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Download: Official Android 2.2 User Guide

Since we’re expecting Android 2.2 to hit Motorola Droid devices starting today, there are probably more than a few of you out there who have no idea what to expect with this latest build.  In our opinion, Froyo is the greatest update we’ve seen yet and packs a ton of hidden gems which you may not know about unless you had an opportunity to peruse some expert’s brain or by thumbing through a 336 page official user guide.  We have the latter.

Download:  AndroidUserGuide.pdf (alt link)  (alt link2)

And of course, if you still have questions after browsing this guide, hit us up below!

Cheers Mr Joshua!

  • emma

    i cant get an connection it keeps saying its getting ip address then saying avioding poor connection even though ive get excellent strength!! can anyone help?



  • vp

    Spanish manual adroid 2.2 OS?

  • Klundeen54

    where do you find the user guide to the android 2.2 tablet.

  • Lisa

    I also need a manual for the Tablet not the Phone
    Please send the download     

  • Adjure7797

    any way to restore phone to original by doing total booting?

  • Gianmhl

    just bought chiinese tablet with android 2.2, how to use android please?

  • paulo

    preciso saber como destravo a tela pois errei a senha.como faço?

  • Priiscila Pink

    como que eu faço pra sair da tela de desenho ??? (da senha)

  • Emeijnen

    Is er nederlandse vertaling van de 7 mid user manual

  • Linda

    Is this the instruction guide to the Android Mid 8″

  • Homeagaintpb

    I also need a manual for the Tablet not the Phone
    Please send the download

  • anno

    I too wanted the User Guide for the Tablet,  Not the phone.   Anyone got any better ideas?

  • Ivey916316

    having problem with android 2.2 zepad, unable to get on the internet

  • Teressaf30

    Hziegler, That is exactly what I need. A tablet user Guide. Also, with mine it looks like there is no way to take a picture without having the screen actually facing what you are taking a picture of. How in the heck are you supposed to take a picture of something other than yourself or something behind you? Sorry, but I think I got totally ripped off with this tablet. I can’t seem to open anything that I have downloaded. This thing just makes no sense. If anyone can tell me that there is in fact another way to take pics with this tablet I would be forever grateful.



  • Hziegler

    i require a user guide for a tablet, not a mobile phone

    • Mary

      just brought tablet android 2.2 need help getting on internet  user manual not helpful  need help

    • Mary

      just brought tablet android 2.2 need help getting on internet  user manual not helpful  need help

  • Monmon_gemy88


  • Teressaf30

    7″ MID android tablet pc 2.2 wifi camera gps DOES THIS GUIDE SUPPORT THIS TABLET? This is not a phone. This user guide keeps referring to phone features. 

  • Teressaf30

    I printed out the entire guide.  It refers to phone alot. Please tell me if this user guide is for what I have. I am completely new at this tablet pc thing and the guide that came with the tablet is pretty useless.  To small to read and very vague. Please help. I have a 7″ MID android tablet pc 2.2 wifi camera gps .

  • Kjeppesen5936

    Is there a user guide for the 2.2 tablet? If so where can I find it?

  • ralph

    i can’t download flas player-any advise- I have a zt180 android.

  • ralph

    after I download an app, wherdooes it go to open?

  • Jballen2

    My phone via usb still doesnt connect to the computer. Would u happen to know the problem?

  • Raquel Rothe

    LOVE this! Great resource, was there life before Androids?

  • Tylervanr

    for the mytouch

  • Tylervanr

    How do u get the t9 off????!!!! I hate the t9 🙁

  • Wendekay65

    Haha, can't even view a PDF file, unless I want a pain in the butt app…. 300+ pages??? Ok…….

  • Dj

    Hi, i'm a busy mom with a new 2, I was told when I bought it I could stream or download tv shows to this phone and I can't figure out how. On my laptap I usually watch the latest episodes of primetime on the websites nbc and hulu. What app allows me to do this on my phone, if any?

