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DROID X Receives OTA Update Just Before Launch

An 18MB OTA update has been pushed to Droid X devices running in the wild.  We have no reports as to what this update includes but is likely just a bug fixer.  It does update the phone from version 1.13.516 to version 1.13.604.en.US which really means nothing to any of us.  And no, it’s not Froyo.

Speaking of Android 2.2, chances of it hitting the Droid today are pretty slim.  There are rumors floating around now that it has been pushed back to the first week of August.  Here we go again?

Via: Android Central

  • if you’re going to write a blog/news report on a device or anything in that matter please read before posting.

  • I work third shift so it suck being at work itching for some new droid news but nothing gets posted till I’m asleep you should start posting third shift..Thanks