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Video: DROID X First Impressions

We have only had the new Droid X for about an hour now, but wanted to quickly give you our first impressions and also let you see the device in action.  We’ll have a full review in the coming days after we’ve had a chance to dive into this device; wouldn’t want to short change something this powerful.  For now, check out this quick video…

And we’d love to hear questions you may have about the device.  Feel free to drop them in the comments!

  • Man, iPhone fanboys must be weeping right now. All these awesome devices and updates. Oh, well, that’s what you get with a smartphone that takes 4 years to implement copy and paste and thinks “folders

  • Motorola builds bulletproof phones. I have owned quite a few moto phones in my life and they are always the ones who last the longest. Who cares if the bootloader is locked.

  • Motorola builds bulletproof phones. I have owned quite a few moto phones in my life and they are always the ones who last the longest. Who cares if the bootloader is locked.

  • I am fairly sure that your Droid X is well on its way to get processed and shipped. I think this order status wording is just to cover their collective butts after what happened with the Incredible.

  • Well he droid X wonder why verizon is so nice for letting us upgrade this early… h by the i wont get it till the 23rd though Thanks for sharing these useful information!

  • Crabs

    The bootloader is not the boot image. The bootloader is what installs ROMs, such as CyanogenMod or leaked FroYo builds. You're a jackass.

  • Crabs
  • Im convinced that these people who are snubbing Motorola, have no life whatsoever. Motorola builds bulletproof phones. I have owned quite a few moto phones in my life and they are always the ones who last the longest. Who cares if the bootloader is locked. There is more to life than a stupid phone. Get over it!!

  • droiduser

    I like the Droid X, but my only complaint is the sound quality is poor (ringer, notifications, media) compared to the Droid Incredible and the Original Droid….I wonde if there is a way to fix that?

  • chops5648

    Ordered mine over the phone today through verizon. LOL no problem getting 2 year price, i got the oringinal moto droid when it first came out, i was at the store and just looking at it by the end i was like i must have it, no argueing with verizon or anything she checked with her supervisor 2 minutes later ok no prob you wll get it on the he 23rd. they were to nice and easy to let me get itlol, well bye bye to the best phone i ever had MOTO DROID and hello to the next

  • chops5648

    just ordered mine over the phone. No problem on early upgrade I got my moto droid when it first came out and they let me upgrade my phone with 2 year agreement price this afternoon for the droid X wonder why verizon is so nice for letting us upgrade this early… h by the i wont get it till the 23rd though

  • Tylerkemet

    And has ne one gotten a picture of a tiny droid with and Exclamation mark nxt to it..bc it did this reboot thing and wouldnt come on for about an hr..am i the only person this is happening to..?thnx

  • Tylerkemet

    yea i got mine yest its amzing..tho i didnt use it much..turned on battery saver..and sitll by hr six of a full charge i was at about 1/3 battery..o well..

  • i woke up at 7am on weds for work… worked til 6pm.. got off went a friends house… then at 12am went to our verizon store… we played football and cards… we were 3rd in line… after i got my phone went and worked till 630pm got home and crashed round seven…. did not sleep for 36 hours…. and my new DROID X was TOTALLY WORTH IT

  • droidguy38

    Ordered mine online yesterday at 10AM on verizonwireless.com. Checked order status religiously and now it says there is an inventory issue. Very frustrating especially when I felt I ordered timely on their website. Same issues for anyone else? Here is the line:

    Order Status: Your order has been processed and will be shipped based on inventory availability and shipping method. You will receive shipment notification and tracking details via email.

    What a bunch of bull…….. 🙁

    • Joesred

      I ordered mine at like 12:30 a.m. July 15th…..my order status said the same thing. As of a few minutes ago the tracking number has it as on a delivery truck right now. So…..I am fairly sure that your Droid X is well on its way to get processed and shipped. I THINK this order status wording is just to cover their collective butts after what happened with the Incredible.

      Glass is half full dude…all is well.

      • Joesred

        As of right now on the verizon web page…there is a ship by date of 7/23. You can check your email for shipping info…or call verizon directly and ask about your phone.

  • Low023

    Just had a brick scare, apparently if you run the battery all the way down and it powers down you must leave it charging for a good 15 min or so before it can boot. Thought I had more than a dead pixel to worry about.


    • Stephen

      I believe the D1 is like that too.

  • Pilarjonas

    hi guys i posted b4 i just wanted to know if you guys google search say frogs and go to images on the moble google not classic can you open the picture link, i noticed in google moble mode when i search for images and the pictures come up i cant click on the pictures

  • SB0b

    Does it have the standard android-music app?
    Is there a blur specific musicwidget? (i saw the standard one in the video).

    sorry for bad english 😉

  • Love mine. 🙂

  • Nathan

    I was wondering if it was running 2.1 or 2.2?

