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Full Gallery of DROID X Running Android 2.2

If you want a Droid X running Android 2.2, just head over to eBay.  Apparently that’s where one of our readers picked up his brand new 4.3″ beast which is running the frozen treat we’re still hoping arrives on all devices next week.

In the gallery below we’ve got a shot of “apps to SD”, the System Info and Settings pages, plus the “About” screen.  Need more proof than that?  Oh yeah, Flash is installed.

This is likely a test build, but still nice to see.  If testers are selling their devices running Froyo on eBay, I’d guess we are getting close to release right?


On semi-disappointing/confusing note, he was able to send us Quadrant benchmarks and you won’t be impressed.  In fact, he ran it twice and both came in well below the numbers you get on a stock 2.1 DX…

And maybe I should have said that these would start showing up on an hourly basis.

  • A lucky Android Central forums poster has Froyo (Android 2.2) running on his Droid X, and to nip the nay-saying in the bud has shot a bit o' video for us all to drool over.

  • Barney

    Total bullshit. I just ran Quadrant twice on my Droid X, running 2.1, and got a 1260 average. No mods, tons of widgets and apps running. No way that an upgrade in Android version would DROP the performance by 1/3rd.

  • Rdkfilms1

    this isn't faked, this is my friend's DX and i watched him run this benchmark

  • Juscallmesteve

    why is your rating only like a 700 when my Droid x gets about 1250 on 2.1, i though froyo was suppose to be faster.

  • Msufiji

    DX Stock…and got a 1252

  • Simpalbe

    wait…i live in lville, il.

  • nick o

    also if it made the incredible faster with senses huge overlay it will make the droid x faster with what im guessing is smaller motoblur

  • Sol Wgn

    That benchmark is very disappointing…

  • Rcross111

    I noticed it says Android version vice saying firmware version

  • It is not supposed to be 2x-5x faster?

    What I see is 2x slower.

  • RanballX

    1274 quandrant score with stock DX and loads of apps with lots of widgets running. I'm quite sure 2.2 will better the score.

  • Tabrad

    My droid 1 has a better quadrant score than that, disappointed!

  • ReebyWantsYoMom

    My x runs 1140 with everyrhing and its mother running in the background and 1280 after killing everything but voice with task manager

  • Redlinetsi

    i just ran it and got a 1202 for the 2nd time today on my x as well this isnt right at all

  • nick o

    i got 1283 on my 2.1 droid x its impossible for a droid x to get slower with these new graphics enhancements the droid x will probably get 1300 with2.2 can i say FAKE!

  • thebigpants

    1265 on my Quadrant score and i had prob 10-20 apps installed. I called shenanigans on this quadrant score.

    • Maizekid

      Agreed I have alot of apps running and the same goes here about 1200.

  • AnDroidSepTIX

    ITS JUST A PICTURE….none of makes any sense. If you can score higher on your DX right now with 2.1 why would you thinks this is actually running 2.2. Probably some guy working for Apple creating this MADNESS!!

    • nick o

      and y do they never show the home screen or anything!

  • Patrick

    Yeah, there has to be a good reason for this, be it debug mode or the fact that it's fake. I ran a 1285 on my DX on Quadrant today and there's no way performance is going down a quarter when every other phone is like 2x faster on Froyo. That would have to be some seriously bad software Moto's putting on top of vanilla.

    • nick o

      mine get 8.350

    • Rcross111

      I just ran 1278 on my DX

  • El El Kool J

    I tested quadrant on all the DX before I sold them and every one of them were right under nexus one 2.2. they all averaged about 1150. there linpack all sucked though.. they were gettin like 4.112

  • carpecervisi

    Has anyone installed Quadrant Advanced? I'm interested to see how the DX subscores stack up against the other phones.

  • Ksizzle9

    Guys, i wouldnt worry the slightest bit about the quadrant scores. Every device that has seen a upgrade to froyo has also seen a HUGE boost on performance. what makes you believe that the X will be any different? we already best every other phone out there 2x's in quadrant benchmarks when it comes to Eclair. this thing is going to be rediculous when we get the final cut. also if this is the real version on 2.2 on the X i am alost positive that there would b a place that u could download because if it was the true OTA that would actually be one thing that we COULD load on the X with the locked bootloader. i know how to make everyone feel beter, get on youtube and look at the graphics benchmark test against N1 and EVO, the X murders those phones. Hey i know it boosted my ego bc i was a little hurt to see the DInc running such high benchs since that is the phone that i gave up to get the X. We shall see the real froyo soon enough. til then i guess ill just enjoy the Eclair that God Google has dealt me

  • brando56894

    II love it how its slower than itself in quadrant (x is marked lower than shadow)

  • QGA

    Why is part of the kernel version blurred out in the picture? Something to note is that the [email protected] #1 is the exact same as on the 2.1 phones. That is actually the coreID (Motorola's version of a screen name) and the location (IL93 is the Libertyville, IL Motorola location) of the last person to compile the code. Interestingly it is the same guy…


    • rals

      I see you work for motorola too.

