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FrostWire Alpha Testers Needed!

Want to alpha test an Android file sharing/peer-to-peer app?  Then you must check out a brand new app called FrostWire.  FrostWire is a short range peer-to-peer (p2p) client that allows users who are connected to the same wireless network to interact and share files.  This is pure gold if you ask me.  Through initial tests, the developers were able to see transfer speeds of 1.2Mb/s which is nothing to be ashamed of on a mobile device.  Sounds solid right?

Check out their video promo…

You can sign up for their alpha testing program, but they want to see some of the following info when filling out your application:

  • Have one or more Android Devices (+1.6)
  • See other people with Android Devices (+1.6) on a daily basis
  • Can express yourself clearly
  • Experience with Alpha Testing and Bug Reporting is a plus
  • Understand Filesharing and Love Technology
  • Love FrostWire

If you meet most of those needs, then head over to the signup page.

Press release here.

Cheers @NikoBasile!

  • Anonymous

    Download Frostwire For Free! http://freesoftpro.com/free-frostwire-download.html

    Frostwire is the leading P2P file sharing program. It allows you to download and share thousands of files
    for free! It works on Windows, Mac, Linux and Android. 

    I love this software, i`ve downloaded all my music from here and it works amazingly!


  • FrostWire for Android is obviously in its Alpha Testing phase and it need Android devices to testing out the newly coming application.Thanks for the information.

  • What you can't download music from frostwire to your droid???? That's the “only” reason I would ever want this.

  • Mikey

    I sent in my request to test it and havent heard a thing! its been a week or more!

  • Mikey

    I sent in my request to test it and havent heard a thing! its been a week or more!

  • hmm could be nice. also a look at bluetooth specs may be in order for some. 100kb/s is not speed for bluetooth, perhaps older specs. the moto droid for instance uses a spec that runs up to 2.1 Mb/s and there are faster implementations coming i hear

  • spyder00

    Frostwire is running great so far…had to download on my laptop from the invite wouldn't dl on my droid then drop to sd card and install via astro but other than that hick up running great

  • spyder00

    i just sent my request to download and be a beta tester!!!

  • Delphs

    Frostwire has existed for years as a regular windows mass-p2p app (spywareless version of limewire). I have only used it only a few times in the last years though because of the advent of bittorrent, and frostwire has only gotten more and more ridden with ads and viruses.

    What they need is a bittorrent client, so you could share with guy next to you or 1000 people across the country. Then I bet all the networks would crash haha.

  • gubatron

    Wohoo! Thanks Droid-life.com for this, we really need the exposure.

    Please, when you sign up, say you found us on droid-life.com and we'll add you right away to the private tester group.

    • kellex

      Awesome! Go get it Droid Lifers!

    • Gadgetskopf

      I just wanna drop a quick thumbs up for the rather attractive young lady that I've seen gracing the 'got android?' pics on the site every now and then. As an old friend of mine would say: She's HAWT.

  • Mando

    Hey Kellex, I dont mean to get off subject but do you know when your gonna make a video tutorial on rooting the droid incredible?

  • Thanks droid_life for mentioning me, I really appreciate it (:

  • El El Kool J

    hmmm?? is that video for real…lol.. wow!! so it only discovers people near u that has another android phone or is it just like forstwire on the comp? now u can get ur bootleg music, movies, software, and PORN..lol. straight to ur android device.. oh wait bootlegging is illegal!!! what happen to that app called “iMusic”? iTao? wasnt that for downloading bootleg music? ya its gone now..

    • Check out Music Junk 🙂

    • I still have it…you can find it at third party app sites!!

      • El El Kool J

        yo i got it back… nice.. thanx “Arod”…

    • gubatron

      For now it only looks around to discover other Android phones running FrostWire.

      As time permits we'll add the same protocol to the FrostWire for Desktop and if there are people with laptops connected they'll be able to share files with all the androids, so you can transfer (maybe even sync) your FrostWire Library on the Desktop with your phone without the need of USB cables.

      • I use frostwire every single day. It's the only p2p application i use. Thanks for thinking outside of the box with this one. being able to sync files from your computer would be amazing! You've got my support!

  • 4th 🙂

    • Tabe

      You heard the android, Tim-o-tato… “Bluetooth is too slow”… 😛

    • gubatron

      Bluetooth at best gives you 100 Kb/s (FrostWire goes over 1Mb/s)
      Also, if you're in a room with 10 people, can you imagine pairing with 10 phones, not to mention they have to make themselves “discoverable” and all the bullshit related to bluetooth security.

      With this you just need to be connected to Wi-Fi, open FrostWire and it's a file sharing party like it's 1999

      • briderx

        Gubatron.. Please add my name to the private testing group.. Signed up before you posted mentioning Droid-life. Thank you!!!

        • gubatron

          Looking you up…

    • gubatron

      We've done plenty of alpha testing for the last 3 months, but you're not ready to release something until you have actual people testing on hundreds of phones under situations you've never imagined.

      You need real test feedback before you give a first impression on the Android Market. We'd like to offer a high quality product that does what it promises good.

      • Ok, well if you convince me then I guess you got yourself a sale…
        Sign me up 😛
        Can I at least get some reeses pieces to seal the deal?
        Thanks for your responses!

  • What are the practical uses, really?

    • kellex

      Sitting in a room with friends, you can send files to each other.

      • Isn't Playboy a magazine? lol

        • StephanC

          There's an app for that on Android Market. Over 500 of them.

          • And I have EACH and EVERY single one of them on my SD card thanks to the new Bugless 😛

          • Is the new bugless better than jrummy's?

          • People have their own opinions on everything.
            Mine is that JRummys ROM is doing just splendidly on my phone.
            I downloaded BB V0.2 'thee' second it was released, flashed, and really wasn't
            that impressed. I will wait for Pete to have the amazing customization features that JRummy

            I think Pete is playing catch up now in the dept.
            BUT, his scripts can not be topped. He is a freakin' wizard! lol

          • ok quick question then how are you able to move all your apps to sd card thanks to bugless?

          • And a quick quote…”Automatic Apps2SD (credit to Pete for fixing)”


          • Thanks!

          • Don't thank me…thank Pete….

          • Jdstell

            Yea, BB.2 is nice and all, but JRummy's Kangerade runs just as fast. I stayed with Jrummy this time, he has got to be the best for custom themes.

    • Correct me if I'm wrong but doesn't Astro File Manager have a network feature now? I obviously haven't tried it and can't where I am now.

      • Yea, you can send items with Astro through Gmail, and Bluetooth I believe.

    • gubatron

      Not send files through the internet.
      Send files really fast.

      If massively adopted, I imagine going to a Bar and firing up Frostwire to see if there's anybody connected looking for more than sharing files. Break the ice.

      Chatting in the classroom.

      Sending pictures to everyone in the chatroom.

      Band singer wants to give out a free single to all the people in the crowd, wipes out an Android phone…

      You live in Iran or China and you want to share files or talk without having the government looking.

      Uses are endless. It'll make sense as more people have Android phones.

      I think this is way more useful than sending 140 chars to a website saying what you're thinking and yet millions of people are using twitter.

      • Oooo, you got me with the transferring files to the crowd one! Nice!

  • ek3

    1st haha

    • Tabe

      damnit, i knew I shouldn't have watched the vid first! lol