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Gingerbread aka Android 3.0 Details Released, Bad News for DROID 1?

Mobile-review.com’s Eldar Murtazin went off in a recent podcast on the subject of the next Android release we are expecting by the holidays, Gingerbread.  Normally we love to hear rumors about the next big upgrade, but these details have our split our hearts down the middle in more ways than one.  This news will scare the hell out of Motorola Droid 1 users and bring great joy to owners of the Droid Incredible

  • Android 3.0 Gingerbread will be released in mid- October (around 15 -16th), 2010. First handsets shipping in November/December – for the Holiday Season.
  • Minimum hardware requirements for Android 3.0 devices are: 1GHZ CPU, 512MB or RAM, displays from 3.5” and higher. (We all, of course, heard that Android handsets with 2GHz CPU’s are coming)
  • New 1280×760 resolution available for the devices with displays of 4” and higher. (Anyone thinking about Android tablets now? )
  • Completely revamped user interface. If you want to get a feeling of what Android 3.0 Gingerbread UX is like, check out the Gallery App on Nexus One. The same overall feel, light animated transitions,etc. Natively, through all the UI.
  • Android’s split into 2 branches becomes official. 3.0 for top of the line/high end devices. Cheap, low-end mass market handsets will keep Android 2.1/2.2

Basically we’ve got higher end devices moving forward onto some amazing things while every other device prior to the Incredible will be pushed aside and stuck with Froyo.  Of course, we can still expect more updates to Android 2.2, but the fragmentation created between 3.0 and 2.0 devices will be dramatic.  Just what Android needed right?  More fragmentation.

Update: As many of you have pointed out, who the heck is Eldar Murtazin and why is he any sort of authority on Android releases?  And are we even sure Gingerbread will be 3.0?  Questions which will likely go unanswered until we hear from Google.

One thing I will say to those of you still holding a Droid 1, Verizon does offer 1 year upgrades, so you’ll be able to pick up one of these 3.0 devices as an X-mas present to yourself.


Via: UnwiredView

  •  That’s ok… my Droid 1 was cool, still is really, but the new devices are so much better with more power and more options. I’ll update when my New-Every-2 is ready… but should I stick with the Android platform or go with the iphone? If the Android, then which phone?

  • Mikeyt6969

    FYI, Verizon is starting to crack down on the 1year upgrades. From what i have gathered, it was a nicety they offered, but is not in their legal obligations. Good luck.

  • Landoncbrown

    Gingerbread is 2.3

    3.0 is Honeycomb

    Is that clear enough?

  • Firefoxcloud2009

    Gingerbread is Android 2.3 first off, and second, the original Droid was dead after the lauch of the Droid 2

  • ok first off… verizon is offering 4 g here in charlotte with phones to follow in feb march. and new plans to meet needs. there in the works. what i dont understand is.. me.. i have a droid 1. baught it last dec. it has froyo update welll thing is.. i cant update to 3.0 because processor isnt fast enough… well… with holiday sales pushing new 3 g phones with gingerbread… now i qualify for the 1 year upgrade in well a week… i think its total bullhonkey that verizon is pushing 4 g….. with all customers locking into new 2 year agreements w 3. 3g devices. i personally will wait till feb march to pick up a nice 2ghz proc. w 4g and gingerbread, or im sure newer by then….. so people dont get in a hurry… be patient telcom is really upgrading a bunch if stuff in the next 12 months

  • I have a Nexus One, hope Vodafone don't have to edit the update like last time…


  • JesseDegenerate

    Yeah. Good call. It's November and we haven't seen a peep of “3.0” alla 2.3.

    My iphone destroy's my droid incredible. Google needs to release this. My iphone from 2007 had hardware acceleration of the OS.

    it also runs froyo. (lol, albeit slowly)

  • Ryan

    The original Droid (The Motorola Droid) deserves Gingerbread

  • Ryan

    The original Droid (The Motorola Droid) deserves Gingerbread

  • Larrythecableguysmom

    if this has truth then looks like the Droid 2 will be seeing some Gingerbread action. It is kinda baseline though especially with 2.0 GHz CPUs on their way. What do you guys think?

  • Larrythecableguysmom

    if this has truth then looks like the Droid 2 will be seeing some Gingerbread action. It is kinda baseline though especially with 2.0 GHz CPUs on their way. What do you guys think?