  • Austin

    for the people who say this phone is too big are very uninformed and/or have never picked one of these things up in person. Set the phone down and put a droid on top of it. The droid x literally is only a few millimeters longer and wider than the DROID, but thinner and twice as light IMO. You will never tell the difference in your pocket. It was when my roomate got the evo that I realized that these 4.3″ phones are fractions bigger than 3.5″ phones ( because the bezel wastes so much extra space on the 3.5″ phones) But I will take those few millimeters in surface area larger any day of the week for the amount of extra screen space. Typing on the droid X is absolutely amazing I can confidently say I am noticeably faster than a physical keyboard on my old voyager.

    Other than that I've only seen a one or two comments stating the UI is slow at times. This couldn't be more wrong. I owned the DROID since launch day, and put froyo BB 0.3 on it about a month ago later upgrading to 0.4 which OCed the droid to 800mhz and it is crazy how smooth this phone is running 2.1 ONLY! I can't express how unbelievably smooth every transition is. As much as I hated to admit it the iphone definitely was the king of hiccup free stutter free animations. The droid X can take that spot now. when Browsing for example even when the page is loading you can pinch to zoom and it is smooth. I can't say enough goods things about this phone, even tho it can't (as of now) be rooted. The extra “motoblur” features are very cool. I love the pulsating green notification bar when in a call, I love how you can end calls in the notification bar, I love how the city of the caller is listed in recent calls, I love the new camera software and how quick it takes pictures. The social network status' while in calls are pretty neat. I do find some of the graphics a little bland, notably the notification icons and the widgets, but I feel these will be updated with 2.2 next month. I can't say enough great things, if you have an upgrade available I highly recommend it. With how fast it is now I can't even imagine it with JIT.

    • Low023

      It's about the same size as a Droid with a Body Glove snap on protector, just way thinner.

    • i went from a voyager to the droid x also.. and i can text like 10 times quicker

  • Niggy

    my location had 10 and we sold out of our 10. We also ordered about 10 more to ship to cst.

  • Octotron

    This may be a bit dated.. but I went out and ordered my own Droid X today. Going to be selling my original Droid and all accessories. I am SUPER excited about this phone, you have no idea.

    What are your thoughts on your new Droid X?

    Mine is not coming until Monday, so I want some readers opinions on how this new beast stacks up!

  • Low023

    Well I got my Droid X today and I'm pretty mad already, love the phone itself but I have one dead pixel. It's a deal breaker for me I hope when I goto VW tomorrow they will put me on a list to get a new phone.
    Not to be nit picky, but I paid good money and after you notice a dead pixel that's all I can think of when looking at the phone.
    Other than that I love it, coming from a Droid running Froyo BB v0.4 clocked at 800mhz even.
    I would suggest anyone that got their Droid X today it could be a common problem.

  • Evan

    i can't wait for root so i can delete a bunch of these bogus apps motorola has put on this phone… is it normal for phonemakers to do this on android devices? i can't seem to delete any of the stock apps, even though i would never ever use them… my first android device, and that's the only complaint

  • Didn't buy a Droid X today, but I did march down to the Verizon store to check it out. It is impressive, however just too big for my taste. The speed is what I liked most… seemed to go through the paces very nice.
    I love this site even though I haven't rooted my Droid, I'm envious of you guys that have, but with no solution for my Mac, what can I do? No apple fanboy here, but I wouldn't go back to a PC if you paid me, so I am stuck. Still love my Droid and still love this site.

    • Tyler

      borrow a friend's PC?

  • Crabs

    Hello all.

    I have decided to email Motorola informing them of my distaste for their practice of locking bootloaders. I think that if enough people do this, we could convince them to change their ways. So let's all email them! I'm including a copy of the email I sent to them. (PS, I know I have some grammatical problems, I was stupid and failed to proofread before I sent the email)


    I would just like to express my disappointment with your company's decision to lock down the bootloader of the Droid X. I have had numerous Motorola phones, including the Zine ZN5 and the original Moto Droid. My family have been using Motorola cell phones for more than 15 years. It was my intention to purchase a Droid X within the next month.

    That has all come to an end. Your decision to lock the bootloader is completely anti-consumer. It is not harmful to you at all to allow consumers to modify their phone. You may think that you are only alienating the hardcore developers, but that is far from the truth. I myself am not a developer at all, merely someone who enjoys customization of phones.

    Not only are you losing myself and my family members, whom I often advise on phone purchases, as customers, but you are also losing a wonderful reference. Because I frequently change phones, many people come to me for advice on what phones they should purchase. I will no longer recommend any Motorola phone. Just today a co-worker asked if she should purchase the Droid Incredible or the Droid X. I told her that she should not support a company that needlessly restricts the use of a consumer's own property. In any other product but a cell phone, this would not be tolerated. Even in the computers made by Apple (the oft-lauded most restrictive companies), they allow the installation of alternate operating systems. Remember, these mobile phones you sell are really miniature computers.

    Further, I know for a fact that this is not brought on by pressure from the telecoms. I previously worked with a company that was working to release an Android smart phone (though it seems unlikely to see the light of day at this point), and none of the telecoms we had worked with had any complaints of having unlocked bootloaders. This includes Verizon, on whose network the Droid X will be released.

