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Is Android 2.2 for the DROID Still Coming Tomorrow?

There hasn’t been much chatter surrounding Android 2.2 on the Motorola Droid after that whole 2.1 debacle, but tomorrow is the 13th, and the rumored release day.  We had expected more rumors to leak if this date were to hold up, and so far we’ve heard absolutely nothing.  Does that mean it won’t start to roll out in the morning?  Not necessarily.  Did Verizon do a better job of keeping this one under wraps?  Perhaps.  Would they do an Eris update the same week?  Would be a first.

As a reminder and to keep our hopes high, we can look back to the 2.1 update that surprised almost all of us once the OTA flow finally started.  Maybe Verizon simply has update word on lockdown?  We’ll be on watch tomorrow anyway!

And to those of you that are running stock 2.1, let us know if you see anything!

  • Snowdragonusa

    I am getting the 2.2 OTA prompt now… I am currently modded with 2.1 DroidMod and hove not clue if I shoud take this update now.

  • Snowdragonusa

    I am getting the 2.2 OTA prompt now… I am currently modded with 2.1 DroidMod and hove not clue if I shoud take this update now.

  • Ed Hermann

    I called Verizon not too long ago and the cust rep said the Droid X and Droid “1” will be updated at the same time at the end of the month/beginning of August.

  • John L

    Rock Solid, and BEEFY !!!

  • Brad Hoeffliin40

    when is the driod 2.2 comeing out . our i am going to get piss of really bad .

    • Mrpicolas

      look getting mad wont get it here any quicker you have 2 options one root and enjoy a 2.2 rom that will offer you total control of your phone or wait for vzw and moto to release the ota we all want this update just as bad but please remember moto and vzw are the ones holding the cards if you would like help rooting your phone we have a whole website full of people willing to help you and walk you thru it

  • Sparking22

    Aug.8 is now the rumored date for 2.2

    • Mrpicolas

      who knows at this point lol…

  • xmetl

    does any one know if i can download the OTA when it comes out even though i am rooted

  • britt

    how does one get in on the beta testing … *wants to try the froyo* 😛

    • xmetl

      there is no beta test

  • Cdhoward32

    how do i open SPRecovery_ESE81.sbf

  • Bj70117

    Some of us lucky people are beta testing Froyo. Just a note: It will end the life cycle of rooting forever once the OTA comes out. It is faster and the flash integration is nice, but if you really like your DROID built the way you want, think twice before you update to the official version when it is released.

  • Frank Ortiz

    July 15th 9:30AM EST and NOTHING YET!!!!!!
    Just got off the phone with Verizon asking for an early upgrade to Droid X — DENIED!!!!!!
    I can do it in 2 more months. Hopefully the Froyo comes soon, because I'm driving myself crazy. I can't root my Droid with my mac, and work has limitations on what I can install. I feel I'm the only one without a rooted Droid, but I will this weekend when I have some time and go to my buddy's house.
    2.2 HURRY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Booking

    BUMP!! Anyone have any news? Kellex??

  • Earle Rylander

    12:30am on the 14th here and nothing.

    So we wait.

  • I got up super early (6am) an waited allday. Guess the rumors were just that… rumors. All i can do is wait and hope the anticipation doesn't kill me. 2.1 has severly slowed my droid down.

  • The Droid Eris is suppose to get the update on July 16th starting at 11:59 P.M. but can take up to a week for all the devices to get the update. Maybe we will start get it today, 7/13, starting at 11:59 P.M.?

  • howard palms

    Screw Verizon. Screw Motorola. I am switching to the Sprint EVO 4G in the white casing yesterday. You can get unlimited calls, texting, and data in 4G for 79.99. The coverage is just as good as Verizon. Not a hard decision to make I realized.

  • Droid_Chris

    is it worth rooting? i really cant afford to brick it and have to live with a dare for another 18 months

    • Blackdogg

      In all the posts I have read on here, I have yet to see anyone who actually “bricked” their phone. If you follow the instructions for rooting on this site, it may take a couple of tries (and some boot hangs…just pull the battery) but eventually it will take. After it does…and you get rom manager..loading new roms and themes ect… is extremely easy. Really, there is nothing in the process that is capable of bricking your phone. It's just like loading a new operating system. If it doesnt take, all you have to do is go back to where you started….just backup everything first.

  • ChUcK_N0RR1s

    I lost all patience and rooted about 3wks ago best thing that has ever happened to my phone LOL

  • Jakebowenecu

    P.S. I don't know if this is a signal or not, but my wife got a Skype update on her Droid Eris today, saying it now supports Froyo 2.2. That being said, still can't find it on the market or figure out how to get it on my Droid 1, running sapphire 0.7.0. Any help would be appreciated!