  • i got a 1487 with froyo on my incredible and kellex seen the quad score….

  • evltwn

    This still seems like it's faked to me…I ran a quadrant test on my friends Droid X and it was WAY faster then what they are posting here. I even sent pics of it to Kellex.

  • If this isn't simply skinned/fake, then this is likely just a dev build with a lot of debugging and other resource intensive stuff turned on. I don't think people should be getting their manties all in a bunch just yet. Give it a week.

  • on an unrelated note… who downloads air horn.. on a phone that its speakers are not very loud……

  • Ryan C

    i just downloaded Quadrant onto my droid and it runs through the full benchmark and then it just goes back to the main menu. no chart and it doesnt even give me a score! what did i do wrong or didn't i do?

  • Andrew Hewitt

    Wait wait wait wait… Why is the Motorola Shadow on the same benchmark table as the Droid X? I thought they were the same device? Unless it means that 2.2 actually makes your DX slower… this is way too sketchy to be real.

  • I like that the pix r taken with a D1

  • Brendan

    Looks like JIT isnt enabled it better come with JIT!

  • Dude i don't know about that my stock 2

  • nkhex19


  • timarnette

    My X is 2310 with out Froyo. When 2,2 is here. My X might take wings and fly.

    • Tony

      seriously how the hell did you get it that high? No one else on the net posts numbers anywhere near that high.

    • Let's see some pics Tim!! lol

    • Pog-Mo-Thoin

      Oh yeah? Well my Moto RAZR with a flux capacitor mod ran a 3415 on 1.5.

  • Tony

    I ran a quadrant on my X with all my stuff running and even got a text in the middle of it.

    Score: 1260

    That must be a test build.

    • okay i just ran mine twice… first time 790… i was like WTF… then i did again 1219…how do you improve this score? run less stuff?

      • Tony

        Yes, running less stuff will speed it up.

        • feeling boss now… just got a 1268…. anyone know where iphone 3 would score on these test?!!?

          • Tony

            I don't know. But i bet if you touched the screen it would drop down to 50.

  • tonytbone7883

    Would a ROM from the D1 run on DX after it's rooted?

    • nkhex19


  • tonytbone7883

    Anyone run a Quad score on their new DX yet, if so tell us what it is….

    • timarnette


      • Tony

        what the hell? how did you get that?

      • Ksizzle9

        2310? so u have a x running froyo?

      • tonytbone7883

        Really!!! that's sweet, is it rooted? What's ur CPU running at?

      • rdunseith

        your gonna have to back up your statement with a pic or video here bud.

  • I hope that the build this is benchmarking on is without JIT enabled thats the only way I can see that score being so low

  • Spider

    If it is 2.2, it's probably a test version with all kinds of debugging turned on.

  • LivinFree

    As I mentioned in the other posts about the X running Froyo these are early releases. From the looks of these screen shot it is an even earlier build of Froyo then the one I saw running on a X tha twas rooted already. That said get a grip people, Froyo is no where near being done and ready for release on the X so relax on the Quadrant scores. Currently the best thing to run on an X is the 2.1 build that it released with PERIOD END OF STORY.

    • MotoFan

      You hit the nail on the head. I know multiple people who have X's running froyo already, and yes they are engineering unit not release builds. All are in fact dev builds of Froyo also and things are not up to speed, not even close mind you. I'm told the current Froyo build has failed testing twice now per VZW standards so they are backing to fixing things. Reality is these pics on the float are old builds.

      Anywhoo ask any Moto person who has access to this stuff and they will tell you use 2.1 for now until Froyo is done. So you folks need to kick back relax and enjoy what you have right now and stop worrying about screen shots that get posted of SW tha tis not final.

