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Custom Theme Friday: Chevy’s Simply Stunning Froyo V4.1

This is a first here at Droid Life.  For whatever reason, we have yet to feature one of ChevyNo1’s ROMs and I’m not really sure why.  His ROMs are always top notch, completely stable and deserving of the publicity that many of the other custom Droid ROMs in the wild receive.  Always touched with a simple blue, you can’t go wrong.  Oh, his top of the line kernels come standard and as you may have expected, work flawlessly.  More Froyo!

Theme:  Chevy’s Simply Stunning Froyo V4.1


*Note 1* – When coming from JRummy’s Kangerade, I had to do a full wipe data and cache to get everything to function properly.

1. Open ROM Manager, choose Download ROM and ChevyNo1.
2. Choose FROYO v4.1 and allow the ROM to download.
3. When prompted, check both boxes to backup and wipe data/cache.
4. Phone will reboot, work some magic and BAM!
5. Simply Stunning Froyo, enjoy.

Full support thread and additional goodies can be found here.


Comments or questions?

  • Oicunow36

    ok i recently bought the sprints optimus s lg phone and i rooted it today using the z4root apk and i have clockwork mod recovery titanium backup rom manager and all thatjazz but im having a hard time getting a kernel to go onto my phone soo i can overclock i have setcpu the paid version and i reboot in recovery using rm but it just gets stuck on the lg start up screen y is this what am i doing wrong and what kernels work for my phone? im trying to use chevy no1 10 slot lv 1.25ghz i also tried the 5 slot but still same problem any information would be awesome thanks alot to anyone that can help.

  • Kmays

    None of my google apps will work now, what can i do

  • Kmays

    None of my google apps will work now, what can i do

  • Derringer35

    does any of this fix the problem with he docing veiw that keeps poping up or the problem where u get a call and u select to answer and the patten screen pops up so u cant get the call

  • StaticShaqman23

    does this have the 3d app drawer

  • Tmax224

    why is there no droid tone?

  • Thegoldendroid

    Guys when i went to Kangerade for some reason in the market it no longer gives me user comments anymore and that used to really help decide which apps to go with. anyone else having this problem? how to fix?

  • DasNOOB

    Uninstalled after 1 day. First day was great… then the force closes and Sloooowwwness set in.

  • Italia1918

    when the phone boots it doesnt say ” droid” does anyone know how to fix this… it works on my 2.1 roms but none of my 2.2

  • Itiscosmo

    question, why cant i change the kernel with chevy ss, the 1 gig it comes with is fast i know, but in rom manager when i try to change to chevy 1.25 lv 7 kernel last step says 1gig, not what i check off. any one know what is wrong? in rom man. adavance is checked/reflashed to an older clockwork 182, and then to 207 nothing allows me to put in a 1.25 ker.

  • Itiscosmo

    this rom is great, tried the rest and like this so far the best

  • Mth21

    So i have tried them all and i have to say.. I LOVE voles-userdebug 2.2 kustumzd w/jrummy therems. awseome. Anyone else??

  • Jisoo

    I have a problem installing google maps with this….can someone help me?

  • Cdick133

    Most custom themes I tend to hate, but this one looks quite nice. I don't know if I want to wipe my data for it, though

  • azurikai

    for those that don't know, you can use jrummys customizer without the rom to modify chevy..

    and personally I am going to stick with this chevy rom, I'm liking it a lot.

  • i am having serious problems! NO WIFI!!!

  • PsychoticPenguin

    As a faithful Bugless Beast user, I found it hard to make a move. BB has been running a bit hot of late so I decided to make a change.

    This ROM is the bomb, sorry for the rhyme. Installed flawless ran the map fix, upgraded to Chevy's 1.2 7 Slot ULV and I got perfect blueness and drastically reduced temps.

    Runs smooth I may have found the perfect ROM for my phone.

