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Download: New DROID Froyo Build FRG01

Don’t worry, the Droid 1 hasn’t been forgotten!  We are still expecting official Android 2.2 some time in the next month and a half, but until then, we’ll just keep enjoying all of these leaked builds.  The latest version to leak is build FRG01 (by CellZealot) and has been put together completely clean and smooth courtesy of Mr. Peter Alfonso.  Yes, the same one behind Bugless Beast.

Download:  FRG01ODEXED.zip

*Rooted users only.  Follow our 2.1 rooting guide to enjoy Froyo today!


1.  Download the FRG01ODEXED.zip file and drop it on the root of your SD card.
2.  Open ROM Manager, choose “Install ROM from SD Card.”
3.  Scroll down to find FRG01ODEXED.zip and tap on it.
4.  When prompted, check the box to create a backup if you don’t have a recent one.
5.  Skip the “wipe data and cache” box if coming from another Froyo build.
6.  Phone will reboot, work magic and BAM!  Enjoy the new Froyo!

Wish I had a full changelog for you, but things like that don’t usually accompany a leak.  Just assume this build is newer and more stable than FRF84B.

Oh, and expect a bundle of custom ROMs to start flowing out over the next few hours/days.  Let us know when they drop!

Thanks again Pete for putting this together!  And another thanks to CellZealot for the leak!

  • Guest

    People who complain about first comments by commenting on the first comment are wasting just as much time and taking away just as much informative discussion as the poster of the first comment… just like I'm doing here 🙂

  • Guest

    People who complain about first comments by commenting on the first comment are wasting just as much time and taking away just as much informative discussion as the poster of the first comment… just like I'm doing here 🙂

  • texashorns88

    Anyone want to explain the Kernel's and things like that to a noob that just rooted yesterday and just put 2.2 on today? What are the best paid apps to get for a rooted 2.2, what the hell are the kernel things everyone talks about and BB vs. SS vs. P3 vs. CM6, etc? Thanks in advance.

  • ryan

    i have to comment on this, i kno i did this correctly but when this new ROM booted the droid eye never went away after like 10 minutes, i started messin with it and realized that the OS was running in the background somewhat cuz it recognized where the unlock slide tab was and i was fortunately able to open the power off option box and find it even though the only thing i could see is a beautiful black screen with a brilliant red eye in the center. i got into recovery and rebooted cyanogen RC2 instead. can anyone explain why this may be?

  • Eknofsky

    If I go to the market to download any app, I only have the option to cancel dl, and if I do I get sorry the app has stopped working, and to force close.

  • TheDrizzle

    What's the difference between a nandroid backup and a backup performed by ROM Manager or Titanium Backup or My Backup Pro? I very confused on the backup part, I am currently using these three apps for backing up and would like to consolidate my backups as they take up room on the SD card. Thanks.

  • J Free85

    Has anyone successfully installed this new rom?? I've tried three times and I am still unsuccessful. If anyone has installed the new rom could you please share how you did it. 🙂

  • Ssanders2k7

    ok, I cant get this to work, it say no tar archives or something found, so I thought I would name it update.zip, well I did that and it installed, but it gets to the Droid animation then the eye then it freezes and then back to the Droid animation and it wont go past the eye freezing again. Any suggestions?

  • J Free85

    I tried to install the Froyo build but it didn't work. I currently running the Sapphire-0.7.0-Droid build now. I followed the instructions above and it just rebooted the Sapphire build. Could some please tell me what I am doing wrong.

    • springbok

      I had to try to install it twice myself. the only difference when i renamed it just name it as “update” not “update.zip” then everything worked out well.

  • springbok

    Lets start out with by saying the i'm new rooting froyo. Im not able to download to flash player. how do i do this?

  • Zrmagic97


  • Zrmagic97


  • Hreality

    I gotta ask this.. And I know it might sound like a n00b question. Name of the ROM. All of the Eclaire (typo) ROMs were FRE. All the Froyo (till now) have been FRF but this is FRG which would indicate Gingerbread. I know Im wrong but is just the logic of the thing.

    • okland272012

      actually the eclair builds were ESE53 or ESE81 etc.

  • Chen

    I cant get google voice anymore? it wont show up in market? anyone know whats up thanks

  • Larry

    I want to update to 2.2, but have a question. I have rooted 2.1 on my phone (ESE81 by Pete is what it says on Build Number). I downloaded the FRG zip file and have it on my sd card. Above says to open ROM Manager and choose install ROM. Is there a specific ROM manager I need to install? I feel like I am missing something. I downloaded one I found in the Market, but after I open it, it says it's for Clockwork mod, so I don't think that will work.

    • Ghostboy1031

      ROM Manager by ClockworkMod is the correct one that this post uses.

  • tonytbone7883

    Does Blue energy theme work with this one?

  • tonytbone7883

    I just installed Bugless beast 0.4 and it runs great. The stock kernel makes it really fast and stable. This FRG01OEXED version has the same kernel in it, so how much faster is it? Anyone compare the two yet?

  • Ghostboy1031

    Found a FRG01B at Mydroidworld. Is this the same?

    Downloaded that one and everything appears to be good. Tried the P3 1250 Kernel but dragged a bit too much so went to the 1000 that FRF84B had. Screen transitions appear to be faster. Haptic vibration still not consistent though.

  • i need to move apps to SD card. what the su command to do so?

    • tonytbone7883

      use titanium back up if you have it. it can force app to SD

  • ipod_ur_mom

    looks like some jerk straight copied this post and cut out the droid-life logo from the background … the link in the instructions is even still referencing droid-life.com!


  • Carl Moo

    My rom manager doesnt see the sdcard?
    What could be causing the problem?>

    • Ghostboy1031

      do you have your droid plugged into your computer and have USB connected turned on? Meaning do you see your SD card as a drive on your computer? if so, you need to disconnect it.

  • Brad

    Can anyone tell me where to find the configuration for the mobile hotspot function? On a Moto Droid 1, running the new build described above.