  • In order for me to be excited for Gingerbread (especially meaning having to get a new phone), it had better be WAY better with battery life than the current phones. {{-_-}}

  • El El Kool J

    Verizon 1 year upgrades is only for customers who pay 59.99 or higher for their plan. If your on a plan that is only 450 minutes 39.99 than your out of luck on the 12 month early upgrade status. You will be stuck waiting 20 months for eligibility…

  • Dhframpton

    Would have thought min requirements would include screen resolution not size. This would be important to an update that is focusing on improved UI.

    Processor speed can be got around. RAM and screen resolution much more difficult

  • Transparentvalor

    So if I bought the Droid X next month, it'll upgrade to Gingerbread in the fall? Or would I have to buy the Droid X AFTER Gingerbread launches and all phones released at that point will have it preloaded? I'm curious to know because the idea that your existing device upgrading its screen resolution to HD seems pretty questionable to me.

  • Tom

    So! Who wants to take bets on how quickly the dev community will take to get Gingerbread on the lower end devices? Maybe not the original Android devices, but I forsee Droid 1 being in the mix somehow…

  • willt

    so the droid x will be able to upgrade to 3.0?

  • scottholstein

    What I would like to know is how many of these devices (Nexus 1, Incredible, Droid X, etc…) have the ability to root and customize like my DROID. I am not asking that as a put down to those devices, rather, I would really like to know. A 2gig device that runs a newer version of OS might interest me…if I can root it. Rooting this device has kept it fresh, quick, and newer longer. Does anyone know how many current devices have root, and more importantly, how likely it will be for the new 2 gig devices to gain root once they arrive?

  • jedijesus95

    I'll be getting a new device next november and it will be awesome.

  • Rogue5

    So is this divided like high(3.x), middle(2.x) & low(non smartphones) class now?

  • Same rhetoric they gave for the eris. Even if that was the fastest fased out phone since the ericlson, they still spent time to ensure it would run on eclair. Droid 1 is not dead. Just aged. But aged like sean connery james bond aged……..will be lingering for years to come and always loved for us true to our roots.

  • SilentJay

    Are you kidding me, my droid is just a few months from being a “low end” device?! Darn technology and its ability to get me to throw money at the newest toys every few months!

  • dboy

    just fried my keyboard at work because of excess drool…thanks a lot droid-life 😉

  • Cirefit

    So your telling me i bout my high end Droid, and now its obsolete less then a year after release, this is fucked up because the droid 2 has the exact same chip set and its getting an update with a 1ghz processer so maybe the droid 1 also will

  • MrDMA

    Ahhhh….perfect timing for me…..I just ported over from AT&T (after 5 years) and bought a Droid 1 today via Wirefly! Grrrr!

    • Chris Nimon

      No worries, a rooted droid is and will still be in the top 5

  • My wife's pixie has it for free. Make the argument. You will win.

  • brando56894

    Does this mean that the minimum clockspeed has to be 1 GHz (ex. how windows 7 requires a mimimum of 2 GHz or whatever) for it to run perfectly or that it wont run period (locked out) unless you have the new OMAP or a Snapdragon? I just got my droid 4 months ago and Im going to be pretty pissed if I cant run (a rooted version of) Gingerbread in 4 months.

  • Appleanche

    I don't (want) to believe it to be honest.

    Especially since at stock 550mhz it's not exactly that much slower then a Nexus one, according to quadrant I just did (clocked at 550mhz) I scored 1061, The Nexus one at 1ghz scores about 1300. Both on 2.2… so it's much closer then a 550mhz to 1ghz shows.

    The ram is the only real question mark there, but I don't think thats a huge hurdle.

  • Since I'm the one who has started this Android 3 discussion in English, I'd like to address some questions raised in (updated) DL post, and comments.

    “Who the hell is Eldar Murtazin?”.

    Well, he is the guy who runs Russian site mobile-review.com, and has a proven record of major scoops. His recent biggest ones involve Nokia (Ovi Store, N900, N8). But he predicted launch of HTC Wildfire and other cheap Androids weeks in advance. From what I know, his access to early mobile stuff is much better then BGR, though what he shares, is only on par with him.

    No, we don't know if Gingerbread is Android 3. And given the Google's history with codenames/releases (Flan/Froyo, Eclair Android 2.0/2.1, anyone), and the way things went with Donut… Everyone was sure that Donut is Android 2.0, until Andy Rubin (I think), said that Donut is coming, but it is definitely not Android 2.0, sometime last summer.

