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Exclusive: New Droid 2 and Droid X Live Wallpaper

Check out another exclusive we just received of the Motorola Droid 2 and its new live wallpaper. I have to admit that part of me is leaning toward this actually being the live wallpaper you’ll see with the Droid X as this is the same Droid 2 which we got the boot animation and first shots of.  If you followed our Droid red eye spiel, then you’ll know that boot animation is the one you’ll see with the Droid X next month.

And back to the live paper!  Apologies up front for the quality, but you can clearly see the eye rotating with some sort of cloud surrounding it.  Lovin’ it…

Who can’t wait for Wednesday when this all becomes official?

  • s.jobs

    Video was taken by iPhone 4

  • s.jobs

    Video was taken by iPhone 4

  • http://twitter.com/summerson Cameron Summerson

    Can't wait to get this one for my Droid.

  • Brendan

    thats an amazing live wallpaper! and not to power consuming

  • Chip Chipperson

    Thats not a wallpaper, its a live feed of Steve jobs having a colonoscopy.

  • http://androiddelight.com/ Audio

    I'm still waiting for the day that bloggers learn to shoot quality video. Nice exclusive though Kellex, thanks. :)

  • EC8CH

    Bring on the DL logo vote!

  • Josh Turner

    Battery KILLER!

    • DexDroid

      not really. i have been using the Galaxy LWP with no Task Manager and low brightness and it works perfectly. unless your Screen Timeout is set for more than 2 minutes

  • http://twitter.com/OfficialDaveD dave d

    Hey guys I riped the new Droid x commericial and made a boot anamaition its on my blog its useable ima tweek it a little more soon but my blog is http://www.droidhacker.blogspot.com download it if u share it anywhere please give me and my blog credit thanks


  • DexDroid

    how long till you think someone will try to make this LWP for the Droid 1. I would like to have it.

    • Chris Nimon

      I would say not long at all lol

      • DexDroid

        off topic: any word on 2.2. its almost the end of the month i have been waiting on the official

        • Chris Nimon

          IDK, rooted.

          • DexDroid

            yea I'm rooted and running leaked 2.2. but its always better to have the official thing. Less broken stuff

          • Chris Nimon

            I got everything working so im good till what, gingerbread? lol

  • cdick133

    slightly off topic, but have we seen what the new Motoblur is going to look like? I think I heard here that the Droid 2 (or maybe it was the X) was going to be running a new version of Motoblur, but I haven't seen any shots of it yet. Just been wondering if it's going to blow the same as the current version.

    • Tabe

      There are plenty of shots floating around

    • djenks24

      Go to Motorola's web site, you can try it yourself. Doesn't seem bad?!?!?!?!

  • Tabe

    @DroidLanding Twitter update… It now says: “REPORT: Surveillance confirms all Droid X have dispersed. Each one is in a separate site.”

  • machinegun68

    I'd like to see that commercial eye as a animated boot.

  • Mrpicolas

    That eye is really moto spying on us (°_°)

  • briderx


  • DexDroid

    i would like this if i didnt fee like my phone is watching me do dirty things lol

    • Chris Nimon

      yeah, kinda like having the kids pictures in the bedroom

      • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/RKQM2DZB654PUHOPXUZJCW6GKA TimH

        Or like taking your pet into the bathroom with you.

  • Tabe


    • Tabe

      Or am I technically first, since he didn't say “first”?! lol

      • Chris Nimon


  • Chris Nimon

    looks kool

    • DexDroid

      its more of a Verizion is watching u masterbate lol

      • Chris Nimon

        shh shh dont talk, dont talk, your breking my concentration.