  • J Free85

    This Didnt work. need help.

  • Edaj1958

    help my droid is stuck on the moto m after doing this

  • Stray1

    Hrm, I find it fascinating that Google Chrome considers Megaupload a potential Malware site that should be blocked or avoided.

    In any case, Thanks for the ROM.

  • Harleyp

    Holy Cow, there's got to be a better way to be able to download these files! I've tried multiple times and I have not yet achieved a full, working download of this file through that MEGAUPLOAD site. For some reason, I NEVER get good downloads if I try to do it through the DROID. But, this time, I can't even get a good download with my PC! Any alternative methods available?

    • Ghostboy1031

      same here….1st download never started…2nd download got to 16% and paused….Also based on the picture above, the baseband version is lower than the frf84b had. I'm leary of trying this ROM

      • Ghostboy1031

        Just downloaded from URL in Pete's twitter account.

        • Harleyp

          Thank you, Thank you! It's screaming as I speak!

  • Rcarrollct

    noticed with this and the last froyo build that the phone doesn't vibrate when you receive a text message or a phone call when it is set to vibrate… does when you receive an e-mail though..

  • Jontx311

    Just did it and my reception is WAY better, i was getting 1 or 2 bars at my work desk, not i am getting four? havent tested call quality yet.

  • Pete already stated that BB 0.5 will be based off this build, and will be the best ever. I of course can't take the stock look, so I will wait for Pete's next release. My fingers are crossed that fabolous will port the NexTheme into 0.5 as well 😉

  • Paulforshee

    HELP ! I installed frg01 and everything is exact except no homescreen like you see here.

  • Tacown

    In order to root my D1, does my version have to be 2.1 or can it be 2.1 Update 1?

  • i installed the rom but my build number says bugless beast v0.3. Should it be the same as kellex screen shot. My kernel is the same. Not sure if i did it right. Thanks

  • this one didn't work for me I followed the instructions and am coming from a previous froyo build ,but i got stuck in a boot loop anyone else find that happening/ is there a fix.

    • The_Other_Ray

      I was coming from jrummy and I got stuck on a boot loop so I tried to reinstall and wipe my data and cache and it worked for me. So far it is running smooth.

  • Derek

    Installed via update.zip method and so far works great. Ran Quadrant benchmark app and scored 839 without overclocking. My Droid stock with 2.1 was 530 so that's a pretty good performance increase.

  • Kellex, I really expected YOU OF ALL PEOPLE to be more vocal about the Motorola bootloader issue. {{-_-}}

  • mlawlor777

    its not updating for me. i just rooted yesterday to the froyo for the droid and everything went well but now im trying to put the latest one on and running into trouble. i followed the directions to a tee but when it tells me it will go into clockwork recovery it just reboots instead and keeps telling me there is an update. am i missing something? i did name the file update.zip. does that matter?

    • The_Other_Ray

      I had to flash an older recovery, to get this to install from sd card. I didn't have to name it to update.zip. I would imagine that as long as you can select the file, it doesn't matter what you called it as long as you have the zip extension.
      once it installed, then I updated the flash recovery and everything seems to be working fine.

  • Jeff

    This didn't go well for me. I was running Cyanogen Mod 6.0 RC1 and tried to update to this ROM using the instructions provided. I got stuck at the bootup eye and had to pull the battery and go to a backup made a few days ago using ROM Manager Premium. Not sure if I want to try again until this release is in ROM manager.


    • The_Other_Ray

      did you try wiping? That's what worked for me when I got stuck in a boot loop.

  • I was a long time bugless beast user but recently switched to Cyanogen. For some reason the Bugless Beast roms were becoming unstable for me and I couldn't figure out why. I still haven't figured out if maybe it was just Launcher Pro Beta…being that the launcher is what you interact with the most….if that's buggy of course everything will seem really buggy.

    So I switched to Cyanogen and ADW Launcher at the same time. I'm quite certain that my battery life increased noticeably so when switching to Cyanogen. ADW Launcher has all the same features as Launcher Beta Pro and it's been much more stable for me. I would say that Launcher Beta Pro is still the fastest, but I'll take stability over speed any day.

  • VanessaRenee1030

    I need some help from someone please. I am rooted with bugless beast 4. I had moved some of my applications over to the sd card, such as rom manager and titatanium backup. Now my phone says they are not installed on my phone. I cant install or uninstall anything from the market. I have tried fixing permissions from the scripts and rebooting my phone several times, but that doesn't work. I tried rebooting into recovery to restore an older backup, but my phone won't go into recovery, it just loads up bugless beast. Does anyone have any suggestions please?

    • kervation

      Try flashing your clockworkmod recovery, then flash spr recovery and then back to clockworkmod. I know I have had problems with some of the new froyo builds when switching from different roms. Changing over to an older clockworkmod recovery usually works for me.

      • VanessaRenee1030

        I can't get into rom manager. It says its not installed on my phone. And I can't download it from the market. The market isn't working for me. I can't install or uninstall anything. When I turn off my phone and restart it holding down the X, it won't go into recovery, just starts as normal.

        • Mrpicolas

          try rsd lite flash the sbf file and restart from scratch best bet then load a stock rooted rom and then try the market and see if that workks for you shouldnt take more than 15 minutes

          • Chris Nimon

            with some of these roms didnt we have to move the apps back to the phone? try settings, applications, sd card, click the app, then move to phone.

          • VanessaRenee1030

            I tried that. It wouldn't let me move them back.

          • Mrpicolas

            As long as gapps was selected all you would have to do is redownload from
            market if you can't get into rec or market RSd is probably the safe bet

          • VanessaRenee1030

            I tried that. The latest one I had on my sd card was saphire 7. I loaded that and market still doesn't work. I can't even put anything on my sd card. Whenever I touch to copy files to or from computer, phone locks up and reboots. Now I cant even go back to bugless beast. It tells me my battery is dead, to connect charger, but it doesn't recognize it when I do and just turns off. What should I do?

