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Motorola and Verizon to Announce New DROIDs June 23rd

We told you that the official Droid X announcement was coming next week.  (Insert giant smiley.)

Next Wednesday, June 23rd, Motorola and Verizon will take the stage with Google and Adobe to announce their next lineup of Droid devices which we’ve given a ton of coverage to over the last few weeks.  (Droid 2 exclusives anyone?)  We won’t be there, but don’t worry, we’ll have plenty of coverage as always.

Coincidence that this comes the day before the iPhone is released?

Source: Engadget

Cheers Tabe and Eugene!

  • Kellex MSNBC gave Droid Life a couple to name drops in a article they wrote about the Droid x.

  • Kellex MSNBC gave Droid Life a couple to name drops in a article they wrote about the Droid x.

  • Jimbob5732

    does it come out on wednesday or they just talk about it??

  • Jimbob5732

    does it come out on wednesday or they just talk about it??

  • Blacktiemidnight

    when do you think the Droid 2 will be available to actually buy? The launch date of June 23 doesn't mean they will be out to public will they?

  • DroidFan

    wow what a nice phone….my follow up devise will be the Droid X

  • holidayK

    droid X is too big for me.. i want a phone not a tablet..

  • Mark

    The screen may be just alittle too big on the droidx.

  • Ruddy

    man im a college student with low budget income..
    but droid can take my money if it means im getting an awesome phone!
    i will live on the street as long as i have my droid with me ;D

  • thescreensavers

    I guess we all will be calmly ( ya right) waiting for the 23rd. Cant wait!

  • part of the big announcement might have something to do with getting 2 year price for current Droid owners. Just got tipped off by someone…:)

  • Ace Z.

    WoW! That's retarded…the public can't attend this!

  • John

    I hope it's the Nexus Two with the QWERTY keyboard.

  • DroidCLH

    you guys are a little late, Engadget has a hands on thingy with the Droid X

  • Excelent, cant wait…..

    A week is too much

  • jay

    Incredible definitely making its way to eBay after this is released. If this things bootloader isn't locked and I hear good things about the headphone jack ill pick one up. Did you guys see the article on engadget?! I went from wanting a nexus one to a incredible to this.

  • Cant wait.

  • Sweet, looking forward to it. Hopefully will also announce when Droid will receive FroYo, maybe some incentives for existing Droid owners to upgrade.

  • Droidz

    With Adobe being there, the Droid X will either ship with Froyo, or at least they'll announce a date that it'll get it over the air. A set in stone date. I suspect there will be an announcement about the Droid 2 as well, and maybe we'll find out when the Droid 1 will get Froyo. I plan to own the Droid X at release day.

  • DroidDoesWatiWant

    Hey one of my friends is working on the commercial, She told me its only one phone and that it was called the Droid 2 and it would air on tv at the end of this month if not sooner!

  • 10th!

    • Awww shoot! I just noticed that I got a shout out!
      Man that makes me feel cool… lol

  • EC8CH

    They could just post a source link to Droid-Life…

    • Chris Nimon

      I sometimes wonder if they do

  • WhereIsTony

    Be interesting to see if Incredible, orders (Including my wife's currently back ordered til 7/13) get canceled.

    • kaka-mia

      All I know is my replacement Incredible will be getting canceled and my original with borked battery and borked touchscreen will be going back.

    • WhereIsTony

      I am not canceling my second Inc until I see hard specs, I am also concerned that it is too big. But she keeps it in her purse so she probably would not mind.

  • ericsorensen

    Wow – bringing out the big-wigs. With the Google & Adobe guys there, my guess it will have Flash and 2.2 installed and ready to go for the July stampede. I will be coming in to work late on July 19th. I think I will tell my boss right now about my early “doctor's appointment” that Monday morning.

    I don't know about the Verizon guy, but the other three are top-notch super-geeks and I enjoy listening to what they have to say. Especially the Google guy.

    I wonder how they will handle the “no front facing camera” issue? It's bound to come up since that is about the only thing the Iphone has that the X and 2 don't (if reports are correct). The Iphone screen is nice if you use a maginifying glass, but I need some real estate with my next touch-phone, especially with my bad eyes and big fingers.

    • Chris Nimon

      I personally dont see the front camera as a big deal. By next year though, im sure well have the option to use video in all our regular phone calls. Then ill want one.

      • ericsorensen

        You have to be careful – Iphone fans said multi-tasking wasn't needed – now they are going to say it's wonderful now that they have it (somewhat). It is a feature that I would use via Skype.

    • Look at the qik icon on the right of the app globe… could it be?

  • palomosan

    Only one thing to say, Droid Does.

  • Brahman125

    you have been on the top of your game on this one kellex
    keep up the good work

  • hmm Adobe? Maybe these devices will get a last minute FroYo update. 🙂 or they'll just announce the official OTA for FroYo for the Droid 1

    • kellex

      My guess is that they plan on telling the world how ridiculous Flash will be on these beasts.

    • kulz

      exactly what i was thinking. the sooner these new devices get FROYO, the sooner the og DROOOID will get FROYO… (not that we all don't have it already but still…it'll be official)

  • Chris Nimon