  • jacob.g19

    for some reason helix launcher and launcher pro wont work with this

    • randy21671

      JRummy Kangranade…. Go to Menu, ADW settings you can adjust your amount of home screens up to 7

    • jawa5636

      I was flirting with trying this till I read this. I am a big launcher pro fan. Hmmmm.

      • Thegoldendroid

        Me too man.. launcher pro is the only one I like.. Not a fan of adw!

  • Br_d

    I'm loving this ROM! I have had non-stop issues with BB froyo roms but this one is running great.

  • Italia1918

    is anyone having problems when their phone boots up it doesnt say “droid” I tried every froyo rom out and it doesnt work but my 2.1 rom backups do? any help would be great

    • randy21671

      Are you using Rom Manager in Advanced mode? I was having issues and changed to advanced in settings, problems gone. Did my wifes phone too. JRummy Kangranade Blueberry froyo. If you go in to ADW settings you can get 7 home screens… Love it

  • ngomez

    I seriously LOVE this ROM besides not being lucky as few and having the Google cloud redownload all apps. THAT was a pain, but well worth it, my batterylife is kicking butt too! thanks CHEVY!

  • Naflsh2u

    Okay got everything up and running again. The only thing is I have no ringtones or notification sounds on my phone. Did I forget something.

  • jessemyers

    I installed this last night and I really liked it but I could not get my yahoo accounts set up on the phone. I am weening myself off of them but I still need them for a few things. I went back to chaos rom (which is the best rom so far that I have tried). I am using chevy's 1ghz ulv kernel with chaos rom and it is working great.

  • Ewhitak

    when i downloaded this theme i lost chrome to phone does anyone know why this could be. Also im running bb v0.2 with chevys 1.1 ulow and it seems like this is running a lot slower then the nex-theme for bb

    • Ewhitak

      sorry meant when i put this rom on chrome to phone was lost does anyone know how to put it back on using scripts?

    • nkhex19

      JRummy's Kangerade includes Chrome to phone, I don't know if Simply Stunning includes it so that may be why you lost it.

  • adams

    i really like the feel of this rom but it seems like the 1ghz kernel is draining my battery. Which kernel would i install if i wanted to overclock to 800-900mhz? anyone??

    • DeeMat

      Did you lower it? Ill keep running it just not all the way up to 1ghz…

      • adams

        no, i didn't, its still default @ 1ghz. i'm looking for a kernel to lower it :p

        • DeeMat

          I might be missing your point… You can still use the default kernel that comes with the ROM and lower it to a speed that you are more comfortable with (i.e. 700mhz).

    • Rctp10

      im running chevys 1250 ghz kernal and i have it running at 1100 ghz max 400 Min on demand at all times, and i have never had battery issues i mean the battery could always last longer but that is the price you pay to be running your phones processor double the speed…i never mess with the speed unless i want to run a benchmark, dont be affraid of turning the processor right up these kernals are desienged to take the abuse and you can always set a fail safe in SETCPU. that app is a must have

      • adams

        My main concern is battery life, i'm not afraid of speed/overclocking. :p

        • Rctp10

          then dont root your phone? whats the point if you dont use it to its potential…..the speed of the processor should not affect the phones battery exspeacilly if it is set to run ondemand just set the min way down and also just use your profiles in the setcpu

    • Ae0187

      Just get “setcpu” from the market… deff worth it, as you can control it.

  • Jonant29

    this is kind of off topic but does anyone no the difference or benefits between a high and low voltage kernels?

    • beejaycee

      It is my understanding that low voltage kernels, if they work on your phone, will improve battery life and, at least theoretically, lower the operating temp. With that said, some phone's CPU needs higher voltages to operated and will reboot on low-volt kernels.

  • What did you do? My talk app is missing after switching from BB to Chevy's Tom. Help!! I can't live without talk! Please give me semi-simple instructions to get gtalk back! THANK YOU!!

    • Chris Nimon

      download from market?

