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Download: FRF84B Froyo Droid Build with Dev Kernel

Sorry to drop two Froyo FRF84B ROMs on you in one day, but we were just sent a cleaned up version which sports the developer Android kernel (800MHz).  (How does only 59MB sound?)

You won’t find a ton of differences between this version and the one from this morning, but for those purists out there like me, you’ll know what I’m getting at.  It definitely includes root.

Some of the stock apps including Google Maps and Facebook have been removed and can be downloaded from the market to insure a smoother install.  (Those of you with GMaps issues will enjoy this.)

Download: cleanFRF84B.zip

Instructions are the same as earlier.  Download to SD card, open ROM Manager and choose “Install ROM from SD card.”

Let me know if you have any issues!

Cheers Stephen for putting this together!

  • 841104598


  • en28so

    for the life of me i can't get rom manager to work for me

  • en28so

    for the life of me i can't get rom manager to work for me

  • Kirmani

    Will it work on Milestone? I rooted it using StarHub (It wasnt rooting by any forum posts to root Milestone, Finally just StarHub worked 😉 )

  • Xeroseductive18

    installed fyne, running good first time root. how come some people have 3d cube menu and i dont….

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  • Trevynogden

    Ok, i dont really understand rooting. whats addicting about it?
    <Droid Fan>

  • Motodroid

    I've been trying to download for the last hour or so and it keeps getting stuck after about 30%. Any other way to get the build?

    • Motodroid

      Nevermind. I got it. Gonna load it up tonight.

  • Rebatedl

    I am new to this. I am trying to update my Droid to cleanFRF84B. I followed the instructions. My Droid has been cycling on the first reboot showing the Red Eye and Droid for the past 80 minutes, without doing anything else. I know I am supposed to be patient. How long I should wait before I know I am in trouble. Please help. Thanks

  • Jeffrey Hankey

    Help!!!…Trying to get to root status…I am partway there…downloaded 1st part of “User's Guide to Root” (http://www.droid-life.com/2010/05/06/guide-to-r…) and then realized…I don't know how to backup all of my stuff BEFORE I switch to a different ROM. Titanium backup is only for root users, but won't I lose all my apps and data when I put a root-access ROM on? If I need to re-download everything I can, it just seems like a royal pain 🙁 Any help out there?

    • Mrpicolas

      First time you may have to redownload but paid apps will be in dl section of your market

      • Jeffrey Hankey

        Thanks Mrp!

        • Mrpicolas

          No prob glad to help

  • Punkerchild84

    ok i tried rooting my droid and nothing i try works. all i get is a message saying its aborting i watched all the videos and followed them closely. I have the sp recovery can i flash it back to stock and ill just wait for the update

  • On the free ROM Manager from ClockworkMod, download Bugless Beast V0.4, I had no problems installing it and I never got this one from droid-life to work, this Froyo Rom is perfect, at first the market is a little quirky, but in a couple minutes its back to normal, I mean, not 2.1 normal, but it works like its suppose to.

  • Asellite

    I install from SD card and it reboots and installs. Then the phone reboots and I get the droid logo and then the 'eye' as it boots up. 30 seconds later the phone reboots in an endless loop. The homescreen is never seen. I ended up pulling the battery and running recovery.

    About to go for attempt number 2. Advice? Similar stories?

    • Mrpicolas

      Wipe data and cache if still loops go lower clockspeed on kernal or up in voltage

    • Caok64

      im getting the same thing

  • TB

    I can't get Swype to work on this build. 🙁

    • Koko

      Did you use the swype installer? I was having the same problem when trying to install the actual swype app. after i ran the swype installer, it works perfect.

  • Maddoxmisery

    huge problem.

    no idea what i did wrong.

    i did the flashing SPrecovery and root to droid 2.1. everything went fine.
    when i got it restarted i then hit rom manager and wanted to get the new bugless beast and a new kernel to overclock the thing. after backing up and all that.

    as i was downloading i went to sleep for a litle bit. woke up and now the phone powered up. started. then blinked off. now when i try to power up it does nothing. no logo..nothing. i have no idea what i did. i even let it sit a few hours charging. when i came back it did power up but once it went through it blinked off again. and back to not responding.

    i need serious help.

    • Maddoxmisery

      plugged it into a wall charger and it starts up kind of. it will do the moto logo,droid eye and get to the unlock screen then a red light comes up and it restarts it says its permanently at %5 battery when its fully charged. still won't allow me to boot into recovery. its just a loop of starting up/red light/shut off

      • It doesnt like the kernel you picked. Flash back to ur latest recovery and Try a diffrent kernel. i got the same thing Many times. fixed it by doing what i just described

    • Mrpicolas

      WHEN POWERING UP PRESS POWER AND HOLD X LET GO OF THE POWER BUTTON WHEN IT COMES ON THIS SHOULD GET YOU TO RECOVERY then restore your backup this should work since it will power on it sounds like your kernel choice doesn't agree with your phone try a different kernel and you should be OK

  • JB

    where do we place this file on the SD card? In the root, or in a folder or what? and do we need to rename the filer to Update?