    So, yes, Android Gingerbread may not be Android 3.0 release. And may come earlier. But the stuff he was talking about, are of such magnitude that it can only be from the next major version update -3.0.

    And, yes, I took some liberties in my post.

    Regarding the display resolution, what Eldar said in podcast was änd there's new resolution – 1280, and I think… what it is…I think 760…”So I might be wrong about 760, but am prety sure about 1280.

    • kellex

      Cheers and thanks for swinging by to clear some of that stuff up. We'll get readers to “like” this and move it up top.

  • Br_d

    I think a lot of people misunderstand the concept of branched code lines. Just because there's a 3.0 code line doesn't mean they can't upgrade the 2.0 code line.

  • banditball

    I can't wait for Christmas now……wish list: 2 Ghz…..front face camera…..and brilliant display that blows the “i” off the i*hone! 🙂

  • Chris Nimon

    I love my Droid. I decided that not even the Droid X will separate us. BUT, when that Droid Pro comes out I will get it. I will still love my Droid and ill put this game changing device on display in my office. maybe having it sticking out of apple would be a nice display 🙂

  • do u think cyanogen , bb, or jrummy, will make a 3.0 rom?

    • I'm wondering the same thing… The OTA update might be the one putting limits on the install. However, give the source to one of the many amazing Android devs around here and I'm betting we'll see Gingerbread, (no matter what the release number is) come to our DROIDs.

    • brando56894

      of course they will!

  • Dennis

    It says there will be a new resolution available for 4″+ devices.

    They mean for FUTURE devices, right? My future Droid X wont suddenly be able to use this new resolution will it?

  • this is very bad news indeed i love my droid 1 to the fullest and i wud love to receive all the newest updates and everything which makes the droid a better overall experience but i kno the droid1 being the first of the whole droid series i knew its limitations were gon show up soon it can do so much but so little at the same time knowing me i wud actually go out to get a new android just for a update and overall performance but i gota stick with my droid 1 its truly a beast in my eyes i believe sooner or late it will be obsolete but n da mean time ima enjoy it and hack the s*** outa it lol until i can give it that r.i.p. when the next thing big comes out i would still like to hear a official disclaimer from google talking about the gingerbread update cuz who is eldar murtazin that sound like some lord of the rings ish but yea if this is droid that droid wont get it it wont be a big issue but it ud be nice to receive further improvements with our beloved droids.

    • SixTen

      . . . . . . . . . . . . I just wanted to give you several of those for your next post. It appears that you have run out of them.

  • Searles_400

    so this is probably a dumb question…but in regards to the 1280×760 resolution comment, will the new phones be shipping with screens capable of that or are the newer phones coming out now set up for that resolution is the OS can handle it. in other words will the droid x for example be able to increase the resolition to 1280×760 with a newer OS like 3.0, or will that only be for phones coming out in the future with those screen specs

    • ek3

      resolution is hardware so software won't be able to change the resolution. So i believe future phones will have higher resolution like the iphone.

  • Pcrowley59

    What size battery is it going to take to run these things????????

  • I'm eagerly anticipating the 2 Ghz Droid rumored for late this year anyway.


  • RealGame22

    Most likely if your rooted, somebody will port this over. For you Nun-Rooted users…..Outta Luck

  • Highly disappointing news

  • My droid1 is pretty sick as is rooted, I'm not tripping I can wait til AI comes out on droid in 2011

  • StephanC

    Well damn. I guess I know what I'm getting for Christmas!

  • rals

    Cant say I am surprised

  • Soccer568

    I thing people will find a way around it and us droid users will get to get 3.0 if rooted.

  • i'm sure someone will find a way around these ridiculous requirements so that “legacy” phones will be able to run it

  • Im slightly confused about the upgrading of the phone stuff from verizon, can someone clear it up for me. I recently resigned a two year contract when the Droid 1 was released cause I just had to get it haha….what does that mean for me now. Am i able to upgrade to like the Droid X and still keep my two year contract or pay a crap load of money for it again and get another two year contract. Try to explain as best as possible because im so confused on how it all works, and if it will work out good for me in the near future on getting a Droid X.

  • Kellex, do you think I should wait for one of those holiday 3.0 phones, or go for the DROID X?

  • machinegun68

    I'm ok with this in the long run. After doing my homework before I bought my Droid, I knew in the back of my head that there will ALWAYS be something bigger and better tomorrow!! It's been like that with electronics for years. I'm excited to see Android take these leaps. Better tools for us old fools.

