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Rumor: DROID Incredible OTA Halted? Froyo Added?

Been wondering why you had not seen the Droid Incredible OTA update we were reporting on over the weekend?  According to a BGR source, HTC is adding Android 2.2 to the package and plans to release it by the end of July or the beginning of August.  Yes, you just read that correctly.

Here is the tip and what the update will include…

We are targeting the end of the month/first part of August. As a reminder, below are the highlights:

  • Froyo
  • 802.11 n
  • 3G Mobile Hot Spot
  • HTC Widget: Email
  • HTC Widget: News
  • EAS Updates
  • 720p Video Recording
  • Amazon MP3
  • Skype
  • My Verizon

We had been hearing “end of 2010” from HTC in recent weeks, so this news comes as quite the huge surprise.  This would be one of those rumors we are crossing every finger and toe on.

Excited DI owners?

Source: BGR

Cheers Stan!

  • Rcourtney

    Hope this fixes the fact that none of my 3 BT headsets will work with the HTC Incredible

  • Rcourtney

    Hope this fixes the fact that none of my 3 BT headsets will work with the HTC Incredible

  • This is great.. as long as its true.

  • Jpschreiber

    This would be very good news. I am looking forward to getting this rumor confirmed.

  • Debbie Downer

    My friend Bernard is very gullible and believes everything that is posted on this website. But he doesn't know that it's the goal of this website to get people really excited about stuff so that they keep coming back. I hope you guys aren't going to disappoint my friend Bernard. He's really pumped about his Incredible and would love nothing more than to have new cool features.

    • B-zilla

      take your iPhone fanboyism and fix the antenna issue. Bernard sounds like an optimistic genius that is excited about beefing up the DI

  • deladroid

    Wow, HTC will put all the “Sense takes longer for them to get us updates” talk to rest if they get us Dinc owners Froyo that much sooner. That's 5/6 months!

  • trombone dixie

    It would be awesome if they included an option to switch from Sense UI to Android UI.

  • Secretaznman68

    I honestly could not understand why Verizon would sell phones that pretty much competed against each other. The Incredible comes out and a few months later the droid x…both of them you can argue which one is better but the droid x is obviously the newer one. Why would anyone go for the Incredible? Giving it 2.2 first will make it more desirable. Giving the Droid X 2.2 first will totally make the Incredible not worth purchasing…logic goes to the rumor.

    • WhereIsTony

      Not everyone want a huge phone. Verizon does not care if the phones compete as long as the customer uses verizon.

  • WhereIsTony

    Now all we need is a decent dock….

  • mrchambo

    lovin' every minute of this one…


  • Nybeeks

    Very excited!! Hope this is good intel!

  • Darin

    OK…I just rooted my DI…last week. Deleted the bloatware apps such as cityID, and did nandroid and Titanium backups. I understand that I must un-root so I can take the new OTA update and get the 720P and other benefits of the update… I used unrEVOked3 to root my device. A am a noobe to all this. A few questions:
    1. When I un-root, will I lose all my apps and have to re-install them?
    2. Will the unrEVOked3 process work if I run it again after I get the OTA update to re-root my phone? Or will the rooting process change?
    3. The unrEVOked3 process installed ClockWorkMod. Will that be removed when I un-root, or does that stay?
    4. Will the OTA update require reinstalling applications, etc. If so, can I use Titanium Backup to restore?

  • mgavina23

    hope this is true.

  • digitalicecream

    Here's a request: how to properly unroot from a post leaked OTA update. As I understand it, trying to go back to stock downgrade is not an easy task due to HBOOT being updated…

    • PSU

      adrynalyne over on Androidforums has a way posted way to get back to the old HBOOT

      • digitalicecream

        got a link for us?

        • SiNep

          This is much easier. He has two videos on this page. one to revert back to unroot if you installed the leaked OTA and one to unroot normaly. I followed the Video to a T and it works. Its not complicated either. Worked first time in less than 10 minutes.


          • digitalicecream

            Too bad I can only give you 1 like. Thanks a million…



  • Evermour

    Im scared to get my hopes up again..

  • About a week ago I went into a verizon store to get some opinions on droid x vs. incredible, and mentioned earlier froyo as a benefit to the x, one cs rep had no idea what froyo was, the other said she had spoken to an htc rep that day who said it was coming in 4-6 weeks (corroborating this rumor).

    I went with the x, in part because I didn't believe her. for other reasons, I stand by my decision. Though I, for one, don't feel I'd have much to gain from rooting, so for others debating between the two, the challenge placed by the locked bootloader could make the difference.

    • JRAM223


  • WhereIsTony

    So I take it that means they will release it to Verizon early auguest and verizon will take a month or two decding what to block.