    • Mrpicolas

      Yes in the root of sd card

    • Mrpicolas

      Depends what recovery you use sp rec name it update.zip clockwork just flash the zip

  • Brich66

    Indeed! Hah! Bought my first smartphone (MotoDroid) about 5 weeks ago….logged onto this site…and last week rooted my phone..I know what you mean..very nervous..Is sooooo cool, tho!! Didn't really understand rooting, but, seemed the thing to do..why not! 🙂 Anyway, am also hooked..get droid news daily updates..and trying to figure out what Froyo is and all these ROM's everyone's talking about..but, hey..I've got SuperUser! Peace, all!!

  • Vyruzx

    rom manager says it cant install and says try deleting spaces in the name but there are none

    • Mrpicolas

      R u using cm recovery or sp recovery try opposite of what you are using

      • Mrpicolas

        If using sp rec it needs to be named update.zip if cm rec just flash if you can't get into rec flash sp then clockwork and should straighten out

  • Sampa3291

    how do i get flash to work with this, it doesn't show up in my market, and also the 3D scrolling launcher

    • Mrpicolas

      Dl flash apk from this site and get launcher pro from the market 3d app drawer is in advanced settings

  • Divingdancer

    Is the portable hotspot function available in this release? I just installed on Moto Droid, and I can't find it in the settings.

  • Edpsoul

    Help, I'm trying to load the update and every time I load it, it takes me to the Motorola Logo when I'm holding down the X and power button. It then turns off, then back on, and repeats. I held the 2 buttons till it did it 4 times and I just gave up. I can't pull up the boot screen to load the new ROM. Any suggestions? Does anyone know how to get the system screen up?

  • Iceee4o8

    Before I ask all these questions, I don't really have a clue, so please bare with me.

    I loaded this cleanFRF84B ROM yesterday… loaded with no problems, but I noiticed that wifi tethering wasn't built in? It doesn't have Flash either? Did I do something wrong? Is it just me or maybe I don't know how to set or activate it?

    I keep reading in the thread “BBv0.3” and I'm running at this clock speed and that… how I know what mine is running at?

    • No you didnt do anything wrong. Search For Flash using the search bar located at the top of the page. Download/install the Apk. For Wifi Tethering. There is either an apk on this site or in the market place (dont recall the name for the GMP.)
      For the Clock speed Download the app called SetCpu For root users (paid app) That will tell you what your Clock speed is at. Also if you ever decide to Install a custom Kernel It will let you OverClock it in the same app.

  • Edpsoul

    Help, I'm trying to load the update and every time I load it, it takes me to the Motorola Logo when I'm holding down the X and power button. It then turns off, then back on, and repeats. I held the 2 buttons till it did it 4 times and I just gave up. I can't pull up the boot screen to load the new ROM. Any suggestions?

    • Mrpicolas

      Let go of the power button holding x still wipe data and cache once in rec flash again

  • hawaiianbrowneyez05

    i cant get my apps to restore in the market and when i try to download rom manager or titanium backup. it force closes. its like the apps are automatically trying to restore but they're not restoring

  • hawaiianbrowneyez05

    so i downloaded this and when i tried to update the basebands i did the c_01.41.00R from rom manager and when it rebooted it said unknown baseband, but i was lucky to restore a previous rom with this baseband, should i flash the newer one or just stick with the c_01.41.00R

  • scottholstein

    Can a custom kernel be installed with this?

  • Nicklenick2

    does this only work on moto droid like the other one? Or does this rom work on any rooted phone

  • Struckmatch85

    Its telling me E:no space left on device E:Error writing boot E:Failure at line 76 (installation aborted) Please if anyone can help me im trying to run it on a nexus one!!!Please…..

  • Cbrown57081

    I've been installing the new roms when they come out… Im lovin the FRF84B. However…. Im having troubles. After everything installs, I cant seem to access the mobile network… I get “No Service” after installing.
    Did/does anyone have this problem as well? Any Ideas whats happening?

  • Thanks, you guys rock!, loving my droid but definetly getting a 1ghz or higher in xmas for 3.0

  • eddieonofre

    Hey did anyone notice that now you have flash light for video recording???
    I just discovered that.. sweeeeeeetttttt

  • Techjpc

    I currently have Build number …. voles-userdebug 2.2 FRF57 38829 test-keys. Can I update my build to FRF84B ?

    • Yes. Just Do what was mentioned above.