      • adams

        its not in the market, you have to run a scrip (which is disabled by default, apparently) to get it back….do the following….

        install “terminal emulator” from the market.
        type su then press enter…..then type mvgt and hit enter

        thats it, you should then have gtalk again 🙂

  • Phillip

    I am running JRummy's Kangerade. Everytime i try to download another ROM thru rom manager, it says “error downloading”. Anyone know how to fix this???

    • randy21671

      Have you gone to advanced mode… That worked for me, ( Rom Manager, Settings, Advanced Mode)

    • Eckman An

      Click on the “clear downloaded cache” in the menu

  • Great ROM, been running it for a little over a week now. It's the fastest and most stable I've used so far, and I've tried almost all of them, including Kangerade. I wouldn't necessarily say that his kernals always work flawlessly though, as I had to save an update.zip from p3droid to install right after install SS, otherwise I would get stuck in a boot loop.

  • This works perfectly! But I'm not so much a fan of the theme… anyone know how to change it on his rom??

    • DiGz76

      I haven't loaded this rom yet but I have found a theme that has worked with BB and kangerade. It's called blue energy. I've been using it on all my roms the last few weeks and I really like it. Go in rom manager and hit download rom. Then scroll down to rober J13. Then download and install blue energy. This is just a theme not a rom so you don't need to wipe data & cache. Back up if you need to.

  • yhwhsozo

    I tried this ROM out and I could not get maps on my phone.

  • Jonesy16

    OK, so I have a droid running stock 2.1. According to the 2.1 rooting procedure on this site, once SPRecovery is installed I can go straight to flashing my non-rooted droid with this ROM, instead of flashing the rooted 2.1 first, is that correct?

    • Yep. Once you have SPRecovery installed you can flash any ROM you like, rooted or not.

      • Jonesy16

        Thank you.

  • Ummm….My GTALK is gone after downloading this ROM? Wtf…

    • Nevermind…just read the scripts. All better now! 🙂

      • yhwhsozo

        how do u read the scripts?

        • Jones16

          vi /path/to/script?

          • Can you explain how to get talk back in more detail? I gotta have it back! Thank you

          • adams

            install terminal emulator from the market.
            type su then press enter…..then type mvgt and hit enter

            thats it, you should then have gtalk again 🙂

  • holidayK


  • timarnette

    This ROM is very nice and very nice looking. Also very fast.

  • ProPheTz

    kangerade BANGERANG!!!!!

  • iApex

    Is there an easy way to like get all your stuff back after a wipe data/cache..I really dislike having to completely wipe the phone and sync all of my accounts again, then re download all of my apps and everything.

    • DiGz76

      Titanium backup

  • guest

    Hey guys, I know this isn't related to this article but I had a question about rooting my phone for the first time. I read through the How to Root your Phone guide on this site, but isn't it much easier to just follow the directions in this video? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WAi–u4y61Y&feat

    It pretty much takes your droid from 2.1 back to 2.0.1 and then just used DM-updater to do all the work? Would this method work too, or is there something I'm missing here?

    Thanks for the help.

    • It's an older method and the one posted on this site is easier (in my opinion) but yes it would work.

  • sonicboomin

    Hey Kellex i noticed your not using Drocap2 anymore. Which app are u now using to take screenshots?

  • Hey! I made the switch yesterday morning from Bugless Beast V0.2 to Simply Stunning V4.1 and I must say, I love it! I did not wipe (I read Chevy's comment about “To wipe or not to wipe”) and simply ran the upgrade.zip in SPRecovery….this is without a doubt the most stable Froyo build I have used…even if you need to wipe and re-install, I'd say you'd be doing yourself a favor by using this masterpeice! it's very smooth/fast, the design is very sleek too, I'm running with 1.1 ghz ULV kernel, but generally I run it at 550 mhz…it's just that smooth!

    Also, he's very good with explanations, his Thread for SS4.1 has very good answers to basically everything you need to know to make the switch!

