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Goodbye Original DROID, Officially “Out of Stock”?

Sad, sad day indeed.  The original Motorola Droid is now listed as “out of stock” on VerizonWireless.com.  We had received word that this had happened a few days ago, but were unable to produce the same image and continued to hold out some hope that it was a regional thing.  It’s not.

It was a good almost 9 month run wouldn’t you say?  Time for it’s replacement.  A locked down beast.  The Droid 2.

Cheers Zer0 Cool!

  • Jokeking240

    It has been removed from the Verizon website. ;( it truly IS a sad day

  • Jokeking240

    It has been removed from the Verizon website. ;( it truly IS a sad day

  • Ryan

    The saddest thing about it is that my Droid 1 was stolen at work 2 weeks ago. I had insurance and claimes my lost. Well they said that the Droid is out of stock and I'd have to get a Ally, Devour, or Eris. Why would I have insurance on a phone to pay $80 dollars to get a less of a phone. I bought a Droid and had insurance on one, Thta's what I should get in return! I am very unhappy about this and might just switch companies and phones altogether!

  • DLS


    • DLS


  • Ieieie

    When Verizon gets the iPhone, Motorola and Google will wish they treated us Droid-1 people with
    more respect!
    Also, you can get the Droid-1 at Best Buy for $50.00.

  • StrifeJester

    Just went online for an upgrade for one of my lines that is eligible and there is nothing on the site about the Droid out of stock. I could order 2 today if I wanted.

  • some needs to hack the droid x and the droid 2 to make them more like the droid with vanilla android

  • indiana85

    so what about replacement phones with asurion will they give u another droid or a phone they believe is equal value???

  • Joey

    To Much Freedom I guess.
    Seems like another Apple and AT&T deal.

  • guz1115

    Went to the verizonwireless site and the droid is still in stock, Could be a hoax? lol

  • John

    I dont know what everyone is worried about, they said the Droid X was locked down too,
    and it was rooted roughly 1 week after it was released.
    They build the walls as high as they want, hackers/modders will always find a way.

  • SecurityNick

    I used to work for a cell phone company (one that somewhat was recently purchased by Big Red). I've been out of that industry for almost 5 years now, which is a lifetime in technology. But I remember the days we were lucky to get 1 new phone during the course of a year, let alone retiring a phone within that time. Droid 1 has rocked, and will most likely continue to rock for me through the rest of my contract. I'm not going to jump ship to any new phone any time soon (provided I don't have to do an insurance claim). At the rate these new phones are coming out, when my contract is up, I'll have some phone that will run circles around the X, D2, and the Incredible. I will say that even though they fixed the design flaw in the keyboard on this version of Droid, my next Droid will not have a physical keyboard. That was one of the biggest selling features as to why I bought the D1 to begin with, and at the same time, the biggest flaw the phone had (2nd biggest, still think it sucks I had to pay $20 for a good Exchange App and Android still hasn't gotten Exchange right…even with 2.2..rooted 2.2).

  • Patsycolletti

    didn't receive 2.2 update

  • Ulnek75

    what if someone needed a replacement for original droid? O.o

  • Uscuba2_2001

    Actually, I just looked at the Verizon wireless site. It's STILL in stock,

    • Matt_M

      Yeah, I just did the same thing just now after reading the headline. It allowed be to go all the way to checkout. I wonder if it was a mistake last time?

      • Mike

        I just checked it and it says out of stock.

  • Screw this, if I am to upgrade to the D2 give me stock android, not some s*** that moto decided to put on there that lags the phone. Htc has the better skin so stop trying and give us what we want instead of trying to play catchup.

  • Annoynimous

    Bye bye to freedom, welcome to Hell, *plays the Empire soundtrack* Motorola CEO Sanjay – “Join us, or DIE!!”

  • Rubenvalerio

    Questions about the Droid and it's OS. Does any one know of any plans to allow us to increase the font size. Plenty of comments about this option but Google, Motorola an Ascender don't seem to be taking this seriously.

    Any one have any good news?

  • The Dominator

    Don't know what site your viewing. But i just went to verizonwireless.com and the Droid does not show out of stock.

  • rwilliams268

    Well I just checked and at this moment the Droid by Motorola is still available at Verizon's site at $149.99 for a new 2-yr contract. Also in the market of cellular devices a 9 month run of a device is not uncommon. Most devices go the full 12 months, but everyone has to realize that this was done due to supply of stock of the device and not the amount of support of the device, When a device is manufactured it is done with a certain number in mind and yes second and third runs happen, but they don't keep making a phone just like car manufacturers don't keep making the same device, GM makes a certain model for 10 months then that's it. Doesn't mean they stop support or you can't get the vehicle serviced at a dealer for years, just means GM makes another model. Just like Motorola has done with the X and Droid2. Most of the available Droid's that have been manufactured are now at Asurion's warehouse with some still being in Corporate and Premium Retailers stores. So everyone hold off on your cries of foul and enjoy your device and if it's defective or broken have it replaced because the idea of it getting replaced with an X or even a DInc won't be happening until the end of your contract. All of this is said from personal experience with both insurance claims and watching the market.