      Install to the root of your sdcard. Open rom manager and select Install ROM from SDcard. Pick the folder and the wipedata/cache (not sure if its a must but i dont it everytime i flash a ROM)

  • Techjpc

    I can never download any of the files posted here on my Moto Droid… I get to the point where I press “regular download” and I press it and nothing happens.

  • JT

    Hey all…. I just rooted my phone and and upgraded to FRF84B. I am having market issue though.I search the market for an app I had and it says it can not find it. I had a buddy ( on a stock 2.1) search the market and the app is there for him. I see a market fix here ( http://www.droid-life.com/2010/06/12/tip-market…) but does this apply to FRF84B? Sorry if these are noobish questions….

    Here are my specs:

    Motorola Droid
    Android Version: 2.2
    Baseband Version: C_01.3E.03P
    Kernel Version:
    [email protected] #1
    Build Number: FRF84B

    • JT

      Well… I was feeling brave ( or foolish) and installed the market fix above and so far so good. I was able to load the app that was missing. You guys rock. Thanks for the new addition BTW….;-)

  • joyrex

    ever since i flashed this ROM my green battery indicator is off by 10%. i have tried even tried flashing other ROMs and get the same result. is there any way to fix this or am i just stuck with it being off?

  • palomosan

    I'm having a problem, I did everything right but during the installation process of the file (FRF84b) I got a message that the file wasn't right.

    Question – do I need to rename the file to update.zip like before, thanks.

  • Jmtanzo

    I followed the instructions to install this new rom from ROM Manager and it downloads it, i click on wipe data and backup. It turns off, boots up and nothing has changed? I am missing a step? I have the MyDroidWorld#13 kernel, Froyo 2.2

    Thanks in advance for the help

    • Edpsoul

      I'm having the same issue

  • Srt4tl

    I dont know about anyone else but im still running the “Droid-Life” Froyo Build, Ive tried other but this has been the best for me.. My quadrant score with a 1.2 Kernal was through the roof! 1712!
    Ive tried others and non of them have been as smooth or fast… Im also running Blue Energy over it….

  • Is rooting bad? Like will it void your warranty? when will the update 2.2 will be officially release? does someone know? Help me!? I want 2.2!!! also if I root my phone… and if I install this 2.2 update, would I have all the goodies of the original update? bugs? Idk.. help me Kellex?

    • Rooting is not bad, it's gaining administrator rights. It voids your warranty, but you can undo it, so VZ will never really know, assuming you remember to make the phone stock before going for service.

      2.2 could be out any where between now and this winter. Rumors said July, which I woulda said is crazy, but supposedly a test group is getting it already.

      You will get most of the goodies, and the ones you don't, will be added, probably before the official drops.

      Bugs, there are a few, but read around the forums and the posts here about the roms, you will see them, and you can decide if they are worth it to you.

      And I'm not Kellex, but I hope I helped.

  • metiCkOne

    What gives with the link? Do you have a mirror. This link wont allow a full download

  • locsta

    so has anyone figured out what happened to the 3d-cube menu? im running frf84b bugless beast v0.4. also I have downloaded the new version of swype and still cant get it to work

  • phonda

    Anyone got the multitouch Droid X keyboard to work with this build?

  • Chautzu

    I used to have the VZW apps of DVR Manager and Fios Remote before loading this new cleanFRF84b ROM this morning, I can not even find them in the Market any longer. Anyone else got this issue and know a fix?

  • mcdoogles

    I need help guys… I have tried several times to get my pics and music to show up in Froyo but only some of them do. If i go back to 2.1 they are all there but in Froyo only a hand full appear. Any idea whats causing this or how to fix it?

  • p0k3y

    Can anyone give me a skinny on all the roms out there for 2.2? I am still running the first rom that came out on June 5th (P3DF-CW). Is the BB .04 or this clean FRF84B much better? If so, in what ways?

  • Tdelder

    Need some help. I am running clockworkmod recovery on my phone. Just downloaded and tried to flash the new jrummy rom and now my phone is stuck at the boot animation. How do I enter the recovery mode so I can restore a backup?


    • On the moto droid: Power up while holding the “X” key on the keyboard. Keep holding X until recovery menu shows up.

  • G33kdrummer

    is anyone else having issues where the battery won't get up to a FULL charge?

    • joyrex

      i was able to get mine up to a full charge but i did notice it doesn't seem to be accurate…

  • Jayrod718

    GPS is not working for me it turns on but weather and stuff doesnt work on gps.

    • You have to turn the option to allow GPS over wireless networks in your settings.

  • Pointzero

    Do we need to wipe if coming from the original FR57 leak?

