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Rumor: Froyo OTA Update for DROID Delayed Until August 12th? (Updated)

There have been plenty of rumors over the last few days which suggest that Verizon/Motorola put a stop to the current Froyo OTA update FRG01B for the Droid because of some unknown bug.  Well we received word from a source today that the next expected date for a big rollout is August 12th.  We’re sure seeing that date quite a bit aren’t we?  Droid training.  Droid 2 release date.  What else can we possibly pack into next Thursday?

Like I said, still no word as to what caused the delay, but we’re now fully expecting FRG22 to be the official release when this thing starts poppin’ again.

Update: MyDroidWorld is reporting that all FRG builds of Froyo will be pulled as it appears to not be playing well with Flash.  I guess you can throw out August 12th then?  (Link)

Update 2: We’re receiving reports that the update has been halted but has not been pulled.  It should resume again on Monday.

We’ll be sure to fill you in as we find out more or if anything becomes offiicial.  And be sure to let us know if you still receive FRG01B.

  • Larryn2119

    I received FRG01B today august 19, 2010

  • Larryn2119

    I received FRG01B today august 19, 2010

  • Im-a-skier

    MY MOM GOT IT BEFORE ME.. this morning i got a text from her telling me she got it at 6am. she said the update was quick and painless. she loves it. WHERE THE HELL IS MINE >:@

  • http://www.engadget.com/2010/08/11/motorola-dro… Engadget is reporting froyo is a go

  • Kevin

    Just got the FRG01B update pushed to my phone from verizon!

    • 2.2 Hopeful

      Really? That's a good sign for the rest of us if true!

  • AeonFrog

    I recently flashed my phone back to 2.0.1 and when I go to system updates it says I have the most up-to-date version. Does this mean that I have to manually update to froyo? If so, can someone tell me how?

  • Slagg3r

    Ld wcoue get an update has anyone seenthe ota?

  • 2.2 Hopeful

    Any updates today? Has anyone seen an OTA as of yet? Just wondering if the rollout started again today.

  • john

    The HTML5 audio and video tags are still not supported in Froyo! What's up with that?

  • DmbAtCofc

    Can someone tell me if I can overclock my FRG01B build by installing another kernel? I'm new to “manually” changing my phone… is this possible? I did the manual update last week….

    • Travillion

      By “manual” update, do you mean simply downloading and installing the OTA update manually, or did you root? If you did not root, you cannot overclock.

      • DmbAtCofc

        Yeah, I just installed the OTA update manually… thanks for the response!

  • 2111USMC97

    Needing some help. I updated to 2.2 maually last week. Everything was working great. Over the weekend I noticed I no longer had a screen lock anymore. The home button vibrates, but nothing happens, and the camera button no longer does anything. Would really like 2.1 back on my phone. O and the WiFi no longer works either. Any help on how to go back to 2.1 would be great. Just want my phone back.

    • Travillion

      I would suggest going to: http://www.peteralfonso.com/p/downloads.html and manually installing his FRG01B (Master OTA) at the bottom of the page. This is still 2.2, but it will do a clean install, not a “patch” job like your previous update to 2.2. A lot of people have complained about 2.2 issues, and doing this supposedly helps a lot of people. This also does not require rooting your phone. I don't think there's an easy way to go back to 2.1. Just beware that doing this clean install of 2.2 will start your phone fresh, so make a back-up of whatever data you'd like to keep (aside from what google keeps, like contacts and downloaded apps–that should still be preserved).

  • 2111usmc97

    I would like 2.1 back on my phone. I did the manual update last week. Everything has been great until yesterday. Now my screen does not lock, and no WiFi. I do not know what has happen, but I want my old phone back. Any help would be great. Thanks

  • Swilliams

    I have noticed many of the problems noted by previous people. Marketplace download issues, volume problems, lag time..etc….
    Not enough to get crazy over- but will there be fixes to this?
    Froyo is nice but the problems really make it lose its luster

  • Jayram75

    I did the manual update last week and everything but my videos works great it. Now plays videos for a couple secs then says sorry video canot be played then closes it. Does the same with all players all movies or vids any ideas are greatly awaited thanx


  • matt

    hay guys i just talked to verizon they said you will get 2.2 by the 13th ota, they also said flash was coming out on the 18th.