  • Spider

    I just got a 1284 with my stock DX running 2.1

  • nkhex19

    I wonder if this is what the quadrant scores of the X are really going to be with Froyo. It wouldn't make sense for Moto/VZW to release a test build of Froyo without JIT Compiler which is one of the highlighted features of Froyo. Guess we will see in a future or final test build for the X.

  • I do see a debug flag in the fingerprint – so if this is real, but is running in a debug mode for testing, that could explain the lower scores.

  • EggoEspada

    I seriously doubt thats full on 2.2. It could be really Froyo, but it might not have the JIT complier. No matter what there should be a greater spike in speed.

    On a related note: Good to see 6+ phones will get Froyo by the middle of August. Pretty speedy don't you think..? Even the Samsung Galaxy S is well on its way with its fair amount of leaks. If something so embedded with a custom skin and filled with so much to port and test like the Samsung Galaxy S can get it going, others can easily.

  • Droid Insider

    This isn't the official update. It is more or less a skin for testers keep your droids in hand as these will improve

  • Why do I want a DX? When my Droid 1 that's rooted, overclocked, and on froyo smashes the DX in the quadrant benchmark

    • Exactly. I only run “stock” 800 MHz roms, I just trust that's what JRummy/Pete/Cyanogen team decided was the most stable, and even with widgets running and not bothering to shut apps off I score a…. 1053….That's with three “Pure” widgets and Beautiful Widgets running, among others. BTW, Pure widgets blow your battery to sh*t.

    • ericsorensen

      Well, maybe the X will double it's speed to 2200 with froyo. The Nexus 1 doubled it's speed with quadrant. I know that I prefer the larger screen.

    • Branshaw09

      I'm with ya man! I scored a 1459 with my rooted D1 running SS4.5 with ChevyNo1 1.1.

    • Again with the jealousy… Quit hating

  • Hogasswildmc

    Adds creedence to my thought that the phone really stil has 2.1 on it….it's just a new skin…..

  • Eko

    Think it'll improve? I recall the 2.1 quadrant tests beating the Galaxy S at least but these results are pitiful.

    Perhaps I won't get a DX afterall. 🙁

    • root4life

      yeah that number is low.

      • evltwn

        pretty suspect to me…my friends DX ran a 1263 on quadrant.

    • baniels

      Seriously? You are going to make a purchasing decision based upon these leaked pictures with no other information?

  • JG

    can he grab an sbf or anything related to the bootloader. If it has 2.2 on it it might of been a dev/tester unit and hold the answers we need!

  • tonytbone7883

    I thought the DX was running at 1GHz? I looked at it last night and was not very impressed, in fact, I thought the DI was faster!!! i'm waiting for the DX 2GHz with Froyo

    • You mean with Pastry or Strudel or whatever they are calling the version that is out by then.

      • tonytbone7883

        Exactly, I'll probably root it anyway and install the BB newest version anyway. Either way it should be sweet….

  • rals

    Hmm something doesn't add up with that score

  • Andrew

    Would it be possible for someone to force the Droid Incredible leaked OTA build on to Droid X? That might explain poor numbers

    • force? really???? Noo…

      • rals

        Poor Andrew got owned lol

  • tonytbone7883

    That Quad score bites, whats up with that? and doesn't the Droid 1 have that same processor?

  • wbdrummer

    benchmark fail. Kinda worries me 🙁

    • jxcgunrunna

      They one i used at verizon had a higher score than the Shadow score. I do not understand.

      • wbdrummer

        my DX scored 1267 on the quadrant benchmark running stock 2.1 (non rooted), thats nothing close to the pictures above. weird

        • ericsorensen

          My stock DX just scored 1250 twice in row, so something is wrong with that picture in my opinion.

          • meth0d

            yup just got 1233 here myself

        • stock dx here, and i got 1064 and then 1240.

      • Komodos

        I know when I saw this I ran the benchmark and just got 1273..

  • Quadrant is LOLZ. 🙂

  • 1bad69z28

    I missed it by this much

  • timarnette

    WOW This great and I am 1st!!!

  • Guest

    That quadrant is LOL.

    • HalfMoon

      You mean it's not “Lower is Better” ? That's what the seller said..


      • Pured

        Anyone looking at this quadrant score seriously is a little slow. Also, if anyone rooted, and ran a quandrant score before a reboot you saw the scores around 800. There are a number of things that could contribute to the lower quandrant score, but I can assure you froyo running on the droidx will be above 1300 (which is what i'm getting now at 2.1)