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Download: Samsung Galaxy S Live Wallpapers for your Droid

Another day, another ported app from another Android device.  Yep, we’re laughing at you Apple.

Who wants the new live wallpapers which can be found on the new Samsung Galaxy S?  These feel a little more artsy than some of the live wallpapers we’ve seen in the past on Android devices, but I must say that they are very impressive.  While the jury is still out on whether or not the Droid and Nexus One can run these efficiently, feel free to give them a shot and put your overclocked baby to the test.

*Rooted users only.*

Video action…


1.  Download this file to your SD Card:  signed-SamsungLWPs.zip
2.  Open ROM Manager and choose “Install ROM from SD Card.”
3.  Navigate to the location of the file you just downloaded and tap on it.
4.  Choose “OK” when prompted.
5.  Skip “wipe data and cache” and make a backup if you’d like.
6.  Phone will reboot into recovery and work its magic.
7.  When it boots back up, go into Menu>Wallpapers>Live Wallpapers.
8.  Done!

Let me know if you run into any issues.  Also, let me know if your 1.0+GHz Droid handles these any better than my Droid on a stock kernel did.

Big thanks again to the guys at XDA Forums for putting this together!

Source: XDA Forums

  • Mars_z51

    or just download it from Android market

  • Dmota25

    don't work on my droid X

  • BadBoy

    live WPs make the phone slow… check out this link for HQ wps… you may also request the blog owner for a WP… fully customized.

  • Anydevid

    There is the customizable version of the Blue Sea live wallpaper named “aniPet Blue Sea Live Wallpaper” on Android Market, which has more interesting features.

  • Anydevid

    There is the customizable version of the Blue Sea live wallpaper named “aniPet Blue Sea Live Wallpaper” on Android Market, which has more interesting features.

  • guy4jesuschrist

    Has anyone ever told you that you sound like Dane Cook?

  • Sesawyer3127

    Loaded it and it works flawlessly with UD RC2 loaded via SPR just rename to update.zip

  • Josh

    How would I delete these they are really slugish plus even when they are not selected my bat level drops like crazy any help would be great. Can I just use terminal to delete?

    • Josh


  • I changed the colors to suit my Droid better: how about some Red Sea?


    Just push it to your system app folder with adb after the instructions above.

  • Boston71

    Working great, thank you XDA.

  • Jrummy 1.1 with Launcher Pro running LV1.1 working great!

  • thegod

    Having trouble with these, i have Chevys simply stunning , and tried rom manager and after the reboot it wasnt there, Tried astro and installed each of them that way but when i try to load them says its forclosed


    • DiGz76

      I had the same problem when I tried this morning. But I tried it again just now and it worked fine. Try it now and see what happens. I think it might of had something to do with clockworkmod recovery. It seems to be a little twitchy lately. They've been releasing newer ersions of it on almost a daily basis lately.

      • thegod


        • DiGz76

          I just left the name as is. Download it to your sd card. Then open rom manager and choose install rom from sd card. Find the file you just loaded on there, and click on it. Then hit ok, and it should boot into recovery mode and install it for you. When it's finished your phone should reboot automatically, and these wallpapers will be on there.


    Is it possible to shoot a video, loop part of it,and run it as a live wallpaper?

  • I cant get these new LWP’s to install in the manner explained. I have downlaoded them and installed through ROM manager but they don’t show up in the LWP menu. I am running Chevyno1’s 4.1 FROYO ROM with the ULV 1.25 kernel. Any ideas?

  • Jeremyc1331

    Can't get it to work on Jrummy Kangerade….am I doing something wrong here?

    P.S. Love the new Logo

  • memnoch73

    Thanks guys… These are killer. Running JRummy Froyo with 1.0 Kernel and no lag here at all with these. On a side note can I just say how cool the Chrome to Phone app is!!! Especially for posts like this. Chrome to phone, download, install, done… Bam!!

    • timarnette

      I can not get Chrome to phone to work for some reason. Any ideas? Thanks

      • memnoch73

        Have you signed in to both the Chrome extension and your App on the phone?? Link them both to the same gmail account as your phone. If I remember right I downloaded the chrome extension and signed in to it then open the app on my phone. Click Register device and be sure to check the box for Launch Browser/Maps directly… Hope this helps…

        • timarnette

          My Droid is Registered

          • timarnette

            Got it . Thank You!!!

          • memnoch73

            Glad to help… 🙂

  • Ben

    Running at 1.2ghz on Froyo and they're all as laggy as in the video. Too bad, they're beautiful.

  • Kramerjack0

    not working on my droid 2.2
    im helpless, please help me.

    • nevermind,
      i read the instructions right this time.

  • Ignitros

    I'm running Chevyno1's 4.1 FROYO and the ULV 1.25 kernel and I run through the install via ROM manager then when I click on menu/wallpaper/live wallpaper I see nothing. Any ideas of what could be going on?

  • Steenerk

    Running Kangerade w/ P3 1250 and using the ocean wave and is running perfect nothing slowing down at all!!!

  • Like the cat cameo!

  • Yungnell8908

    wat is the of the app that look like a lady bug in the notification area……. im see al over the place n would like to knw wat it is

  • does this delete your other lwps?

  • Nice shearing.

  • bill1253

    Runs great for me. Using chevy 1.25 LV kernel. Froyo
    I used sprecovery- rename to update.zip. Installed fine.

  • Game_face38

    hey the install queue is not showing up for me

  • Jdstell

    eww, very slow.

    Kangerade v1.1, ChevyNo1 1.2ghz, LauncherPro

    • Ewhitak

      same setup except 1.1 ghz and its pretty slow for me also. The aura seems to run the best for me. And for dandelion it is interactive. Touch the dandelion and parts of it come off.

