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DROID X Scavenger Hunt Winners List

Keeping track of the @DroidLanding DROID X scavenger hunt so that you don’t have to!  Here is the list of winners in case you missed your opportunity and feel like stalking someone.  The Twitter account for the hunt is also deleting their coordinate posts so grouping them all into one was just so much easier…

1.  Jose Larrea – Las Vegas
2.  Todd Leykamp – Los Angeles
3.  Justin Schauer – San Francisco
4.  Francis Choung – New York City
5.  Louis Cantoran – Dallas
6.  Ted Webster – Orlando
7.  Christena Berner – Seattle
8.  Alex Abenoja – Birmingham
9.  Chris Bamman – Nashville
10.  Matt Garza – Houston
11.  James Stepanek – Oklahoma City
12.  Andrew Webber – Cleveland
13.  Michael Inglet – Buffalo
14.  Ryan Wallace – Chicago
15.  Marc Martinez – Denver
16.  Brian Luckerman – St. Louis
17.  Stephen McGee – Detroit
18.  Kelly Altmann – Minneapolis
19.  Joseph Umanzor – Philadelphia
20.  Karen Hennelly – Boston
21.  Blake Ourso – Washington DC

Congrats to those of you who made it to each spot first!  It doesn’t appear as if any Droid Life readers snagged one, but we heard from many of you that came oh so close.  This was definitely a fun and well received promo.  Nice work VZW.

  • Fordsuperduty350

    what you have to be in a major city to win ,,,, wtf ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, up your VERIZION

  • They need to do this with every Droid for now on. Oh and this is my first post yes finally!

  • They need to do this with every Droid for now on. Oh and this is my first post yes finally!

  • I second that Andrew- I am a reader and i won #8- Birmingham

  • Thatrandomguy

    I was soo pissed i almost won Droid X number 2 me and my sister went to the griffith observaotry thinking it would be there then we decided it wasn't and went down to the streets of LA when they gave away the Coordinates we were only 10 min. away but thanks to the freaking LA traffic we got there a little late 🙁

  • Jeff

    my wife and I along with a friend of ours were downtown St Louis yesterday to try and find that one. from the clues we thought it would be by busch stadium as did many other droid users..
    when they finally posted the coordinates everyone took off like roaches when the lights come on but unfortunately it was hidden at forest park. by the time we got back to our vehicle to head that way some tourist had already found it.

  • Tam


  • justin schauer

    hi, i'm the SF winner. i've been reading the site quite a while since i had the Droid before i won the Droid X (in fact, in my video you can see me using TeslaLED to find the card ;). just got back from PT for my shoulder surgery…i tried to post this comment while getting iced down, but unfortunately the comment system isn't Droid X friendly! i couldn't get past the login popup.

    i couldn't believe that i won…i've never won anything this big before. anyway, great site, hi to fellow winner Andrew, and sorry to the person that was on the freeway when i found it!

    • wtfmate913

      congrats man, definitely bookmark this site, kellex tests and reviews just about everything you could ever want on a phone I wouldn't have half of the cool applications i have now without checking droidlife daily

      • wtfmate913

        just realized you've been a reader for a while haha nvm

  • wtfmate913

    wasted a buncha gas trying to get to the los angeles one hahaha

  • Ofcmad

    Apparently Moto/Verizon thinks Atlanta sucks? I'm pissed.

  • Tuna

    Just got mine…. AWESOME!!!!

    Just one question, any way to get the market to auto download programs that I didn't pay for???

    It's just installing, or informing me to install programs that I purchased, free ones don't show up.

  • This is my first post on here. I've been reading droid-life for a few months now and I follow this site faithfully to get all ofy droid news.

    I just want to let you know that I was the winner in Cleveland. When they asked me about how I started following @DroidLanding, I mentioned this site, but they haven't posted my interview from winning on youtube yet. I'm hoping they'll put that clip on there for you guys.

    Just wanted to let you know that one of your readers did actually win.

    • Chris Nimon

      so you won the droid x, read this site, and gave Droid-Life credit for helping you find the Droid X? OUTSTANDING, congrats and welcome.