  • Lpederi

    Okay i got done downloading bb froyo v.04. I have never had any problems with my phone and rooting. Today i got a message saying “sd card may be damaged. You may have to reformat it” Not sure what to do. When i go into rom manager it says sd card needs to be mounted before you can use rom manager. The phone does work but i am worried about what can happen if i reformat it. I do have a month old copy of sd card on computer but again I am not sure what I should do. your help would greatly be appreciated. Thanks

  • Techjpc

    I dloaded ROM Manger but I have alot of items grayed out. I assume I have to pay for have those items available ?

    • JDub429

      Yep. Basically you pay for convenience. It's A LOT easier to DL some of the ROMs and their options from the manager once you've paid for it. Otherwise you have to go to the ROM websites, download the roms there, then install from SD Card.

  • Joe

    anyone know of any cpu temp friendly kernels for B.B. v.04?

  • runswithpaper

    You see, I was a normal Droid user, who just waited for her phone company or whom ever does the magical update thingy to send the upgraded firmware to her phone and deal with its consequences. Now, I'm not only discontented with any crap they throw at me but, now I must religiously stalk this blog to get my regular Droid ROM fix otherwise I end up feeling like a part of me had died by the end of the week.

    Just sayin'.

    It's all your fault, you know.

  • SnakeDoc

    what about us non-rooted droid owners?

  • zach471

    I'm having trouble booting into any type of recovery to install. My SD card crapped the bed last night. Wonder if someone can help?

    • Dito_Muertez

      we can probably help, but need more details, what do you mean your sd card shat out upon you?

      • zach471

        It's an old card. Finally last night following a reboot, the phone told me that the card had an error, and needed to be reformatted, which as you know erases the card. Not a big deal, I had backed up movies, music, and photos. But all of my recoveries are gone.

        Bottom line now, though, is that I'm unable to boot into recovery (neither Clockwork nor SPRecovery). If I try to hold down x, nothing happens. Phone just reboots normally as if I'd not selected anything. Not able to boot into recovery for backups or for loading new ROMs. What could the problem be?

        I am still showing my ninja, and I'm able to do a few superuser actions, such as overclock and perform batch operations in Titanium.

        • Dito_Muertez

          The latest versions of clockwork recovery are having a hard time sticking when you flash the recovery image. I actually am dealing with this right now (or just did about 5 mins ago), clear your download cache in CM (which may not even be necessary for you since you just reformatted your sd card, but do it anyway for the hell of it). After you've done that re-flash the recovery image (top selection in rom manager), and flash it again for the hell of it. The problem here is that when your phone is trying to get into recovery it's finding a bad recovery image, so it's just rebooting. you may have to flash and reboot a couple times to get a good one, but I am 90% sure this is the problem.

          • zach471

            Thanks! I'm going to try that and I will get back to you. Thank you for taking the time to respond.

        • Dito_Muertez

          you can also flash an older version and come back, or just use the older version… the whole point here is just flashing the recovery image.

          • zach471

            BANG! Booted into recovery. One thing I noticed was that it said “no SD-ext” found, skipping. What does that mean, exactly? Do I still have SD card problems?

          • Dito_Muertez

            no, that's just saying that you haven't formatted your sd card to be an additional extension to phones internal storage. That's cool though, glad i could help you out.

          • zach471

            Is that why I'm having apps2sd problems with BBv0.3? If I format my card in that way, will I lose the data again?

          • zach471

            What is the benefit of doing that? I can now boot into recovery, and I see that it is an option in recovery. If I do so, will I lose my data? If not, I may do so just so the phone “speaks” to the SD card better.

  • brandon

    I updated my droid, which already has froyo, followed the instructions then wen booting the eye comes up but then it keeps restarting to the eye over and over again. What could be the problem?

    • RealGame22

      Might have to wipe

    • Dito_Muertez

      you may end up having to restore. When I had a similar issue, my phone was actually flashing the home screen for a split second and as long as I hit the home button at the right time it would catch and hold. I don't know if that'll help in your situation, but if you see the softkeys light up, try mashing home. And if not, I pray you've made a backup.

    • ArmyOf2

      Wipe data and cache and do it again. I had the same problem on one of my installs.

  • Rage

    is the Youtube widget search and video buttons EVER going to work on a permanent basis rather than on the press and pray it works basis???? It's broken in everrry single build including FRF84B!! Yes, I have OCD

  • Locsta

    I was running frf84 bugless beast v0.3 and I upgraded to frf84b and then installed bugless beast v0.4 and now my 3d-like cube menu is gone and its just FLAT. Wassup wit that and how do I get the 3d-nss back

    • joyrex

      i noticed that too and i'm pretty sure that's stock for the new build. i went back to BB v.03 from this build and it has the 3d menu.

  • nice but it took a few times to get it to go and was kind of nice almost seemed to reload apps automatially or at least attemp to after i logged bak in with gmail user name and password. was pretty cool.