    You are not doing this to avoid warranty repairs on phones that had been improperly modified, because doing so voids one's warranty. This is something that all who install custom ROMs understand. There is no discernible reason for you to be locking these bootloaders. All you are doing is alienating your customer base.

    I hope you understand that I am far from the only person who feels this way, and you will be losing many, many sales because of this. You had a chance to recreate yourself, and bring yourself back to the top of the mobile phone industry. You have shown that you care nothing about consumers, and do not deserve to regain your leadership position.

    By doing this, you are proving yourself to be no better than Apple.

    You can change all of this by releasing unlocks for the bootloaders of your phones, including the Droid X, and by not locking the bootloaders of your future phones.

    Yours truly,

    A former fan of Motorola smart phones,


  • Nabooska

    QUESTION: i ordered my DX online pretty late, 6PM EST, but when i did, there was no red balloon saying it would ship at 7-23. soooo does that mean i squeaked in at the last minute? i went back to check the vzw site and there was the balloon. (any comfort that my phone is on teh waay would be helpful as well 😉 )

    • Joesred

      I recommend calling VERIZON to ease your mind and heart. Trust me you will feel much better.

      • Nabooska

        alright thanks you! 😀

  • Nabooska


  • daltonbrutality

    I'm impressed! Was privileged to play with a friends for a bit today and it is definitely a beauty of a phone. I'd say I'm jealous but that no root jazz isn't for me. Definitely enjoyed the camera the most, the HD recording was awesome and it also took some cool, seamless “panorama” shots

    • Mrpicolas

      the panorama shots would be cool to do wonder if it is in the software side and if the app could be ported to the droid at all???

      • daltonbrutality

        I'm not sure. I know the camera app is definitely different; however I would totally love to see a port if possible. It also had a “multishot” setting which was cool for sequences.

        • Mrpicolas

          Panorama hass to be stitching of some sort wouldn't se why it wouldn't work
          they ported over the desire camera software way back when

  • Joshpaynedesigns

    So this is REALLY weird. I just got my Droid X today. I sat it on the left bottom side of my mac book pro. And the Droid entered the Car Dock mode. As soon as i took it off the mac keyboard the droid reverted back to normal mode. I did it a few times. It was quite weird. haha.
    Anyone else have this happen to them?

    • Mrpicolas

      the droid x as well as the di have a magnetic sensor in them that will put them into dock mode this is how the cardock and the multimedia dock work as well

      • Joshpaynedesigns

        oh ok so this is not a problem then? Thats good 🙂

        • Mrpicolas

          no not at all it is actually a good thing

          • It is better to keep my Droid connected to my home wifi network or just the verizon cell network?

          • Mrpicolas

            If you have wifi available connect it to that it will run cooler not having
            to use 3g all the time and will b a bit faster

          • timarnette

            Very true!!

          • Mrpicolas

            B sides it will automatically switch when you leave the house

    • Low023

      I set mine on the left side of my Asus G7 laptop and same thing lol. Probably the magnet in the hard drive putting it into that mode, wonder if I put it on the other side if it will go into clock mode lol. Never happens on my Droid this thing must be more sensitive.

  • mlawlor777

    i noticed you didnt wait long to root your incredible. if im not mistaken didnt the root just come out today or yesterday? or maybe im wrong and am thinking of another device.

  • Rodeojones000

    I had a chance to look at a working model of the X today. I had no intention of buying it, I just wanted to see what it was like. My impression:

    I HATE it!

    Yep, hate. It's too big. When I put it in my pocket it felt like I was carrying the first giant of a cell phone I got back in 1997. Sure, the screen was pretty to look at, but the size was a definite negative for me. I don't want to be carrying a tablet computer around in my pocket at all times. And MotoBlur (or whatever fancy name it has) was resulting in some huge lag. I compared it to my Droid and my phone seemed much more snappy. And, for equal comparrison sake, I quickly flashed a 2.1 ROM (which impressed the Verizon guy to no end) and my Droid still felt faster (I clocked it to 1.0Ghz – again impressing the Verizon guy). While this phone might appeal to many, it's definitely not for me.

    On a side note, I might be hosting a “rooting party” this weekend with the Verizon employee I met and a few of his friends who all have Droids. Seriously. He said they'd all pitch in for beer and food if I walked them all through the rooting process.

    • Chris Nimon

      sweet. you need to make a t-shirt that says “will root for beer”

    • Komodos

      do you wear skinny jeans or something? I have no problem letting it sit in my pocket. its thinner than my old LG Dare that I just upgraded from, I have no issues what so ever. and big ups on the rooting party lol

    • Tony

      Haha you are probably just mad that you aren't getting a Droid X. Some people just love to bash things they don't have.
      The Droid X is tons faster. The Motoblur stuff can be removed. The X is also only fractions bigger than the Droid, so your size complain is really just you bitching. The Droid dimensions are 2.36 inches wide, .54 inches thick, 4.56 inches tall. Droid X 2.57 inches wide, .39 inches thick, 5.2 inches tall. You put a case on your droid and it's basically just as big and wayyy thicker.

