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Motorola Releases DROID X Antenna Design and Quality FAQ

Motorola has updated their Droid X page with a full FAQ section dedicated to their antenna design and process for approval.  This obviously comes after the attacks from Apple and is an intelligent idea, we’re just wondering why it was tucked so deeply away.  Of course this also comes at the same time as their now famous “No Jacket Required” ad.

Here are a few of the key questions:

Q: When Motorola is designing a new phone, how does it take the design of the antenna into account? Is it a standard component that’s added in the same manner to each phone, or is it unique to each phone?
A: Motorola begins the antenna design very early in the product design process, typically when the phone is in the initial design phases. The combination of size, features, materials, as well as the selection of the carrier customer, make the antenna design unique for each phone. Therefore each smart phone has a customized antenna design.

Q: How do you test the antenna and certify that it works? What different types of tests do you run?
A: Motorola has a series of internal radiated test requirements that are run before a phone can receive Motorola’s internal approval to be shipped externally. These tests are conducted in anechoic chambers that isolate the antenna performance and allow highly calibrated measurements. In addition to anechoic chamber testing, the phone is also is run through field tests with real users to gauge field performance.

Q. Describe the call quality on DROID X.
A: DROID X utilizes high performance dual diversity antennas along with innovative software algorithms (software code) to improve signal strength, reduce dropped calls and improve data performance.

Over 80 software algorithm improvements have been developed over the last 5 years for the purpose of improving call quality.

Check out the rest of the questions at the source link below.

And I promise that we’ll do our best to move on from antenna talk after this…

Source:  Motorola

Cheers Eric!

  • nice!

  • Justin

    Apple addressed the same Q&A by replacing “motorola” with “apple” and “droid” with “iphone”.

  • Justin

    Apple addressed the same Q&A by replacing “motorola” with “apple” and “droid” with “iphone”.

  • another word that could be used for apples miscue in judgment is a flap, right. I think that word could be used like that so therefore we have flapplegate. Am I right?

  • 1lionmurrill

    I wonder if Motorola has updated their Droid X page with a full FAQ section dedicated to the low volume on their speaker.

  • Hooray for intelligent antenna design!

  • jedijesus95

    Take that Apple.

  • HeathCliff

    Does anybody have a suggestion for the volume issue on the Droid X for the ringtone? I've missed almost every incoming call since getting the phone yesterday. I just can't hear the ringer in my work environment. It's not really noisy, but there's enough ambient noise to override the low volume of the ringer. The only solution I can think of is to record a really LOUD version of a ringtone on my own, and upload. Unless someone has a REALLY loud ringtone to download. I'm really unhappy about this.

  • Cody

    i've noticed my Droid1 had way better reception than my X i never dropped a call with the droid1 and have a whole dead spot on my way home now with the X

  • Zach

    Now there needs to be a Q&A about the bootloader and why they won't let people do whatever they want to phones they purchased.

  • AnDroidSepTIX

    YOU cannot mess with MOTO. They are like a MOB and the droid is the godfather. Start dissing the family youll get pistol whipped in public and find horse heads, dead cell phones and death gripping ninjas at your doorstep.

  • Droidzilla

    Apple had a similar Q&A, but their answer was a little different:

    Q: How do you test the antenna and certify that it works? What different types of tests do you run?

    A: Well we have a big, expensive room (we told Engadget about it; there are some really impressive pictures that you might like). We first test the phone for how good it looks while being held by someone in a turtleneck or a vest or something. Then we put it next to a couple of big posters that say things like, “Magical,” or, “This will change your life.” If it looks good, we send it to market. Did you see our cool “Face Time” ads?

    • kellex

      Haha “we told engadget about it” +1

  • EdCenter

    I will say that the call quality on my Droid X is noticeably superior to that of my iphone 3G. Maybe compared against the iphone 4 it would be a fairer fight as they both have the 3-mic system, but the calls are on my Droid X are very clear.

    • EggoEspada

      Actually the iPhone 4 only has 2 Mics. But the sound quality on both devices are probably more of the same.

  • Crazyquesadilla

    I've noticed that the “death grip” really does affect my Droid X… The thing is, I have to seriously grip it to death.To the point where I couldn't use it anyways. Couple that with the fact that I get bad reception in my neighborhood without the death grip.

  • Trdracer21

    the sound quality when you talk on the droid x is the best ive i have ever use sound so clear good job motorola but the speaker external should be a lil louder

  • +1 Droid
    0 iPhone

  • Kaufkin


  • Something is wrong here 😛

    • Tim, i second your notion.

    • kellex

      I haven't quite put the word Apple into the asterisk category quite yet. Only the products it makes. 😛

    • 1bad69z28

      Steve Jobs: How do we test our Iphone Antenna's in our phones.

      Answer: Well, huh (Glasses fogging up) (Steam coming out of his ears) “All phones are not perfect”. (Quick someone get me that Droid X and make sure this room has bad reception, reinforce the walls with steel and whatever else you have to do to cut the signal strength) NOW or you;ll find yourself working at Google. lol

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