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DROID Does 3D Website Action

Been to droiddoes.com yet today?  The dedicated Droid family page has gone full 3D for your viewing pleasure.  And get this, if you have a webcam on your computer, it can follow your every move.  A fun toy to at least capture your attention for a few minutes.

Cheers Eric!

  • ericsorensen

    Two points: I wonder what they do with all those recorded views into people's houses.
    And too bad the Droid X can't view that website like it's intended – it's in FLASH, AND you need a front facing camera! Of course, if you already have an X, you don't need to view the website, I guess.

    • mbaldwin85

      didnt even think of that. but if it was Apple i would have put every parental control on that website imaginable to block it. Jobs is soo shady haha

  • Dave

    The droiddoes website shows the Blockbuster OnDemand app with QR code but no luck getting in the Market. Could my venerable Droid 1 be left out? Anyone else having same issue?

  • djenks24

    OK, the website did its job, I just used my wife's upgrade to order the droid x, boot loader and all. I love that big screen. I just hope the 8mp camera takes pics that I can crop and zoom into. Probably should have waited for the 2 ghz. Oh well:) still pretty excited.

  • Good to know someone spent so much time making a Flash-based page for a device that will be phased out by August. 😀

    • Wow you must have gotten this confused with the iPhone

  • 1bad69z28

    Cool can't wait to see how they launch the Droid 2, this is really going to be inteesting. How do you guys like your new Droid X, so far??

  • Ruddy

    man mad props to that one..
    really interesting!

  • Flyinion


  • Well THAT was creepy. I just clicked around on there and clicked on “Buzz” – and saw my username listed! Apparently it picked up something I posted recently as being about DroidX and worth linking to.

    • Chris Nimon

      Thats pretty cool. Was your comment on PC magazine? When I pulled it up all the comments were from there.

  • nick o

    i got mine !

    • tonytbone7883

      How do u like it so far. any need for more speed?

    • 1bad69z28

      Yes, Do Tell lol Please ha ha

    • how do like it? Are you like me and praying that they'll update this to stock froyo?

  • qmartman711

    hahah, Adobe must be behind this site* as well..

    can only be seen on a flash device*

  • Chris Nimon

    That camera thin is kinda cool, and eerie. Reminds me of the Eyetoy for Playstation.

  • StephanC

    They've really put up a good ad campaign with this one. There was a huge line outside the Verizon Wireless store this morning. People actually had lawn chairs and coolers. Wow.

    • EggoEspada

      Not surprised. This device follows the footsteps of the iPhone's success. The original Droid sold more than the original iPhone, and as long as Motorola innovates and launches a new flagship device every year, it'll be selling as great as the iPhone in its third generation. Telling you, Motorola/Android/Google is the best combination.
      Just wish it wasn't locked down, it would sell even more if it was a developers phone like the original.

      • Flyinion

        Every year? They've been launching crazy new phones in less time than that. Original Droid was November, it's only July and not only is Droid X out, Droid 2 is coming, and then the rumor of the 2Ghz phone. The 2Ghz one might fit the “every year” thing though 😀

        • Zacqua10

          Right the Droid Pro in November.

        • Nik

          Do we even need 2Ghz? That's a lot. Maybe more RAM, and a better battery. Motorola should think about the reviews people give!

      • Shanklin07

        i thought the original droid was sort of locked down also? but it was hacked pretty easy. If im right then maybe the droid x will just be a little tougher to hack and maybe someday down the road we'll be reading a guide to root your droid x!!! Shall we prey?

  • Wow.. they are really going all out on this one huh?

    • 1bad69z28

      Makes you think what will they do for Droid 2, can't wait to see the hype around that launch date.

  • nkhex19


  • jiggaman508


  • Jay P