for the birds and what causes all the problems.

        If Moto had a brain they would dump it now and make all devices uncrippled like the D1 was when it released. One reason I say this is I know numerous people who want the X but refuse to have a crippled device when they have been spoiled with the D1 for the past year. And knowing they can't get the goodies they have on there D1 on an X if they buy one they have decided to just pass on it entirely. Most of which have said if Moto keeps it up they will just go to a different mfg all together. they feel like they are being pushed/forced into owning an Apple device, and quite honestly I don't blame them.

        • Droiddddd1332


          I have both the Droid and X and the X is LEAPS and BOUNDS better. The Droid needs to be overclocked and running 2.2 ROMs just for it to be fast. Personally, I don't care about hacking my phone anymore. I just like to have a good phone out of the box.

          • That's your choice. But I will say this: Imagine an overclocked DX. (*salivates*) In all seriousness, you shouldn't say no to ANY customer's tastes. {{-_-}}

          • Robert 70west

            i dont have to imagine a overclocked DX mine is running @ 1.2 Gh stable and super fast 🙂

          • Tarsis Brito

            people need to learn from us to have their droid x super fast the droid x it is the best phone of 2010 or maybe the evo 4g none of the droid brand can beat the droid x period. it is fast out of the box and if u want to make it sweet use apex 1.3 u can put the blur that u want adw launcher and u dont even need to overclock it to be fast i have mine as 1.2 but 1g it is fine as well browser xscoop6 its the faster also

          • Tyler

            Yeah, but why prevent the X from being made that much better if a user wants to?

    • mbaldwin85

      hmm thats why you dont use the stock launcher and use LauncherPro Plus. Makes a big difference. I do wish Blur wasnt there at all but I'll live. Now free the bootloader so we can get some JRummy goin on!

  • PC2112


    • briderx

      Porkchop Sandwiches!

    • EC8CH


      • Hotheaded_turdburglar

        You rang?

  • “We have decided that we will focus on the value proposition of products and not MOTOBLUR as a brand name in its own right.”

    On one hand, I feel their pain. Why buy a Motorola vanilla android device when a Acme vanilla android device is $50 cheaper? The Motorola “brand”? Maybe… So hey, let's slap this thing on there called BLUR that people will just looooove! Erm… well, that was the plan, anyway.

    On the other hand, let's wake up a moment, people. No one is selling vanilla android devices anymore, and that makes me sad, as I've previously moaned and complained about. This is why I won't give up my D1 (that and the unlocked bootloader) and why I'm still eagerly awaiting the next vanilla android beast.

    Oh, and by the way, Motorola — vanilla android did OK for the D1 sales, right? Is that the #1 all-time selling android device? C'mon, people!

    • Of course, it does sound like they're re-thinking the whole BLUR strategy, which makes me happy. I love my D1 (in case you didn't already get that memo) and I'd happily buy another Motorola… just not one with some “value-added” (aka, android-OS-update-blocking / -delaying) … ahem… skin.

    • Droidzilla

      Obviously the masses want a device with something like Blur. That's why the Devour simply destroyed Droid sales.

  • Evermour

    I want that pillow..

    • TehHuff

      I have to agree, where oh where did you get that pillow of /awesomeness/.

  • Djspikezz

    first LOL

    • planetes42

      congrats mano. It's your lucky day.

    • Evermour

      Lol did you even read it before you put 'first'? If not i smell a cheater.

    • 1bad69z28

      Merry Xmas my friend, Baa Hum Bug!!!! lol