          • Mrpicolas

            Check your light on the side Is lit up if it is lit up Let it charge for a
            while Battery needs to be you please 30 percent In order to go into recovery
            and flash If battery will not charge Swap out batteries Grabbin adapter For
            your micro sd card Copy over rom then try flashing

  • Trey

    I'm in love! Just rooted for the first time. It's amazing.

  • RealGame22

    This build is basically like any other 2.2 ROM. No need to switch to it, unless you want pure stock android.

  • Yib

    does anyone know which 800mhz kernel this comes packaged with? im new to all this started today and have proudly converted from iOS 😉

    • Welcome, young one. It is good to see another convert from the Dark Side.

      It looks like this comes with the stock google-developed kernel. You could easily flash one of P3's or Chevy's though.

      • Yib

        hmm gotcha thanks 🙂 and i don't regret the move at all. is anyone using p3 low volt. kernels getting a proper CPU temp ? mine seems to be stuck at 37C no matter what state the phone might be in.

  • Jangle

    Went from previously posted FRF84B which I thought was rather laggy, this build seems to fix that issue…

  • OFD

    I got my droid a few weeks after it first came out, I've been reading this site for months, but I just rooted a few days ago. Now I am wasting even more time messing with my phone than I used to.

    I tried this out, and it looks like there is no Chrome to Phone.

    • kervation

      There is an apk for chrome to phone. You can search the DL site and I think it is posted for download.

  • phillip

    battery out now back in, started with x held down, mounted usb then deleted FRG01ODEXED.zip that i got from the Mr. Peter Alfonso. site… twitter.. did the old update.zip now it starts with the cross hairs but when i slide to unlock forceclose comes up for android.process.acore stopped, everytime i hit fclose it poops right back up… somebody please help, i'm pulling my hair out here….

  • Bonez

    It might be new and stable but its no comparison to frf8 with cyanogen with seven screens I'll just wait for the release of custom roms

  • phillip

    Ok, i did it, now all i got on my phone is the red eye.. can't even turn it off.. well i just got a call and could answer it. but now have the bar at the top with the stock stuff but the phone at the bottom is still red and acts like it wont hang up.. How do i fix this? Please help.. 3 days now trying to get this right…

  • aggressor2323

    Ok, so i just rooted for the first time and installed this rom. Seems to be working fine but I can't get flash to work. I click to install 10.1 from a website and it takes me to the market and says it's not in there. Any ideas?

  • Anyone Know What “Smoked Glass” Theme Will Work For This ROM?

  • Tyler Durden

    Need someones help. I just installed this ROM when a funny thing happened. I forgot that my MEID was entered to receive testing Froyo from VZW. Almost 5 mins or so after reboot from this install, I got a message for updating to 2.2 (hooray!). So I click ya (my phone is rooted, obviously), it reboots, I get the stock android guy with the triangle (or whatever), and then I get the triangle with the exclaimation mark in the middle. So I'm guessing that I can't install EOM Froyo with a rooted phone? How are we to get the fresh stuff from the source once we've rooted? Is there like an “un-rooting” process? I rebooted into Clockwork recovery and reinstalled this ROM and everything's fine now, but I'd like to install the “proper” stuff. Anyone?

    • jiggaman508

      Go into rom manager and under stock images download 2.01 and flash that and you should be at stock 2.01 then when your phone prompts you for a system update install it and you should be at stock 2.1

    • g00n

      i had to return my broken droid.. used this page.. has link to official vzw 2.1update1 update which puts it back to stock.. and directions how to do it in rsdlite..

  • Paulforshee

    can anyone tell me how to get the homescreen to pop up

  • Paulforshee

    I got the rom fine i just cant find the screen you have on here. Any help ?

    • Flyinion

      What screen are you looking for?

    • Chris Nimon

      if your looking for the about phone screen click settings button, scroll to bottom and click about phone. if your looking for the purple Droid-Life screen its a wallpaper. Possibly in the downloads at the top of the page.

  • Chris M.

    Will any theme i download…work on any build?

  • droiddidit

    Just installed this ROM and I have to say THIS IS IT. This by far is the fastest, slickest ROM available. NO lag what so ever. Go for it.

  • k1ng617

    So I just finished installing this and getting it back to how I had it set up before. I came from Pete's Clean rooted FRF84B w/ an ULV 250mhz-1ghz chevyno1 kernel and after fiddling with it for the past hour I honestly don't see any difference. It feels the same and it ran clock for clock the same @800mhz a 1049 Quadrant and roughly a 1250 Linpack. So I don't know what to tell you other than if you have some free time try it out. The good news is I didn't have to wipe so it was a breeze to get it back to how I had it (mostly uninstall all the bloatware android seems to come w/ now)

    • k1ng617

      So I was running Pete's stock FRF84B for about a week and noticed zero problems. I did some stress testing w/ this one for about an hour and already hit a bug where the keyboard stayed up on the homescreen when I pressed the home button while I was in the browser. So good thing I did a nandroid before I installed it, cuz I went back to Pete's stock Deodexed. Now, after a wipe and flashback into Pete's there is a noticeable smoothness to my homescreen compared to the this rom. I can't be sure if it was because of the fresh wipe, but I'm positive it's way smoother now (using LauncherPro.)

  • fgonzo98

    Ok, question to all my Droid friends…I'm recently rooted using Sapphire 0.7.0…what happens if I install this build? Will I have to reinstall all my apps? What's the difference between this one and Sapphire 0.8.4 or the other ROMs out there? Thanks!!

    • I Had Sapphire 0.8.4 Before This Just Check The Google Addons And The Other One, It Will Reinstall Everything. As For Difference Its Mostly Personal Preference Hope That Helps

    • ninestories

      I did the same thing and the only thing I notice with this one is that the proper Droid boot animation and official wallpapers are back where they belong. The update process is much more painless than last time around.