    • Also, forgot to mention, the battery life is great on this ROM by the way…having my phone off charge from 6:30 this morning, at 14:00 this afternoon it was still at 80%…though my droid was in moderate use today…but this is more remaining battery than I'd usually have at this time of day…

    • timarnette

      Where can I find his Thread? I really like his ROM a lot. WOW

    • awmobjects

      I have tried most of the latest Froyo custom roms including UltimateDroid, SS, BB and several more, however, I found JRummy's Kangerade V1.0 rom to be the most stable and performant for me.

  • The boot animation for Chevy's ROM is sweet!

  • kulz

    wierdest thing ever! i tried to flash this room through Rom Manager and when it's done, it's the same ROM i had before. I wipe data and cache and it didn't work. Everything comes back exactly as i had it before. This same thing happened when i tried jrummy's kangerade. WTF IS GOING ON~!!! >:O

    i've tried everything…flash SPRecovery, reboot in recovery mode, etc….
    please help and downgrade me to newbie status ;(

    • No downgrade needed. You just did it to yourself 😛 lol
      Dude, that is weird! :-/
      Kangerade is having issues…

      • kulz

        lol! r u on post #2309423094823904? haah ;p

        • This right here is my 960th comment.
          1000 will be the most epic post ever…lol
          Probably tomorrow 😛

    • Yea I had Kangerade issues too when I tried to start from the ground up the other day. Thank god I saved backups and got it back that way. I would try flashing back to the old 2.01 ROM or 2.1 rooted…whichever you prefer…then Wipe Data and Cache, Wipe cache in ROM manager and Fix partitions. Then Re-download chevys rom and wipe again obviously. PS…The boot animation for his ROM is SIIIIICK…makes it worth a download just to check that out!

    • evltwn

      I downloaded Kangerade blue. Ran great for about 2 hours, then started having issues. I ended up switching back to Team Chaos Red Rum for Froyo. Running flawless. I downloaded a 1.1ghz kernal.

      • Flyinion

        Yeah I finally tried out Kangerade last night. Had no problems with the usual stuff I hear about, but lots of little things like app killers not working right just kind of added up. Within a couple hours I was back to my Shiz backup. I also learned something new in restoring my backed up ROM. Apparently when you do a backup with ROM Manager it backs up everything including data and apps, I thought it would just be the OS side of things. I figured I was going to have to restore my backup ROM then restore my titanium backup to get apps back on.

        • evltwn

          yeah, when you back up your ROMs it saves everything you had going on your phone. Including what ever phone calls you made or received, and text messages. All the screens will come back the same. Just make sure you check and see if you need to update your apps in the market. Sometimes, when you go back to an older ROM there has been an update.

    • Jdon285

      I think that is an issue with rom manager, flash an older RM and then reflash, that should do the trick.

    • ProPheTz


      • kulz

        it worked using another recovery like u mentioned….THANKS!!!!

        • ProPheTz


  • Also, no themed facebook? Blue fail 😛 lol jk

  • mortiz1978

    Kellex have you tried the rooting for the Droid Incredible yet???

  • Hi I have a question I'm kinda new on this.
    I already root my phone and installed Froyo.
    My question if I install one of this Custom Theme, Do I have to reinstall all Apps again, because I read that I have to mark the Wipe data/cache.

    • Yes you do! Which is why I asked my question earlier. I might download mybackuppro for 5 bucks and do it.

      • OK, Thanks!!!
        I think I will pass on this, not in the mood to download everything again right now.

        • Haha yea…I might too…that or back everything up…Check the speed and battery life of the Chevy rom. If its no good then Ill just restory my old backup of Kangerade. But it if seems worth it and pretty cool, then unfortunately Ill waste a good half of my day re downloading apps and inputing info lol. But really these froyo roms the only thing different right now is the themes of them. Which kangerade is still by far the best.

