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DROID X is Official, In-Store Displays are Go

Today is the day!  The Droid X has finally launched after months of leaked pics, spec speculation, and so much more, it is time for this beast to officially join the family.

Who picked theirs up already?  Send in pics from your DX adventure!

Cheers Drew!

  • Well fortunately I did not have this problem with my X. The only problem I have with it is the fact that it doesn’t ring as loud as the original Droid. I wish the update that’s coming could change that.Thanks

  • Greivousfan

    amazing phone, got it on launch day, few VERY VERY VERY minor bugs, but overall 9.9/10, will get 10/10 when verizon releases update apparently on july 19

  • Greivousfan

    amazing phone, got it on launch day, few VERY VERY VERY minor bugs, but overall 9.9/10, will get 10/10 when verizon releases update apparently on july 19

  • legoturtle92

    If anyone is close to Bayonne NJ there is a verizon store here with about 5 Droid Xs left.

    • legoturtle92

      Also if you want to buy a Droid 1 for $200 and you're in that area let me know ;D

  • danshipiro

    So I was the first to preorder at my Best Buy, and they sold my phone. What BS

  • GNO

    One word….perma-wood!

  • So are you telling me you can't put things like laundry pro,GDE, ECT… in the droid X?

  • Biggs

    Get a life wowow easy killer by modding hacking it is enjoying what the phone has to offer fully If you dont like it dont worry an dont do it to each there own

  • Rmellish3

    how do I remove the case on the back of my droid x…. it crashed…. or is there a reboot trick like on ipods where you hold both menu and play?


    This phone is great! Had no problems picking it up this morning at 9.. Benn playing with it ever since! FREAKING LOVE IT!!!!

  • Just got my droid x here in socal. Woot. Got to the store as it opened so was one of the 1st customers.

    It's definitely a bummer about the locked down bootloader but it's still a good phone otherwise. I'm hoping with all the great revs out
    there that someone will find a fix.

  • Arnp16

    I just spoke with a Verizon Sales Rep, checking on my own order that I placed this morning and was told that Verizon “just sold out of the DROID X…” He said he was not sure what was going on at the warehouse.

  • WHYoY

    Whackkkkkk, I've been to 3 Verizon stores 2 of them “have not got their shipment yet” and one wouldn't sell it to me because I am buying it at retail price!!! These are all in the Los Angeles area.

  • Josh

    my store had 2 displays up plus a table set up with a droid x hooked up through hdmi to a tv. The table was covered in bags of M&Ms with motorolas logo

  • dannydarko

    I got mine loving it. It is the best by far in my opinion now bring on the Froyo 2.2 and crack that damn bootloader, wait my phone will explode ….Yeaaaah right…..DroooooiiiidXXXXXXXXXX!

  • jtbritto

    My coworker and I went to the local Costco here in Greensboro, NC to get her Droid X. $199 straight up, no rebate, comes with a free car charger, case and headset (non-wireless). They had plenty and it wasn't very busy in the wireless kiosk.

  • Tony

    Just picked mine up. Freaking beautiful.

  • Weak I just called my best buy and they only got six in I was number 8 on the preorder list. They said they should get another shipment by next week should I believe this. Few days earlier they told me that they would have enough to meet pre order demands now they don't. I can't order online cause I have no card. N I don't have 350 dollars to buy it at a vzw store

  • Strapharp

    I just picked up my Droid X. I've noticed that several Apps that I had on my Droid are no longer visible on Android Market, (MLB.com at Bat 2010, ESPN Radio, Sirius to name a few) will these Apps reappear in the Market or should I be concerned?

    • BigRed

      I had the same problem when I went from my droid 2.1 to droid 2.2 with froyo… Those apps I was able to retrieve thru the developers websites… Just google what your missing and Im sure you will find it somewhere on the net… after downloading to sd card you can install like any other app. You just have to change in your settings to allow 3rd party applications. Hope this helped.

  • Big_Red_1

    I went to pick up my DX today and Verizon refused to let me upgrade early because my contract doesn't expire until 1/4/2011. If it ended 4 days earlier I would be eligible. WTF!!! I'm on the phone with them right now trying to get them to let me do it anyway, but they don't seem to be budging…$#@!$^

  • Tracy Wilborn

    My Verizon store had 80 of them in stock this morning. I don't know how many are left, all I know is one came home with me. Now all I gotta do is figure out how to use all this stuff.

  • NYCLawyer

    Was just at Verizon Store in Downtown NYC – pre-lunch time – the place was packed – and one DX had somehow died. The phone is very large, didn't feel as fast as my rooted Droid (2.2), which is packed with apps. They have sold out this morning, but expect to have an additional shipment this afternoon.

    I actually rooted for the first time last night, figuring if I bricked my droid, I would just p/u a DX on launch day without pre-ordering :p. I didn't brick it – you guys are great! The D1 is fast.

    One issue is that I grabbed Sligplayer Mobile for Android when it came out. It does not work with Froyo until Froyo is “officially released”.

    *Froyo Lives*

  • Ace Z.

    DroidMod, Pete, Koush, Cyanogen, and JRummy… lets prove everybody wrong and break this bootloader and make it ROM-able!

  • MuddyB00ts

    The Market just hit its One Billionth App download! Viva la Android revolucion!

  • Tkc122

    you know you can trust BGR over an anonymous poster trying to switch people over to iother phones:


  • Ace Z.

    Congratulations to those who have purchased this phone. It's pretty kick-ass! I'll probably wait…

  • I don't care about bootloaders and custom roms. Im loving my droid x. This site looks great on my big screen.

  • Erasmussen14

    Got the X this morning. A tad glitchy, but lighting fast. Sadly though, the market place won't find Pure Calendar Widget (non grid) which is one of my favorite widgets. I tried transferring it from my old moto droid to the X using bump, but after transferring it over, the X still won't install it after downloading it… This is the second time I've had this issue with PCW, it vanished from the market for a while after I updated to 2.2. Otherwise very happy with the phone, and will be thrilled once 2.2 gets pushed out for it.

  • 1bad69z28

    Hey everyone I just read this article off Phandroid:

    “Update] Be Careful When Tampering With the Motorola Droid X: It Could Brick Itself”