  • Jakebowenecu

    Quick question about ROM switching. I am running Sapphire 0.7.0 or 0.7.4, either way, if I change to 0.8.4 do I have have to wipe, or can I just replace the update.zip file and be good to go with all my settings? I have titanium back up running, but I am not sure exactly how it works, and I don't want to try and switch ROMs and lose everything and then it take me 4 hours to get everything back, I am pretty happy with the ROM now, but…… I def want the most up to date one. Also does anyone know anything about ultimate droid? I saw it and it looked kinda crazy to set up the settings, does it just look more complicated than it is? Thanks for the help guys!

  • Billbob06
  • Shanelive13

    more and more impatient…. anybody? anywhere? tick tock

  • Chilepablo68

    I have had my Droid rooted for a few months now and been loving it. I have been using BB v4. However, last Friday night I put my phone on the charger and woke up to it hot as heck and only showing a 40-50% charge or so. Since then it's been acting up bigtime ie: running hotter and battery draining faster. Today it started all kinds of force closes and bootloops. I went into recovery mode and instead of restoring my BB backup it did a Nandroid back up or restore and it seems I'm back to 2.1 update-1 with no Super Ninja access! I can always go through Kellex's excellent YouTube instructions again to get root, but since 2.2 is supposed to come out this week I may just wait. My question is, when I went through the Nandroid restore thing, I assume I am non root. Is that correct? And should can I accept the update with no negative affects? Again, I have no Ninja now.

  • Just saw on mydroidworld.com they are saying August 7th for froyo

  • Fixn2root

    This is 2.1 drama all over again… why am I surprised?

  • Ryan

    Kellex, Have you heard from your original source who said July 13 in the first place?

    • I don't expect Droid Life to spend much more time on the fact their source and their story was inaccurate. It's not good for business.

      • Mrpicolas

        It was never said that this was a firm date if you go back through the posts you would see this

  • Cory

    I am rooting today if it doesn't come out

    • thislandisyourland

      Same here, I'm tired of waiting.

    • Gammaray1022

      I rooted a few weeks ago for the same reason. Bugless Beast v0.4. Nothing like it!

  • Locke

    I can't wait for this to come out of course, but I honestly have a hard time believing that it'll be out today. The official site still says “Late Summer” (when talking about when it'll get Flash), and July 13th doesn't feel like late summer to me. Also, knowing Verizon, it'll still be something like late August for only most users anyhow. My guess is that I'll probably end up doing what I did for 2.1 (manually updating once people have their hands on the official build). And I definitely do not feel like rooting my Droid, since I can't afford to break it, and it's just more effort for me than it's worth.

  • Guest

    Nothing here in Baltimore…

  • Shanelive13

    12:15 central …..stock 2.1…….still nothing……PLEASE HURRY!!!!!

  • Dustin

    This is the only website that actually brought this up again, after spending hours going through all of my rss feeds in Reader I finally find this update. I still haven't seen or heard anything about this either, and my Moto Droid is still awaiting an update! 🙁

  • 1bad69z28

    I have not seen anything, so the new rumor is December “Merry Christmas Everyone” ha ha A present from Verizon Rule the Air

  • Any chance the new update to 2.2 will come with the dreaded locked bootloader? I'll stay rooted and wait it out and let the masses be my guinea pig! My eyes and ears are on this site for updates 😉

  • Bcornea81

    Nothing here in Detroit. Haven't been happy with the performance with my phone lately. Hearing about the release of froyo soon has me running around on the internet like a mad man. And for the record..if you guys get the OTA, post up proof. Otherwise, keep your hands off the keyboard.

  • We still have half of July 13th left. I am dying just as much as all of you, but I'm not going to give into the August 1st rumors yet. If it doesn't come out today, I will be a sad panda. If it doesn't out by the end of this week, I am rooting my phone.

    • Ditto.

    • Joshlunsford

      Same here

    • rpurnell

      I'm already looking into rooting the Droid since I suspect the August 1st rumors will be more accurate…

      • Insanestuntpeople2

        root it i have the htc hero but i have a friend that has the droid from motorola and rooted it last night august the 11th and he said it was amazing

    • =/

      When i called Verizon today to pay my bill, the retention agent said in there database it releases next friday, i just got back from the mall today asking one of the agents who hooked me up with the phone..his answer: next friday….soooo >_>

  • John L.

    If you didnt root your droid to run Bugless Beast yet, then go make yourself a cup of warm milk.
    and go put back on your moms robe and lay on the couch and watch oprah or something.
    BE A MAN/WOMAN and root your phone.
    Enjoy Bugless Beast today.
    Its even got a built in feature that releases a sonic repellant that drives away iPhone users.

  • Earle Rylander

    Nothing in Connecticut. I don't think it's coming for a while.

    I am not rooted but I LOVE what I am running now, which is just 2.1 with LauncherPro.
    Is there any real benefit to rooting?

    • Micah P.

      I don't see what the big deal is either. I'm running 2.1 with LauncherPro too and love it, can't believe I just discovered it last week.