      I hear a whiner. Man don't worry, you can get a Droid X in a few months. “Oh I can mod a phonen with other people's programs I'm sooo fancy.”

      • Brian

        Sounds like someone has some insecurity issues…

      • Rodeojones000

        Nope, not mad at all. I could get an X if I wanted (my wife's had her Droid for only two and a half weeks, so it's still eligible for the trade-in through Verizon). I just didn't like it. And your info about the ability to remove MotoBlur isn't entirely correct. In fact, as of right now it's wrong. You find me one example of someone removing Blur from their X and I'll print off a copy of this webpage and eat it (and record it and send you the video). I just don't like the feel of the phone. It's too big for my liking. Combine that with Blur and the encryped bootloader and it's not the phone for me. Oh, and I don't have a case on my Droid.

        I'm glad you like it though. It's just not the phone for me.

    • t0ni

      Hahahaa, that's awesome! (the root party) I'd go to that just to go.

    • Jjbass311

      youll actually get a 1ghz one day

  • dave

    i was the first to get the X in my city! This phone is amazing! c'mon a phone that can get 1287 quadrant benchmark out of the box, i'm very impressed.

  • Droidella

    is it 3pm Friday yet?

    I CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • timarnette

      Same here!!!

  • Doug0289

    I want to know when 2.2 froyo is coming to droid 1. All this hype over the droid x and nothing about 2.2 for the droid 1. Come on now dont let the first droid be forgotten it is still the best phone out there.

    • LinZbee

      I agree with everything you said. I love my D1 and want froyo…I feel they've put us on the back burner.
      At least give us 2.2 already!

      • Cz

        Root it baby!

        • Root is the only real reason to still own a Moto Droid.

          • LinZbee

            Well, like I've said before Leon, this girl loves her Droid anyway. But I do wish I had your knowledge re: rooting…

        • LinZbee

          I'm quite tecnically challenged, though I really use my Droid-y in so many ways, constantly, all day long. But when it comes to going into the techy area, I begin to read the rooting steps and I don't even understand the directions. Then I start to get very nervous about messing with it and either making a big mistake, or not being able to undo what I did. I'm jealous of all you guys who know how to do all this stuff. I just really want flash 10.1. OK, I'm done.

          • Chris Nimon

            when i rooted i couldnt figure out how to set the alarm clock. I just did exactly what Kellex did after watching the vids a couple times and had no problems at all. Scary the first time – yes. Worth it – absolutely.

          • skltr21

            if you just follow the video and do what he does as he's doing it, you can't screw up. just pause the video while your phone is doing what it needs to do and then pick back up when it's done. its super easy. but if you need help just ask and people can help you out. its not as “scary” as people think. its pretty easy. you dont need to be “techy” to do it.

          • NYCLawyer

            I am a complete newb at this. I was “scared” but I took a chance. I just kept the video up as I went through the process…. I think that the only thing you really have to be afraid of is losing power halfway through the process, so I would probably not do it during a thunderstorm or without a UPS. It worked beautifully. I am a believer.

  • Has anyone tried playing a movie on the x, it's terrible. Please let me know if it sucks on your x. The video is choppy.

    • Komodos

      i posted earlier, download vids that are made for ipods or zunes or psp. runs beautiful. i have pineapple express, book of eli and the hangover and all are smooth and beautiful. 🙂 hope that helps

  • TheGoldenDroid

    Im happy for all you Droid X owners. I think us Droid1 owners have now offically moved into the cult sector (most of us will hang on cause of rooting and changing ROMS)

    Congrats! Quick question tho…How do I increase my quadrant scores.. I really wanna get it as high as I can.. I only got up to 1270 running cyan kangerade at 1.25 ghz!

  • HaloX89

    I got mine this morning and I love it! I'm having a problem right now getting it mounted to my Macbook to transfer music and pictures over though. Anybody else having this problem and know how to fix it?

    • What are you selecting on the droid screen?

      • HaloX89

        I plug in my droid to my macbook and it immediately says on my macbook that “The Disc you inserted is not readable”. I have the option to change the USB connection to PC mode, Windows Media Sync, USB Mass Storage, and Charge Only. None of these work my macbook won't recognize them.

        • Ok I will play with this and let you know what i find out. I used it on linux and it worked fine on USB storage mode, but not pc.

          • HaloX89

            Please let me know! I really want my stuff on the new phone

          • biogon

            Halo — posted a reply to you above, didn't see the thread continued here. LMK if formatting + USB Mass Storage works. I'm connecting to a Late 2008 MBP unibody through a generic hub.

          • HaloX89

            I tried it and it still didn't work. I have a regular white Macbook from mid 2008 running Snow Leopard.

          • HaloX89

            Got it! I restarted my macbook after doing everything you told me and it mounted. Woohoo! Thanks a lot!

