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Custom Theme Friday: Chevy’s Simply Stunning Froyo V4.1

This is a first here at Droid Life.  For whatever reason, we have yet to feature one of ChevyNo1’s ROMs and I’m not really sure why.  His ROMs are always top notch, completely stable and deserving of the publicity that many of the other custom Droid ROMs in the wild receive.  Always touched with a simple blue, you can’t go wrong.  Oh, his top of the line kernels come standard and as you may have expected, work flawlessly.  More Froyo!

Theme:  Chevy’s Simply Stunning Froyo V4.1


*Note 1* – When coming from JRummy’s Kangerade, I had to do a full wipe data and cache to get everything to function properly.

1. Open ROM Manager, choose Download ROM and ChevyNo1.
2. Choose FROYO v4.1 and allow the ROM to download.
3. When prompted, check both boxes to backup and wipe data/cache.
4. Phone will reboot, work some magic and BAM!
5. Simply Stunning Froyo, enjoy.

Full support thread and additional goodies can be found here.


Comments or questions?

  • Oicunow36

    ok i recently bought the sprints optimus s lg phone and i rooted it today using the z4root apk and i have clockwork mod recovery titanium backup rom manager and all thatjazz but im having a hard time getting a kernel to go onto my phone soo i can overclock i have setcpu the paid version and i reboot in recovery using rm but it just gets stuck on the lg start up screen y is this what am i doing wrong and what kernels work for my phone? im trying to use chevy no1 10 slot lv 1.25ghz i also tried the 5 slot but still same problem any information would be awesome thanks alot to anyone that can help.

  • Kmays

    None of my google apps will work now, what can i do

  • Kmays

    None of my google apps will work now, what can i do

  • Derringer35

    does any of this fix the problem with he docing veiw that keeps poping up or the problem where u get a call and u select to answer and the patten screen pops up so u cant get the call

  • StaticShaqman23

    does this have the 3d app drawer

  • Tmax224

    why is there no droid tone?

  • Thegoldendroid

    Guys when i went to Kangerade for some reason in the market it no longer gives me user comments anymore and that used to really help decide which apps to go with. anyone else having this problem? how to fix?

  • DasNOOB

    Uninstalled after 1 day. First day was great… then the force closes and Sloooowwwness set in.