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Nexus One Sold Out, Gone Forever

Google and their online phone store experiment has come to a close…for now.  While most people consider the Nexus One to be a bust, Google has continued to look at their flagship device as a complete success.  They feel they have accomplished their goal of moving the smartphone market forward, and I can’t say I disagree.  The N1 to this day is still one of the better devices on the planet spec-wise and will be the #1 developer phone for quite some time.

Do I think Google is done though?  Not a chance.  They claim to be done, but that just doesn’t make sense.  With Android growing like crazy and a lack of stock Android phones in the wild, they need something to develop on don’t they?

  • 1bad69z28

    True and it's hard to convinece some people to change, we are a creature of
    habit lol

  • Please team up with Verizon for the Nexus two please!!!!! dual core processor, 4.1-4.3 inch screen, 12 megapixel camera FTW

    • Evermour

      12 megapixel camera…*drools*

    • Timoh

      I'd love a straight Google, plain Android, open phone. I'm still feeling that dual core is going to eat up way too much battery life. 12mp sounds good because it's a bigger number but for the size of the sensor that's way too much. I think 8 is the top end until someone makes a revolutionary sensor that is small enough to fit in a phone.

  • Droidzilla

    I think the Samsung Galaxy S series (Fascinate, etc.) and Galaxy Tape series (tablets) would make great developer devices. Fast processors, S-AMOLED screens, and unlocked bootloaders. Win.

  • Annoynimous

    its called cleaning up the dust and preparing for nexus two (an inevitable stock gingerbread powerhouse superphone that will go 3.0 and beyond)

  • It's not “gone forever”, it's just not being sold directly by google anymore. Several carriers in other countries will still be selling it, and there's been longtime speculation that Tmobile and/or AT&T will sell it.

  • poeddroiduser

    If T-Mobile had any brains, I would have that instead of a Droid today. The $179 price was only for new customers, existing t-mobile customers had to pay $329, even those off contract. I was able to a Droid for $70 by swtiching to Verizon. Hmm 329 or 70? What to do… HELLO DROID!

    • Mdhitchcock

      That is exactly what I did. I had been a T-Mobile customer for years. Not only did they shaft existing customers with the price, they only allowed it on an individual plan. I was on a family plan.

      But my contract was almost over, so I waited it out and jumped to Verizon and did the BOGO deal for my wife and me. Awesome business plan, T-Mobile!

  • dylan84

    I'm sure Google will come out with another phone in the next year or two. And hopefully this time it ends up at Verizon

  • Two things I'm now hoping for:
    1. DROID 2 with a bootloader like D1
    2. DROID coming to Europe
    Both of which are EXTREMELY unlikely

    • guest

      droid = milestone in europe

      • Tyler

        nope, locked bootloader

      • I know, but it doesn't have the cool stuff that the DROID 1 has (including bootloader-if it did have an unlockable one I would flash a DROID theme on right away). What I'm talking about is the actual DROID brand and the phone family.

  • 1bad69z28

    What Nexus One is gone forever/ I really felt Google was using the Nexus One as a test but tried to move forward into sellling phones was not thier cup of tea. Google learn alot about customer service and tying into the mobile phone space and I think it's not their direction. Software is where it's at for them.

    • It wasn't a test, it was a prototype(to weird to live, to rare to die). They built to give the other hardware developers something to look at and aim for. That job being done, the Nexus 1 succeeded, and will slip quietly into the night.

      • 1bad69z28

        Do you think Google and Motorola ae collabroating toghter to come up with future phones and devices (i.e. a Pad, and a 2GHZ device) to rival Apple??

        • They don't need too! Google and the Open Handset Alliance are constantly improving Android. Version 3(Gingerbread) is being worked on right now, and 2.2 hasn't hit all Android phones!

          Meanwhile HTC and Motorola can duke it out for Android superiority, with a nice healthy competition. Both companies are known for their nicer phones(although not always the case with Moto, they've come a long way).

          Google has come out and said they do not intend to make a “Nexus 2.”

          • 1bad69z28

            Interesting, I hope Google will take on Apple with some other products, but being the behind the scenes guys and letting the manufactors fight it out is pretty smart on thier part. Maybe Motorola will be more consistent with there products, not up and down.

          • Arguably, they already have. Android has been steadily gaining market share for a long while now, and conversely, Apple has been losing steam. With the 2.1/2.2 updates, they have surpassed most of the IOS(iphone OS) features. You know you are doing well when Apple starts suing. (They were trying to sue HTC, last I checked.) Moto does seem to be being consistent. The Droid 1 and 2, and the X are all stellar products. They are seriously dropping the ball on the bootloader though, which I suspect will end up pushing a lot of people to HTC phones when the next generation starts raining down on us. HTC has traditionally always supported the hacking/modding community.

        • Tyler

          How would a 2Ghz phone “rival” Apple? All they do is come out with better phones than the iPhone and call them “iphone killers”, but then declare them a failure compared to the iPhone even though if they called a brick with the apple logo on it an iPhone it would sell 1.6 million “copies” in a day. Then if a phone doesn't have something worthless like a front facing camera they call it “already outdated next to the iPhone”, and never mention what the iphone doesn't have or the fact that everything else on the “new” iPhone has been out since Android 1.5? No, a 2 GHz phone wouldn't “rival” Apple, it would absolutely beat the crap out of Apple's offerings, but people are morons and would buy the iPhone 4 anyway!

          • 1bad69z28

            True and it's hard to convinece some people to change, we are a creature of
            habit lol

  • Good…not a fan of HTC 😉

    • Its weird…I said that like a Motorola fan boy. Who would of thought after my first Zack Morris, Saved by the Bell Motorola that I would own another…and love it! That's what you call a 180, way to go Moto.

  • rals

    I agree this is one of the better phones out there. If it wasn't for the Droid, i would have gotten that phone.

    • kellex

      Would have been nice to see it actually reach Verizon.

      • rals

        Yeah for sure. But it's hard to compete with it's flagship phone unless they named it a droid too.

        • jxcgunrunna

          They did. Its called the Droid Incredible. With sense of course.

          • rals

            It has the same specs, the biggest difference is that the N1 doesn't have the Sense UI…but I don't think it's the same phone.

          • Tyler

            both the same size with the same processor with pretty much the same specs and made by the same company last I checked… If you just use launcherpro they're basically the same phone (but of course, the N1 gets 2.2 and the Incredible doesn't. Yet)

    • 1bad69z28

      I agree as well if the D1 was not out I would've seriously looked at the Nexus one as well

  • 1bad69z28