  • teejaytm

    is this more stable than cm6 rc1?

  • Zyarc1

    Ha, the baseband in the screenshot isn't up-to-date.

    • Flyinion

      I still haven't updated mine either. Nobody has been able to tell me what is gained by the new baseband. All I ever saw in the articles here was “we don't know if this is legit or what it changes”. For a while we saw screen caps with the new version, but I've noticed lately Kellex is back to the old one.

    • I Have The New Baseband Haven't Noticed Any Difference So I'll Just Leave It Cuz It Works

  • Last lol

    • Flyinion

      no I'm last

  • jonrisk

    So, I've rooted my Droid, and I have the sapphire-0.7.0 rom running on it right now. Followed the instructions from a previous DL blog post: http://www.droid-life.com/2010/07/08/how-to-roo

    I'm gonna lose all my apps and set up once I install the FRG01ODEXED rom, right? I must have spent an hour redownloading all my apps, logging them in, and setting them in the right place when I installed sapphire. Pardon my newbness, but is there a way to save the apps and app data to the SD card so I won't lose all my stuff?

    • tom76

      “Titanium Backup”…download from market.

      • jonrisk

        Aha, thanks a bunch!

        • Flyinion

          Yep, once you're rooted you should never lose anything. You just need to deal with restores. If only there was an app that could save both apps AND data before rooting.

          • jonrisk

            All of my contacts are saved on the SD card right? I didn't lose those when I rooted it…

          • Flyinion

            Contacts are saved to Google's servers, that's why you don't lose them. You WILL lose things like facebook associations. In other words, I have contacts named one way, on facebook they're named differently, so I manually associated them together (merged I think it's called) in the Contacts app. Titanium Backup will capture this but it's picky to get it restored. What I usually do is once all my apps are restored, I then do a “restore all apps + data” in TB and change the radio button from apps + data to just data and that usually forces the backed up contact list with my FB associations back onto the phone.

          • Flyinion

            Also if you choose to NOT wipe data/cache when switching ROMs you won't have to worry about it at all, though a backup is a good idea anyway in case things go bad. I've heard mixed things about wiping or not wiping between ROMs of the same OS (i.e. froyo to froyo) and never had a problem myself not doing a wipe though I've done them for my last two. My new ROM I'm on Simply Stunning, chevy the dev actually purposely made some changes to help support NOT wiping though which is pretty cool.

          • jonrisk

            Gotcha. I'm just creating an update.zip with TB, right? It then saves that to the SD I assume.

          • Flyinion

            No that I believe is for TB to create an update.zip of itself so you can get it back without getting to the market. I may be wrong there. I was always going to “backup/restore” then press the menu softkey, batch, and choose a restore or backup option there. I'm not exactly an expert on TB though so maybe I've been doing it wrong the last couple months lol

          • jonrisk

            My bad, I found it. Thanks 🙂

          • tom76

            It's been a while since I've used it but MyBackupPro worked for me when I went from stock to rooted. After rooted I've stuck with TB but used MyBackup once or twice and seemed to work fine even after root access but TB has way more options.

    • tom76

      Also if you're using LauncherPro you can backup your LP homescreen and won't have to worry about rearranging your homescreen icons. You will have to re-install the widgets but it's a great feature that saves alot of time.

  • Br_d

    Nice that you haven't forgotten about the Droid 1, but I hope you don't drop the Custom Theme Friday posts like you did last week. It's my favorite feature of this site!

    • He won't. No worries. We all got on him about that 😉 lol

  • Hey anyone know how he got his fone in silent mode mine only stays in viberate

    • jiggaman508

      Go to settings/sound and display… You should be able to figure it out from there.

  • Gainesc63

    if you decide to root your droid in order to get this new unofficial froyo, what happens to your device when the official version actually becomes availableOTA? Will you get that version or will you have the version that was rooted to your phone? Why can't you do both, unofficial now, and official later.

  • wouldn't the FR”G” mean it is Gingerbread … FRE – Eclair … FRF Froyo, am i missing something?

    • Drathos

      The 2.1 build on Droid was ESE81. I don't know the actual meaning of the letters in the build, but if they do correlate to “Eclair”, “Froyo”, and “Gingerbread” the first letter could be the one to indicate it.

      • I didnt even notice that the first letter was E thanks for pionting that out. Makes more sense now.

  • JosueD

    Awesome, Just installed it, Faster, Smoother, Fixed Bluetooth issue, And other noticeable bugs, Great work thanks pete for putting this together, And kellex for posting it up for us.

  • Jonathan

    I am going with Pete here….for the people with unrooted phones…are they still on the 3p baseband? I am too…and I just want to wait and see what the official baseband becomes because I don't wanna do something different than what Verizon kinda wants us to do…

  • Ace Z.

    Pete and Kellex thanks for more DROID 1 fun! The original and the founding father of all DROIDS will not be forgotten!

  • JosueD

    Awesome, Just installed it, Faster, Smoother, Fixed Bluetooth issue, And other noticeable bugs, Great work thanks pete for putting this together, And kellex for posting it up for us.

  • Adip

    What is the difference between this and the other builds? Seems the same to me.

  • There We Go D1 Isn't Ova Yet “Return Of The Droid 1”

  • Droid 1 will never go away! It is like the Sean Connery version of James Bond. It set the bar and while things get “prettier” through time, the clasic still holds its own for us hardcore followers.

  • Guest!

    FINALLY!!! Some Droid news! I am so sick of hearing stuff about the X or Droid 2! That for throwing us D1's the occasional bone!