  • OldNuc

    keeping in mind that this article is nothing more than official navel gazing by the writer. Custom ROMs will be developed to bring the majority of the Gingerbread goodies to the rooted Droid-1. This will prove to be the ultimate benefit of having true root access. This will extend the useful life of the Droid-1 far longer than the Verizon marketing department would desire.

    As FroYo has yet to show up for the Droid in a stable release, I am not counting on seeing any Gingerbread until Santa gets his red suit back from the cleaners early next year.

    And, if the Droid X/Droid-2 actually show up with locked bootloaders that in and of itself throw a glitch in the system.

  • Well, a rooted DROID overclocked to 1.0ghz.

    How about that?

    And maybe XDA will modify Gingerbread to work on lower specs

  • EC8CH

    Screw it! I'm getting that Verizon iPhone then in January :-s

    • ericsorensen

      Yes, and that new Iphone barely meets the minimum for android 3.0. Come Christmas time, I bet all those Iphone 4 buyers will kicking themselves that they waited in line for a day to get such an outdated phone. And then they will be waiting another 6 months for a new iphone to stand in line for.

      • dallegre

        You mean like how the Droid “doesn't” meet those requirements? (See what I did there?) And how the Incredible and Droid X “barely” meet the minimum specs just like the iphone 4? And those iphone 4 buyers will be kicking themselves just like original Droid owners are and will be?

        I own a Droid and am very pleased with it but the fanboyish culture of this site is ridiculous.

        • I highly doubt 1GHz is the “minimum spec” for Gingerbread.

          That's not how this works. It's not a videogame you buy off the shelf. Google isn't going to release the “min specs.” They're saying that if you have the specs of 1GHz, then Gingerbread will run great on your phone, otherwise it won't. “Barely” has nothing to do with it.

      • ek3

        from all the iphone users i know, they don't kick themselves because of outdated hardware. they are just happy to have an easy-to-use OS.

        if only android could get easier to use without being “locked in”
        for example: copy/paste is a pain on android.

        • Amit_texas

          really copy paste is PAIN in android, if only they can make it simple as I OS.

        • Droidzilla

          I wish we had as simple to use an interface as the iphone!

          Oh, wait; you can just do everything from your app drawer. BAM! iphone interface on the Droid.

        • No it's not. {{-_-}}

      • dboy

        haha make that a year if they're lucky

  • Ford5pt0

    If we cant have the new stuff coming in, i'll be sorry i every messed with my phone:( there's no way in hell i'm paying 500-600 bucks for a damn phone….

    • lol, no worries. rooted fones always have the option to have a “version” before OTA updates.

  • briderx

    I really think this is bullocks.. The Droid isn't on its way out. It's got a good year left in it before they'll start phasing them out.. Droid will receive 3.0 but that's probably about it. The newer devices will probably end up with 3.5 – 4.0.

  • poeddroiduser

    Didn't someone bring up the words “planned obsolesce” yesterday?

  • kulz

    *mental note to self* Do NOT buy a new phone until the 2ghz phones come out. it might be coming out sooner than later 😉

  • xsoldier2000

    Ummmm, so throw out that “No Droid Left Behind” speech about fragmentation of the android system, huh?


    • Michael_NM

      No Droid will be left behind, we'll just be on the short bus…

  • John L.

    Now that Froyo 2.2 added voice dial over bluetooth.
    what can they possibly add in Gingerbread, I mean Android does it all already.
    By the time Gingerbread comes out I will have retired my wonderful Motorola DROID 1.
    I will either have a Droid X, or a Droid2, I have grown to like the keyboard, very handy to have.
    Either way I am glad to be a part of the Android revolution and enjoy cracking on my co-workers who have iPhones. I tell them, “Be a man and get a droid, if you mom can figure out an iPhone then be a man and get a droid”
    (partially quoted from the forums, I didnt create that phrase, but it is true.)

  • Michael_NM

    Droid 4.3G: Consider all the possibilities for tying into the 4, 3 and G…
    4.3 -inch screen
    3G capable
    G for Gingerbread or Generation or Goodness Gracious this Great!!!
    Of course it will have to have 2GHz

    And perfect timing for those of us who bought a Droid early to get the early upgrade.

