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Download: FRF84B Froyo Droid Build with Dev Kernel

Sorry to drop two Froyo FRF84B ROMs on you in one day, but we were just sent a cleaned up version which sports the developer Android kernel (800MHz).  (How does only 59MB sound?)

You won’t find a ton of differences between this version and the one from this morning, but for those purists out there like me, you’ll know what I’m getting at.  It definitely includes root.

Some of the stock apps including Google Maps and Facebook have been removed and can be downloaded from the market to insure a smoother install.  (Those of you with GMaps issues will enjoy this.)

Download: cleanFRF84B.zip

Instructions are the same as earlier.  Download to SD card, open ROM Manager and choose “Install ROM from SD card.”

Let me know if you have any issues!

Cheers Stephen for putting this together!

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  • en28so

    for the life of me i can't get rom manager to work for me

  • en28so

    for the life of me i can't get rom manager to work for me

  • Kirmani

    Will it work on Milestone? I rooted it using StarHub (It wasnt rooting by any forum posts to root Milestone, Finally just StarHub worked 😉 )

  • Xeroseductive18

    installed fyne, running good first time root. how come some people have 3d cube menu and i dont….

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  • Trevynogden

    Ok, i dont really understand rooting. whats addicting about it?
    <Droid Fan>

  • Motodroid

    I've been trying to download for the last hour or so and it keeps getting stuck after about 30%. Any other way to get the build?

    • Motodroid

      Nevermind. I got it. Gonna load it up tonight.

  • Rebatedl

    I am new to this. I am trying to update my Droid to cleanFRF84B. I followed the instructions. My Droid has been cycling on the first reboot showing the Red Eye and Droid for the past 80 minutes, without doing anything else. I know I am supposed to be patient. How long I should wait before I know I am in trouble. Please help. Thanks

  • Jeffrey Hankey

    Help!!!…Trying to get to root status…I am partway there…downloaded 1st part of “User's Guide to Root” (http://www.droid-life.com/2010/05/06/guide-to-r…) and then realized…I don't know how to backup all of my stuff BEFORE I switch to a different ROM. Titanium backup is only for root users, but won't I lose all my apps and data when I put a root-access ROM on? If I need to re-download everything I can, it just seems like a royal pain 🙁 Any help out there?

    • Mrpicolas

      First time you may have to redownload but paid apps will be in dl section of your market

      • Jeffrey Hankey

        Thanks Mrp!

        • Mrpicolas

          No prob glad to help

  • Punkerchild84

    ok i tried rooting my droid and nothing i try works. all i get is a message saying its aborting i watched all the videos and followed them closely. I have the sp recovery can i flash it back to stock and ill just wait for the update

  • On the free ROM Manager from ClockworkMod, download Bugless Beast V0.4, I had no problems installing it and I never got this one from droid-life to work, this Froyo Rom is perfect, at first the market is a little quirky, but in a couple minutes its back to normal, I mean, not 2.1 normal, but it works like its suppose to.