  • country83

    I like the D1 and all the Rom options i have, and for this reason ill be keeping the D1 until it breaks. Thanks Droid Life.

  • [email protected]

    iPhone Hardware Boss Departs Apple

    iPhone Hardware Boss Departs AppleAfter months of debate surrounding the iPhone 4's antenna issues, the New York Times is reporting that Mark Papermaster, the Apple executive responsible for overseeing the iPhone's hardware, has left the company.

    It's unclear whether Papermaster, who came from IBM and was central to a non compete case between Apple and his former employer, was forced out or left on his own. After his 26 year tenure at IBM, Papermaster had replaced iPod father Tony Fadell, and will be succeeded by Bob Mansfield, Senior VP of Macintosh hardware engineering. Wikipedia notes that Bob Mansfield had initial doubts about his ability to fit in at Apple, but recognized that he was “immensely smart about microprocessor design, large systems, and semiconductors.”

    NYT points out that Papermaster was not on stage at Apple's recent press conference addressing the iPhone 4's antenna issues, though Mansfield and COO Tim Cook both were present. Again, it is unclear whether or not he was forced to leave or resigned, but it doesn't seem unreasonable to believe that amidst all the iPhone antenna controversy that someone took the blame. [NYT]

    Send an email to Kyle VanHemert, the author of this post, at [email protected].

  • um…im on verizon right now and it doesnt say out of stock for the droid…

  • Sprider82

    i just went to verizon site and the droid is not out of stock man…

  • Dsalinas_1985

    so, can you not even buy parts for it anymore?…like the battery cover?

  • I can't believe its gonna be locked down again. That's such a deal breaker for some people. I mean why would you get this phone is its a small droidx?

  • The only thing not making the original DROID the perfect anddroid smartphone is its lack of 1GHz processor and only 256Mb RAM. Even with that, I will match any stock droid X against my droid running BB 0.4 OC'd at 1 GHz. Having unlocked bootloader makes the droid phone a superior phone.

  • Pog-Mo-Thoin

    A sad day? Was it sad day when Steve Austin was rebuilt into the Six Million Dollar Man after his horrific crash? Hell no. He was better, stronger, and faster than before. Was it a sad day when C-3PO talked Luke Skywalker into buying R2-D2 from the Jawas after the droid he was going to buy blew up? Not a chance. That little blue bastard was carrying the secret message that jumped started Luke's ass into joining up with the Rebel Alliance and taking down the Empire. Or, was it a sad day when on June 24th, i*hone 4 hell was unleashed on us all? Negatory, as that was the first day the masses saw the chink in Apple's armor with their flawed antenna technology and how much of a tool Steve Job's really is. So Verizon and Motorola have moved on and kicked the Droid to the curb like a red-headed stepchild, it doesn't matter, because with the developer community that backs this phone, finding ways to push it and do things that we didn't think possible at first, and web communities that support it, like Droid-Life, the only thing sad about this day is that there won't be more people who will be able to experience how awesome the OG Droid really is.

  • Steven Q

    You can still get the original @ the Amazon Wireless store. I just bought mine for $.01 with new contract 🙂

  • Well this sucks! Am I the only one who thinks that it is complete and total BS that Verizon would do this 9 months into a 2 yr. Contract? I have no problem with bigger and better things hiring the market for the consumers but how do you put a device out and don't even support it for a full year! My Droid was purchased in Dec. Of 2010 and technically should still be covered by the manufacturers one year warranty not to mention the extra money I pay for insurance. I guess ill be keeping my Droid 1 with broken headphone Jack and loose camera button! It was a great run for the OGD and being rooted will just insure I get my money's worth out of my device. What a joke, $125.00 month service contract plus insurance and they didn't even produce/ stock enough to make through the one year manufacturer warranty. A BIG FU TO BIG RED, ILL BE MOVING TO SPRINT. DROID1 ROOTED, BBV.04 OVERCLOCKED. OH yeah, almost forgot, STOCK FROYO SUCKS! If you push a release of a new os at least make sure its better than what its meant to replace. Everyone root and keep your D1 for as long as possible. Verizon and Motorola want them off the market asap, they can't stand we have so much control, why do you think they are giving out early upgrades and such!

    • 7r1ck13

      easy dude.. I had to have a phone replaced after it was no longer sold, the store still kept stock on hand for swaps.. Its not like they take all the refurb stock and toss it in a dumpster..

  • ThaRealDon

    So with it out of stock there was a earlier post of asurion giving droid xs and droid incredibles as a replacement for a droid has any one had success with trying to get a replacement? I keep calling to try to see if I can get a droid x but they keep saying they have droids in stock.

    • Cpt Mike Beard

      I'm thinking it will be Droid2. I'm hoping so at least. And if so, I may soon “misplace” my Droid1.

    • DanielD1

      i really dont use the roms and such, and i would replace my D1 with a DX or even a D2. Either would be good, i just need confirmation that they can replace it with either and then i can put my D1 to the grave. I guess i'd have to wait for confirmation til thursday. (D2 release)

  • quadrilacious

    This is weird considering my local stores (San Francisco Bay Area) said they still had plenty of stock. Their online support chat and hotline said they were getting more online stock by the end of August.