      • Tergiversator_Maximus

        I use Helix Launcher and I'm quite happy with it. I installed Home Switcher and LauncherPro. The 3D app drawer is cool and it looks solid. I just tried default Home again – it was a little nostalgia-inducing since it was set up the way I had the phone when I first bought it, but I don't know why anyone would use it when there are so many better home apps out.

  • Macsci220

    nothing here, still running 2.1 on my motorola droid

  • I was told via twitter last week from verizon tech that it would be the last week of july. Originally scheduled for August but test went well so they will push out early in late July….

  • Blackdogg

    I rooted a couple of months back.and am loving all the custom stuff. Currently running Jrummy 5. Is there any reason anyone can think of that I should go back to stock for the official 2.2? Also, I have cpu manager but am using the Kernel that came with one of the ROMs that only goes up to 800. What is the best Kernal to clock above 1.0..and how do I install it? Can I do it using ROM manager? Thanks

    • Mrpicolas

      no staying rooted will keep you ahead of the curve and the devs update anytime a new update hits jdflg makes some nice kernels and yes you can use rom manager to do it

      • Blackdogg

        Thanks! My moto droid is the first smartphone I have ever owned..and I held out getting it until april..when verizon made me an offer I couldn't refuse. My only complaint was no flash..which sent me on the quest that led me to rooting. Since then I have been amazed by everything the devs are doing with this phone!! Not having flash seems like a distant memory now. I don't even know anyone that has any type of smartphone..so this forum is the only place I get any info. I only post this for those who are on the fence about rooting. Do it…you will never look back!

    • ChUcK_N0RR1s

      I am also using JRummy's newest build and I have had the best luck with ChevyNo1 kernels (can be downloaded installed from RomManager) I am running his ULV 1.0mHz kernel right now. I was using the LV 1.2 mHz (had to up the voltage to get away from bootloops)

      • Blackdogg

        What is the process for loading the kernel once you download using rom manager? After you download it do you install it using the load rom from card option? I cant seem to find any posts on this part…..

        • Mrpicolas

          Flash just like a rom Don't wipe data or cache though

  • MadSammyboy

    Nothing in Texas yet… I have a dull feeling we're not getting jack bone from Verizon today.

    • Tergiversator_Maximus

      Thank you for saying “jack bone” after noting you're from Texas. I appreciate it. I wouldn't be disappointed if you threw in a couple of “y'all's” for good measure next time.

      • Madsammyboy

        Wherever you're from, y'all ain't got nothin' on us.

  • Peezwizz

    After a few weeks of owning a Droid and doing some research on the matter, I decided to take Froyo matters into my own hands… and am happy to say I am successfully running 2.2 with Sapphire 0.8.4 thanks to the fabulous tutorial on the site. I'm still a bit shaky on playing around with settings and Roms and I have a few questions that if someone could help me out with would be awesome.

    1. Protected apps not showing up in market (homerun battle 3D and asphalt lol)
    I attempted the bgill55 market fix but ran into some problems. Do you have to rename those type of files simply “update.zip” too? or are they ok to just toss on the SD cards as is… anyway I tried both and my apps don't seem to be showing up

    everything else is running smoothly and i'm loving flash so If i could figure out this app situation I would be pumped

  • Kaufkin


    (to Astro….)


    want my Froyo!

    • I saw the update Icon in my notification bar….and got a woodie!!

      Just an Astro update…..I think they did it on purpose to screw with us! If I were an app developer, I'd be pushing out tiny unimportant update after update today, just to have a little fun with all of us!

      I WANT FROYO! (and I'm Lactose intolerant!!)

  • Sprider82

    nothing yet i woke up and there was no message for an update hopefully it will come sometime today

  • [email protected]


    • Jano

      My thoughts too.

    • WhereIsTony

      Both that assumption and turning off caps lock are very sensible indeed.

  • Paulforshee

    Running stock 2.1 and Alabamas a no-go.

  • WhereIsTony

    I think its super classy that verizon/moto are planning to update the moto droid first. I have an Incredible and my wife is about to get the X but it is gratifying to see verizon “dance with the girl what brung ya,” as they say.

  • Lee

    X-mas in July has not yet hit. Stock Droid and no Froyo this morning.

  • P5stover

    Running stock 2.1 no 2.2 yet.

  • Keekesons

    ugh I keep checking back here just to see if someone has received the update yet. Looks like were all in the same boat.
    =/ San Jose,CA

  • mhoe

    Nothin… Louisville KY

  • Nothing yet. Waiting in New York near Poughkeepsie

  • Still nothing yet – 8am EST. Been checking manually and re-booting my phone to see if that helps. It hasn't.

  • BuckHanson

    2.2 sounds like it has been pushed back until September now 🙁

    • Jano

      Source??? Why september?