  • John

    Meh.. OC'd Droid 1 to 1GHZ is faster than any of the 1GHz snapdragon phones out now anyway.. I'm sure custom ROMs will make their way to our Land and we will be able to run 3.0 goodies no prob..

  • Zkolev

    This was my main concern when I was getting the Droid. Glad I opted for a 1yr contract

  • droidroks

    Too much going on in the android world these days. I'm still trying to soak up all the froyo goodness. Gingerbread will have to wait till after thanksgiving dinner.

  • Unless Gingerbread has some hidden feature that gives me oral sex on demand, under the shorts, in public _and_ so that no one can tell, I'm gonna skip the next gen of Android phones (no matter how much I WANT WANT WANT WANT A DROID X OMG WANT) and love my O.G. Droid until the next_next faster hardware, and then I will drop another 83 gajillion dollars on a phone that will be out of date before I'm done signing the credit card slip. 😉

    • StephanC

      So you've found a feature on your Droid 1 that gives you oral sex? Is that an app or is it in a custom ROM that I missed somewhere? Ha!

  • Voc627

    With the Droid 2 most likely being very similar to the Droid 1, I wouldn't be surprised if it got ported over by Pete or Cyanogen, root users running @ 1ghz or so wouldn't have a problem.

  • Jbarb21

    How many of you really plan on not upgrading eventually anyway? At some point you have to fiqure they weren't gonna continue the latest, greatest upgrades on an 'old' phone. (Amazing the speed of tech that a phone that is out for less than 8 months is old!) FROYO is not (officially speaking) even out yet and we all love it yet are already bummed out that we will be 'stuck' with it. My guess is if it can be hacked to a DROID 1 …someone will do it, and if it can't….somehow I will just have to live with FROYO on my DROID 1 for like another 8 months or so…….

  • If Cyanogen can port 2.2 to the G1, we'll definitely get Gingerbread on the Droid 1.

    • Ray

      Damn really I have a old G1 that I will be using when I go overseas in a few weeks where can I find that @

  • ryanwalter

    looks like im going to put one of those 2ghz moto phones on my xmas list…

    • same

    • Better buy a few backup batteries while you're at it 🙂

  • itskapil

    Now that hardware is also defined fragmentation will soon become a thing of the past.

    I can hear iOS sending SOS this fall. BTW, Gingerbread sounds crazy… can't believe how fast Google is catching and tearing apart Apple's plans.

    But it will have some serious effects on how the purchases of existing and upcoming super phones. Find it here – http://www.theandroidsoul.com/2010/06/30/androi

    Although in rumors, It's good that minimum requirements have been known so early, it would help avoiding purchase of phones that do not meet minimum requirements. Thanks to whoever broke it. Proud to be an android fan.

  • Those hardware requirements sound outrageously stiff. If Google really cares about fragmentation, I doubt they'll follow through on all of them.

    At least I hope not, anyway,,, I got my droid w/ 2 year contract this year, so I will not get a new phone for a while no matter what happens! 🙂

  • Welp, lemme start savin B-)

  • Just one more reason I'm going to sit tight with my original Droid and wait for the new super 4G Droid due out early next year with a 2 Ghz chip.

    • rals

      Amen to that

      • Rashad4024

        I hear ya brother!

    • supermiah

      Preach it brother!!

    • Agreed.

      HTC has that Sabor coming out too. Its also rumored to be 2 Ghz. And Tmo has the project emerald or whatever pegged at 2 also I believe. I'm not gonna lie man I loved the sidekick and if Emerald turns out to be a 4 in. touch screen sidekick with Gingerbread Im all over that.

  • Cyberdemon

    Ehhh, I think that the custom roms will incorporate the 3.0 stuff too. …..and with us overclocking our droids we will be able to handle the new upgrades so not to worry!

    • Winterfresh

      That is a very good point that I didn't even think of.

      • wolverinefan

        True that, as much as i love our droid phone they have to do more then 3.0 due to the fact that Iphone is going to Verizon in January 2011 can u image the crazy competition and the crazy verizon custumers that have been calling for the iphone. It should be interesting.

      • Ginger user

        I’m using gingerbread on Droid 1 it is great lol like it matters how much ram lol you don’t actually even use a forth the ram on Droid 1 who cares how many programs can stay open in the background while your not using them.

    • Overclocking will help, but the fact that the Droid only has 256MB RAM will prevent it from running fancy UI's!!!