  • Big Will

    So, here I am, an outsider who really enjoys reading the news as well as all the comments daily. Let me just say this is my “FIRST” post 😉 I don't understand why it is a problem when people post first. I have been reading about how irritated people are about the “FIRST” post for about 20 minutes now and let me tell you that it is not fun at all to read people arguing. I thought it was just a fun way that you guys all communicated and it appealed to me. But now when people come here they have to see 100+ comments about how others don't like one post that says “FIRST” HMMMM Just an outsiders view. By the way, Kellex you're doing a fantastic job. I love this site 😉

  • Techjpc

    Just installed new build, Chevy 1.0 ULV and 928 Smoked Glass theme. We'll see how it goes. Got a Quadrant score of 1028 Thanks Pete !!

  • Jedi_Gunslinger

    Man I agree with your post 99.362% everything except…….I DO come here to revel in the brilliance and hilarity of one Mr. Tim-o-Tato (damn dashes) who consistently comes thru with the goods, be it in depth info and instruction, or a well timed LOL….lol 😉

  • MrPicolas wanted me to post this for everyone.
    He has been working hard on sweet Droid-Life themed docks for LauncherPro.

    Enough with the “first” bashing.
    Let's REP DROID-LIFE!!! 🙂


    • I downloaded the theme but, I'm not sure how to install it. Any help?

      • Ooops, I could have explained better. lol
        Extract the files and inside you will find PNG files that you can use with Launcher Pro docks and icons 🙂

        • Thanks! 😀 That helps a lot more! I'm fairly new to all this amazing stuff so explanations are always welcome!

  • jahpickney

    Finally, some Droid 1 love. I bet you all the new people to this site are wondering what the heck is this since the Droid 1 is being slowly phased out. It's up to us Droid seniors to keep it alive.

  • tyson184

    installed and now my load screen keeps repeating…! HELP!

    • RealGame22

      Try a wipe

      • tyson184

        how? sorry

        • RealGame22

          Go into recovery mode. You'll see a option that says 'wipe cache/data'

  • Flyinion

    So, since we're all talking about kernels in here, just wanted to do an informal poll, what is the max speed of the kernel you are running, and what are you actually running it at?

    • Im running a 800mhz kernel clocked at 250-800….smooth and fast with good battery life 🙂

      • Chris Jones

        Which one you using? Seems like I find a good one and 2 or 3 weeks later the temps start climbing.

  • pretty fast and smooth course im overclocked 1.1ghz

  • Bonez

    Has anyone tried this build how is it

  • ok im just a regular person, and i dont know what most of this stuff means but what i want to know is if my phone comes with it???

    • Chris Jones

      This is for rooted Droid 1 phones. Rooted devices give you options to overclock your processor, wifi tethering, enhanced versions of the current and not-yet-released Android builds (such as Froyo), and more (themes, etc). If you're interested, follow the link Kellex provided above to the 2.1 root guide for details on how to do it and the potential (if unlikely) hazards.

  • Sdff

    DROID2 releasing August 12!!!!!!!!!!! (rumor with “trusted source”)

    • Cyberdemon

      Yeah your “trusted user name” says it all lol.

      • Sdff

        says BGR…

  • Hedney3

    no disrespect to pete….but p3 did come out with a leaked version of the new build an hour before pete did. so if anyone deserves credit for bringing this leak to life its him

    • kellex

      P3DROID DID NOT LEAK THIS. CellZeatlot leaked to this everyone. He deserves the credit. Everyone else just took it and made their own ROM out of it.

  • rals

    FRF018 is on the loose too.

  • tyson184

    will this version work better than my current? build – FRF57 38829 test-keys?

    I'm curious on what the advantage is over my current (OG) froyo build…

    Any feedback is appreciated and will determine if i make the move.

  • is this rom rooted?

    • Jamerson90

      Short answer – yes

      Pete always releases rooted roms

  • Tyler

    Ok, legitimate question. Where are the best places to find good, compatible alternate kernals to go with these leaked versions?

    • Banderberg

      any kernel built from android-omap-2.6.32 will work. There's nothing special about any of the kernels. I build my own from source. It's easy.

    • Jamerson90

      Rom Manager > Download Rom > CyanogenMod > Choose Bekit or P3droid's kernals

      • Tyler

        Cool, do I want 7 slot or 5 slot and low or increased voltage?

        • Tyler

          wanting speed/stability and not caring about battery life

          • Flyinion

            7 vs. 5 is just how many over/underclock settings there are between the max and min setting the kernel will allow. For instance I'm running one of chevy's 7 slot kernels, it has a minimum of 125Mhz and a max of 800Mhz with 5 other “stops” in between, one of which is the stock 550Mhz. So if you just want max speed it doesn't really matter. 7 slot would give something like setCpu more options for varying your speed automatically though. On the voltage though you should go for as low as you are stable with because more voltage is not just less battery life but more heat which is also bad.

          • I think Kellex should write an article about ROM Manager because it is a great tool for root users.

            I use it and it helps greatly with keeping track of my ROMs and kernels. You can backup your entire ROM and reference it later.

          • Jamerson90

            I use p3droid's 1ghz kernal / 7 slots / low voltage

  • I'm hoping for a purple theme for this! 😀

    • Chris Nimon

      MrPicolas had some sweet purple themed launchers on here last night. If he sees this he might repost the pics.

      • Thanks!

      • Done and done 😛

        • Chris Nimon

          well arent we Mr. On the Ball today lol. you must be trying to get everything done so you can get to Vegas lol

          • Picolas has been busy I think so I know he wouldnt of seen this…
            Figured I would just have to take it upon myself this time 😛

            This comment section has been most enjoyable as of late. 🙂 lol

          • Chris Nimon

            yeah it has, you should read the battle going on in the “first” section 😀

          • haha thats what we're all watching 🙂

            heres the zip of the PNG's if you want to distribute lol

          • Chris Nimon

            sweet, now i feel like an employee of tatopicola enterprises lol

      • Dude I love you!!! Thanks!! I'd love the zip file 😀

          • installing now 😀

          • i did but nothing happened :'(

          • Ooops, I could have explained better. lol
            Extract the files and inside you will find PNG files that you can use with Launcher Pro docks and icons 🙂

          • Mike

            Hey, Tim, you seem to know your stuff. I have a question and or request. I am currently running UD Extreme Froyo. It's awesome. I am running a theme called red glass that I got from Droid Forums. Again, awesome. The only thing is that it comes with a custom font that I'm not really into and would like the stock fonts back. Do you know of any file or link that would get me back to stock fonts?