      • thislandisyourland

        Because God hates us. I hope he was just joking….

      • Michael_NM

        September sounds right. Didn't VZ say late summer? That gives them until 9/22.

  • Guest

    Nothing yet.

  • jamisles02

    I havn't rooted my Droid (don't really see a major reason why, so don't flame me), but I downloaded a copy of the OTA update of 2.1 last time, will that effect me getting the OTA for Froyo?

  • Alexhay7

    Ok so as of now, the update has not been released…. hopefully it comes around morning, so much appointment with updates.

  • i was gonna go to sleep, but this update has made me curious. i'm aready rooted with bbv0.4 and i wanna see if anything happens. CA here, bay area.

    • kellex

      Waiting with you here in Portland 🙂

      • Barlog

        Waiting with you all down here in San Diego. This would really cheer me up if we get it. I just got laid off today… yay! :-

      • no update! oh well, glad i'm rooted.

    • Still waiting Here in seattle. Unrooted Just to see if i get it. Will be rooting back once its recieved.

    • Yay Area! 😛 jk
      Represent lol

  • baileyadam92

    its finished, and im trying to get pics on air. here is the download link though.

    • dejavu

      this link is just opening up yahoo email

    • kellex

      That link isn't working.

    • Alexhay7

      yea i see it but does it prove anything? im in SW Florida and im waiting and waiting and waiting, until i get it im unhappy 🙁

      • kellex

        What do you see?

        • Alexhay7

          it just shows firmware version: 2.2 and the baseband version thats all but he could be rooted?

        • Barlog

          It was a close up photo on his Facebook showing 2.2 in the phone settings, but he could be rooted? When your rooted it shows your settings running 2.2 right? And now the link is gone I need more pics than that for proof :-

          • Alexhay7


            thats the pic he uploaded to his facebook

          • kellex

            You mean this one that I took? Hah http://www.droid-life.com/wp-content/uploads/20

          • Barlog

            WOW so you got the OTA update TO 😉

          • xmetl

            no he did not get the update he just took that picture from the site idiot, notice the camera notification thats the same screen capturing app the droid life always uses to take screen shots with

          • Barlog

            OH WOW thanks for the tip bud. But maybe you didn't notice that I put a winking smiling face kinda like this 😉 it was a ….JOKE 😉

        • Barlog

          Here's the link to his photo on his Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=990986&id

      • Alexhay7



        • dejavu

          ha thats the same picture that was posted on here earlier. Well ive been waiting for a couple of hours here in indy and I have nothing. Guess I'm off to bed and hope something shows up tomorrow when i wake up.

  • Joey

    I just recieved the Froyo update!!!! OMG i cant believe this. I dont think im the first but it surprised me!!! At 12:07am central time July 13, 2010 i received a notification. It woke me up and i thought it was a txt message from my ex girlfriend. Thank god it wasnt or i would had told her to piss off after telling all my myspace friends she was pregnant and saying it was my child! HA! To bad she dont know that i got fixed and i had caught her with someone else but what for if i told her i saw her bring another man to her house. I dont care, anyways enough with that drama lol but as promise by google it has all the capabalities! I cant go back to sleep now and im thinking of calling off later on from work!!! Believe me the Android 2.2 update has changed the android phones forever!!! The hell with iphone, its blazing fast and the internet is just as fast as a 4G network. Totally awesome!!!! Although the wifi hotspot you have to pay 20 bucks extra sadly!! The flash is awesome you can play flash games and the internet is a whole new different experience! Headlines will come in soon!!!

    • kellex

      Just shush. 😛

      • Come on. Just as fast as the 4G network?!? Who would ever take this as legit. lol
        Person = No Life lol

    • Brakeless (grupoandroid.com)

      Congratulations man… I have a Milestone, and it seems that here we have a long wait…

      Greetings from Argentina!

    • xmetl

      god i sure hope your serious

    • I would like to see a screenshot of your about phone settings. I just returned my phone back to bone-stock 2.1 without root and i would like a little reassurance that 2.2 is coming

    • Joesred


    • Shanelive13

      Really? I'm leaning towards doubt, reassure me.

    • Droidalready

      Did you really get the update, its Sunday and i still have not got the notification

  • Jonathan

    I can't believe the Eris is getting an update before the incredible! That's crap!

  • Baileyadam92

    i was about to root and then i looked into my settings. i am currently downloading Android 2.2 Froyo for my moto droid!! i will send pictures as soon as its finished installing to confirm this post.

    • Mrpicolas

      wheres those pics at wanna see 🙂

    • Williamdurham81

      Hopefully mine will start soon!!!!

    • Glenn

      Doubt it. But I want to see some pics there guy.

    • dejavu

      Yeah I'm in the same boat as Glenn, but really hoping it's true

    • kellex

      🙂 Would love to see these. Hit up out contact form if you have a minute.