        • emac450

          I think I finally figured it out. I actually took the memory card out and tried formatting it (using the usb sdhc card reader) on my mac (in disc utility) – I tried both Mac OS Extended and MS-Dos (FAT) – neither worked. In fact when I put it in the Droidx, it prompted to format the card and came up that it was damaged. *** here's what did work (sorry, only explained that in case someone else tries it and came up with bigger errors): Plug the SDHC card into a usb (using the usb reader) on a Windows XP machine (I have a separate windows work laptop that I used), format the card on that (don't choose quick, just regular format); then plug the card into your Mac (don't know if you need to take this extra step but I did), throw like an image or something on the card so it'll read there's files on it; plug the card back into the phone and mount using USB – should work. After all of that, I've tested unplugging and plugging back in and works every time now. Hope that helps

    • biogon

      I had to switch it to USB Mass Storage AND format the SD card from within Android — that worked for me.

  • I also give two snaps in a “Z” formation to visualizer the audio player, it definitely adds to my listening pleasure, have you seen it yet?
    And the full screen camera and camcorder, two more huge improvements
    I'm lovin my X.

  • DPJ

    I have the same problem, Jason. With this & the D-Inc, it is becoming abundantly clear that the Verizon order system is absolute crap. I ordered my Droid X this morning , 7/15/2010 @ 1:50am EST, with overnight shipping. I received a Sales confirmation email at 1:54am. I never received an email confirmation for shipping today, so I called after work at 5:15pm. According to the representative, my order processed at 4:00pm, and I will be getting the July 23rd batch. I am so pissed its not even funny.

    • Keke

      ummm just to let you know there were THOUSANDS of people before you ordered, and if you read the previous posts by kellex, all the data was backlogged… tough luck

  • I ordered my Droid X at Midnight last night but havent recieved my tracking number from Verizon yet… Has anyone else ran into this problem? Starting to flip out that I may not have my X tomorrow!!1 Someone help please!!!

    • mikehoncho

      You don't get shipping confirmation until fedex scans it out of the warehouse from my understanding. That said it sounds like there may be some issues.

  • RLJSlick

    Man after seeing one of these, I can't wait to see what Motorola and Verizon will pull out of their hat next! IF they have something bigger and better, it's going to have to be something pretty special.

  • wes

    Kellex —

    Haven't read all of the comments so I don't know if this has already been brought up, but have you read the Droid X review posted at Gizmodo? I'd be interested to see if your experience with the phone is the same as their reviewer's or different (regardless, I'm sure your take on it it will be much less hyperbolic).


    • wes

      I guess you have read it. Should've watched the video before commenting.

    • Gizmodo, Kotaku, and all of the other Gawker Media sites are little more than professional trolls. They are the blogging equivalent of attention whores. It's best to simply ignore them.

  • Puffy98

    i need a help!!!!
    i tried my DX for few hours and found out when i use network like GPS or 3G…the back side is getting very warm. is it normal situation for smartphone…it isnt hot but very warm. anyone the same?

    • It's completely normal for any smartphone to get warm, especially when using 3G for an excessive amount of time. My Droid gets extremely warm when downloading large files over 3g (so much so that I cancelled a download for fear of my phone melting). It's usually nothing to worry about unless it's like “burn your fingers” hot, but it definitely takes some getting used to. There are plenty of temp monitoring apps in the market if you're really worried; anything under 120F is perfectly safe.

      • Puffy98

        thank u so much…u saved ma life…haha…happy droid!!

    • Mine does as well. Its normal. thin phone, needs some place to vent heat. My iphone got warm as well.

  • Antthedrag

    Lovin' my Droid X

  • me

    For some reason my Droid1 keeps turning on by itself when im trying to charge it…. any ideas what is wrong…. oh and by the way its stock not rooted

    • ReebyWantsYoMom

      There's a robot in there spying on you lol… they all do that you can't turn it off and charge it'll always turn itself back on

    • skltr21

      haha did you just get the phone??? or if you've had it a long time, is this the first time you've tried to charge it while it's off??? cuz that's just what it does. nothing wrong with your phone…… that's just what its does. =)

  • I like that the Swype keyboard has the voice to text button, just like the native Android keyboard has, and although Swyping in landscape mode can be a s-t-r-e-t-c-h due to the extended screen size over the D1, it shouldn't be long before it feels right.

    • Mrpicolas

      Swype needs to release that on all their keyboards already come on swype we're waiting 🙂

  • Towelie420

    I would like to take this time to celebrate the success of this website. I remember first getting my Droid1. Seems like yesterday I was angrily awaiting my official 2.1 Droid update. Then I got it and was disappointed. So I decided to root. That's when this site really grabs ahold of you. Then recently, we had the anticipation of this new device, the Droid X, and got all of the latest details on it here. Now it has been released, and this just gives me yet another special feeling. This post has been with us through it all. And as I sit here with my Droid X in hand, I must proclaim: Keep the good times rollin'. Hats off to Droid-Life.com. Congrats Kellex!

    • Mrpicolas

      Veey well said +1

    • ReebyWantsYoMom

      Couldnt have said it better myself!