  • The_Other_Ray

    any major differences of bb v4 to bb v3?

  • RyanE

    link is dead

  • does anyone having issues with the new frf84b build from the frfxxxxx 2.2 version? mine was rebooted to clock recovery and it''s in a booting loop. gets to the eye then reboots….is this normal.

    • Rdjotut

      I got the same issue thankfully i had a backup, tried installing it twice but got the reboot loop, until i find out the issue im not gonna try again

    • k1ng617

      I went through the same thing from two builds today. The way around it for me was to do a complete wipe data & cache before I installed it. Unfortunately, this makes you lose all settings and you pretty much have to reactivate your phone and start from scratch. GL

  • I'm running the 1st version today, but on this one when i try to use my Black Ice theme with ROM Manager after it reboots it just stays on the Motorola screen. any idea why?

    • nkhex19

      Black Ice Theme may not be compatible with this build until the theme gets updated.

  • Adamania

    Since this is a “legit” build, are people having issues with tethering? I know Verizon plans to charge people to tether their phones so I am just wondering if the FRF84B build will do anything like that?

    • I tested both wireless and wired tether and the both work with no problems. I don't get the Verizon sign up screen, it works just as it always has.

      • Adamania

        Alright sounds good. It's a main reason I am rooted, so I guess I could flash to this and be happy :p.

  • I downloaded the clean froyo just posted and upgrading myndroid from the 2.2 FR version beta released last week. It's going through the bootup loop sequence. When it gets to the eye…it reboots again. Is this normal or is it just upgrading and I have to be patient….How long does it take….I am rooted…when I upgrade from the 2.1 to 2.2 beta FR version.

  • Is there a particular reason that nobody uses SPRecovery anymore? I must have missed the memo…
    I've been using it since the very beginning, and have noticed that everyone just says “Follow the instructions” and “Use ROM Manager” – ok, fine… but how are they different? What is wrong with SPRecovery and why can it no longer be used for updates on this site?

    Thanks in advance.

    • Ak_617


    • kellex

      Nothing wrong with SPRecovery. It's just easier for most people to use ROM Manager to do things as it automates most processes.

      • Thank you Kellex. That's the most helpful response I believe I've received on your site. 😉

  • A.Lo.

    Bugless Beast V0.4 FRF84B… Nice!!

  • Sdfhl

    Where's Cyanogens ROM, me waiting with baited breath

  • Longjas

    is anyone getting the old droid eye? and the default setcpu speed is 600 compared to 800 from v.3? Also, I am not getting the 3d menu it is flat. Thanks

  • Ewhitak

    A little off subject but when I installed bb v0.4 everything went fine but then i tried to install the droid x theme and i get stuck on boot screen. But the droid x theme works on my bb v0.3 with the same kernel

    • nkhex19

      I think v.4 is based off of this new build and the droid X theme probably hasn't been updated to work with the new build. I could be wrong though.

  • Norcal5230

    can i do this from a stock droid? im not sure what rooted means sorry. help appreciated!

    • JDub429

      No. You need to be rooted. I'd suggest you go to the Root section at the top menu and read up. Basically it gives you administrator access to your phone allowing to do other things to the OS, Theme and such.

    • Being rooted is the Windows equivalent of being Adminstrator, allowing you to access more plentiful and powerful commands. The nice part is, all these guys figure out what to do with the commands, and put it all in slick packages with moderately easy steps to follow to do it.

  • Sdfhl

    Maps is still not installing. i've tried everything, but Terminal emulator force closes every time. ive tried fixing permissions as well. Does anyone have a clue whats going on! I really need my Maps!

    • Mrpicolas

      Download terminal emulator from market use that and follow map fix on this site

    • QBallTBEB

      I had to do a clean data/cache wipe and then everything installed just fine.

  • Ok, so I need to start by telling you all how much I hate you! I was a normal happy old smartphone guywho happened to buy a droid last december. Ever since then, I started reading these forums. Well, after an eternity, I decided to fire up my youtube and watch some good ol rooting videos made by Kellex. Nervously and meticulously, I followed the video and rooted along side with my trusty new toy. Well, now I have blown through about twenty million roms withe every configuration known to man. I have become an addidct and my wife thinks I need help.

    I should have just bought an iphone. Maybe I could get some sleep again.

    P.S. jk, love u guys! But in reality, I am hooked and need to get some sleep. Do me a favor and shut down for a day. Geeze. 😉

    • Ditto.

    • kervation

      I know! I have been addicted to this site since rooting my Droid last month. Trust me, you will not get anything else done that you need to get done. You are now part of the Droid army. Seriously, Kellex, bringing out all these ROMs today was just plain wrong! I just downloaded BB v0.3 and now all happens!