    • Cody

      ahhhhghghghaaa i wannna get the manual update now!!!!!! anyone know where a psycho genius who could come up with it in like an hour????????????? my god i wannnnntttttiiiiiittttt

    • Fajsdkfklk32

      dont cry wolf. you don't have it. looks like what you did was that you took a very close up picture of one of the customized rom. LOL ou're a funny dude. and look at your friends on facebook. some of them are funnier than you. ROTFL 🙂

      • Stop Lying.

        yeah he wasted our time. he just like being the center of attention.

    • Mistergrieves27

      Thou shall not lie??

    • stop it, bailey!

      bailey stop lying. you took a close up shot of a customized build didnt you? who don't you zoom out. doh. i am not dumb. you wasted my time. i could have been in bed an hour ago.

  • Fm

    Should come in the morning i have been waiting and i will not root so realy wanting 2.2

    • Williamdurham81

      i rooted my droid but unrooted just to see if the update would come out, if not i might root again, why wont you root? Its verey easy

  • Williamdurham81

    Anyone recieve the ota update yet?

  • Spark

    i dont know how to feel about it because im getting my new droid 2morro and i want to root mine first before just to see if root is actually that amazing as everybody says.

  • Davidmillik

    I've looked everywhere and I still can't find any news about 2.2. I'll be annoyed if they make us wait until August but it wouldn't surprise me given the happenings with Android 2.1.

  • I hope this happens! Any minute now!

  • For all those thinking December or even thinking this week sorry! The 2.2 update will be released and available OTA in august

    • Mrpicolas

      its all speculation till it shows up lol…

  • XenoChrist

    If I were to root but then receive the OTA, would the OTA brick my phone?

    • Mrpicolas

      No sp or clockwork recovery blocks it

  • jedijesus95

    I'm sure a lot of people are looking forward to this but I have been running Froyo for what seems like forever. I can't wait for Gingerbread.

  • Nik

    I recently unrooted my Droid because it messed with all my apps including my camera. yesterday, while i was outside, my phone popped up saying there was an update available, so installed it. sad thing is, I'm still on 2.1 stock :(.

  • kliq

    I think I saw in an earlier post that FroYo disables tethering? If I end updating, does PDAnet come to an end?

  • George1234

    Running stock 2.1. Just received OTA update to 2.2

    • Charlie

      Cough up some proof…. until then, no excitement here.

      • Davidcosmejr


    • Williamdurham81

      i'm running stock 2.1 and no OTA update yet, been waiting up for it still nothing. Show some proof.

  • Chris.Go

    What no news on Sapphire?

    • Mrpicolas

      0.8.4 is out 🙂

  • Skjwood
  • Skjwood

    No way. End of July was the only official word from Verizon. I'll be happy if it starts by Aug 1.

  • El El Kool J

    Always a waiting game… if your rooted your waiting on the next big ROM or new Themed ROM.. If your stock your waiting for OTA update and… and… oh well thats it.. no custom for your.. hehe.. try ROOT.. everyones doin it..lol

  • SM2

    What is so special about custom ROMs???

    • Have you seen some of these things? To me they are visually appealing, some enhance the phone, some save battery life, if only by a bit, and to have that power of superuser is just cool. Overclocking, custom themes from very smart people that know way more than i do about rooting and such. I guess for me i would root to have the power and show off awesome ROM's to friends. Other than that i don't know what else they truly offer

      • Sm2

        Yeah I was just wondering because that is all it seems to be… Visually appealing, and if that is the case, there are other themes and home screens out on the market… Thanks for the response.

        • Im sure it's not just visual, other people on here know much more than myself as to what a ROM does/has available for users.

        • The_Other_Ray

          Rooting gives me ability to have wifi hotspot for free. Overclocking makes my phone run faster. Free custom themes instead of having to pay 0.99¢ for a theme.

        • Annoynimous

          custom ROMs may also fix any errors or bugs that a stock ROM may exhibit in a much more timely manner due to the persistence and interests to fix stuff in the modding community. Stock ROM from Motorola? they will take 3-6 months before lodging an error report for you, then issue a update 🙂

  • mjfbush

    iphone4 = fail

  • does anyone know if the ota update wipes your appz and messages?

    • Robsmith Nikon

      It does not.

  • Ryan C

    Am i the only one that is still running 2.0.1 on my Droid 1 by choice!? *IF* the 2.2 update for Droid comes tomorrow or this week or anytime.. can i upgrade straight to that? do i need to upgrade to 2.1 then be able to upgrade to 2.2? im not rooted but leaning towards it maybe eventualy

  • Robitj11

    Was at a Verizon store today and was told by a rep the that the Update would come in September. But I still say the heck with it, give yourself the update by following Droid-life!

    • Why do people post the opinions of Verizon sales people? They're clueless and their opinions are meaningless.