          • Hey I was wrong…The google cloud just loaded all my apps back!!! I was so happy! I have to re enter all my info but all my apps came back! :))))

      • timarnette

        I love mybackuopro worth every penny

  • I really like the look of this! Couple of questions though… when you said you had to do a full wipe… that's nothing different than just checking that box right?

    Also is wifi working for you in this build? I can't seem to get wifi working in any Froyo build!!!! Also how does PowerWidget seem to look? Mine won't seem to function properly (it does it's job, but the icons don't match up to the setting)

    • kellex

      Correct. Just check the box. 🙂

    • JoeBlack

      did you get wifi working? I cant seem to get that damn thing to work no matter what I do.

  • Do I need to be rooted for this theme?

    • t0ni

      What's that weather widget your using? =)

      • How is he making everything blue? Weird….

        • t0ni

          I don't want to root my phone, I don't want to void my warranty, everything is for rooted users! *stomps feet, cries, and walks away*

          • Dude, best impression of a non-rooted user eva! 😛

          • t0ni

            Thank you, thank you, but I'm not a dude.. =PP

          • aczm1988

            I love female droid owners 😀

          • t0ni


          • Female Droid owners do kick ass…they know how to handle a real phone. But anyways…Just root your phone… I was the same way. Then I did it…I will never look back! 😛 You can always flash back to a stock rom and then if you ever take your phone in…take out your SD card so they dont see what you have downloaded and your fine. Just breathe and everything will be ok.

          • Sorry, I wasn't creeping your profile enough to come to that realization… 😛
            Sorry Ms. t0ni lol
            Keep up the good work! lol

          • t0ni

            Aaaahhh, that's fine. Don't read the new to root comments I have in there paleasssee. =)

          • I have in there please? 😛 what?!? lol

          • t0ni

            Well, it's like a longer version of please? it's the 2.2 version of please actually, and yes, you have to be rooted to use it.

          • aczm1988

            Lol you sound like my girlfriend, paleassssee 😛

          • They're light years ahead of the pack! lol

    • blackcatroad

      What's Root?

    • aczm1988

      Nah you dont need to be rooted 😛

      • Ok, then I'm going for it!

        • aczm1988

          Lol you crack me up dude. Btw why werent you first !!! Boss come in ya office :-P?

          • 1st is over rated. It's all about 27th now! Plus, it takes WAY more skill lol

      • Haha…yea no root…just dl it and your good to go!

  • Rctp10

    yah im running jrummys blue kangerade whith chevys 1250 GHZ 7 slot LOW V and i gotta say i love the look and relly like the speed. FROYO BITCHES

    • Trek6500mt

      I have been trying all night to do the same. Did you come from 2.01 or 2.1? Did you install ROM manager and the clockwork? Or did you use SPrecovery? Which did you install first, jrummys mod or chevy's kernel? It is now 4:45 in the am I have been at this since8pm and I am so freaking fed up and tired of read post after post. I have had the phone at 2.1 with the sprecovery root and jrummy but it would only allow O?C's to 800mhz. Then i wanted to try chevy's 1ghz but wasnt sure if I was supposed to use sprecovery renaming the .zip and install it from SPR. Or use clockworks. I couldnt find anywhere where the two are or are not compatible. So I tried clockworks and my phone went into a constant reboot. So I said screw it and with RSDLite I went back to 2.00 then 2.01 then rooted, then installed rom manager, then chevy's kernel, then jrummy's mod. jrummy overwrote chevy's from what I can see. I found some good walk throughs on the droidforums but they dont seem or I have yet to find out in what order mods and roms and kernels need to installed in if any.
      Any direction would be nice.

      • Rctp10

        I know rom manager cost money but buy it, it will make switching roms so much easier for you….download via maeket and then just go to rummys link and choose kangerade and everything is there it will give u a option for kernal there and a million other things…..make sure u dont use the handcent provided check the box to delete it…..i was coming feom bugless froyo but i like the options that rummy gives saves my ass abuout a days worth of tweaking…..mad mad props rummy by far best rom out right now…. try bonzai font looks sweet but is small if u have bad eyes

        • Trek6500mt

          Thank you for the info. So if I started with SPRecovery, and I am 2.01 rooted. Then I install the rom manager. When I try to use it it tells me that I need to flash to the clockworkmod recovery. This will over write SPRecovery. Is this going to cause any problems? So youre saying after I do this go to kangerade using clockworkmod and install?