    • Kasjdfkalsjdf


  • Alxgzz202

    HI, i upgraded early to 2.2 froyo last week, and noticed some apps missing, battery running hot, and chompy flash. are the ppl who upgarded early going to get teh bugs fixed any time soon?

  • Nenelindo787

    Flash is just buggie that all

  • Nenelindo787

    I had flash ppl just go to android 2.2 official video to get the link

  • Christa4ev

    I was told in the store yesterday the reason why I had not got my update yet was because when they started to release it they were getting complaints that the Flashplayer was not working and the guy said it was googles fault for not having their end for flash ready to go but it should be worked out within a couple of weeks people always placing the blame elsewhere. I know this is off subject but I have the Motorolla droid running 2.1 and I notice when I am on a call and move the phone away from my ear to end the call or hit the dial pad if leaving a message that I get a black screen. I hit the unlock button still black screen and even open the keyboard and still black screen. i will have to take the battery out to get it back or just wait until it decides to unfreeze could that be because I am using launcher pro free version or is it more then likley a defective phone

    • Any proplem with flash falls on adobe not google. I don't think a proplem with an app would cause vzw to stop the update

    • JP

      Wait … an off thread post? When does that ever happen on DL?

  • mjfbush

    Cmon Verizon just release the goodness.

    • Kasjdfkalsjdf

      yeah complain to verizon on this site, that'll work.

  • iAM

    does anyone know how to root the ota 2.2. I wanted to try rooting for the first time after the disappointed of the froyo update since i thought i would be cooler.

    • Hasbrobot

      I rooted stock ota 2.2 with “easy root” from the market. Worked like a gem

  • TheFlyingSwami

    In light of all the complaining that's going on, I just want to say that I early upgraded to 2.2 using resources from both droid-life as well as Phandroid and I absolutely LOVE Froyo! It's fast, it's got lots of great new features and I have had little to no trouble at all. My only complaint is choppy Flash, but it sounds like that will be taken care of later this month.

    So my thanks to everyone here at droid-life and Phandroid who worked hard to allow me to finally upgrade after months of waiting. You people rock!

  • Brittanycodega

    give me my damn update!!!!!

  • indiana85

    anybody know how to go back to stock 2.1 i hate 2.2 in honesty nothing really new doesnt seem faster the task app/killers can't kill process anymore the flash isnt really flash its a apk file that looks so chompy when running on the droid 1 and my icons keep going away its horriable hell the only good thing was the 5 screens but i could use a adw for that and the new cam options anyone can help me thanks!

    • Sean

      Download RSD Lite and install it. Run it as administrator. Plugin your Droid using USB. Download this file:


      Power off your droid. Open up the keyboard and hold UP on the D-Pad while holding the power button, it will boot into recovery mode.

      Now in RSD Lite, you should see your phone connected, load in that SBF file you download and start it.

      This will flash you back to completely stock ESE81.

    • You don't need task killers on your phone android kills tasks when it needs more memory all u do by using task killers is messing up your own phone

      • thebourbonnflip

        “The bottom line is that task managers in 2.2 are no longer permitted to do anything more than Androids built in low memory killer does, which is designed to free up space only when absolutely necessary. This is for the users benefit, to make switching from app to app a faster and more reliable experience. Just because you see an app show up in the task list, does not necessarily mean it is consuming resources and eating up battery life. It only means that it's loaded and is available when necessary. In addition multiple applications may access shared services. Killing a service for one application can cause another application to not work properly. One of the signfigant benefits of Android is the elimination of users having to “manage tasks”. Despite your past, you should not, as a user, have to spend time killing tasks or spending money on applications that do what the operating system should be doing in the first place. Task killers (which were developed prior to 2.2) are worthless and are probably causing more harm than good, due to their incompatibility with Froyo. Processes that are killed (which is the same as forcing a crash) will restart themselves after a pre-determined period of time. I believe it's 5,000ms & this is by design. IMHO Android absolutely had to institute this. As someone who has been around the forums a while, I have seen nothing but issues from people using task killers. Something always stops working because a task killer killed one app and in the process caused something else to stop working correctly.”