  • Ghostboy

    So 3 points/questions:
    #1. If I'm rooted Froyo FRF84B, I won't get the OTA since SPRecovery will block it right?
    #2. Is there a chance the OTA 2.2 comes with the locked bootloader like X?
    #3. How soon did OTA 2.1 come out till a rooted ROM or root instructions?

    Basically will the OTA put FRF84b to shame where we'd be forced to move to it?

    be gentle :s

    • VirtueoftheAbsurd

      1) Right.
      2) It is unlikely that 2.2 will be unrootable.
      4) If the build on the OTA release is that good, all the new ROMs will be using it in as little as a week. No need to unroot!

    • Annoynimous

      #1 correct, you can treat your custom Froyo as gen 2 or 3 while the official Froyo ROM will be on gen 1, this is because the developers of custom ROMs have had time to learn through the entire software and apply tweaks and codes to further stabilise it. The stock ROM comes with no flavor added and might perform worst than what you have currently.

      #2 If Droid X does not get 2.2 OTA, there WILL be hell from their customers, I guarantee you that

      #3 5-6 months

  • I hope it does, but i am definitely not counting on Moto or VZW for this to happen (at least right now). I wanted to ask if anyone else is having horrible frame rate issues with their Moto Droid when recording video and watching video. Even if i watch on my wireless network which is blazing fast (25mb down, 15mb up) it still slows waaaaay down.

    So, anyone else with the issue or a fix perhaps?

    • Fran

      I have those horrible frame rate with my droid too. I use a class 6 microSD card, recording perfect video on a panasonic hd camera but horrible video on droid. No fix found yet for me… 🙁

  • dreas_droid

    I have the Droid 1 and it is rooted will I get the ota 2.2 update and if so will my phone still be rooted

    • Ortizchief

      you will get the update but you are gonna lost your root 🙁

  • Sslayer22

    Talked to a vzw salesman today and he said the droid 1 will be getting the 2.2 ota update sometime in August. He said the dx will come with 2.1 and will get 2.2 at the same time as the d1 …kinda interesting

  • What's The Difference Between OTA 2.2 And Our Flashed 2.2? I Thought The OTA Update Is Just For Those Who Decided Against Rooting…

  • I just got my droid in May, so I didn't suffer through the 2.1 debacle with all of you. I'm still stock and hoping this goes off without a hitch, but I'm not feeling too confident. As far as rooting my phone goes, with every custom theme/ROM that gets posted on this site I get more and more tempted to root. And even thought its only like a 3% I'll brick my phone, I can't deal with having that happen and going back to my LG Dare until May 2012…I just can't lol

    • Imanjja

      i here you buddy i cant afford a new phone broke as a joke

  • Ruddy

    Uhm i have a friend that works for Verizon and I asked him today about the 2.2 update and he said it would be coming out on Thursday. He knows some people deeper so I'm guessing thats the best we have so far. 🙂
    just my two cents

    • Carlwindows7

      Verizon CS people are just like us, they don't know either, and if the CS are as ill knowledged as tech support, then………… opps, in other words, when we know they will know.

  • Techbota

    Ok I know that no one knows me on here but I am a avid reader of the news here.

    I also am a Moto droid one owner. I just wanted to share the news I got today. I was driving behind a VERIZON authorized dealer location and a salesman was out back smoking. I asked him 2 questions. One was when was the galaxy coming out and he said he didn't know.

    The second was is 2.2 coming out for Moto droid tomorrow (Tuesday)….He told me I don't know but he said “I DO KNOW IT WILL BE THIS WEEK”. So there you have it.

  • Leonardgonzalez

    Geez i hate having a milestone what the efff motorola, why did u have to lock the bootloader? T.T


    I HAVE A QUESTION TO THE LEADER OF THIS SITE KELLEX ? I dropped my rooted droid (jrummy remix) in my coffee and the lcd wouldnt come anymore. I used ins. and they just sent me a new one but i wasnt gonna root the new one until it went stock 2.2. Heres the questions…….1) Is it better to root FROM a stock 2.2 if its possible ? 2) The ins. company sent me a droid, a charger, a battery, and of course a 16gig card. Can i keep both cards AND both batteries ? Thank You to anyone who takes the time to answer these for me !

    • Flyinion

      For #2, call the insurance company back and double check what they want.

      For #1, I'd say root it again. If 2.2 OTA turns out to be non-rootable you're stuck. From what I understand though, you can always go back to stock 2.1 and get the 2.2 OTA if you really wanted it though. Heck you could probably flash SPRecovery back on and just run the eventual update.zip for 2.2 OTA that someone will post while people are waiting in line to get their OTA notification just like last time.

  • Brendan

    I really dont care if this update comes or not. I am running froyo already so there is no need for an OTA update that will take forever to root.

  • EC8CH

    This time around I'm rooted… and I don't care 🙂

    *still crossing my fingers for all you non-root users though*

    • Bonez

      What froyo build are you using?