      • Mr Rodriguez521

        Kervation, I also have BB v0.3 and ive messed with 1 other froyo build but my phone restarts randomly with froyo roms/builds. Im probably doing something wrong. The phone operates well, but it will reboot just out of nowhere. Any tips or help on how to fix this annoying problem? thanks

        • kervation

          I don't know if you are still having problems, but all the BB roms are usually pretty stable. First thing you need to do is flash clockworkmod recovery and make sure you wipe data and cache. I had to wipe twice w/BB v0.3 for whatever reason. This assures that you have a clean install and less chance for errors. Now if you have followed all those steps, make sure you make a backup and flash sprecovery and then clockworkmod again. Sorry to get back to you so late. Let me know if this helps

    • kellex

      Haha glad to occupy your time 🙂

      • R.D.Burke

        I had to give up crack after because of the urge to flash my rom. Now my Droid is my crack!!!!!!!!!!

        • Someone call drug czar Gil Kerlikowski, I think we have a solution to the war on drugs. Free Droids for everyone!

      • Mr Rodriguez521

        Kellex, was wondering if you could help. I have BB v0.3 and ive messed with 1 other froyo build but my phone restarts randomly with froyo roms/builds. Im probably doing something wrong. The phone operates well, but it will reboot just out of nowhere. Any tips or help on how to fix this annoying problem? thanks

        • Jsilverstone

          You probably have automatic backup on your rom manager….click it off or pick a time youll mot likely be sleeping….

    • Just loaded the new BB myself, had to add a 1ghz kernel for the cherry on top. Get me a smoked glass theme and I swear I am done til gingerbread.

      • timarnette

        I did the same. So FAST!!!

        • My “rock” for the day.
          BB v.4 Kernel -chose this cause if coming from .3 no need to wipe. 🙂
          P3 1000
          Launcher pro – always (love to hide the ugly notification bar until themed)
          Beautiful widgets – transparent neon
          Samsung live wallpapers – jellyfish are too cool!
          Change my boot to droid life and I swear I am done! (That's what I told my wife anyway.)

          Smooth as silk and looks great! This is why I am droid for life. Instead of the stupid iclone. (They are all the same….lame)

      • David

        HAHAHAAHAHAHAHAH!!!!! We all know that is about the 1200th time you've said that…..just like the rest of us.

  • Wingsfan

    This worked flawlessly…..Thanks Stephen!!!

  • MotaBoy

    How about an SPRecovery way 🙂

    • ** I'm hoping for an answer for this too…

    • StephanC

      Can't you just install it as an update.zip file?

    • PFnTN

      YES, please!

    • Pfntn

      Update.zip in SPRecovery works fine, tried just for fun and it works. Went ahead and downloaded ROM Manager Premium, now wish I had done that sooner as it is a lot easier to use.

      • I'm tellin' ya! ROM Manager Premium is worth every penny and then some, isn't it! It started using it after I had a ROM install go bad and haven't had problem 1 with a new ROM after that. 'Course, I've been sticking with ChevyNo1's ROMs and his Simply Stunning so his stable ROMS might have something to do with it. 🙂

  • Nwolfe

    Is there a tutorial for getting back to a stock un-rooted 2.1 image ???

  • banditball

    Still a lil time left today….how bout make it 3!? 😉 Keep getting better……

  • jarkhd

    Noticed I have around 92MB of RAM free after a task kill rather than about 62MB after this install and restore. That is great stuff.

  • Ak_617

    Sorry if this is a noob questions but I thought I could install this from my sdcard if I changed the filename to update.zip and go into the x+power menu and allow update.zip and install (depricated) but when I do that it says checking file, then it aborts the installation.

    • root4life

      do as instructed

    • Muddy Boots

      don't label it update.zip, just label it “update”, 9 times out of ten on a pc it will add the .zip but you don't see it. I had that problem but update works like a charm.

      “60 percent of the time it works, every time”

  • Jason

    Do I need to wipe if coming from the original froyo leak. Still running the old baseband

  • I love google i swear they are not as capitalist as verizon. (But i do love verizon for its service)

  • does this one have free tethering?

  • blackcatroad

    Any rumors on cpu temp sensor friendly kernels?

  • Towelie420

    Pete's post on droidforums said a whipe was not necessary. Yet on rom manager it says must whipe data and cache. Keep in mind I'm coming from his BB from yesterday to the one today (I guess it was built from the new release of froyo? wow that was fast)

  • PsychoticPenguin

    As soon as I get .3 all setup, Pete hits us with an update…..swell. Quadrants rocking around the 1500 mark, the rom is smoking fast.

  • Installed…SO much free space, even after app sync. Just cannot tolerate the stock look though, so until someone themes it I went back to Kangerade Blue for now. I did keep a Nandroid of it though, you never know. IT really seemed very, very fast and responsive.