        Quote from Android Central Admin.

        and yes, people have to understand that when you kill all apps..you may be killing a certain system application that needs to be running, thus once killed, it will consume more battery/memory to start it back up and stabilize it.

        • Not just in froyo people don't need them in 2.1 either it will just cause proplems

          • Barlog

            That's good to know. I bought my Droid a month after it came out and the first day of using it it kept freezing up on me and I had to pull battery. I took it back and they told me I needed to use the task killer and I've been using it ever since pushing it everytime I put my phone down. It's like a natural instinct for me to do it and I haven't noticed any problems except I have to watch for updates in the market. But I've never heard that you don't have to use it anymore I'm gonna try to go all day today to see if my phone still crashes without using it 🙂

          • I use to use one called taskiller untill I found this article on the android developers web site and they say there selves not to use it. Ill look and c if I can find the link to that article if I can ill post it

          • Barlog

            Cool,thanks man 🙂

  • Ryan C

    2.1 all overagain!? maybe worse?!

  • GazaDroid

    Can anyone help me out and lead me to the manual push link for the froyo update.?.?.? Thanks

  • Silencedelta

    i really dont have alot of problems with my manual update little less battery and to many apps in background and minor flash lag its not that big a problem

    • adams

      has anyone noticed that the battery level in the status bar does not match the one the settings menu.

      for example: i”ve seen the level on status bar to be @ 75% but when i went in the settings menu it was @ 50%.

      • Silencedelta

        its always been like that my 2.1 never appeared to match its distortion in the size of the battery in corrner

  • indiana85

    i think the problem with 2.2 froyo is my icons on my screen will dissapper for like 6-9 seconds everytime i open a app or somethin its crazy

    • thebourbonnflip

      do a factory reset, and remove any task killers/”virus protection” apps..see if that solves your problem and reload your apps one by one.

  • flavorman55

    no, i will not eat cat poop!!!

  • hawaiianbrowneyez05

    Is there any way to go back to 2.1, i manually updated and now my home button dont work, my lock screen doesnt work and my calls going straight to voicemail.

    • Yagermeister

      hawaiianbrowneyez05, if you were NOT rooted and updated to FRG01B or FRG22 then you need to follow these instructions VERY CAREFULLY to revert back to 2.0.1 and then up back up to 2.1 update-1: http://forum.androidcentral.com/motorola-droid-

      Then manually update to 2.1 update-1 here: http://www.droid-life.com/2010/03/31/manual-and


      This process only took about 5-10 mins tops 🙂

      • TheFlyingSwami

        I'm no expert, but can't Hawaiianbrowneye just boot up into recovery, then chose to revert back to factory settings? Then 2.1 would update automatically, right? And there's no risk of brickage.

        Or am I mistaken?

        • hawaiianbrowneyez05

          i did the factory reset and the phone wouldn't activate so i took it to verizon, but i didn't know i can do the unroot/unbrick solution for a phone thts not rooted.

  • La

    OMG…..Timmmy's trapped in a well

  • I manually put in FRG01B and there are no issues with the battery, however, downloading new apps is a major pain. After I press on 'download' and 'ok', the app is stuck in 'starting download' status sometimes for hours. I did a hard reset, but that did not seem to help. As far as flash, I downloaded the apk manually and it works fine… games, sites and so forth. I'd appreciate if someone could give some input on the market issue I'm having..

    • Speaker

      I have found this on other 2.2 builds as well – I find that cancelling the install/update and then reiniating it seems to work every time. A hassle, but one I can live with.
      BTW, this happens on only 10% or so of downloads for me…

  • Still no problems w/froyo, I like it. I did manual update with Astro and haven't yet experienced a single problem that ppl are talking about.