    • Jjbass311

      must be nice to have an x that doesnt freeze and reboot it self every 20 minutes.

  • bill

    I think wirefly still has stock of the droid x because I ordered it earlier today and it has already shipped

  • gamboo

    Droid x is just another reason for my wife to leave me. Boy am I going to miss her. I lust my droid x.

    • YankInDaSouth

      Too funny! I feel ya – ever since I rooted my Droid a couple of weeks ago I can't put it down! My wife is sick of me “playing” with it.

  • k1ng617

    I am a little jealous… nothing surprising there. However, as a Droid1 owner I have been spoiled by new roms -what seems like every day- and I will probably wait until at least year end to see if there's that shocker of a 2ghz phone hopefully w/ an unlocked boot

    Enjoy your awesome new phone people!

    • Uplink

      aww poor you, its okay, the droid is a great phone… but thats technology, leaves you behind fast…

    • Br_d

      Same here. I am perfectly content with my Droid for now. It even has a faster clock speed than the Droid X at the moment, albeit with less RAM. 🙂

    • k1ng617

      I did just run a 1352 Quadrant on my Droid @ 1ghz which for now beats out the “Shadow” < 2.2

  • Can't wait to get mine tomorrow!

  • My question is how did you manage getting the Droid 1 and the Incredible and the Droid X!? Lucky Ass!!

    • Jedi_Gunslinger

      KellExcellence is rewarded…

    • Br_d

      Lucky? Or rich? Kellex = daddy warbucks. 🙂

  • BTW after i cleared all the moto widgets (blur icons) off the screens, the phone started running really fast!

    • Uplink

      lol yea thats why it laggs at first boot cause of all the widgets

      • I really do not care for all the moto blur widgets. Any news on the hotspot usage plan or how well it works?

    • Cleveland DROID X


  • Ok I know I said I was not getting a new DroidX, well I DID get one! The wifey picked one up for me today as a surprise! LOVE IT! Any one having problems setting up exchange server email?

  • Crdelk

    Very nice phone. Went to the store and played with one. To bad Verizon chose not to let you buy one if you are not eligible for an upgrade.

    • just add a line for a year and cut it off

      • timarnette

        That is what I did!!!!!

    • gamboo

      I bought mine for $569. You need to smack them around.

  • Durangojim

    Looks pretty laggy which is surprising. I guess I'll be keeping my Incredible until the next latest and greatest comes out. I want a 720p resolution screen! Is that too much to ask?

  • Jedi_Gunslinger

    Ok, should have PC this w/e and plan to root so wanna ask some final obvious questions (please?) lol… where r the drivers (32/64) d/l and saved to and when/how r they accessed?? Again, thanks for the wisdom and patience

    • davesdroid

      Just look under the Root(Unlock) tab at the top of the page and scroll thru. Kellex has the best how to guides with links to everything you need to root and videos to walk you thru also. Piece of cake. MMMMMM cake.

    • skltr21


      read it THOUROUGHLY and just download everything you need first. then go through the videos following along step by step and just pause it while your phone is working on things. then pick up on the video where you left off when your phone is ready. if you have questions just ask. but its SUPER easy so long as you just follow the directions.

      • Jedi_Gunslinger

        Ok, read again for the ?th time and written directions say installed to your PC and video he says make sure have correct drivers loaded on ur phone…so which is it, does it need be on both or what? And at what point do you install them, before d/l rsd lite I'm guessing since its not shown but only mentioned in such a matter… So I guess I'm looking for the answers to: when and where?? Thanks again…

  • quiklives

    So I got my Droid X today. It's my first smartphone of any kind and I love it. I don't feel concerned about the locked bootloader – yet anyway lol -and I think I've found a few apps I'm happy with.

    Two questions: Specifically, what do I need in order to use the little square barcode looking things to get new apps with? Is it another app?

    Also, what particularly awesome apps would you guys recommend? (One or two maybe, I don't want to hijack the whole post's comments)

    • xyzlene

      beam reader – for qr code (little square barcode)


      shop savy last fm pandora yelp – asphalt – and for r.p.g. – imobsters

    • barcode scanner search for it in the market place. There are a lot of them.

    • Br_d

      Any barcode scanner app will let you scan the QR codes (also known as “barcode looking things”). I think the one I use is called “Barcode Scanner”.

  • Dman27

    I am having so much fun with mine!! Just gotta figure out all the cool stuff it has being iam a new Droider =]

  • Stephen D

    Have you Quadrant benckmarked it yet? And is the touchscreen more accurate and responsive than the Droid 1? What about compared to the Incredible?

  • Sjschwar

    just ordered mine, website says it will ship 7-23… Anyone know if this has gorilla glass like the droid og?

    • Sjschwar

      well i lied, website says it will ship “by” 7-23, turns out it's coming tomorrow.. thanks fed-ex overnight

      • Komodos

        yes it has gorilla glass, I forget where I read it but they had confirmed it.. although I'm not going to take my keys to it anytime soon to find out lol

  • Ruel24

    What stands out to me, in this video, is 2 things: The lag and the crappy (as in all Android devices) touchscreen. Honestly… Can't at least one of these manufacturers put a touch screen that's on-par with an iPhone on an Android phone? They're 2nd rate.