    GOD I love this site. Sersly. Can I marry a website, like, maybe in Massachusetts or Vermont or something?

    • As a MA resident, I approve this message.

  • nkhex19


    For those interested in the JRummy Froyo Kangerade v0.3.4 compiled from source, just updated today.

  • is the youtube widget fixed on this one? the last 3 builds become unusable after the first click. (mainly the “take a video” and search buttons on the widget. any help? i have to keep trashing the widget and bring a new one out.

  • WIFI ISSUES! wifi does not work AT ALL on any 2.2 rom i use. it used to work when the first leak came out, and it still doesnt now. any way to fix this kellex?

    • its prob something up with your cache. use rom manager to back up your system then wipe every thing to 2.0.1 then move to rooted 2.1 . from there use rom manager to install the rom that was realesed earlier today. the wifi works and google maps on that one. hope this helps

      • i actually did that . flashed back to 2.0.1 and formatted everything. no luck. wifi does the constant scan.

        • ohiobuckeye7

          Did you apply the custom kernel when you moved to 2.2? It has the wi-fi fix in it.

          • ohiobuckeye7

            Here's the link:

            Start with the 1.0 kernel as far as speed goes til you find one that works best for you.

          • yeah i did. nothing worked. ill try again i guess.

          • im still running the froyo by the way. lol there is a HUGE difference between 2.1 and 2.2 in speed that i didnt even care about wifi.

          • andd im not new to rooting either. ive been on froyo since the first leak. the first leak and second leak worked for me. then after that my phone started acting up so i flashed back to 2.0.1 and ever since then, wifi didnt work on 2.2; my network is suppose to be WPA2 but it shows up as WEP instead..

        • JT

          Hmmm. I remember P3s kernels fixed the wi-fi issue from earlier Froyo Rom — found here: http://www.droid-life.com/2010/06/29/download-f… (Note – I have not loaded this rom yet so you might go through the posts for wi-fi issues).

  • Love how fast these are coming out. BB is great. I'm wondering what happened to the app menu from 0.3 to 0.4. The cube animation disappeared and its back to flat scrolling.

    • Yeah kinda clunky too, doesn't scroll smoothly. Maybe I will hang back with 0.3 unless I hear amazing things about 0.4…

  • mbass

    Am I the only one that is confused as to what the actual final build from source: FRF83B, 84B, or 85B?

    • Mrpicolas

      84b is the latest from google it does however have root access and kernal capable of 800 mghz so its not the official. Vzw update bur its close

  • Any word on jrummy getting a kangerade build of the new froyo out?

    • nkhex19

      JRummy has a Kangerade v0.3.4 out compiled from source. Its still a test build but runs really smooth, he said he will release themes for it when he feels its stable enough.

      • Cool but I think I'll wait for themed version because you know looks are just as important as function lol.

  • Any word on jrummy getting a kan build of the new froyo out?

  • Meltdown03

    No mention of jrummys new froyo kang 0.3.4? Interesting …

  • dannydarko
  • dannydarko

    That first file wouldn't let me flash clockwork but SPRecovery worked, it was fast as hell though. Gonna try this one now. Here is a treat for all of you its the Entire Droid X Theme with icons,images and LWPS and boot animation courtesy of Fabolous enjoy.http://www.mediafire.com/?zenmmteujzm

  • Yesterday I installed BB.3 and all went well but like all of us, I want the latest and greatest so I downloaded this via the ROMmanager and checked back and wipe data and cache. The phone did not go into recovery and booted normally. I tried powering off the phone and restarting while holding the power and X key to get into recovery and it would not go into it….I got the M logo and a normal boot. How can I fix this? Any help would be awesome!!


    • Jaynpt

      the same thing happed to me it took me 5 hrs to fix it. it's not hard to do just go into rommanager and hit flash sprecovery power off phone now you can do the power + x key… i was going out of my mind trying to fix it and could not find out on the net how to fix it…

  • I installed BB.3 yesterday and it well however now when trying to install this through ROMmanager it will not go into recovery. I get the M logo and then it boots up as it normally would. I tried turning the phone off and powering while holding X and same issue…..can someone please help??

    • Alex

      In Rom Manager. Go to All ClockworkMod Recovery. and flash a different recovery. or You should be able to reboot in recovery mode now

      • worked like a charm….thanks!

  • reboot loop

    • alex010970


  • eddieonofre

    hey for some reason I can not overclock the BB v0.4 above 800MHzs does anyone knows why?

  • I want a smoked glass version of BB but I can't seem to get it installed. Any ideas?

    • friedricho

      Download it and then install with rom manager

    • mo

      you install bugless beast, then you download and install the smoked glass theme. do you have both files downloaded? there are smoked glass releases that coincide with bb releases..

      are you using rom manager or sprecovery? its pretty simple.