      • EC8CH


        • Bonez

          Im sorry for this question but I am confused as to. What is the newest or
          best build frf84b frf57 or sapphire 0-7-0 please help me with my dilemma or
          what u have because I currently am running frf57

          • droidaholic

            See if i can help you out. so frf84b is the newest build. so if you get just that it will be plain stock froyo. BB V0.4 and sapphire is the frf84b build that has been modified to run faster and smoother. you should definitely go with BB or sapphire. much better.

          • Bonez

            Thanks very much but do you know the best between the two and I originally
            had sapphire but switched to frf57 should it still be on my sd

    • The_Other_Ray

      Oh man, I'm so excited this week. Can't wait for 2.2 so I can enjoy the benefits of JIT, flash, wifi hotspot……..oh wait, I already have all that with Kangerade.

  • FlyingPlatypus

    Tomorrow's my birthday!! I'm only hoping for 2.2 on the droid so that I know its coming to the droid X soon!!!

  • Would be nice but I'm not holding my breath…

  • Mrpicolas

    To quiet I don't think its gonna happen even though it would be nice

  • ajavgeek

    I getting excellent Battery life with JR v5.0.9. No plan to change unless I see more positive reviews here about the OTA. Awesome work JR.

    • ajavgeek

      I got to say this, when I refreshed the page on DL and saw the picture of Froyo in D1, I was so happy for a sec and then read headline (with a question mark), 🙁 🙁 🙁

  • t0ni

    Hmmm, I think from what happened with 2.1, it's likely everyone just rooted. Just wanted to make my 100th comment actually. Yayyyy

  • I plan on using CM, but I can't wait for it to drop. For one thing, that'll make the market work for CM-ers.

  • Not trying to be pessimistic, but I don't think it's gonna happen. Too bad!

    • kellex

      Yer not the only one thinking this way. I think we're still hoping for a miracle though.

  • StephanC

    This just in: The Android 2.2 over the air update for the Motorola Droid has been pushed back until December. Thank you for choosing Verizon where we rule the air and do whatever the hell we want with it.

    • kellex

      Haha 😛

    • Tracy Wilborn

      That sounds just about right. :-

    • paullud

      Really when did they promise you the update would be out since they never promised me anything I don't see what the issue would be even if it did come out in December, but I guess you just like to whine.

      • StephanC

        It's all in good fun. Don't get fussy with us.

      • Specops Huber

        Really dude, learn to handle a joke, don’t take everything so seriously. I thought it was funny, but seeing you overact to a joke was even funnier. Thanks for being silly enough to make me laugh at you 😀

    • ferret

      way to twist the slogan. the point is… YOU rule the air being able to do whatever transmission you want when you want pretty much anywhere you want. Unlike the other carriers. Also, since when does Verizon make phones or the software. Leave that to google, and motorolla. Sure VZW has some requirements to be built in if used on the network, but name one carrier that doesn't require something to work well and be billed in an accurate reliable way.

      • StephanC

        If you remember, the delay in the release of Android 2.1 for the Motorola Droid was Verizon Wireless' fault. It didn't pass through their rigorous testing procedure so we were forced to wait another 4 weeks for its release. So Verizon does play a major role in the release of operating systems.

        Lastly, remember that my comments are all in good fun. Don't get fussy with us.

  • Doesn't matter to me since I am running CyanogenMod 6 RC1 (with a sleek black notification bar, not that hideous blinding white thing)


  • villian1998

    I really feel bad for stock 2.1 users *wipes froyo remnants from my mouth* because it's delicious! Seriously, if you have the opportunity just root. This site does a fantastic job of explaining it.

    • I would love to root my droid, but I run mac at home and cant find instructions on rooting with a mac. Anyone know? Thanks

      • MuddyB00ts

        nope, pretty sure you need a PC. but like villian said it's really easy. Once you've got SP Recovery flashed you could easily use your Mac to put new ROMs on your SD card. Just borrow a friend's laptop for a couple hours and you'll be sittin pretty.

        • ohiobuckeye7

          Or you should install Bootcamp and run dual boot under windows and install it that way. That works too

      • Jnbuh09

        You can actually root your phone from your phone. Just get a file manager program such as ASTRO or AndroZip.

        Install Recovery App
        download root/rom files
        rename and move files to appropriate locations on sd card

        • Flyinion

          You can't install the recovery app from your phone though, that's the part that needs a PC and doesn't work natively on Macs.

        • Rowens421

          rename to what and move to where?

      • Best bet is to download the files at home, toss them on a USB stick, and get to a friends computer. It'll take you less than an hour, 20 minutes if everything runs smooth. Just follow the instructions until it says you've installed SPRecovery, and reboot the phone twice. The second time, hold X when you power it on, until you see the Motorola M logo. At that point, if it boots to a text menu, you are good. Reboot the phone should be selected. Full click the camera button to reboot.

