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Verizon Exclusively Offering 32GB SD Cards with DROID X Orders

If you are readying for the purchase of a new Droid X tomorrow morning, be prepared for Verizon to sneak in a little deal for a brand new 32GB micro SD card during the transaction.  According to the official DX press release from Big Red, they will have exclusive rights to sell the 32GB card before any other carrier.  You can read the full presser here.

Phone Scoop is also reporting that during the sale of a Droid X, you will have the opportunity to purchase these 32GB beasts for $100 rather than the $150 suggested retail price.

Anyone interested?  Tempting right?

Discount Source:  Phone Scoop

  • I got one for $99 for my DI, by itself. Already swapped my 8 out for it and it runs just fine, despite Verizon's claims that it only takes up to 16gb.

  • I got one for $99 for my DI, by itself. Already swapped my 8 out for it and it runs just fine, despite Verizon's claims that it only takes up to 16gb.

  • Mpasque

    Called up verizon and they had no clue about the $99 deal for the memory.

  • ChilliMac

    Why would you have a Droid X and not have a 32gb card? Thats like buying a 6-cylinder Corvette.

  • does that mean the x will have more geebees than iphone 4

  • El El Kool J

    this should be an offer for like a KIN or the Palm's maybe lol.. this phone doesnt need help selling.. im sure its gonna do just fine..

  • 1lionmurrill

    Is the droid x compatible with micro SD HC? I wonder what class this card is. At ,it will probably be class 2. I wonder how much of a differance there will be between class 2 and 4 when transfering 720p video. Does anybody know?

  • Zachstorml

    does rooting your phone delete your contacts?

    • Tyler

      no, your contacts are tied to your gmail account

  • Cacti

    You can buy 32 gb class 2 micro SDHC cards on Ebay for 25 – 35 bucks from reputable dealers. No, they're not SanDisk, but even if they are cheap, I can still buy 3 of them before equaling one of the Verizon cards. No thanks, Verizon.

    • Cacti

      Sorry, I didn't see the comments about them being fake. How come Ebay allows a seller to clearly scam everyone?

      • ebay is in the business of making money from listings. They really don't care what people are selling, as long as they pay their bills.

  • timarnette

    I will be getting the $100 for a 32gb is outstanding. The rep from Verizon is calling me in the morning.

  • Austin

    Just a heads up verizon wasn't allowed to do preorders for the droid x… but I just called the 3 major VZW stores in eugene and they all did “unofficial” preorders behind vzw's back and they are all sold out now

    i got a vzw kiosk to do a preorder for me a couple hours ago

    • GNO

      I was able to weasle the same thing at a store near me in San Antonio. Called the guy today for confirma-TION and everything is on track. WOO HOO.

    • Dang… I hope that's not true for my store! I'm getting there early in the morning and they better have one for me!

  • stynkfysh

    ebay has kingston 32GB micro sd for $100 delivered (or $92 with Bing Cashback) http://goo.gl/VTKx . Am I missing something special here?

  • Rep at my store here says they wont have them… if ya buy it, they will ship, he just dont know when

  • My store told me they dont have them in stores… you buy and they ship them to you…

  • Chyeaaa… NOT! I use the cloud for my music. Screw the extra $100… Unless I need it later. (when it'll be cheaper anyway).

    Actually, if I get a discount on accessories would it be $100 minus my discount? (Hmmmm that's tough to say no to then).

  • Docism

    I got mine 2 days ago.

  • ericsorensen

    According to the DROID X specs: http://developer.motorola.com/products/droidx/
    the Droid X can handle a class 6 microSD card. I wonder what the Verizon one is? My guess, based on $100, is that it's a class 2 and I'm going to wait and get a quicker one at a later time for less money. I think it will make a VERY noticable difference when transfering files with a class 6 card – probably 2 or 3 times faster.

    Now that I think about it – I wonder how fast the 16GB card that comes with the phone is? I know I notice a huge difference in transfer speeds using fast cards on high-speed cameras and card readers. My guess is it's not class 6, because they cost about $60 on-line.

  • paulwspence

    Does anyone know about the early upgrade that was mentioned before, is it on for the dx?

    • GNO

      Anyone with a contract ending by 12/31/10 can upgrade to the DX with no penalty. Scha-wing!

  • This is a good deal for strictly storage of pictures and other static files. At class 2, this will not be good for movie recording and sound playback.

    • tonytbone7883

      Interesting, how many classes are there? Whats the one you need for play back and movies?

    • Not true at all for music playback. A class 2 card has a 2MB per second speed rating. A three minute song would have to have a file size of roughly 360MB to become a problem.