    • Hmmm… I'm at a loss. Honestly I had no issues up until I installed 2.2. I read the memo about Facebook and made sure I log out when not in use. I had no problems with the install, but wow is there a huge difference now. I can barely use my phone now and it drains the battery. I use to get 4 or 5 hours of constant use, now I'm lucky if I get 2… in fact the battery bar just dropped as I'm typing this. It may not be affecting all of them, but it sure is mine.. and it looks like I'm not alone. Honestly I really want to get rid of my phone now. I'm going to try and replace with a new battery this weekend.

  • Your absolutely right. I am really surprised by how little this is being discussed on here.
    This manual update kills your phone, yet it's still being suggested to do. DON'T DO IT! You will be sorry. I'm not hating on this site, but I think it should be brought to everyone's attention. If you like having your phone constantly being hooked to a charger go ahead and do the manual update, I just wish I would have been more patient. I miss eclair goodness. You can keep your Froyo..I may seriously have to look for another phone if this can't be fixed.

    • guest

      The manual update doesnt kill your phone, mine works just fine after having it installed. Some poeple have issues, some dont. Its a new release and it has some bugs that affect some and not others, welcome to the world of technology. If you hate it that bad, flash it back. Its not that hard and there are a thousand and one tutorials on how to do it on ths site alone.

      • Ty.. I agree it isn't on all, but it is on mine for sure. I haven't figured out how to flash back. I gave up on PC's a couple years ago and only use Mac. I haven't been able to find anything on this site or any other yet. I agree somethings just have a few bugs. Outside of killing my battery it is flawless on mine. I'm sure you can understand the frustration of a mobile device that isn't so mobile anymore. Your not having the problem so I don't expect you to fully grasp the problem. Its more than just a little bug or I promise I wouldn't mention it. I'm usually very positive.

        • Lee

          One easy way to do it is install Rom Manager. In this you can find many rom options including flashing back to stock 2.0.1. When you do this you will automatically be prompted by your phone to update it back to 2.1. Bingo! You can do all this for free!

          • Jedi_Gunslinger

            Does this produce the same results as actually flashing back via rsd lite and getting 2.1 update or is this like a mock version of 2.0.1 still using a custom ROM to 'look' like stock…??

    • Mrpicolas

      First off there is an update coming out to fix some of the issues people are having. Secondly it doesn't kill your phone and you can go back from it if you want.lastly root you will get much more control and freedom as well as battery life also you will have releases before most of the community

      • I would love to take it off my phone if you could help me out. I'm just not sure how to go about it.

    • Rob

      RSDLite is your friend. SBF back to 2.0.1 and update back to the ota 2.1. Or just root, use cyanogen, and forget vzw ota updates exist.

      • I don't think I can use it with a Mac. I haven't had a PC in quite a while.

    • Lee

      It is not difficult, and if 2.1 is what you liked you can easily get it back! All you have to do is either simply restore the backup when you updated, or flash back to stock. Kellex has the step by step instructions here on this site. This is nothing to be upset or worried about, it is the beauty of the Droid 1. You are able to do anything you like with it and easily go back if you don't like something!

      I would suggest that before you go back that you try a couple of the 2.2 roms that have been around for some time now that have been fine tuned. Such as Chevy's Simply Stunning, Saphire 1.0, JRummy's roms, or Cyanogenmod. I am sure you will find one of these to be very nice.

      Good luck, and don't be upset…. we can get you wherever you want to be!

  • Can anyone help me? I download this 2.2 update on Tuesday, manualy. It is killing my battery!! I use to be able to charge my battery via USB @ work. Now it acts like it is charging, but after sitting connected to the PC for 3 hours now it still shows the same battery life it had when I connected it. Wtf did they do to my phone? I have killed every app, logged out of everything, nothing works.. I'm going to go ahead and buy a new battery, but I really don't believe its because of a worn out battery.

  • Om not buying into this even if the ota has been halted which I don't think it has been, two big companies would of had any royalties, money issues, or whatever worked out before they even went into business together

  • I'm not buying into this because two big companies