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Download: Tether Beta for Android

Made popular as Tetherberry in the Blackberry community, Tether Beta has been released on Android as a tethering option with some reputation.  The open beta probably won’t be open for long, so now is the time to check it out before the full/paid version hits the market.  No idea on what that price will be once that happens, but this beta is free…for now.

To download the Android Beta of Tether follow these simple instructions:

1. Download and install the Tether PC software. We strongly recommend if you were using TetherBerry or a previous version of Tether to uninstall before installing this version.


(If asked to reboot, wait until the installer is fully finished)

2. On your Android phone go to Settings->Applications->Development and check USB debugging.
3. Download the software onto your Android by visiting the following URL in your browser:


Then run the file. It may ask you for permission to run software from outside of the Android Marketplace, make sure to give it permission.

4. Run Tether on the PC and select Android, then USB for the connection method. Then connect your Android to the computer with a USB cable and run Tether on your Android. The two should establish a connection and you should see data being sent and received on your PC.
5. Done.

Took me about 5 minutes to setup and start tethering on my Incredible.  Check it!

  • Scott_mattison

    why can you surf with this software fast but can’t download very large files ?

  • Albokay

    Says I need an android driver. Can ONE thing work for me like its supposed to!

  • need to check it practically, seems pretty good. But let me check it out practically.

  • Jason

    Hello all,

    I'm new to all this stuff. Just upgraded to a Samsung Intercept and would LOVE to have a hotspot in my phone so I could utilize it with my laptop. Is the process above used for this purpose?

    Please advise,


  • Jason

    Hello all,

    I'm new to all this stuff. Just upgraded to a Samsung Intercept and would LOVE to have a hotspot in my phone so I could utilize it with my laptop. Is the process above used for this purpose?

    Please advise,


  • Xray121995

    Thanks, I used to use Tether for Blackberry. It worked great. Glad they have it for the Droid, too.

  • Htque

    Downloaded on Droid and worked great at first then stopped working after 2 days. I really liked it. Tried to reinstall but still keeps waiting for connection but never connects

    • Chris Nimon

      try easytether for free or if your rooted try wirelesstether(wifi and bluetooth tethering)

  • Flitechick

    I am computer stupid so forgive me for asking this question. Can I us my android phone to act like an aircard to my laptop when Free WIFI is not available? I have an aircard now with Verizon & I have a phone with Tmobile. I want to ditch both of them and go just to a verizon phone that can do both. I fly for Delta & am out in areas where I dont always have WIFI. I need to save money on this too. Can you help

  • Rockbox2005

    This app efin rules. was able to use it in my grandmothers garage for tips on how to install a new stero.
    It's not broadband but its faster then DSL I think.

  • etschuetz

    Why pay the 49.95 for the app when EasyTether is only 9.95 and does the SAME exact thing! http://tech.ericschuetz.com/?p=122

  • Pretty fast…

  • ohiobuckeye7

    Works on 2.2

  • ohiobuckeye7

    I just use the wireless tether app on android market. No problems and you can set up encryption

  • z32589

    Also off topic, but can someone recommend a GOOD IM app? I was using the native IM client port that Pete includes with Bugless Beast, but he didn't put it in for the Froyo v0.1. Now I'm using Meebo, but it will disconnect randomly and it's really annoying. I really only need AIM, so if anyone has any suggestions or knows where I can get the APK for the native app, that would be great. Thanks!

    • Flyinion

      I gave up after random stupidity with both meebo and ebuddy over the last 4 months I've had the phone. I now use google talk and convinced my iphone friends to deal with gtalk on their version of meebo 🙂 I get a great app, they get to deal with software lol

  • codash

    off topic: anyone run a swype keyboard? i have been running the green .apk from a post in may on this site. i really love it. this morning it has expired. anyone help me out with that?

    • So did mine! I was running the red and black themed Swype, and it expired this morning. I guess we'll have to go back to typing letter by letter until the latest beta is leaked.

  • spyder00

    i just hooked up easytether and it's running great so far!!!

    • CopierITguy

      I use EasyTether. Excellent USB tethering app! Plug it in & BOOM – instant connection. Perfect for “on the go” access for my laptop!

  • spyder00

    which is better easytether or this tether app?

  • Okay so i have swype on my droid, that i've downloaded from here on the site, and i just got a message saying that the trial period has ended and now it wont work… 🙁 I finally get really good and comfortable and it's ripped from my finger tip. anyone else?

  • Lane252

    how about no one download this and no one use it…was in the Verizon store a few weeks ago, and this couple walked out with an 8500 dollar cell phone bill bc of tethering….turns out and no this isnt a lie, but yea it turns out that its 25 dollars per mgb used while tethering….and i myself have used at least 20k mb on tethering so if i got caught i could kiss my butt goodbye. they said its a breach of contract or some bs, but why even sale a phone(s) that allows it….and why not make a wide PSA about it being illegal. guess they just want money. but yea be careful if u feel ur to tricky to get caught, im sure thats wat the 2 couples thought before one got the 8500 dollar bill and the other the 6300$

    • Saaaaay whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?!!?!?!?!?

      • it's not ILLEGAL. At least as far as the law is concerned. its not like you'll get jail time for it.

        Using your $30.00 unlimited package for other devices is TECHNICALLY a breach of contract, if you read your fine print. Same with AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint (before we get into the VZW bashing).

        If you use it as your primary internet, you're boned.

        • Another reason to have Verizon employess here 🙂
          Luckily I don't tether. I like the ability though. Thanks for the 411.