          • Mrpicolas

            youll have to see if hey has a goodies folder for his rom otherwise contact ud for suggestions we really dont dive into ud because of some past drama that hit the developer world lets just say you are pretty much running a rom peiced together from other developers and ud has been shunned from alot of places

        • The last pic is Kellexs droid screen 😉
          And the first three (or should I say 2) are Picolas'

      • timarnette

        Very nice Tim.

  • RealGame22

    Wonder how it compares to Sapphire?

  • Sanman8285

    can this be installed on an Eris??

    • Short answer: Answer: NO.

      Long answer: “the Droid 1 hasn’t been forgotten!” It is only for droid 1.

      • Sanman8285

        Thanks for the quick response. 🙂

        • no problem man glad to help 🙂

  • I love BBv0.4 but it just doesnt meet my theme needs like kangerade v5.0.9

  • youngnamlee

    is there a way to get the black notification bar with this rom? Right now i'm on CM6 RC1 and i'm loving the black notification bar 🙂

  • picaso86

    BUT?!!!.. BB4 is running great!!! maybe some minor changes? better battery life? pls someone …..

  • BBfan

    If i install this build will bb 0.4 work on it or is that specifically for the frf84b build?

    • Bret J

      No, this cannot work in conjunction with BB. BB is a full ROM, not just a theme. It would be overwritten by this ROM.

  • El El Kool J

    I am running it now to see how smooth it is!

  • Pete

    Sorry if this is a stupid question, but I was under the impression that the baseband would also be updated in Froyo for the D1. Is that not the case, or do these leaked builds just not include an updated baseband?

    • No included updated baseband. We already have received two new basband for froyo, check out rom manager and then bugless to get the newest one.

      • Jonathan

        I am going with Pete here….for the people with unrooted phones…are they still on the 3p baseband? I am too…and I just want to wait and see what the official baseband becomes because I don't wanna do something different than what Verizon kinda wants us to do…

        • If you are not rooted, you won't be able to update your base band, so just wait for verizon to update it.

      • Jonathan

        Or do you think it's no big deal…go ahead and update the baseband figuring you could switch at any time after? Have you updated with any differences?

  • Chris Jones

    Are most of the Froyo build ROMs (CM6, BB, etc) performing at about the same level (speed, stability)? Also, how is Pete churning these out so quickly?

    • Chris Nimon

      Mmmmmm, Newcastle. :P'

    • Stinky McTurd

      That's actually a very good idea; Kellex could take all these builds on a control Droid 1and plot the benchmark numbers, maybe with and without some Chevy kernals. 😉

      I'd be interested in seeing numbers every time a new one comes out.

      • Chris Jones

        Thanks. I think it'd help get newer rooted users up to speed about what to expect with each ROM. The information is a bit scattered across several boards right now. Much like Kellex's 2.1 root guide, getting it into a single reference would be beneficial for just about everyone.

        • Kellex should get a help section on this website, and get som experienced droid owners, to help people with thinkgs such as rooting. I would be more than happy to help people out.

          • jiggaman508

            Great idea I would be more than willing as well.

      • Banderberg

        The kernels are all the same – the only difference is voltage which doesn't impact speed, and then what the dev builds into the kernel or builds as modules e.g. Ext2/3/4, Tun, etc.

        None of these guys are making actual code changes to the kernel source that would impact the speed.

  • FrenchToast

    Just switched to Simply Stunning 4.5 😀 have to say i'm thoroughly enjoying it so far. i just miss my NexTang from Kangerade…

    • Tommabray76

      I have to agree…I was running CM6 for quite a while and decided to go with Chevy's SS last night…so far it seems to be one of the fastest and most stable froyo roms yet and runs nice and cool…don't know if I want to give this new build a try but may do so later tonight.

      • FrenchToast

        Plus I've got LancherPro+ running over the top. 😀 finally knocked ADW off the top spot for me… although ADW did just add in theming…

        • tom76

          Yeah..I've been running Launcher Pro since my pre-root days and haven't turned back since. I used to wake up and check for LP updates as Mr. Carnales updates frequently. I can't wait to see what's in store for the paid version as I downloaded it last night.

      • Flyinion

        Yeah I went from Insanely Clean “orange” to SS last night. Loving it. Followed his instructions for his backup/restore script then did a wipe. 5 minutes after first boot my phone was fully functional with everything restored. I was going to try CM6 since I've never tried a CM ROM before but there seemed to be too many release candidate bugs being reported so I decided to hold off. Sigh and here I thought I was running the latest, SS has the google apps from FRF91 but now we have a FRG01 build for the droid (FRF91 was a Nexus build I think I read).

        • if this helps at all. i've been running with CM6. with Juice Defender in the bg. i've been getting great battery life and when you use the jdflg custom kernels meant for CM6 I run with the 900MHz kernel and I get at least 24-30 hours. no serious bugs. and honestly nothing major that makes me hate it. so…hope that changes your mind 🙂

    • Michael

      I suggest running Sapphire 0.8.4 with the NexTang theme.

      • FrenchToast

        SS 4.5 is now based off of FRF91… why Sapphire 0.8.4?

      • FrenchToast

        Wasn't signed in there for some reason…

  • Stinky McTurd

    But if nothing is different, why go through the trouble? BB 0.4 is plenty stable.

  • I can't wait to see what Pete whips up in BB 0.5. Hopefully it will make the Droid 2 jealous!

  • Josh Sheffield

    Cannot wait for the next version of BB to drop…should be absolutely smokin'

  • haha, good job JAYDEE56.