        At this point, you just need the update.zip on the root of your phone, and you can reflash to your hearts content from anywhere, and get new roms and reflash to your hearts content with ROM Manager and a decent 3G signal.

      • skltr21

        needs to be done on a pc. im a mac user as well and it sucks that there's no way to do it on a mac….. but just use a friends pc to do it. you have to know someone with a pc right???

    • does rooting your phone wipe all the installed apps, messages and contacts?

      • Contacts are saved in Google's 'cloud' unless you unchecked the option to have them back up automatically.

        Everything else will be gone the first time, although the market knows what apps you've downloaded, and many will redownload automatically. After you are rooted there is a wonderful app called Titanium Backup that backs up both apps and settings, making this process much more streamlined the second time around. There is a technique for sending messages to gmail, but not for getting them back. I bet there is an app for that.(No apple quote intended)

      • Flyinion

        Yes because you need to “wipe data & cache” the first time and/or when going from say a 2.1 to a 2.2 ROM. It's supposed to keep problems from occurring. You won't actually lose contacts those are saved to Google's servers. You will lose your facebook associations which is a pain because you have to re-associate your FB contacts with your phone contacts if you do that kind of thing. You won't lose anything saved to the SD Card.

        Apps, well you can back them up with Astro but you will lose app specific settings. Also while Astro can restore those apps, it won't restore the market association that tell the market app you downloaded/installed it from there. So in that case it's better to just make a list and re-download anything you got from the market.

        Titanium Backup which you can use after you're rooted and are switching ROMs does restore those associations. I've also had luck with it restoring the FB to Google contacts associations when going from 2.1 to a 2.2 ROM but for some reason I can't get it to do it when going from one 2.2 ROM to a different one during the times I chose to wipe data/cache.

      • villian1998

        Or use the trial version of back up to back up your apps and data to your sd card, then when you're rooted download back up again and all of your apps are fully functional. That's what I did, but I eventually just bought back up pro so I could save things to their server.

        • hickerbocker

          i wish i had known this back when i rooted… ALL. APPS. GONE. 🙁 but froyo was worth it

          • Mrpicolas

            just redownload

          • hickerbocker

            i did, but it took forever…

    • mjfbush

      I'm afraid I will ruin my phone, is it safe?

  • droid4lyfe

    lets hope we see something tomorrow…i didnt want to go through the process to roll back to get root. how long before we see root on 2.2 lol

    • MuddyB00ts

      you don't have to go back to 2.0.1 to get root. You can use the instructions on this site to flash SPRecovery which will let you flash 2.2 ROMs TODAY. no need to wait for the update 🙂

    • Flyinion

      I actually rooted in case 2.2 can't be rooted for some reason. After reading that 2.1 was never really rooted to begin with, just cracked enough to let us install custom ROMs that were fully rooted, I figured it was a good idea to jump the gun and root since I'd been wanting to anyway.

      There was an article here a few weeks back that was talking about whether it was worth it to root with 2.2 coming and/or if rooted users should go back to non-rooted for the OTA update. That article mentioned the possibility that the OTA 2.2 update might finally lock us out of rooting and was what pushed me over the edge to custom ROM hawtness 🙂

      So, since source has been released and we already have custom 2.2 ROMs, the only thing really missing is a custom ROM based on the actual official 2.2 update.

      • Jedi_Gunslinger

        Very well said, just wanted to say…lol

      • Jeff

        Ive been interested in rooting my D1 forever now but I'm still scared that with my luck I would end up with a very expensive paperweight. If I knew someone locally that had already done it and could walk me thru it I would do it. Otherwise, I'm gonna have to just wait for the OTA.

  • Towelie420

    Got my wisdom teeth removed today. Oh the pain and agony 🙁 lol BUT THEN I got home and looked on my Droid to see that Cyanogen 6 is now available. YAY. Now my day is not so suckie!

  • sc4fpse

    Not a chance.

  • so if we are using a rooted froyo, i assume we wont see anything different?

    • nahh i dont think so.. maybe im wrong though.

    • Lun

      You might get an install update popup, but SPRecovery/Clockwork should block it from actually installing.

  • EggoEspada

    Yea.. Don't see it happening. :/

  • First!!!!!! Wooh finally!!! Eris better not get an update first

  • yea same here, if i see anything tomorrow morning, ill definitely give everyone a bump! :] I just hope that verizon doesnt go back on their word, like they have for the past, oh how many times. haha.

    • Lun

      Well, it was only a rumor to begin with! 😛

  • Lun

    And I'm running stock 2.1. I'll give you any notice! 😀

  • Lun


    • Lun

      Oh, first! 😛

    • Lun

      I'm also running stock, so I'll let you know if any mysterious box appears asking if I want to install now or later! 😀

      • Guest

        ugh anyone got anything? this anticipation is taking years offa my life x_x