  • Ange2112

    Verizon sold me the damn phone and had me thinking this was already capable of watching TV shows and the like….

  • Ange2112

    Verizon sold me the damn phone and had me thinking this was already capable of watching TV shows and the like….

  • Vneck Photography

    Does anyone know what the wallpaper is pictured on page 19. Just curious.

  • Junk4sbhome

    Well, does anyone believe that this guy Timmah is theguy that got the OTA download. I think he is blowing smoke up everyone's skirt!

  • ChilliMac

    Awesome thanks Josh!

  • Alex9483

    I opened up the PDF and used the search function within the manual to look for “JIT” ,”compiler” , “just in time”, with no results. I am at work and can't look any deeper, but you would think if JIT is included, it would be mentioned at least once in their manual.
    I really am hoping that JIT was included with 2.2. That is the main reason I am hoping for this to come to my phone. I mean in my opinion performance is everything. Now I read that DL reader Timmah (who has received the OTA already) stating that the performance improvement is minimal. I am getting worried…

  • Jus4mee

    How lucky are they……and I wait.

  • Guest

    I just talked to a verizon tech support rep for droid and was told that the update is going to be rolled out to “select markets” as of this morning. The update process will continue until August 15th.

  • Keith

    Can someone please post the steps again on how to catch/copy the zip file, in the off chance I actually get it soon?

    • Keith

      so I can then share it with others…

    • T.J.Dritt

      I might be dead wrong on this but as I understand it you would tell the update window to “install later”. Then goto your SD card and look at the root directory. Grab the update.zip from there and post it. In theory, when you click “install later” it will still download the proper update.zip file to be ready for when you are. Please do verify the size of the file before posting it. I seem to remember it was going to be about 45megs.
      Lastly, please do pardon me if I'm totally way off base with all this, but I do believe it's right.

  • nkhex19

    Hoepfully somebody gets the zip posted so the stock users can taste the Froyo goodness! 🙂

  • Tonydicocco

    I agree, it is the rollout to a small number of users, but now all of a sudden its tomorrow, and then tomorrow the next day and so on and so forth. But you would think a man of your caliber you would least have a little more info on this.

  • Jujubean1992

    My Droid as yet to recieve the update

  • mhoe

    it is trickling out, people are tweeting it….. someone just needs to get a hold of that zip file!!

  • any news on the droid incredible froyo ota? those evo bastards are hoggin all the fun.

  • Alexk

    wait if i am rooted 2.1 on droid 1 do i have to un-root it or do i just leave it?

  • Liv

    Is there anyway to hide the notification bar?

    • B_hermon

      Trust me, the best thing you can do is download the app LauncherPro. BEST out there and it can hide the notification bar amongst MANY other awesome things.

  • Off topic, but….has anyone else noticed a lack of 3G coverage this morning? I live in NJ, and I woke up to no 3G…am I alone?

    • Tony

      i had that issue last week. It most likely has to do with the OTA.

    • Tony

      Edit: yea mine is down too. It's probably the OTA set up. Stupid verizon.

    • scorpion77

      I'm in Boston an i have had the same problem .. i though it was something with the rom i was using lol ..

    • picaso86

      I sencond this … WTF is going on? no 3G for Jersey >>> : (

      • no 3G in north east Kansas either…i thought it was my phone but I hope im wrong

    • Hey kellex, you know anything about this? Does anyone have 3G, or are we just the lucky ones?

    • Paul E.

      Mine went down for a good bit this morning here in Dallas-Ft. Worth.

    • I have 3g in jersey

  • Banderberg

    Kellex, it's time for a guide to show everyone how to get back to stock 2.1 so they can get the OTA if they want to go that route.

    I assume you can RSD Lite a 2.1 SBF file but no idea where a good SBF image is.

  • Anybody know how many people will get the update at a single time like they did for the 2. 1 update or would it there be a mass update at once?

  • 336 pages. I will wait for the Reader's Digest version.

  • NtTh1YrLkn4

    can any users who've received the update post their state location in post, plz…
    i'm in MA and no dice here yet.

