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Full Gallery of DROID X Running Android 2.2

If you want a Droid X running Android 2.2, just head over to eBay.  Apparently that’s where one of our readers picked up his brand new 4.3″ beast which is running the frozen treat we’re still hoping arrives on all devices next week.

In the gallery below we’ve got a shot of “apps to SD”, the System Info and Settings pages, plus the “About” screen.  Need more proof than that?  Oh yeah, Flash is installed.

This is likely a test build, but still nice to see.  If testers are selling their devices running Froyo on eBay, I’d guess we are getting close to release right?


On semi-disappointing/confusing note, he was able to send us Quadrant benchmarks and you won’t be impressed.  In fact, he ran it twice and both came in well below the numbers you get on a stock 2.1 DX…

And maybe I should have said that these would start showing up on an hourly basis.

  • A lucky Android Central forums poster has Froyo (Android 2.2) running on his Droid X, and to nip the nay-saying in the bud has shot a bit o' video for us all to drool over.

  • Barney

    Total bullshit. I just ran Quadrant twice on my Droid X, running 2.1, and got a 1260 average. No mods, tons of widgets and apps running. No way that an upgrade in Android version would DROP the performance by 1/3rd.

  • Rdkfilms1

    this isn't faked, this is my friend's DX and i watched him run this benchmark

  • Juscallmesteve

    why is your rating only like a 700 when my Droid x gets about 1250 on 2.1, i though froyo was suppose to be faster.

  • Msufiji

    DX Stock…and got a 1252

  • Simpalbe

    wait…i live in lville, il.

  • nick o

    also if it made the incredible faster with senses huge overlay it will make the droid x faster with what im guessing is smaller motoblur

  • Sol Wgn

    That benchmark is very disappointing…