  • kulz

    nothing but smooth sailing…kangerade running 1Ghz

  • Fromthesticks

    When I flip my droid into lanscape mode with the ocean wave wallpaper it shrinks to %75 percent of the screen with black around the edges.

    maybe just mine but other lwp have had similar issues with me in the past.

    Anyone else with this issue?

    • Almighty1

      Same problem here, works fine in portrait but landscape has problems… hope there is a fix for it.

  • DexDroid

    These wallpapers run pretty good for me. Its good to see some change of artwork

  • Sacchinthms

    Has anyone else been having problems getting their Clockwork Mod Recovery to go through?

    Every time I try to flash recovery, it just simply restarts the phone: When I try to install a ROM I've downloaded when I click the manually reboot into recovery option, etc.

    Any help or fixes?

    • What version are you running of recovery and or rom manager?

    • kulz

      i've been having the same problem but theres a fix to that now. go to menu>settings> and check off erase recovery. you should be fine.

  • Fromthesticks

    Running Jrummy at 1100 mhz runs pretty smooth. Even the ocean wave one.

  • Cyberdemon

    Pretty nifty!

  • Cowpoke

    They look good and run smooth themselves, but slow my phone down a fair bit. I'm OC'd at 1000 running basic froyo. Scrolling with LP is pretty jumpy.

  • briderx

    Trying it now.. Would love a little flashiness on my phone.. The stock LWPs are horribly ugly.

  • Stephen

    LWPs have always caused a lot of lag on my Droid but I'll give these a try.

  • kulz


  • John

    Before I even try this, can someone tell me if I'm the only one whose Droid slows down significantly when trying to use LWPs on a 2.2 ROM? I've tried BB v 0.1 and now I'm running JRummy 1.0 (both 2.2 roms), and LWPs make my phone super choppy even when OCd to 1GHz (at 600Mhz it's unbearable).

    • Don't bother then.
      I tried these last night for a good hour and hated the lag.
      It sucked…
      IMO! 😛

      • John

        Well, I'm not.. just felt like a good place to ask that 😀

        LWP have zero noticeable affect on my phone when running 2.1 Roms, or when it was stock.

        • slackerjoe

          I use them all the time with no lag at all. I'm running Jrummy Kangerade with 2.6.32 lv kernal OC'd to 800mhz. The one I'm running now is an Aquarium, it's awesome!!

          • John

            Hrmm… well I'm running P3Droids ulow 1GHz w/ 125Mhz stepping, but before I was running Bekits ulow 1Ghz 7 slot and had the same problems.

          • slackerjoe

            I'm running Chevy's but I wouldn't think that would matter but it might.

  • DiGz76

    Hey Kellex. I found a way to get get Google Maps to load on my phone without the terminal emulator method. I did it completely by mistake. I just posted the instructions over on that thread. Check it out and let me know what you think. Oh and thanks for these wallpapers. I was just saying to myself the other day I could use some new cool live wallpapers! lol

  • I gots the coolest phone in SF! 😛


    • DexDroid

      Nice Wallpaper!!!

      • I got it from an extremely creative user of this site! 😛

        • briderx

          What's that in the bottom right? Can I have?

          • haha if you drive a BMW X5 and have at least a Gold card she might consider it 😛
            no way jose! LOL

          • briderx

            I drive a purple 94 Civic, and have a Costco Gold Card earning me 3% cash back with every purchase.. Does that count? I did say purple..

          • briderx

            I am kinda serious though.. what app is that? I haven't seen it before.. Looks like it shows when you get a text from her?

          • Chris Nimon

            long press/shortcut/direct message.

          • briderx

            Thanks Chris!

          • Chris Nimon

            It doesnt tell when you get a txt but it sure is nice to txt that person with 1 touch.

        • brandonmee

          That is cool Tim, but living in SF if you use public transit. I bet you get some looks with that color scheme. On a side not I found something cool out about Launcher pro yesterday. Most of you have probably already discovered, but on the dock icons if you swipe left you get four more you can set for a total of twelve(swipe left twice).

          • haha yes, i sort of hide my phone on pt 😛

          • Fromthesticks

            I get five icons 3 times totalling 15 icons

          • brandonmee

            Thanks apparently I can not count.

          • Fromthesticks

            I was wondering if mine was just set differently somehow.

        • DexDroid

          oh do tell. Share more of his work. I like the release of the 50 DL wallpapers.

        • machinegun68

          I caught his link to you yesterday and downloaded those as well. they're great!!

    • slackerjoe

      That is an awesome wallpaper, where'd you get it?

  • Martin Pelant

    There is a cat on your desk. Be careful with your DROID 😉

  • Martin Pelant

    There is a cat on your desk. Be carefull with your DROID 😉

  • Thom

    What about the Motorola Droid-X presentation? isnt it today?

    who cares about Samsung :p

    • kellex

      They are for your Droid! 😛

      • kellex

        Ooh and first comment with the new logo. Nice.


        • Good lord, don't encourage them Kellex haha

      • Balthuszar

        ok so since i'm unrooted, i went into the market and found each of these lwp's individually and installed them on my phone. when my phone is in portrait mode, they work splendidly. however, when i turn my phone to portrait mode, they're not stretched to the whole screen…like the “centered” option on the computer backgrounds…any ideas?

        • Balthuszar

          ok so i'll edit a ltitle bit…its just the ocean waves and the dandelion lwps that change to a different look when in landscape

    • EC8CH

      12:50 eastern….

  • Edgar

    too fast lol

  • Cameraman7