      • I tried to install the smoked glass esque theme via rom manager but then the phone just freezes. I can't seem to get sprecovery to work anymore i try flashing it a bunch of times in rom manager but it always boots back into clockworkmod.

        could you point me in the direction of a smoked glass bb latest release?

  • keith

    can we instal this as an update.zip?

  • musicandnumbers

    Any possibility of posting a link for just the pinkish purple DroidLife wallpaper shown above? 🙂

  • Ray

    Not 1 for cleaness expecially that ugly white notifacation bar eww it stcking with jrummy kong v1.1

  • Maizekid


  • eddieonofre

    kellex what do u mean by “developer Android kernel”????

    • kellex

      It's just an 800MHz testing kernel.

  • Is this ROM rooted?

    • kellex

      Sure is.

    • most roms on this site is rooted. infact im willing to say all of them except for like 2.1 b/c u have to root that one manually and i recommend clockwork makes life a lot easier

  • eddieonofre

    lol kellex you have to make that three ROM in the day, Lord Of The Roms Pete has release BB v0.4 based on FRF84b
    Today seems there has been a lot of Droid Love

    • kellex

      Seriously it's been a wild day.

      • eddieonofre

        yeah but know I'm getting mad coz I can not overclock the BB0.4 above 800Mhz

        • Winterfresh

          I've been having kernel trouble with all froyo roms when trying to switch to anything above 800 mhz also. it frustrated me, so I went back to cyanogen, and wait for his release of froyo

          • eddieonofre

            men u give up to quickly
            I just fix me problem. Thanks to droid life.
            There you will find the kernels u need to overclock this new version I just installed the 1MGh since I think that is enough
            Hey kellex one question for you, what is the best overclocking setting? I just set mine min 600Mhz to 1Ghz do u think that is good?
            before I tried 225Mhz to 1Ghz and my droid froze after a while

  • Would someone mind explaining what “Stock” Kernel means. I loaded Bugless Beast, then back to FRF84B this morning… getting better at using Titanium and being back up in a matter of minutes. I just want to know if I should do this “Stock” Kernel Froyo or not. I am not afraid. 🙂

    • “Stock” should mean Motorola's factory kernel which only lets the phone run between 250 and 550 MHz. A lot of FroYo ROMs have 125-800 MHz as their stock, so I'm not entirely sure what the so-called stock kernel here would cock at, but it's nothing to worry about. I'd recommend flashing whatever kernel you're most comfortable with after install (make a nandroid backup of course.)

      • kellex

        Meant “developer” kernel which means 800MHz.

        • Hogasswildmc

          Is it me or does the download site keep stalling? Once that happens, I can't attempt to download again for like 30 minutes. Is there an alternate site to get the file?

        • That helps immensely. I'm not a total noob kellex, but I'm still leaning on the lingo pretty hard. I just did the latest release this morning, Titanium Backup, Set CPU, and this thing ROCKS! Battery Life is amazing. So I thought about doing this one now. Like I said, I am no longer afraid. This site is the bees knees!

  • necroscopev

    Ahhh! The White Notification Bar burns my eyes…….aaaahhhhhhh

  • Digbob

    and you still haven't mentioned Pete's BB v.4 frf84b build… come on Kellex, how'd you miss that one?

    • kellex

      I tweeted that like an hour ago. 😛

      • Digbob

        well then…. 🙂

        • Jamerson90

          He did. I can vouch for him 😛

      • StephanC

        Can I get a link telling me what's new in BB v.4?

      • necroscopev

        Hey Kellex where can i scoop up that background? I don't see it in the DL wallpaper pack you posted last week.

      • Towelie420

        Well, I haven't quite gotten into Twitter. But I love this darn site.

      • Corenojc


        didnt know where else to go man. Can you or someone else please help me? I has BBv0.4 flashed and working, tried to flash smoked glass using SPrecovery and it wouldnt boot past the motorola M. I eentually gave up and decided to factory reset and it still wont boot past the M, I really dont know what to do! I need to figure out how to get my droid working again or I have no phone. PLease help!

      • Corenojc

        Can someone please help me? I has BBv0.4 flashed and working, tried to flash smoked glass using SPrecovery and it wouldnt boot past the motorola M, apparently it was not compatible with v0.4. I eventually gave up and decided to factory reset and it still wont boot past the M, I really dont know what to do! I need to figure out how to get my droid working again or I have no phone. Is there any reason anyone knows of why after a complete wipe the problem still persists? Is there a way to get rid of SPrecovery and boot the phone into its own recovery mode or anything? PLease help!

    • droidaholic

      come on @Digbob. The update hasnt been available more than an hour. im sure he'll post it.

  • dominguez619