      • IMA_210

        And they said the G1 would never run 2.2, but I see that CyanogenMod has a ROM for it running rather smoothly. I wont count out the great Dev's that we have, I have no doubt that I will be running a version of Gingerbread on my original Droid.

    • Originalme8

      Amen to that!

  • Blasphamey

  • Ace Z.

    Huh? No way Kellex! I'm currently running my DROID at 1.25ghz so I'm definitely getting Gingerbread =P

  • ajavgeek

    I wish VZW offers same discount for one year contract as they offer for 2 years. I would like to get updated phone but can not afford. No profit for VZW but may be phone manufacturers can pitch in some to increase their sales !!!!

  • TheGoldenDroid

    It kinda sucks but I was already planning on getting a new phone for christmas when the 2ghz came out!

  • ynl808

    sucks for the iphone!

  • But I can overclock mine to 1Ghz does that count? 🙁 its ok I guess I'll probably be getting a Droid Pro or whatever whiz bang feature packed DROID that comes available around christmas

  • tbaybe

    at least i know now what to put on my wish list for Christmas 🙂

  • Rob Isakson

    There will actually be less fragmentation…

    As a developer, I have to build applications that run on 3-4 different firmwares. 1.5,1.6, and 2.1/2.2.

    Once all the older devices get updates to 2.2, they will be stuck there and the only legacy firmware ill be supporting is 2.2 (funny saying that since its not really 100% out yet) and 3.0+. So I'll only have to support 2 firmware versions, which isnt bad imo.

    • It blows for us, but this seems pretty right. Though, since the providers are the ones in control, there's no assurance that the “legacy” phones will even *make it* to 2.2…in fact, many providers have come out and said straight up that X device won't ever get 2.1/2.2. So, it seems like the categories will persist…though you're right in that over time, the weight will heavily shift to a 2.2/3.0+ divide, as opposed to an even distribution.

    • If you think 1.5/1.6 devices are going away because of this you're nuts. A lot of people will hold on to those 1.5/1.6 devices (we have devices being sold new right now with multiyear contracts that will likely NEVER see 2.2). It'll make things worse for you rather than better over the next couple of years.

    • You don't have to do sep builds for each… you can do 1 build and build in introspection that will check for necessary dependencies… that being said consider this… at this point you should have 2 builds at most a 1.5/6 and a 2.1/2 IF you app uses features in 2.1/2 if it doesn't use something that explicitly requires that API level build for 1.6 and go from there… they are compatible a 1.6 binary will work on 2.2 for most situations

    • kellex

      In the long run it will definitely shrink the fragmentation I agree. Initially, it could be ugly for you. 😛

  • Xsehcx

    I'm oddly ok with this even as a droid 1 user. i feel bad for my gf though who just bought an ally. but i was just going to upgrade in november anyway, now i know i'll have something good coming to me. And as for the fragmentation, hopefully this will help the higher end devices become less fragmented, and maybe the lower end android devices will slowly go away. Apple did this too with IOS4 only coming to a few handsets. I'm sure IOS5 will only becoming to the newest handsets as well. And for people that don't want to upgrade there will always be the rom developers.

  • Mata

    I think it just requires 1 ghz to run efficiently. Thus, phones prior to 1 Ghz are out of luck. Cmon people, you will be buying a new phone by the time you are sick of Froyo anyway, get over it. We are salivating over the Droid X, but the phones that will hit in November / next spring are going to be so amazing they will make us cry, so prepare to move onward and upward…

    • DCdroid

      Overclock. Droid 1 can operate at 1.25GHz. Problem is it doesn't constantly maintain the speed like the EVO and Incredible and will scale itself down to cool off, and essentially you can fry the chip by doing this. But personally, by the time my chip does fry i'll be ready for new phone. I'll wait until may for my upgrade and grab whatevers available, hopefully the new 2ghz moto.

      • brando56894

        It takes a lot of heat to fry the processor (about 210F), the highest ive ever seen my droid get was 180F and that was stress testing a 1.3 GHz kernel. The droid can obviously sustain 1.25 GHz but it will kill your battery and make the processor run fairly hot, also slowly shortening the lifespan of it.

