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DROID 2 Full Page Ad Debuts, Still No Official Date

Yesterday we saw the first glimpse of the new Droid 2 marketing campaign when one of our readers found this flyer in a newspaper, and today it looks like Verizon took it a step further with this full page Boston Globe ad.  Still no official date or announcement from Verizon, but we’re all expecting that to come by Tuesday, with devices becoming available on Thursday.

Cheers @petermorency!

  • timmy

    I see you can't see the sarcasm in my response.

  • Pipester

    Droid 2 will be here Thursday. I promise you that.

  • Pipester

    Droid 2 will be here Thursday. I promise you that.

  • Annoynimous

    two grave mistakes with D2,

    – locked bootloader
    – awkward keyboard rendering game gripper useless

    tell me guys, why do we strive to upgrade our PCs again? gaming rite?? it boils down to gaming, always. When it comes to mobile phones, no different!! I can call someone at 250mhz cpu no probs.

    droid 1 is the perfect gaming device plus a phone and now an upgrade is impossible LOL

  • junkyarddan

    Cant wait.

  • GuyWithDogs

    Got a Droid 1, so what do I look at next? Droid 2? Droid X? Wait until December and see what's rumored then? I'm eligible for an upgrade – got a Droid X invitation already from Verizon. But I can afford to wait, I think, if there's something compelling coming. I like my 2.2 Droid just fine (non-rooted, but with the manual 2.2 update applied).

  • More like, dear verizon, give us a new droid that slays everything

  • Jmprstar7

    i can't wait to finally use my upgrade to get rid of my BB for a D2! It's been one longgg month!

  • Thom

    This has to come soon…the Droid 1 is listed as out of stock on Verizon's website.

  • Surfgirl757

    Dear Verizon,
    I am tired of your crap. I am Not going to renew that contract next month( hubby's). I will be switching to sprint for the Evo or Epic 4g. Thank you for your undedicated service . I love my Droid with jacked froyo but if your gonna start screwing them up . NO Thanks!

    • Hope u enjoy not getting a signal pretty much anywhere

      • Surfgirl757

        actually the sprint service I had worked great in Canada and pretty much anywhere on the eastern sea board.

    • timmy

      Why are you writing a letter on droid-life to verizon? Are you trying to have someone proof read this or something?

      • Surfgirl757

        I'm Sorry it was a joke timmy.

        • Timmy sounds like he fell in a well. Go get help lassie

          • timmy

            I see you can't see the sarcasm in my response.

  • tiptoptommy

    Flash with RSD lite then root from beginning

  • Kingdugar

    I need serious help. My latest flash is reading unknown in Rom manager and whenever I try to flash into the latest it reads An error occurred while attempting privileged commands. Please help someone

    • Merc56

      Kingdugar, you really need to provide more info here…
      What phone?
      What file are you flashing and with what prog?
      What is your phone doing/not doing now?

      People here will and can help (they helped me) just provide all the specific info you can

    • tiptoptommy

      Flash with RSD lite then start all over

    • That happened to me. The problem was that there was a update for rom manager. That could b ur problem to

  • imsosure

    OMG !!! enough already with the d2.. its no better then the d1.. just some miner changes… besides DX rules all… HAHAHA

    • Merc56

      Actually if I wasn't so set on getting the DX when 2.2 gets to it I would probably upgrade my D1 to the D2.
      1ghz, better keyboard (that I would still not use LOL), etc….

      A good amount of upgrades if you ask me. But only if you get the upgrade deal…

      just my 2 cents worth

  • StephanC

    I want to see them take a shot at the i*hone again!

  • nick
  • tiptoptommy

    More teasing from big red and moto!!!!! Enough i say!!!

  • bryan

    quick quesiton if i use easy root to root phone can i go back to stock if i need to?

    • Me

      use rom manager and put on 2.0 i believe

    • root4life


  • Me