  • JosueD

    Hey Guys, Anyone who has received the Motorola Droid Android 2.2 Update, Please try to save the update.zip file and post it up for us!


  • Spidajay


  • And not a peep in there about remote wipe lock? Is there any documentation on how this is implemented??

    • kellex

      Guessing it's a special Verizon bloatware add-on.

      • Timmah

        I can comfim there is remote wipe.

  • Br_d

    I'll wait for the Cliff's Notes.

  • Has anyone seen anything about the wireless iTunes streaming?

    • kellex

      That will be in Gingerbread.

      • MHodgesSr

        Hey kellex, sorry for being outta da loop, but what is Gingerbread???

      • MHodgesSr

        Also, what is rooted/unrooted??? Thanks

  • Kaufkin

    has anybody confirmed / denied bootloader encryption on the D1? any other 'nefarious' parts to this update?

    • Timmah

      No there is no encryption.

  • Silencedelta

    I am trying to get 2.2 but my droid wont download it i am east coast and i keep hitting the update in the about phone panel

  • Tonydicocco

    what good is a user guide if nobody has recieved an ota yet? Or there isnt a update.zip posted. this was the same thing as they july 13th rumor, and then it got silent. Is this going to be the same thing? I doubt its coming because if it was people would be talking about it and someone would crawl out of bed to post something on if they recieved it or update.zip it. but nope

    • kellex

      Hah settle down.

      Today is likely the tiny rollout to just a few users with the big blast starting tomorrow afternoon.

      • Timmah

        One of thouse few users was me. ;D
        And yea lets chill. It's good to have. xD

    • DC

      C'mon. That's like saying you'd rather try to put together a swingset and then go read the instructions.

      • Timmah

        I would rather do that. xD

        • dannyyang524

          Can you stop using xD. God I hate that face. Its so obnoxious.

          • guest

            xD xD xD

  • JosueD

    Awesome, Thanks Alot, Has anyone received the Android 2.2 update on their unrooted Motorola Droid?


    • Timmah

      I had gotton it yesterday.

      • JosueD

        Nice! How has it been so far? Wifi tether?

        • Timmah

          Unfortunaly, it's a paid thing. But there IS Wifi Tether.

          • JosueD

            Great, Thats for the info, Now for us rooted users its a matter of time for developers to crack open the update.zip and root it for us!


          • Timmah

            I know right!? I can't wait for root. <3 xD

          • JosueD

            One more thing, Have you tried getting a quadrant score or linpack?


          • Timmah

            No I havn't. Never really have used the quadrant score. xD

          • kellex

            Wait you have it? Pictures please!

          • Timmah

            Yea, but I dont have root so I can't. D:

          • kellex

            Hah OK sounds good man. Awesome to know that you have it though! One of the lucky few from the initial batch!

          • Timmah

            Haha by the time I get home, it will probably already be released to everyone! xD
            And I'll be all depressed. xD

          • Timmah

            I can do for you though, confirm features if you are interested?

          • Madcow06

            Just go to the market and download quadrant and linpack, we're all very interested in those scores.

          • JosueD

            Okay, Thanks Anyways!


          • Timmah

            I say it's the same speed as Android 2.1 with a little speed boost. *waits for overclocking*

      • Lizzz4

        How do you know when you get the 2.2 update?

        • Timmah

          You will get a popup on your phone saying there is an update. It will say “Install Now” or Install Later. If you go to Settings > About phone > System updates, you should See Android 2.2 downloading when the update is pushed to you.

          • Lizzz4

            Thank you. I wasn't sure how simple or complex this would all be.

          • Timmah

            Verzion wouldnt make it a pain to upgrade. xD

  • davesdroid

    Downloading now. Gotta see if there is anything I've missed

  • Connora87

    Looks good, paging through it now.

  • sholtkamp

    This is great..So now lets start talking about Gingerbread!!!

    • Timmah

      I beat you being first. LOL.

  • Timmah