  • Thoughts? I just bullshitted the hell outta VZ to get out of my Touch Pro 2 and into this Moto Droid. My thought is that come holiday season I'll be paying $500-600 for a phone. I mean, I would leave it alone, but 2GHz? Possible Dual-Cores? COME ON

    • kulz

      don't forget the 1280×760 resolutions :O

  • Looks like I'll be getting a tablet and a superphone come christmas (hopefully)

  • I'm sure the source code release will be able to be ported over and run fine on the Droid but it might just be the push a lot of us Droid owners need to change to the 4G models that should be comign out shortly after

    • ek3

      my thoughts exactly! i'm just gonna stick with my droid 1 until 4g(LTE) phones hit verizon in 2011. those 2ghz moto phones might sound good during the holiday however, they better be 4g capable if not, i'm waiting those extra 1 – 3 months.

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    • +1 my friend 🙂

    • machinegun68

      Nice job yet again and thank you.

    • Trug

      Download link isn't working for me.. Any way you can do another these wallpapers are awesome! 🙂 Thanks

  • Tony

    Sweet. My beautiful Droid X will have gingerbread tastiness.

    • Edwards311

      Lets hope that will be the case…I am gonne be a little annoyed when I get the X and then find out google has decided that it is the bastard child and gets no gingerbread love!!! But it does meet the preliminary specs…..Gotta love technology 🙂

  • Andrew Hewitt

    How exactly do these 1 year upgrades work?

    • Teabling

      if you've had your contract for more then a you have a price plan of $59.99 (that's a 700 min family plan or a 450 min single plan with unlimited texting) or more a month i believe, you can sign a new two year contract and get a phone at the two year discounted price plus a $20 early upgrade fee. it doesn't add the two years to the end, just from the date you sign it.

  • Riverjao

    Verizon offers 1 yr upgrades?

    • Yea, at a lesser discount rate, and with a small fee. Sometimes it's advertised sometimes not. If you are a 'VIP' you don't have to pay the $20 early renewal or the $35 activation fee.

      • Teabling

        Verizon doesn't do the “VIP” thing anymore.

        • Good to know, thank you sir.

        • ek3

          damn.. that was one thing i loved about verizon. thanks for letting us know. it will be hard to bargain with them now.

    • kellex

      Oh yeah, been doing them for years. On your main line only, you can upgrade every year at 2-year contract pricing. You just don't get the $100 credit.

    • musicandnumbers

      Yes, they do. I believe it's called the early upgrade option. You can google it. The short version is that you have to have an account in good standing, and you pay more than if you upgraded after 2 years but less than full price.

    • man_united

      you can get a phone on a one year contract. it is usually around $70 more for a phone, however if you like to change you phone often that's the best option. you get to upgrade after only 10 months and still do not pay full retail price for a phone.

  • ynl808

    I hope i get a droid x by that time :p

  • root4life

    let me just tell u how i dont consider my droid 1 a Cheap, low-end handset. wtf google? that phone aint cheap

    • OR low end! I thought the same thing. If this is gonna be considered low end, than what are the non-smartphones considered? Bargain bin?

      • root4life

        ha right

    • I'd be pissed too if I had a slow Droid 1 that wasn't going to get 3.0. Guess I'll know what it feels like when Android 3.6 comes out one day and only 1.5Ghz are allowed. Hopefully by then I'll have something better than my Incredible.

      • root4life

        my droid 1 isnt slow by any means. and as far as ur incredible please htc is a p.o.s. by any name u put on it

        • Your droid is slower and has less features than the Dinc. All things equal (software-wise) the Inc KILLS the droid. You can call HTC a sh8t name if you want, but it has spoken for itself. The only sh8tty thing is that demand is so high for this amazing phone that they can't fulfill orders fast enough!

          • Droidzilla

            Pray, to which features do you refer? A higher MP camera is not an added feature as it does not affect functionality; merely the size of the captured image. Ditto processor speed, screen resolution, RAM, etc. None of these are actual “features” if both phones come with them, but the specs are different.

            The only feature I can think of that's on the Incredible that's not on the Droid is Sense UI. For the reciprocal, the Droid has a physical keyboard, metal construction, and a vanilla Android experience whereas the Incredible does not.

          • How much RAM does your phone have again? You might want to actually know what you're talking about before posting 😉

      • dboy

        well, it might not…you may have to upgrade to droid x but who cares…i think all us G1 owners want a piece of that. we may just get 2.2 but thats gonna be a great improvement anyway

  • Go-go gadget developer community!

    Seriously though, will ports to the Droid be possible? Or is this “minimum requirements” hooey really an in-stone necessity?

  • trumpet444


    • trumpet444