    • Mrpicolas

      in akron here congrats almost went to cleveland to try and find that one lol….

    • kellex

      Holy S! You won! OMG! We'll be watching for that video. That's amazing!

      • Mrpicolas

        here an article from downtown news in Cleveland http://downtown.woio.com/

      • Michael_NM

        @DroidLanding just posted the video of Andrew's win, but the #&@%^!(s edited out the Droid-Life reference. 🙁


        • Chris Nimon

          wow, that was pretty crappy of them, but I bet they smell as fresh as a summers eve ning 😉

    • 1bad69z28

      Why to go Andrew a man after my own heart ha ha, I tried for the one is San Francisco, me and the family was coming up the highway when the coordinates flashed and I knew I wasn't going to make it Damn 🙂 Good Job :)!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Michael_NM

      I wish I could “like” this 1000 times. It's fantastic to hear that Droid-Life was represented. Congratulations Andrew!!!

  • GeauXtigers

    What the hell? They put X's in Detroit and Cleveland but not in New Orleans? New Orleans is worlds better than those two places despite the hurricane and spill. Not to mention we got more names with X's in them. VieuX Carre? BoudreauX? ThibodeauX? I mean this is the land of the X.

    • RollWave

      I'm with ya…
      I'd have been all over one if it was here. Won't BUY a locked bootloader, but I wouldn't mind finding one

  • I can't believe they didn't have one in pittsburgh! Wtf?

    • they were afraid ben roethlisberger would find it and try to have sex with it…

  • evltwn

    I'm very disappointed that VZW didn't do one out here in Phoenix. I was really looking forward to trying to win one since I'm not due for any kind of upgrade.

    • Guest

      Yeah, the 5th largest city in the US and we got the shaft. I live in Phoenix and was hoping for some love. Too bad.

      • evltwn

        When the tweet came out for #10, “High heat low humidity” I thought for sure it was Phx. Then when they said it's in a state big enough for 2, I knew we were getting screwed. -1 for Big Red on that.

    • Rizzidy

      Agree fully.

  • 652059

    Wow, didn't know they did one in Birmingham. Wish I could have found out about that one. Still not worth being a twittering twit using Twitter even for a free Droid X though.

    • 652059

      I just found out that it was only 1 block away from where I work. Dang.

  • Br_d

    Bummed that they didn't do Indy. Oh well. I'll still follow DroidLanding and maybe they will do a Droid 2 giveaway.

  • jacob

    so jealous

  • legoturtle92

    I was the 10th person to get to the NYC one.

  • keithsmith22

    I was really bummed they didn't do one in Atlanta. Then again, I guess they figured a homeless man would have found it before anyone else so the promo would have been useless.

  • I went to the one in Nashville. It was fun! I wish I had stuck around though since they did a drawing, I could have had a chance! I didn't realize the kid who had originally found it was 17. But it was still fun to see so many people with Droids running around looking for it.

  • Erik S.

    so this is kinda off topic but im about to root my droid and i was wondering what all these things like basebands, kernals, and builds are before i do it. can anyone help me out?

    • digitalicecream

      If you're talking about the Incredible, just wait for the OTA first and then go check out the XDA forums for more info. Right now there isnt a ton you can do with a rooted incredible so if I were you I wouldn't bother until CM6 is fully tested and released, its still in RC1 status. There just isn't enough out there (unless you consider a skin worth rooting) for you to bother today. Maybe Monday…

      • Erik S.

        thanks but i have a regular moto droid :/

    • dr154

      check the root(unlock) link here from dl – http://www.droid-life.com/category/rooting/

  • So close to first 🙁

  • Phoxus


  • FIRST!

    YES! I beat Tim

    • haha some people still like to sleep here on west coast. Including me lol
      Congrats 😛

      I'm a disappointed not to see my name up there. The one in SF was impossible to get to at the time of day they sent out the tweet. Would have taken me an hour to get there… 🙁

      • Well here in Indiana we didn't even get one…

        Im just glad my first post was dethroning you… At least on this thread. LOL. I have to do something to keep myself sane while my Incredible is being shipped to me.

      • kellex

        WEST SIDE.

      • 1bad69z28