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Verizon Selling Mobile Hotspot Feature for DROID 1? OTA Update Coming?

Now there is some interesting news on a Friday morning.  A reader sent in a tip that you can now add the mobile hotspot feature for an additional $20 per to the original Motorola Droid.  This comes as a little bit of as surprise and can mean a couple of things really…

1.  Froyo is imminent – We all know that Froyo has a built in wifi tethering system which had been previously absent from leaked Droid Froyo builds, but could have possibly been added last minute.  Seems pretty unlikely though right?

2.  An OTA Update is coming – Similar to the one we featured this morning for the Droid Incredible, we could have an update which would bring the 3G Mobile Hotspot app to the “end of life” Droid 1.  There is a chance it could still come in the future as an option through an update, but we have no word as to when.

Update 1: As one of our readers pointed out, option number 3 should be, “Whoopsies Verizon intern!  Let’s take that option down quietly.”

Update 2: Sounds like it is simply a mistake on VZW’s website.  Mrpicolas has confirmed thru Big Red that this feature is only for the Droid X and Palm Pre and must be activated in the store.

To try to get some answers, I hammered the online sales rep during checkout to try to get him to explain exactly what the feature was and how it worked, but he kept referring me on to technical support.  No official answers, but this is something to keep an eye on. If you feel like playing detective today, let me know what you find out!

Cheers Matt!

  • Radicall

    I use Barnacle. You need to root the phone, but after that Barnacle allows for Wifi-tethering (making your phone a Mobile hotspot). don't want to have to hold the phone and the laptop. Phone stays in the holster, laptop surfs the net.

  • So are you telling me were going to have to start paying 20 dollars MONTHLY for 3G mobile hotspots (to tether wirelessly), ON TOP OF the already 30 dollars a month we pay for unlimited internet that supposedly has a 5Mb cap. Come on big red. Starting to get rediculous!

  • Wifi Tethering (no cable) is working for me right now. Im using Insanely Clean 2.2 Build on a Motorola 1 and both Barnacle Wifi and Wifi Tethering Apps work fine. Tested on my Linux laptop and Apple iPad, haven't tested the ports for use other than web surfing.

  • Sam

    When I got the Droid back in May, the Broadband Connect option was on the Verizon website, but within a couple of weeks it mysteriously disappeared and I have never seen it since…until now. I'm thinking the first time was a mistake, this is, in my opinion “legit.”

  • So does this mean there is no froyo update coming to some of us DROID users who have had it since they launched it??

  • Justadrv

    Do i want to DL the ota 2.2 or do i need to root will i be better off ? thanks sorry im a noobie with the droid

  • Great feature.

  • poeddroiduser

    “Whoopsies Verizon intern” Or more accurately….
    “Whoopsies EX- Verizon intern”

  • Aronning17

    Funny, I get mobile hotspot for FREE thanks to root access 😉

  • timarnette

    I have a question please. I want my Droid 1 phone number on my Droid X and the new number on my Droid 1. Is this something I can do or do I have to call Verizon? Thanks a lot.

    • Yea, Call Verizon. They can hook you up…

    • Chris Nimon

      if you have an extra phone laying around you can just *228 and switch the numbers around. otherwise verizon will do it. weve done this several times as we keep using our 4 kids upgrades (hee hee)

  • El El Kool J

    wifi tethering??? We've had that for months now.. this must be for those who pay for features … lol..

  • huskerjack

    i've been tethering my droid 1 thru Easy Tether app for months – does this change now mean i won't be able to use the app to tether for free anymore??!!

    • huskerjack

      (i'm a non-root/stock droid user, btw…)

    • Tom

      nope, you are still good…

    • Radicall

      I use Barnacle. You need to root the phone, but after that Barnacle allows for Wifi-tethering (making your phone a Mobile hotspot). don't want to have to hold the phone and the laptop. Phone stays in the holster, laptop surfs the net.

  • Its off

  • Gomaze

    This line item is all so on the Incredible page when you go to select what features you want on your plan. $20 is the listed price … totally sucks when you get this “feature” on Sprint for the monthly service fee.

  • SumanMD

    Cool ..but I rooted so I think I'll stick to the awesomeness that is Wifi Tether app

  • This brings up an interesting, related question which will have to be addressed soon – will people who have custom ROMs unroot for official Froyo? I doubt I'll unroot, even if it includes wifi tethering. What about others?

    • mkregs

      I doubt that I'll be unrooting either. WiFi tethering is not a big deal to me. I don't mind tethering via USB… the “Tether” app has worked well enough for me in the infrequent situations where I can't get other connectivity to my laptop.

      • i have tried to tether my phone and laptop.. verizon wants money.. how do you use it for free?

        • mkregs

          Follow link:

          I've only needed it a couple times and it's done pretty well for me. If they begin charging for the app, I would pay if it's not too steep. But, I'm not interested in paying a monthly fee. I would imagine that most of us feel the same, due to the fact that we're already paying a good sum for a call and data plan.

        • Shawn2774

          use PdaNet. It will cost a one time fee to get the full version, currently on sale for $18.95
          Information here:

    • Tom

      Why would anyone unroot? Didn't they learn their lesson the first time with the 2.1 unrooting fiasco? I mean come on, you know you'll only want to reroot, so why bother? Stock will never, in any way, be better than a custom rom…

      • It is at least *arguable* that stock Android is more stable (longterm) than most of the custom ROMs. For some people, that's pretty important.

  • Kaufkin

    or option 3: somebody at big red set the wrong flag on the D1. 😉

    • kellex

      Hah yessir. That is the most likely scenario.

      • Kaufkin

        (reading comments below) which begs the question: do we have any rumors of impending locked bootloaders for D1?

  • tbaybe

    months ago a Verizon support person also told me that tethering was something coming soon to Droid.

    • Was it while they were trying to sell you a phone?

      • tbaybe

        NO, i was calling in for support, and it was someone on the support line

  • kulz

    -will not pay premium for tethering….

  • YankInDaSouth



    • 1bad69z28

      Long Live Droid 1 and know it's time to ROOT my Droid 1 lol

      • YankInDaSouth

        You gotta do it!! Just follow the instructions on this site and you'll have NO problems! I did mine a couple of weeks ago and have been loving every minute of it! Just wish I did it sooner …

        • 1bad69z28

          Thnaks man, yeah I should've have too :), I am hoping Motorola comes out
          with the 2GHZ Droid phone that wil be sweet 🙂

        • Anonymous

          I apologize for sending this so late http://1stopdrop.com/about.html Enjoy it!

  • MuddyB00ts

    First… Looks awesome, is this why they locked the bootloader or will we be able to tether the X for free with root?

  • Guest