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Download: Fix Wifi Notification Icon for JRummy’s Kangerade

If you are running the newest version of JRummy’s Kangerade which we posted on Friday, chances are that you have thought about breaking your phone due to a constant wi-fi icon in your notification bar.  Well peeps, the man has issued a fix so that you can return to your non-hair pulling lives.

Download: Stock Theme Fix

Download: Custom Theme Fix


1.  Download the file necessary for your ROM to the root of your SD Card.
2.  Open ROM Manager and choose “Install ROM from SD Card.”
3.  Scroll down until you find the file you just downloaded and tap on it.
4.  Check the box to make a backup if you’d like; no need to “wipe data and cache.”
5.  Phone will reboot and that notification should be gone!

Big thanks to JRummy!

Let us know if this fix doesn’t seem to be working for you.

Cheers Chris!

  • Well done! Nice review about This Well You should try Sapphire of InsaneNemesis out for battery life. I am sooo impressed by it 🙂 Thanks for the information

  • I got it installed!!! yaaaaay!!! Now, I'm just hoping I can install the new maps. That was the original reason I tried to reinstall it.

  • dannydarko

    The fix didn't work for me tried it three times both files. I'm running Kangeradev4.0.7 on the Nex theme . Any other fixes available

  • dannydarko

    The fix didn't work for me tried it three times both files. I'm running Kangeradev4.0.7 on the Nex theme . Any other fixes available

  • Is this really a problem? I wouldn't have known about it if you hadn't posted, I've inverse seen it before on my Droid. I guess I might as well grab the patch anyway.

  • brando56894

    I was curious about then when I first flashed it, I'd go into settings and click it and it would say “Error”. I just noticed that within the past 24-48 hours my icon has disappeared somehow, I dont know what fixed it though lol

  • javonte

    Is any one having a issue using wifi tether from the market I use it for my laptop it says its connected but no internet it worked before I had this rom but the wifi tether works for my ipod but not my laptop so I went back to 2.1 and it works perfectly is it just the rom or just 2.2 roms in general?

  • Cole

    Can I put this custom rom on my rooted droid incredible?

  • Bxrider117

    Does anyone think this fix will work with other Roms? I was running Jrummy and I switched to CM 0.6 Alpha 3 and I am digging that, but it also has the annoying wifi tether symbol.

  • cylentz

    I believe he had this fix out for it friday… There was a “fix for Kangerade” which did the trick for me, so I wasn't pulling any of my hair out over the weekend…. On a side note, anyone know a good site to check out how to root the droid eris?? my wife is finally gonna let me root her phone, also will ROM manager and setCPU work with her phone, once rooted??

  • Mucie2000

    ***OFF TOPIC***
    OK. I'm tired of hearing all of the goodies that comes along with rooting my phone. I think its time that I root. But I have only one question: I know that my warranty will be voided, but if I unroot, will that make my warranty active again?

    • blackcatroad

      If you have to take it back for warranty issues and you unroot first, they're not gonna know you were rooted.

      SO all that to say, yeah you're warranty will be fine.

  • Ewhitak

    I was running this rom but i went back to bbv0.4 because this one seemed to kill my battery faster and was sluggish compared to bb. But I do love all the theme options jrummy has.

    • You should try Sapphire of InsaneNemesis out for battery life. I am sooo impressed by it 🙂

      • Ewhitak

        I will try any once.. maybe even twice =)

  • Dharpell

    Hi Kellex

    I and others are not able to get openvpn working on froyo. Maybe you could do a video and show us how? It works great on 2.1.


  • blackcatroad

    now if he'd only update the notification color/no clock scripts 😉 LOL

  • nkhex19

    Also in Rom Manager Premium for those that have it. 🙂

  • Sweet! I'm still running Pink FRF57 because of that annoying icon. I'll be flashing nextang tonight!

  • That must have been annoying 😛
    JRum is a kang'ing p.i.m.p. haha

  • Rodeojones000

    Um, I posted a link to this fix on Friday in the comments section when you posted the Nex Tang theme. Way to be on the ball, Kellex.

    • kellex

      You think I read 171 comments from each post? 😛

      Thanks for posting early though! We wanted to make sure everyone saw this.

      • Rodeojones000

        I'm just messing with you. Love this site! You do great work.

        • haha I thought you were serious. I was gonna say……..give the guy a break! 😛

      • u mean u dont??????

  • BA_Carroll

    Works for me. But do you know why it will not configure wireless tether?

    • brandonmee

      All of the devs are working on that and the mobile hotspot right now.

      • BA_Carroll

        That's awesome. It's the only thing I miss rubbing in the face of my
        iPhone buddies at work from 2.1

  • Ray

    That's weird but i don't get this icon with kang red

  • EC8CH

    I don't get the folder Icons on the Nex-Tang theme. All they do is make the actual app icon smaller.

    • DoRiAe86

      Lol I was wondering the same thing about the icon. Folders with tiiiiinnnnnnyyyy icons

  • holidayK

    Why did the verizon customer cross the road? To get to a computer to check droidlife.com

    • kellex

      That's fantastic haha. Happy Tuesday!

    • droidlife.com? Are you high? Try droid-life.com instead.

    • Br_d

      Why wouldn't the verizon customer just check droid-life.com from his droid without having to cross the street? 🙂

      • Mrpicolas

        To help the iphone user. Get Good reception lol…

    • SecurityNick

      This verizon customer checked droid-life.com, then used Google Navigation on his Droid to show him where to cross the road and go pretty much anywhere else, with a street view shot to boot showing the final destination.

      • and not only that, but used it to find an AWESOME droid x which no one seems to be able to find lol

  • CheeseMcGee

    Works great… what a relief!