    I'm guessing this is for rooted users only

  • Jamerson90

    i would, but im liking CM6

    • Stinky McTurd

      Have you tried BB 0.4? I'm interested in CM6 but I'm really rockin' with BB and hate to jinx it. If so, why did you pick CM?

      • Jamerson90

        I tried BB, and plenty of other roms, but the features of CM6 is whats making me stay. Its only a RC, so more is yet to come, but I couldnt be happier.

        • Stinky McTurd

          I don't mean to belabor it, but what features do you like that aren't in BB? I honestly don't know much about CM.

          • Jamerson90

            This is the extra little settings menu Cyanogen threw in that noone has.

            (.zip file with the images in it)

            It keeps the stock icon look, and still adds in other areas. I love the “turn over to silence ring” option too 😀

          • black message app. BB's is white and it sorta annoys.
            i like everything dark and mystical! ;D

        • Chris Nimon

          I agree. I really like the icons but even better is being able to change the colors of everything in notifications. Dont like the cyan clock today?, well lets make it red lol. when polished this is gonna be awesome.

      • Chris Jones

        I've yet to take the Froyo plunge and am having a hard time picking the one I want to roll with first. My time is limited so I can't hope through them like some of the other members here. Decisions decisions.

        • Tyler

          Then go with this one, pretty much as close to an official unofficial as you're going to find.

        • Jamerson90

          Why cant you hop through them? Once you get a froyo build, you shouldnt have to wipe data and cache as long as you keep getting a froyo build. I havent done a wipe since I first got froyo, and that was p3droid's release

          • Chris Jones

            Thanks for the reminder. I always wiped with 2.1 builds to keep things somewhat clean, just a habit that I haven't broken.

          • but if you use different ROMs like from chevy or CM or Bug you need to do a full wipe data and cache to make sure everything is clean and that can start over and won't have any bugs.

        • In my opinion, I would go with bugless v.4 as you first one. It is very stable and fast. Then if you have time I would do ss 4.5 by chevy. I haven't tried it yet but I have heard great reviews.

          • Chris Jones

            Thanks for the suggestion, I haven't tried one of Pete's builds before, but here nothing but great things about them.

        • Well I was glad to jump it just made the Droid experience that much better. I found alot of research is best and testing once u do it to find the best for your droid. I found ChevyNo1 has alot of different things with work great on the doid 1 i run his Simply Stunning v4.5

          • Chris Jones

            So many options! haha. Chevy's making quite the name for himself these days. I see SS users pop up all over now.

      • El El Kool J

        @stinky… CM6 has a few extra custom setting you can setup. all built withing the stock setup menu which is really nice. BB.04 has great features too and he built his own custom setting app but seperate from stock menu. both run great though. CM6 also uses ADW launcher if you don't like that you might not want to use CM6.

        • Jamerson90

          You dont have to use ADW. I'm running LauncherPro plus, and before that was launcher pro. I used the stock launcher for maybe 2 days before ditching it and constantly trying out others

          • El El Kool J

            yah that is correct jamerson90.. I should of posted that in there about being able to run any other launcher available. Thanx..

      • I really prefer ChevyNo1 SSv4.3 – v4.5 with LauncherPro lv 1.1GHz its smokin fast with minimal heat , CM6 is pretty good to

  • F.U.B

    • RootReboot

      How do I get Skype app on 2.2?

  • JAYDEE56


    • Stinky McTurd

      Can we please stop this?

      • Paul E.

        Fighting a losing battle there, I'm afraid. I just display the comments as newest first. That automatically makes them LAST! LOL.

        • Tyler

          I can't believe (as of this writing) the first comment has gotten THREE likes, thus putting it at the top of the heat under the “popular” category. Can we have a dislike option so we can dislike comments into oblivion? Then the morons typing “first” might go, “hey look, 239842398742834 people don't like me, maybe I should jump off a bridge instead of typing 'FIRST!!!!!!'”

          • Paul E.

            Look I agree… I hate the “first!” races. I just posted to let people know how I ignore them (or at least make them last instead).

          • Giovanni

            Really though, who cares? There are much more important things to be upset about then about the fact that someone wrote the word first. How bout we all grow up and quit being so whiney.

          • Matdo7

            First to not care about the FIRST flame/troll war and each side who contributes to its annoyingness. One first comment isn't anything to whine about; hundreds of comments complaining for and against the First comment is. I know I added to it with this, but I was hoping to read comments about the build, not all this excess warring bs >_<


          • Wingdo

            That's because this site doesn't have an “idiot” button. If there was one, he'd be first there too.

      • scorpion77


      • Michael_NM

        It looks like Jaydee and Stinky have started a poll. 🙂

    • Tyler

      first loser/moron/person who needs a life

      seriously, really? Every page has an annoying first. I'd like to think Droid-Lifers are better than that.

      • rals

        I agree

        • Stinky McTurd

          haha amber lamps 😉

    • Bako

      You're an embarrassment to Droid owners the world over.

    • Adam

      Kellen, droid-life.com is fast becoming one of the most respected blogs for Android news, due entirely to your hard work and excellent writing ability. Engadget loves to link to you whenever you get a hot new tip, and I'm sure that floods the site with thousands with new readers. Do you really want comments like “FIRST” to be the first thing they see here? Those posts drag down the quality of the entire site and do a disservice to all the blood, sweat, and tears you've put into it. You've got to start moderating comments better, or even set up a registration system so people have to be approved before they can start commenting.

      • ^ Major Dislike Above!

        • Chris Nimon


          • Good form 🙂

          • Chris Nimon

            I knew that critical thinking class would be good for something lol

          • Tyler

            its a pain in the ass to scroll on past when there are 15 responses just to that annoying worthless FIRST post

          • Chris Nimon

            Of course there wouldnt be that many responses if people didn't make a big deal about it

          • rdunseith

            There is actually a script that can remove the FIRST from some forums. Don't know if it can apply to DISQUS or not. I imagine there is a greasemonkey script for firefox and maybe chrome to hide it. If not, it should be pretty easy to write one. Will do some research on it.

