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DROIDX Spotted Running Android 2.2?

A screenshot of an apparent Droid X device running Android 2.2 has appeared today and should excite the massive amounts of new DX owners out there.  We are finding it a little odd that this 2.2 build somehow has root access, hence the Drocap2 icon up top, but overall matches up pretty closely to our picture of the Droid 2 running Froyo.  It sure would have been nice to see the full device like we gave you with the D2…OK now we’re just being greedy.

We’ve heard rumors that this update could happen next week along with the Droid 1 and Incredible, so hold on to your update britches!

Source:  MyDroidWorld

Cheers to everyone who sent this in!

  • Hey Like seriously how easy would that be just to photoshop in an X next to Droid? Thanks for posting this. i really had good time reading this.

  • i have thirty days to decide if i will keep the droid x or get the droid 2 just for the keyboard…hmmmm

  • Wettowel

    FYI, just got a new droidX shipped from Verizion as the store was backordered and it arrived with 2.2 installed.

  • Wettowel

    FYI, just got a new droidX shipped from Verizion as the store was backordered and it arrived with 2.2 installed.


    thats not even what the phone info screen says on the droid x

  • LivinFree

    The pic is not a fake that is a FACT. I've personally seen with my own 2 eye an X running Froyo and have root access. However that said 2.1 still runs way better on the X then Froyo does at this time that is for sure seeing as the Froyo build is not final. I was actually was told the Froyo build for the X has failed the last 2 VZW tests and is not ready for release. With that said tho the heat is on from what I'm told as they wanted it released/pushed out within the next few weeks.

  • Zina

    Thanks who sent this?
    Dude I read that same thing this afternoon by mwd

    With release dates! August 6th roll-out / August 15th everone

  • DeathofGrim

    Lol thought you saidhold on to your update b***hes

  • Sjschwar

    “check for system updates” maybe if we all hit it at the exact same time, it might just….

  • Not getting my hopes up. I'll bellieve it when I see it. Too many let downs for my taste.

  • skltr21

    does anyone know if the droid 2 will have a locked bootloader???

    • gamboo

      Yes it does.

  • Next week would be good!

  • Ari

    I got the Droid Incredible when it came out I really want the Droid X now! I want the huge screen. My droid buddy is on EVO and there is such a difference…. Any advice on how to early upgrade? I just entered my contract when I got the Droid. I called VZW and thet said I am not eligible….

    • Silverx10

      Upgrade to a family plan with an additional line.

      Costs more in the long run, substantially less in the short run.

    • Nik

      VZW is giving a lot of early upgrades, particularly to D1 users, who knows, maybe DI will be next, they really seem eager to sell DX's.

  • El El Kool J

    probably part of some high school kids photoshop class project. FAKE!! 😛

    • that wont work. I called verizon and told them my old droid 1 was broken and they said my choices were the droid eris or lg ally

  • Jeffreymeyer99

    okay i need help my droid 1 went to a black screen after i locked it today and then when i went to unlock it only the touch buttons at the bottom lit up as the screen stayed dark i amm rooted running bb.4 and was just wandering if there was anything i can do or is it bricked and gone forever 🙁

    • evltwn

      Have you tried a battery pull? Also try to boot into recovery and restore one of your back ups. Hopefully you have backed up your ROMs.

      • Jeffreymeyer99

        i pulled the batt and i have tried recovery and safe mode but nothing on the screen comes up it just stays black…

        • I had the same problem! All I did was 1. pulled the battery 2. rebooted the phone and bam, it was working again

          • Jeffreymeyer99

            yea ive tried that and nothing i am so sad right now its my baby and i am having withdraws

          • Jeffreymeyer99

            so i went to verizon and there sending me a free one i should get it next wed

    • 1lionmurrill

      That's why I'm afraid to root. They always say, go ahead and do it, if you have a problem the community will help. Hope you find a fix.

  • Mipami

    haha…Like seriously how easy would that be just to photoshop in an X next to Droid?

    • domnisoara

      Agreed! Also notice the redacted kernel and system version.

      Not saying it's not real, but something is up with it.

  • xmetl

    why doesnt droid life releaze this could just be photoshopped?

  • Tabe

    Kellex: The manor by which the X was rooted will most likely still be available with 2.2 as well (at least according to the guys that rooted it), as it's something with the OS kernel that probably isn't fixed in 2.2 since it's already released. So if that is indeed Froyo on an X it does make a lot of sense that it is rooted…

  • mike

    so i know Froyo gave my D1 a good speed improvement. how much do you think it will help out the X, because its already blazing fast and it already beats the iphone 4 in speed test. woooo sorry kind of a pointless convo but i know my girlfriend could care less.

    • the jit will make the droid x run a lot smoother.

    • I'm hoping it makes the camera load up a lot faster. That's my chief complaint. Everything else ZOOMSSSS.

      C'mon….turn my 335 into an M3 already haha 🙂

  • Hogasswildmc

    I read that this is either fake or a 2.2 UI with 2.1 OS. So you would not see performance improvements if true. I so wish it were real. I miss 2.2 on my Droid. I hate Blur on my X and would simply love a way to let me load stock 2.2 for my phone when it comes out. Plus root so I can add the wifi tether without paying the stupid $20 for it.

    • Fakename

      +2 on on missing the 2.2 Droid and on root for wifi tether! While I love Verizon's coverage (I've had maybe 5 dropped calls in 3 years and counting) their prices are a little much. You get what you pay for with them, but I don't think I should have to pay an additional data fee to share my data.

    • jim

      so what does rooting it do for you mine is to arrive tomorrow fed x also i dont want to pay that extra 20 bucks either so is there anything i can do. my last question is whats the new update do for me that rooting wont do

  • Michael_NM

    Dr. Droid said, “…hold on to your update britches!” You might want to wear some high boots as well. It'll get deeper before we see an update.

  • JosueD


  • Test builds usually have root access for Moto employees to test. Not uncommon.

    • kellex

      Good to know.

      • is 2.2 true

        As a Big Red employee I have seen what he is talking about, saw the updated super user OS on DI that the HTC rep had in his possession. I sent him a txt last week to see if he would give me the skinny on the much anticipated 2.2 and to see if the rumor was true or not. He wouldn't say, and none of our corporate data folks are talking either. Employees that know what’s going on arent talking. Grrrrrr…..

        • kellex

          After 2.1, people are locked up. Plus VZW is cracking down on all these leaks. 🙂

    • andrew401

      berzerker is a smart one 😛

  • it's a fake! haha, sorry had to.

    seriously…can't wait for aug 6th