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HTC Dumps AMOLED for SLCD in More Devices

Apparently we are seeing a commodity so hot it is literally selling itself into extinction.  Samsung’s AMOLED screens are quite beautiful and apparently quite rare.  Production has been slowed enough that they simply cannot meet the demand for these pixelated beauties.  We have seen over the past month and a half or so, the waiting line for Droid Incredible growing longer and longer as Verizon has had to wait on them to actually be manufactured.

The time table looked so grim that we were informed that HTC was going to use Sony’s Super TFT LCD as a replacement.  Now it seems that HTC is dropping Samsung in another way by announcing they will use Super LCD displays in their Desire, and Nexus One phones as well.

Being that I have had some time with a Galaxy S phone (the Captivate), I can attest to the beauty that is AMOLED technology in general.  The colors pop, the images are sharp and the screen is bright.  By the way, did I mention how sexy that name is?  AMOLED.  How about SUPER AMOLED.  It just kind of rolls off the tongue… like a buzz word.  People hear AMOLED and automatically assume it is better than anything else out there.  People hear it, they want it, and they will wait a month for it, but that doesn’t mean the LCD is inferior to it.

So what is so good about LCD as compared to AMOLED?  Longer battery life, more natural colors, and perhaps most importantly, availability.  LCD screens are available and ready to go with a huge backing to support their production.  I can say with confidence that the Droid X has one of the best screens I have seen in real world use and it is simply a regular TFT LCD like in the first Droid.  All in all, I think the customer is going to win in the end by this switch and the Droid Incredible (as well as the Nexus One and Desire) will still look fabulous.

What are your thoughts?

Via:  SlashGear

  • Billy_halliday2002

    SUPER LCD is simply slightly less performing than AMOLED. Also images on SLCD are slightly less sharper compared to AMOLED (And it shows even more with S-AMOLED), while colours are definitely brighther with AMOLED.

    In short, SLCD is just a good alternative in terms of availability and battery saving. For the rest AMOLED wins.

    See the comparison here http://www.mobileblog.it/post/12969/video-super

  • Billy_halliday2002

    SUPER LCD is simply slightly less performing than AMOLED. Also images on SLCD are slightly less sharper compared to AMOLED (And it shows even more with S-AMOLED), while colours are definitely brighther with AMOLED.

    In short, SLCD is just a good alternative in terms of availability and battery saving. For the rest AMOLED wins.

    See the comparison here http://www.mobileblog.it/post/12969/video-super

  • Stephen

    IMO LCDs beat AMOLED screens in most ways. An AMOLED screen does not look better, the colors are just more saturated and brighter. They also have problems with whites. They look more like a TV at Best Buy in torch mode. Although the blacks are better and they have a faster response time so that means no ghosting and motion blur. Still I'd prefer the natural colors and calibrated tv-like look of my Droid's screen.

  • Mike

    well if a LCD screen could give the D incredible longer battery life then that is a plus, am i right?

  • I don't care just as long as my “first-gen” DI doesn't get pooped on by the new screens of the “second-gen” DI's…

  • digitalicecream

    I love that my Incredible has become a collectors item due to its rarity and AMOLED display.

  • Justin

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  • This is why ANdroid rules Kellex!!!!!!


    • Michael_NM

      How ironic that iPHon't won in the “Music, photos and movies” category and the first artist listed is The New Pornographers. However, they didn't declare a victor in that category…

      • Chris Nimon

        i personally dont like itunes UI. i prefer one of the several options we have on droid. I think people are just brainwashed into thinking Itunes is the shite because thats all there was for so long. P.S. someone should email that New Pornographers pic to good ole steve so he can sue them.

  • El El Kool J

    KELLEX whats goin on with this line2.com ad with i*hone only stuff that you got all over your website here??? 😛

    • Michael_NM

      I wondered the same thing. I think he's trying to throw a lifeline to iPhon't users who can't make calls. 🙂

  • El El Kool J

    finally got this thing rooted for my girl, but CM6 has broken camera!! that sux since my girl takes a million pix a day of our son..lol.. hopefully cyanogen gets this fixed up soon.. she has been envying my phone cuz of the custom roms. “can i do that to my phone to baby?” thats what i been hearing since she got it on release date!! now its rooted, but roms still got bugs. 🙁