          Thanks again for the return, and yes I cant believe how beautiful the ROM is. Makes the phone seem brand new all over again!!! Cant stop showing it off..

          • Rctp10


  • Hey, what do you use to get all your apps and settings to come back on the phone? Because I hate downloading new ROMS that you have to wipe data to get it to work? Im using Kangerade right now as well and love. I want to try this out thought…just because I have to try everything once, haha. But I hate redownloading all my apps and putting my user ID and password in like 50 things!

  • RCTP10


  • That's totally cooool !! Got a good weekend time-pass, since World Cup is going boring…. !

  • Rctp10

    im going to stay with kangerade. unless someone can tell me why i would want to switch. JRummys Kangerade gives you so many options but i would like to know how to change the font size the bonzai looks awesome but if i had poor eyes i wouldnt be able to read it at all.

    • aarynk

      Same here I'm really liking how Kangerade is working on my Droid… best FroYo ROM IMO. I am using a ChevyNO1 7 slot LV 1ghz kernel and it's even faster for me!!

      • I second this, I'm using the same set up as you arrynk, though I gotta say, my battery life wasn't as great as when I had BB V1.1, but still pretty good

        • aarynk

          Yeah for me any FroYo from I've tried doesn't have the same battery life as any 2.1 ROM… hopefully when the official 2.2 is released the devs can get some better battery life out of these 2.2 ROMs

        • Mobileman0102

          i willl have to agree with you on that, Batt life, but still the battery is pretty good on it. alot better than bbv2. had a lot of problems out of that rom

      • DroidNUBE

        What is a ChevyNO1 7 slot LV 1 ghz kernel? I am knew to this forum, looking foward to be rid of my Curve and enter the Android world on my new X. Trying to learn the Droid lingo is tough though! haha Wish me luck.

        • Dracul

          It's a kernel to overclock ur droid to 1ghz

      • Joe

        ChevyNO1 7 slot 1ghz bricked my phone. BECAREFUL WHEN USING CHEVY! BRICKED MY PHONE USING ROM MANAGER!

  • Kaufkin

    this may be a dumb question, but for those of us that want Froyo, but don't want / need root, do we have a non-root rom for froyo? if I undersand the process correctly, there is no NEED for root, just the (usual) desire for the added features. I just don't want to run as admin all the time. (ok, so I'm paranoid / old school..)


    • I understand the worry about a security risk, but you have to allow every program the requests super user access. If I were you, I would be more concered about possible undiscovered security flaws in what is essentially still a “dev” build of Froyo.

      To answer your question, *yes* you do need to be rooted to install any rom. You must have root access to flash a different recover partition (which then it turn allows the install of ROMs)

      • veeh

        “You must have root access to flash a different recovery partition (which then it turn allows the install of ROMs)”

        If this were true, everyone running stock 2.1 would not be able to use ADB to flash SPR, in order to flash a ROM. Just sayin'…

    • Rctp10

      No need? rooting is probly the most fun u can have with ur clothes on other than fishing…. its ok to say u are to scared of what might happen to your phone so you dont root…. thats the only bad side of rooting i was scarfed at first to but so happy now……. I GOT FROYO KANGERADE!!!

  • scorpion77

    How is the battery kell ? does it give you % of how much you have left ?? i know it's sometimes small but alot of these roms change the battery so it makes it hard to tell how much juice you have left..

  • aarynk

    His Kernels are awesome!! Will have to finally try out one of his ROMs

  • kulz

    gotta love fridays…. ;D

  • DeeMat

    Might try this one tonight.

  • Ksmckay


    • kellex