  • 1bad69z28

    Damn some googd deals , I am really going to have to push the wife tonight to buy a Droid X lol

  • paulwspence

    My son just got a warranty replacement droid, what is the best way to return to stock and unroot the phone.

    • MuddyB00ts

      if you have rom manager, the stock images are all there, or you could check the older posts under “root” on this website and they have directions on it using other ways.

    • Tyler

      just flash on the stock 2.0.1 file from RSD Lite, did that once to start back at square one after getting lost amongst my roms and kernals

  • Tabrad

    Why would you not just get a no name 32gb microsd on ebay for 20 bucks?

    • Because they're fake and you get ripped off. Even the one on Amazon is fake. Google it.

    • Manny

      Because all the good deals in flash memory on ebay are virtually fake. They will send you a memory that shows i the computer that has 32Gb (in this case) of capacity, but real capacity is not even near it. They hack old memory cards, or usb drives and sell them.
      Do a google search with the keywords, memory ebay fake….. There is a lot to read..

  • yes, the 32gb card is tempting but i probably wont.

  • WHAT??? “DROID X customers will need to subscribe to a Verizon Wireless Nationwide Talk plan (beginning at $39.99 monthly access) and an Email and Web for Smartphone plan (beginning at $29.99 for unlimited monthly access).”

    I can't get this Nationwide Messaging Plan for Smartphones?: http://is.gd/ds7BN

    • javroch

      Does anybody actually use a Nationwide Messaging Plan? That's like getting a phone, without the phone.

      • I am hoping to get that plan (the one w/internet and all for $54.99/mth) because I cannot speak. My vocal cords are paralyzed. I dont need minutes.

        • javroch

          Now, I feel like an a**hole. I apologize if that's really the case.

          • yeah, thats the case. but dont worry about it, you didnt know.

          • lvmydroid

            I just talked with my daughter who is a CSR and she said there is a messaging only plan for like $34.99 or $39.99 that deaf people can sign up for and since your basically in the same boat you would also be eligible for no matter what phone you have.

      • Tyler

        you mean an i*one?

  • HalfMoon

    I'd be all in for this if the Droid X didn't have a signed bootloader. No X, No Way.

    • Username

      And you really don't think that it will get hacked anyway, trust me everything is hackable.

      • The Milestone still isn't..

        • rook6040

          Give the US devs a little time and it will be hacked…

        • javroch

          The milestone isn't hacked for ROMs or kernels but you can still overclock it and do just about anything else aside from loading custom ROMs.

          • Tyler

            which sure is useful when Motorola and Verizon take six months to release every update

        • GNO


      • tech42er

        It's not the signed, encrypted bootloader that bothers me. It's the fact that the phone will brick itself if it simply detects that something is wrong. I'd be disappointed if the Droid X was just really tough to crack, but the fact that it will self-destruct if you even TRY to tinker with it? That just seems like it's too risky. We all know that DRM just ends up screwing over the consumer and that's what this is.

        • Bassanglersantana

          dude, are you serious? Why do you feed these lies? It is a efuse chip that if detects something wrong will only boot to recovery mode, thus allowing the installation of a signed rom. Know what you are talking about before you start gibbering nonsense.

    • nick o

      its not for sure though!

  • guest

    is that for online orders only?

  • Or you could just get 3 16GB cards for cheaper from Amazon.

  • dan

    will they give you your standard 16gb card too? That might make me take the deal! Pass on the 16 gb that come on board to my wife and put the 32 in mine. We all win…

    • Manny

      It is just an accessory purchase which in this case has a promotional price if you bundle it with the phone, but they are two separated packages.

      They will not open your phone and remove the card that comes wit the phone just because you bought a bigger one.

  • The_Other_Ray

    I wonder if you can purchase just the card?

  • $100 for a 32gb is outstanding…if i was buying a dx tomorrow, i would definitely invest in the extra memory

  • Sounds Good! *Thumbs Up*

  • Michael_NM

    Droid Does more geebees!

    • i laughed…

      • i rofled

        • i would have rofled, but i just bought this shirt and didn't want to get it dirty

          • caphoagie

            But what if your new shirt could give you 3 wishes and one of thoes wishes could be a new shirt.

          • ericsorensen

            I heard they had them at Walgreens!

          • you could buy a new shirt with a phone that “F*ckin prints money…”

    • StephanC

      But I want the with white one. Does it come with a case?

    • it has the wifi's!

    • EC8CH

      I don't care.

    • Mdhitchcock

      I need you to hook up my blue tooth to it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FL7yD-0pqZg Awesome 🙂

  • kris64