  • Poundfoolish

    LCD is across-the-board better than AMOLED (or any other organic light emitting diode display techs) – This 'clash' reminds me of HDMI vs DVI, where we already had HDMI via DVI + Optical but the industry pitched HDMI as 'better.' Granted only having to make 1 connection is 'better' than making 2 in most cases, but HDMI is the proverbial wool (over the consumer's eyes) as what it really offers over DVI is the ability for the industry to implement copyright protection on digital works; so that you can't copy/backup anything transferred over HDMI (w/o illegally cracking it) … OLED is built to die, so that you keep spending money on replacement displays/devices where as LCD is built last. Additionally LCD looks better (way better). Alas, this is all my opinion ; )

    • Rdjohnson025

      sorry to disagree but Samsung super amoled is by far better than any thing on the market..Just my veiw..PlusI think these sites are being paid to lie.

      • Octotron

        I really wish I was being paid. Really.

        • kellex

          Hahaha +100.

          • Schindler557

            Can I get in on that cut? he he he ….

    • neutralobserver

      Optical doesn't have the bandwidth for HD audio.

      HDMI still blows though

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  • Siphyn

    I thought AMOLED had better battery life over LCD, or am I wrong?

    • that's what i thought too. can anyone confirm or deny? i'm curious.

    • PSU

      When the technology was first introduced it did but LCD has came a long way, now LCD screen are as efficient if not more efficient than a standard AMOLED screen. The Sony screens that HTC is switching to are as good as it gets. I'll be interested in seeing a side by side comparison.

  • ericsorensen

    Sounds like Samsung is taking care of themselves – keeping the super-duper amoled screens for their new galaxy phones and leave their competitors out in the cold by not supplying what they need. HTC should have seen that coming. Thank goodness Motorola didn't get caught in Samsung's trap.

  • Qmartman711

    i wonder if the ridiculous number of varying phones has any contribution to this at all..so many different types of phones requiring the same resources..that sucks for whatever asian country is doing our bidding!

    • Rizzidy

      You “wonder” about this?

  • I think the amoled screens are rare because well…samsung is making their galaxy s phones now…which I want btw

    • Octotron

      I had my friend who is on AT&T get the Captivate. If you are on AT&T, get it, now. If you are not and you are Verizon, there is no need. The UI is just as clunky and disconcerting as the MotoBlur on the Droid X and the screens are honestly very comparable. Galaxy S phones also seem to feel kind of cheap… though I admittedly base my comparison on the weight and feel of the original Droid.

      • Droidzilla

        Except that the Galaxy S (or whichever name the US carrier of choice has for it) will be fully rootable. There are already custom FroYo ROMs for it. This, in my opinion, makes it a winner over the Droid X (which I was drooling over until the locked bootloader came up; it's like it was the perfect girl, but then I found out she used to be a man).

        • See thats why I thought the the Galaxy S series would be nice to have because of the rootablity. I love my Droid, but the Fascinate is amazing and I feel the need to test the phone out.

          • DIroot

            no, of all the Galaxy S phones the fascinate is the worst, i truly dont even know why verizon is selling it, it only comes with 2gb of onboard memory where every other damned one has 16gb. whether it's rootable or not unless verizon's starting price is like 150 witha a 50 dollar rebate, then i wouldn't even consider it. the DI comes with 8GB on board memory and can take a 16 gb card, has a great camera amazing screen, is easy to root, froyo's just around the corner at august 12th whereas the fascinate wont even be out until at least september. so in my opinio the fascinate isn't even an option

          • Ugh, the vibrant looked so promising to me when I checked it out today and the rep at T-mobile told me that it was exactly like the fascinate.

  • Durangojim

    I'd really like to compare the non pentile slcd to the amoled pentile screen. It would be an excellent head to head to figure which screen is really superior.

    • Octotron

      I totally agree. While reading and researching I found it extremely difficult to come up with some real comparisons aside from fanboi bias.

      • Digbob

        Arstechnica did a great comparison a while ago, and concluded that lcd is superior when it comes to text, image accuracy, and daylight viewing

  • EC8CH

    Steve told me AMOLD is crap, so it has to be true… right?

  • The real question is when is HTC going to dump Android 2.1 for Android 2.2?

    • EC8CH

      When Android 3.0 is available.

      • g35

        ha ha +1

    • Octotron

      “Soon” 🙂

    • KyubiNaruto

      August 12th ALL Android phones get Froyo August 12th.

  • haha I'm over ALL of this lol

  • g35