      • in what way does the term first detract from the work of the author? and more over, why do you care enough to write an entire paragraph about the subject? wouldn't it be far simpler to say “first comments annoy me?”.

        • Adam

          When Engadget links to Droid-Life, thousands of people come here to read a specific story, but what gets them to stay, read more, and hopefully add the site to their bookmarks or RSS reader? The comments! If a site's comments are crap, people aren't going to stick around or come back. I want DL to succeed, and that's why I care. Why don't you?

          • DL is doing fine, as evidenced by the links from places such as engadget, while comments lead people to get to know the people who lurk/live/visit here, they arent coming here to read xyz's thoughts on the issues, they are coming for the amazing work done by Kellex, period, you dont like it, i get it, we all do, however; your opinion, nor mine will change what is a tradition as long as ive been coming here. First! is a prize to most people here because it means we are the ones waiting with baited breath for the news that android and the community as a whole has something to offer, something to say, or in general is attempting to wow our socks off.

            get over it.

          • Jedi_Gunslinger

            Man I agree with your post 99.362% everything except…….I DO come here to revel in the brilliance and hilarity of one Mr. Tim-o-Tato (damn dashes) who consistently comes thru with the goods, be it in depth info and instruction, or a well timed LOL….lol 😉

          • Tim-o-Tato well i suppose every rule must have the exception that proves it, touche' Mr. Tato, well played sir.

          • Gracias! 🙂
            It truly is a kick getting first, and also being able to help people out.
            I would still be stock and a loser if it werent for DL.com 😛 LOL

          • Michael_NM

            Hey! I'm still stock. Are you calling me a loser? 🙂

          • Noooo. Me? Never! 😛 lol

          • agreed, it is an awesome feeling. i got my first first! today. and im pretty proud of it too.
            i also would be stock and stuck if not for this place.

          • haha I would hate to be marooned in a desert full of people disliking “firsts”. lol
            I think when people find the perfect mix of firsts and helpful information, that's when this site really shines.
            Kellex has repeatedly stated that he doesnt mind the firsts. So as far as any of us are concerned, this just brings more traffic and hits for him. Which is great. lol

            Thank you for the props! And sorry for my -dashes- 😛

          • are we seriously in a fight about the whole first comment thing? everyone does it on every site you go to, your not going to be able to stop it. people do it on engadget too so stop whining and forget about it, who cares if people say they're first…I sure don't.

          • not a fight at all, it was a level headed discourse over certain peoples angst about a five letter word, which seems to be finished mercifully.

          • ReebyWantsYoMom

            “first” off this is why I love it here lol. this has to be by far the longest post about firsts to date there should be some kind of award given out 🙂

          • jiggaman508

            I second that

          • balthuszar

            adam, i didnt stick around because of the comments. i stuck around because this is one of the top sites to get droid-related information from. if the content of the site is phenomenal, which it is, then the comments wont really matter. i actually pity the people that sit on this site all day just to get a first in. my phone is important to me, but i do not NEED to be up to date 100% of the time. i check this site, maybe twice or thrice a day. other than that i have a life. before anyone jumps me about this, i realize that some of you have a job where you sit at a computer for 8 hours a day, and this was my dream job before life smacked me upside the head and told me i was going to have a manual labor position. anyhow, the only people i pity more than the ones who must post “first” to the article are the people that make a big deal about it

      • Nölff, esq.

        It's a mole hill, not a mountain.

        • Adam

          Low-quality comments will keep DL in the minor leagues, where we don't deserve to be.

          • Chris Nimon

            I would have to say DL is most definitely Major league being that it got props on the Verizon website 🙂

          • Firelight

            @Adam – you do realize you are the ONLY one pushing this issue? Not even saying I disagree with you or not. It's blatantly obvious you're climbing up an escalator in the opposite direction…

            BTW: Looking forward to seeing what ROMs get cooked up with this build… especially Sapphire.

      • djenks24

        I don't mind the first thing, what I do mind is censorship. If I wanted a babysitter, I'd get an i*hone.

      • All the guy said was 'First'. He didn't DDoS the site or post a picture of a naked teenager….my god folks, its the INTERNET. Plus…being the first one to post on a topic or thread is just what people do. I think it's funny, at least people aren't posting first, second, third, fourth, and so on lol.

      • All the guy said was 'First'. He didn't DDoS the site or post a picture of a naked teenager….my god folks, its the INTERNET. Plus…being the first one to post on a topic or thread is just what people do. I think it's funny, at least people aren't posting first, second, third, fourth, and so on lol.

      • CyberPete

        I agree that it really detracts from the forum, especially when a great breaking item is linked to Droid-Life from other sites, but there are morons with no life and absolutely nothing to offer on every blog. There's nothing wrong with stimulating some controversial conversation on a blog – why I’ve even done it myself on occasion. 🙂
        We’ve given @JAYDEE56 his feeling of self-worth for the day by proliferating his idiocy in the thread. He's contributed to the very best of his abilities… Look, Engadget readers understand that there are losers everywhere, let’s just ignore it and discuss the topics!
        Peace out.

      • First, First, First, First, First, First, First, First, First, First, First, First!!! Nothing You Can Do About It =)

    • rockymtnhigh

      Nobody really cares if somebody is first. Lets just focus on meaningful comments.

    • Jedi_Gunslinger

      Let me be the “first” to welcome the new (and uninitiated) guys…glad to have ya, but just know things are done a little different 'round these here parts, and that's what makes it great!! Can the “1st” post get annoying at times? Yes. But so can your 5 year old nephew at the family BBQ, but he's still family…and so it is here as well, more than just a community but a very large, extended, and without a doubt dysfunctional (but in a good way) family… =] Hope you enjoy your stay with us.

    • Rdburke

      Everyone is making a big deal over this post, I wanna know about the rom. Does anyone care about it? Anyone having issues? GEEZ people!