    The lag could be explained by the Motoblur skin, but come on… This thing has major processing power specs and shouldn't have such issues. I guess Froyo will make a huge difference?

    Anyway, I'm still playing the wait game on deciding to get a Droid or if Hell freezes over and Verizon carries the iPhone. I love my iPod Touch but I'd never leave Verizon for an iPhone. I'll see how things shake out after the beginning of the year before I bother to make my move.

    • Towelie420

      Me likey my new droid x

    • k1ng617

      It's more an Android OS issue, because my Droid1 runs my “Launcher Pro” so smoothly I uninstalled the default launcher.

  • Hey Kellex, have you played video on the X. I played transformers and avatar on the phone and it was horrible. the video seems choppy. I played the same video (same sd) on the droid (froyo) and it was perfect.

    • Komodos

      ummm, I have 3 vids on my DX and they are gorgeous! Id suggest downloading vids that are marked for ipod, zune, psp and such.. thats what i did and they turned out great. hope that helps

  • Lt1demon

    Does your droid x battery status show wrong. My phone said 30% life left and then beeped at me and said 5% left and then showed 5% left. I charged it for 20 minutes or so and before turning on, it showed a battery and said 15%. I turned it on and it showed at 50% life but when it got to 30% life again, it went back to the 5%

    • Ruel24

      Is this like the iPhone's signal computation problem? lol

    • Yep, it said 30 and than bam 5

    • digitalicecream

      Did you charge it prior to activation? Most folks couldnt wait… turn it off and charge it for 4 hours or so and then try it again. I'll be thats the problem. Similar to Incredible.

  • Rmellish3

    My new Droid X seems to like randomly crashing… It's happened twice today already. It will just randomly shut down to a black screen and then I will be unable to turn the droid x back on. I've tried replacing the battery multiple times. However it seems to just decide to turn back on whenever it pleases. Is anybody else having problems with theirs crashing like this? Any ideas on what the possible problem could be?

    • EggoEspada

      You might just be one of those unlucky ones with a bad device.
      Try to keep using it and if the problems continues to surface, I suggest go to Verizon and getting a new one.

    • Tuna

      My feeling is 3 strikes and you're out…go to a store they will give you a NEW device.

    • lakerzz

      Make sure you're not using an old bluetooth with it…I used an old wrap around the ear Jabra I found in the drawer…connected it to my D1, and the same exact thing you mentioned happened to it.

    • digitalicecream

      power the unit off or battery pull. place it in the charger, then insert the battery. let it charge for four hours. then see how it does.

    • Reeb99

      Kill off all of the moto widgets you can stand to do without. I was getting a bunch of forced closes before I cleared most of that junk off. Also download a task killer off of the market, lots of stuff keeps running in the background when you don't even know it is there.

      I picked mine up from Best Buy thursday a little before noon. (thank you Droid-Life!) While I was taking care of the contact, a guy walked in and asked if they had them in. Evidently they only had enough to cover the first few pre-orders. After putting on a screen protector and case for me, one of the BB employees pulled out his i*hone. Stared at it for a second, then said to the other, “They really need to make the screens bigger on these.” I couldn't help but chuckle at that.

      My impressions after roughly 24 hours with a Droid X: Keep in mind that this is my first smartphone, but I do have a bunch of friends with droids. Screen size is great for people with thick fingers. Physically it's not much bigger than the Droid, because it's almost all screen.

      Takes good pictures for a phone, but the app needs some refinement. Swipe takes some getting used to, but I'm getting better at it. I REALLY miss having a directional pad or arrow keys when editing text.

      Disliked having a bunch of widgets on by default. Would have been better just to make a setup app letting novice users like me pick what WE want, and let the more advanced users skip it entirely.

      If you already have a Droid, I'd say stick with it for now. There's really not that much of a difference between them other than screen size and no keyboard.

      Now I just need to finish converting over my i*hone toting friend, then peace will be returned to the galaxy.

    • Rmellish3

      Thanks all for the advice, problem seems to have subsided for now… if it keeps happening I will definitely replace it, assuming there are more droid x's in stock.

  • timarnette

    Just got my tracking number for my Droid X Will be at my house tomorrow by 3:00pm. Thank God

  • bravoleader2

    It seems to lag when switching between home screens. Did anyone else notice that?

    • Rmellish3

      I also noticed this problem. I hope this is just the software, graphic intense games work without lag but the home screens lag? waiting for froyo…

    • EggoEspada

      I played with one for a while. It was VERY responsive and smooth with everything. Though it does have that sorta lag on the home screen that I too noticed. I'm guessing its the skin on the launcher, don't think its anything that would affect the phones performance.

  • Dan

    How many people pulled out their phone and looked at it when Kellix's phone said “Droid?”

