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Is Android 2.2 for the DROID Still Coming Tomorrow?

There hasn’t been much chatter surrounding Android 2.2 on the Motorola Droid after that whole 2.1 debacle, but tomorrow is the 13th, and the rumored release day.  We had expected more rumors to leak if this date were to hold up, and so far we’ve heard absolutely nothing.  Does that mean it won’t start to roll out in the morning?  Not necessarily.  Did Verizon do a better job of keeping this one under wraps?  Perhaps.  Would they do an Eris update the same week?  Would be a first.

As a reminder and to keep our hopes high, we can look back to the 2.1 update that surprised almost all of us once the OTA flow finally started.  Maybe Verizon simply has update word on lockdown?  We’ll be on watch tomorrow anyway!

And to those of you that are running stock 2.1, let us know if you see anything!

  • Snowdragonusa

    I am getting the 2.2 OTA prompt now… I am currently modded with 2.1 DroidMod and hove not clue if I shoud take this update now.

  • Snowdragonusa

    I am getting the 2.2 OTA prompt now… I am currently modded with 2.1 DroidMod and hove not clue if I shoud take this update now.

  • Ed Hermann

    I called Verizon not too long ago and the cust rep said the Droid X and Droid “1” will be updated at the same time at the end of the month/beginning of August.

  • John L

    Rock Solid, and BEEFY !!!

  • Brad Hoeffliin40

    when is the driod 2.2 comeing out . our i am going to get piss of really bad .

    • Mrpicolas

      look getting mad wont get it here any quicker you have 2 options one root and enjoy a 2.2 rom that will offer you total control of your phone or wait for vzw and moto to release the ota we all want this update just as bad but please remember moto and vzw are the ones holding the cards if you would like help rooting your phone we have a whole website full of people willing to help you and walk you thru it

  • Sparking22

    Aug.8 is now the rumored date for 2.2

    • Mrpicolas

      who knows at this point lol…

  • xmetl

    does any one know if i can download the OTA when it comes out even though i am rooted

  • britt

    how does one get in on the beta testing … *wants to try the froyo* 😛

    • xmetl

      there is no beta test

  • Cdhoward32

    how do i open SPRecovery_ESE81.sbf

  • Bj70117

    Some of us lucky people are beta testing Froyo. Just a note: It will end the life cycle of rooting forever once the OTA comes out. It is faster and the flash integration is nice, but if you really like your DROID built the way you want, think twice before you update to the official version when it is released.

  • Frank Ortiz

    July 15th 9:30AM EST and NOTHING YET!!!!!!
    Just got off the phone with Verizon asking for an early upgrade to Droid X — DENIED!!!!!!
    I can do it in 2 more months. Hopefully the Froyo comes soon, because I'm driving myself crazy. I can't root my Droid with my mac, and work has limitations on what I can install. I feel I'm the only one without a rooted Droid, but I will this weekend when I have some time and go to my buddy's house.
    2.2 HURRY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Booking

    BUMP!! Anyone have any news? Kellex??

  • Earle Rylander

    12:30am on the 14th here and nothing.

    So we wait.