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DROID X Feature: Panoramic Camera Shots

There are some differing opinions as to the quality of the camera on the new Droid X, but one thing that can’t be argued against is the coolness that is the “Panorama assist” feature.  The DX’s camera allows you to line up 6 shots consecutively while moving in whichever direction you choose to snap some pretty cool wide-range views.  This is essentially the same feature seen in the new Sony Cybershot commercial with everyone’s favorite country sweetheart Taylor Swift.  Err…here’s how it’s done!

Open your camera app and press “Menu” and choose “Picture modes”…

Select “Panorama assist”…

Choose the direction you’d like to take your series of photos in…

Snap your first shot and start moving in the direction you selected…

It can take up to 6 consecutive shots so just keep on rollin’ until your shot is complete.

Have fun!  And feel free to post your own shots in the comments.  Upload them to your favorite image hosting site and paste the URL to share with the rest of the DL community.

  • Webbie

    Updated 4/22/11 and now the panoramic and face recognition no longer works. What happened to them?

  • Yamahat350

    im not happt with the camera on the DX, my samsung omnia did the same thing and its was a shitty windows phone, wont make that mistake againg.

  • Yamahat350

    im not happt with the camera on the DX, my samsung omnia did the same thing and its was a shitty windows phone, wont make that mistake againg.

  • kevin86

    This thing is awesome. i just figured out how to use it after a few practice shots and im loving it. Thanks!!

  • Excelent!!

  • Now i can see what my ass looks like on all sides!! LOL. 😀

  • i'd imagine this is going to be standard feature of the froyo

  • saimin

    Is there anything stopping an enterprising developer for writing a similar app for the Droid 1?

  • Very neat feature there. I will have to look into the Autostitch app though.

  • Mrpicolas

    This needs ported to the d1

  • ylexot

    Ummm…this is nothing like the cybershot panoramic feature. With the cybershot, you simply start the panorama, sweep the camera, and end the panorama. It does not require you to take multiple shots. It is more like a video camera.

    The capability like what the X has has been around for several years and I've seen better implementations. For example, the one that I've played with before, displayed a portion of the previous shot as an overlay to help you line up the next shot.

  • Disguy

    Love this feature in the Droid X. What's cool is that you don't have to take up all six pictures either. If you're satisfied with how many pictures you took, just press the shutter button and it will stitch the pictures you took.

  • tkc122

    hmm whats up with the 3MP picture resolution? I dont like that!! come on moto give us a 8MP panaroamic picture resolution.


    The government doesn't mind if we have hardware level access.


  • Maizekid

    I did not know this i will have to try it out. Nice!

  • Robplatt

    If people are interested in panoramic shots, I suggest AutoStitch. It's free. You don't need to line up your shots. You just take enough shots to cover your viewing area. up/downl/left/right, any order. Then you put all the photos into Autostitch and walk away. Come back to a beautiful panoramic.
    Heres an example: http://gallery.robplatt.com/main.php?g2_view=co

    • French450

      Hey Rob, Great pano shots. Did you notice there are 'ghosts' on the course near the lower right? 'If you build it they will play!' Honestly, beautiful camera work.

      • robplatt

        Yea… I always like fun stuff like that, found in panoramic shots. It was taken looking over Seattle from a Golf Club (obviously), with my Canon sx20. Though, I should have taken comparable shots with my D1 😛 Anyway, Just showing off the free software, someone with the DX should chime in with an example! Note: go into autostitch settings and change the output size to 100%.

    • saimin

      autostitch is a nice program, but it runs on your PC, not your phone, right? You need to download your photos to your PC then run autostitch on them. Having something run on your phone would be pretty cool.

      Too bad Facebook doesn't support panoramas, though. They have a maximum image width of 720 pixels.

  • trombone dixie

    can this be ported to the Dinc?

  • Here is my campsite as of yesterday morning

    • robplatt

      looks like camping up here in the northwest 🙂

      • I'm in Chocorua NH
        I went to the office to complain….. they ended up charging me an extra $20 a night for it being a waterfront site 😛

    • kellex

      Having service while yer camping is fantastic. We're laughing at you At&t!

    • Chris Nimon

      Thats why I use a camping hammock setup with bugnet and rainfly. Nice view, looks like a good place to camp. where is that at?

  • Chase

    Port to Droid. Thanks and gig em!

  • 1bad69z28

    Very Cool, I like 🙂

  • Droidzilla

    Is there a port for this to the Droid? I would love this feature.

    • I think because of the camera hardware being different and different resolutions that might not be possible, but I'm no dev, so I could be completely wrong on that.

      • Tyler

        well, if it only offers 3 megapixels anyway, that shouldn't be a problem, I'm sure some dev can figure it out

    • Ozyman666

      There is an app called PhotoStitch on the market that seems to do the same, although the free version only allows up to two photos.

  • First to say first! Ha ha, I thought I've annoy some folks this morning

  • Definitely one of the best features on the DX, I have a question though Kellex, whats with the lines in the pic? Did stuff just not line up? I haven't had any of those show up in any of my panoramas yet.

    • robplatt

      Probably power-lines. Problem with closeup panoramic's, theres a hell of a curvature to the picture.

      • That's what I was thinking too, I wasn't sure though. You're right though. There's definitely a fish eye effect on the panoramas. Still an awesome feature to have!

        • robplatt

          You can overcome the fisheye effect by taking more pictures, more overlap (Fills that 180* void), and doing your best not to include nearby objects.

  • I did not know this that's awesome thanks for the info!

  • And as for the Taylor Swift reference….it's WRONG! lol

    • kellex

      Hah wondered who would like that the most. Tato! 😛

  • picaso86

    Awesome! Now I can feel like a professional photographer! :]

    • Guest

      I really appreciate you not saying “first”….. just made my day

      • Can't you guys sign into an account and stop posting as guests. Come on now. 🙂 Please?

  • this was the best feature on the bb storm…about the only feature worth mentioning on the bb storm

    • Disguy

      panoramic feature? When did the bb storm have this?

      • smileypete25

        I have no idea?? I had a storm since it came out and never heard of it. Got a droid the other week and love it. 🙂

  • Thats badass! lol
    Money maker!