    It isn't even my notification sound and I still did 🙁

    • lvmydroid

      Hahaha !! Yes I did 🙂 I use it for email.

  • Rabbit_stew

    Got my Droid X at Best Buy today. Synched my contacts from old phone. Then when my 3G went up I synched with my google account and all my phone numbers have disappeared from my Contacts.

    When I go to Contact Search, they're still there. But I cannot get them to appear in the main Contacts directory. Help please.

    • El El Kool J

      go to contact list hit menu then import/export than import from sd card and voila…!!! they should all show up in ur list again..

  • aczm1988

    Im not eligible for an upgrade my contract ends in 2011 🙁 !!!!

    On a side note, does anyone know if my girlfriend could upgrade to the droid x at the 199$ price and then change back to another phone and gave me the droid x?

    Funny i know but im desperate i want that phone lol.

    • aroz

      yes, i have done this with verizon before.

      • aczm1988

        Cool thx

    • paulwspence

      I was able to buy my DX on our business account and transfer it to my personal account.

    • timarnette

      I have do this before no problem. Good luck

    • do it all the time, you can do it

    • Cody

      I actually just did this. Spoke to a VZW rep at my local store and he said they do it pretty often and that it wasn't an issue. Bought the phone on my mother's line using her upgrade(-_-) Unfortunately, though, I didn't get in before they were backordered on the website, so mine won't ship out until next week. = /

    • ReebyWantsYoMom

      Ha that's what I had to do so it better. Best part is I still get to play with the Droid rom's since I'm giving my Droid to her

    • NYCLawyer

      I was told I could use my wife's upgrade and get the DX for $199. Decided against it since in six to eight months, who knows what the Droid X2 will look like?

  • Evermour

    Aha I want that wallpaper for my incredible :3

  • locked bootloader, fear it

  • Outsider_Droid

    What does he mean that the droid one is on the way out? *worried*

  • Michael_NM

    Dr. Droid, if you have trouble getting used to the “physical keys,” feel free to send that seXy beast my way!!!

  • Aaron

    i used the voice recognition for sending a text message and after using it a few times it wont come up anymore.

    • Rmellish3

      I noticed that as well, I think I killed the voice to text app with the app killer though. I'm not sure…

      • digitalicecream

        Why use an app killer on this phone with its battery profiles?

        • Rmellish3

          To kill all of those background apps I forget about

  • Liquidamber5

    Which blog railed on it?

    • probably engadget

    • Michael_NM

      Who cares? This is the only blog that matters! 🙂

      • Liquidamber5

        Uh, Kellex cared enough to mention it in his video…

        • Michael_NM

          True, but he didn't mention the name because it doesn't matter. I took it as a bit of a well-deserved jab!

    • Jack

      Gizmodo. They only like the phone with the Wifis and the more geebeez.

  • Lane

    Where's the lock button on this thing?

    • Jamerson90

      On the very top, in the center

  • nkhex19

    How is the built in speaker compared to the Droid? I like blasting some classic tunes and the Droid 1 has an awesome built in speaker!

    • Pilarjonas

      it sucks compared to the droid

    • I don't think that the speaker sounds bad on the DX But it might be a little softer then the original Droid. Maybe cause the speaker hole is smaller but I still think it sounds great.

  • Pilarjonas

    i was the first lol anyone having problems with google image search i cant click on the pictures that were searched motorola say this phone doesnt suppot that this coming from a level 3 tech

  • Jay P

    I got mine this morning, My concern is the freaking speaker is so shitty compared to the DROID its not even funny. Im watching Youtube videos 24/7 literally the sound is so small, you could the rain drops falling on the ground. So far only negative for me. Let me know Kellex if you think speakers suck or not.

    • Stephen D

      That's not good. The Droid and Incredible have great speakers. I would hate for the X to have a bad speaker.

    • Tyler

      I don't know if this is truly a terrible thing, if it pushes you towards using headphones… People tend to hate me for never using headphones with my droid 1 😛

  • Stephen D

    I see the notification LED is to the left of the speaker this time. On your Droid 1 what ROM and theme is that? It looks like X Theme on bugless beast but with a black notification bar.

    • kellex

      X Theme Kangerade 🙂

      • Stephen D

        Just looked it up and it looks awesome. I'm going to try this for a while instead of BB.

  • timarnette

    How do I chat with a Verizon rep on their web site. I have been to their site and can't seem to find where to start a chat. Thanks

    • kellex

      Only way is to fake like you are going through the order process and then you can talk to a sales rep. They've removed chat from customer service.

      • timarnette

        Thanks kellex

      • kellex can you take a look and see if you can turn off the motoblur or what ever it is called

  • El El Kool J

    Still got 1 in stock here 🙂 this one will cost a few extra benjamins :).. If anyone is near St augustine florida.. get off on SR 16 we ar just west of I95 ..

    • Massa55

      we still have four at the location im at!

    • I thought you were supposed to be getting me my Incredible faster than this? 😉

  • Tkc122

    and SECOND 🙂

  • Tkc122

    FIRST 🙂