  • digitalicecream

    the update we detailed earlier was actually the first part of a two-part process for introducing Android 2.2 (not unlike what we’ve seen before with upgrades to other HTC Sense devices). If the tipster’s to be believed, they’ll be consolidating the two updates into one sometime before mid-August.
    802.11 n
    3G Mobile Hot Spot
    HTC Widget: Email
    HTC Widget: News
    EAS Updates
    720p Video Recording
    Amazon MP3
    My Verizon

  • digitalicecream

    I heard this also from a Verizon store owner and dismissed it as a rumor, thinking they were talking about another phone… will be interesting now to see what happens. I'd gladly unroot for this.

  • I'm very excited but you can already get the Amazon MP3 off the Marketplace

  • Nope

    …..and the new boot screen i take it?

  • Ilhe1s

    Hell yeah I am excited. Good thing I didn't pull the files from XDA, but I did install the new boot animation thanks to Droid Life 😉 Here's to wishful thinking!

  • El El Kool J

    yah this will be nice.. the Dinc will run so much faster with this froyo update … My girl keeps askin when she gona get the update too..lol


    OH YEAH BABY!!! This is good stuff I can't wait!!!

  • Doubt it. It would have to go through internal vzw testing again.

  • Rachel

    Anyone HEAR when the original DROID wil recieve the 2.2 Froyo update?? Im ready to call and start bugging the crap outa them!!!

    • jonathanrappleye

      My friend has the Droid, and he's called Verizon a couple of times asking about the update and everyone has given him a different answer. So good luck. Haha.

      • digitalicecream

        Truthfully, just root it and install BB .4 and you'll have Froyo…

  • derick

    I just rooted my Dinc, will i have to unroot to get this? I havent installed any leaks or custom roms yet.

    • yes

      • derick

        That sucks.. lucky, from what i have learned from my research, its fairly easy to unroot.

  • Qmartman711

    after seeing the HERO debacle..i'm too scared to believe!

  • Mrpicolas

    Moto being beat by HTC on an update? Who are you and what have you done with Kellex?? Lol…

  • SiNep

    Very Excited!! I just rooted (new to rooting) my incredible, will i still get the OTA update are will i have to unroot?

    • digitalicecream


  • DeNon

    all this talk about these current phones… I am wondering , since i have an upgrade eligibility as of 8/20, if I should wait for the next wave of processors. I heard something about a dual core Moto…will that be out before Xmas?

  • Scotty89

    excited DI owners? Yes….but I will reserve my “Giddy” until I get my notification that its a Go. I was very disappointed over the weekend. Imagine a kid from the South that gets a promise of snow in the forecast and then gets nothing but cold temps. That is how my weekend was after not getting the OTA.

    • Man…living in texas, i understand your pain lol


    • kellex

      Amen to that. Sense gallery is awwwwwwwwwwful.

      • couldn't agree more…tried using the 3d gallery but encountered too many fc's

        • digitalicecream

          download the file, save it to SD, then open ASTRO and install (make certain to check the box so you can install non-market apps). Enjoy your stock Gallery app. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?…

          • rebelz13

            Off topic, but is there a way to make you pictures save to the SD card on the Incredible instead of on the phone????

          • digitalicecream

            Yes. its in the options settings of the camera,

  • 2.2 on the dinc is gonna kick some ass

  • so the link shows an email from HTC…i would assume verizon has to ok the release? If so, are we talking another few weeks past the late july/early august target before we see the updates hitting our phones?

  • isn't gingerbread android 3.0 or what ever number it is suppose to rid of custom ui in the future

    • EggoEspada

      Supposedly yes..

  • Youngdrake

    I hope this is true, I have been refreshing my software update button every hour or so for the past couple of days and was starting to wonder where the ota was. This would be awesome and worth the wait for the 720p video and hot spot on boot animation.

  • Where is my Froyo for the original Droid!?!?

    • kellex

      Verizon is being pretty tight lipped on this one.

      • fbords

        speaking of being tight lipped, wheres that video you promised is “tomorrow” for the unrevoked root for the Dinc?

    • I agree man, when the hell is verizon sending out froyo forus D1 owners?

    • Kirk

      According to twitter the Droid update is coming around the time of the Incredible.

  • Huh, I thought HTC's schedule placed 2.2 for Sense phones closer to the new year.

  • MuddyB00ts

    Is it just me or shouldn't the original easy to update vanilla droid get it first? Or at least have a date? A phone with Sense getting it first just doesn't make “sense”. (see what I did thar? haha)

  • FROYO?!? I was wondering when this latest updated would get pushed to my DI. I guess for 2.2 I can wait till the end of the month. If this really is going to be coming out then, does that mean the EVO 4G would not be far behind since I'd think the major item to port would be the SenseUI bits…?

  • xmas in july

    froyo + 720p is almost like getting a brand new phone.