        • Toonami567

          Verizon Wireless has Mobile Broadband Connect for most smartphones. You have a 5GB cap. Its either $15 or $30 depending on the data feature you have. Its 0.05/MB if you go over 5GB. If 8500 is just overage and not including normal monthly bill then they used almost 170GB of data. Sounds like those people, if this is real used the feature while roaming in Canada or some other country where there would be astronomical roaming charges.

          • Lane252

            your right but it happened sadly in the US…and its not a 5 gb cap…its slightly less than that. and is very ez to go over esp if you travel and or a business person that doesnt wanna use the tiny screen on the droid to do transactions and such. its still bs that they dont just give it to ur for free

        • Lane252

          yes which will deal u a huge fine. aka illegal…just because u dont go to jail for it doesnt mean its not illegal

    • Flyinion

      Or maybe they were using legal tethering and just racked up a bill. I think blackberrys have it as a feature? Just a guess though. I'm fairly sure (but not certain) there's no way for them to tell if you are using a tether app unless they get a hold of your phone and find some kind of logs.

      • Lane252

        no it is illegal is what the guy told me…it voids your contract and such, and is stealing basically was wat i was told

  • Very nice! Thank you for the post! Here is another way to tether when using Ubuntu. http://smackbox.org/?p=208

  • Good post! Here is another way to tether using Ubuntu linux. http://smackbox.org/?p=208

  • Jtcgiants56

    So I spent hours going through the painful task of rooting my incredible to get tethering for nothing?!? Well, I guess I still have the advantage of wireless tethering and don't need to carry around a usb cable to do this.

  • Hogasswildmc
  • root4life

    okay dumb question i forgot how to turn on and off sdcard notifications

    • From a homescreen, press menu > settings > sounds & display > check/uncheck sd card notifications (it's about halfway down the list).

  • One thing PDA net==free

    • Unless they changed it in the past few months, the basic version is free. However, in order to browse to Facebook, your bank or any site that uses https/SSL encryption – you have to pay for it.


      • Silksmooth12

        I've been using PDAnet for months and have never had to pay for it. And I go to those sites all the time.

  • kerrhome

    setup.exe didn't work for me. Failed half-way through. Tried twice now with a reboot in between. Looks like my work laptop doesn't like the unsigned driver.

    • Vonny571

      I'm having the same issue. Anyone have an idea to get past this?

      • OldNuc

        XP did not like the unsigned driver but it works fine without it.

        • Vonny571

          I had to install the android usb drivers from the SDK to get it to work, but now it's working great.

          • OldNuc

            Probably should have mentioned that you do need the Moto drivers.

          • Vonny571

            I could get the moto drivers to work. Had to use ones from the Android SDK.

          • Vonny571

            Should be couldn't get the moto drivers to work.

  • Umm…
    Whats the point of this?
    2.2/froyo has USB tethering built in
    If you root you can have wifi tethering and Blluetooth tethering
    And those are just the options that you don't need to install any PC applications…

    • JP

      +1 Especially when the forementioned are FREE…

    • kellex

      You have to remember that we have readers who A. are unrooted and B. don't have a Droid.

      • Since when? lol
        I remember when I was unrooted…
        You must have hated me! lol 🙂

        • EC8CH

          If you have a Droid and you don't have root…

          You're doing it wrong!

        • Jamerson90

          I remember when you were unrooted too! 😛

          • Talk about the good ol' days….
            Flashing my first Simply Stunning ROM. I was soo nervous…
            Now, I feel like I need to help as many people as possible because
            I wish i had the same reassurance when I first rooted 🙂 lol

          • Flyinion

            lol yeah I'm still at the nervous stage. I'm debating drinking some kangerade but not looking forward to if titanium backup can't re-associate all the market downloads I have and if I'll have to re-merge all my FB contacts with my google contacts list. Went through that when I wiped cache/etc. going to rooted 2.1. At least now I can use titanium backup but he mentions a donate version with more features though I'm not sure what they are and it doesn't show in the market :/

          • Decisions….
            Well titanium hasnt ceased to amaze me yet…
            Just do a backup and if you can't get it the way you want it…go back 🙂
            The thing I love about Froyo (and the market fix by BGILL) is that
            it remembers everything you download…easy to reinstall…
            Resynchronizing all the accounts does blow though :-/

          • Flyinion

            have a link to the fix? google turned up a thread talking about it but not the actual fix. All the rest was literally about real froyo :/

          • Well, when I was switching over to Froyo it wasnt show me all my apps until I ran
            this update.zip
            Now it works wonderfully! 🙂 Enjoy…


          • Flyinion

            ah thanks, yeah I saw that, just didn't put 2+2 together 🙂

  • Pretty excited about this! Will have to boot into Boot Camp and give it a go later… I'm actually at a hotel with sucky internet, so this works out for me!

  • Barnacle is the best tethering App on Android. But it doesn't work on Froyo! Anyone got a fix? PLEASE! I'M DESPERATE! 😛

    • Dude…froyo has built in tethering…

      • Yeah bro, but I'm lookin for Wi-Fi Tethering! 🙂

        • Have you tried “Wireless Tether” in the market? Works great1

  • StephanC

    Damn. I just emailed kellex and was gonna share this with him. Oh well. My free H17txt is on it's way from Motorola! Yay! If you want one too answer @MotoMobile's trivia questions on twitter. (This is not spam)

    • kellex

      Thats really all you had to do? I may have to get one. 🙂

      • StephanC

        Yup, they've been giving them away since last week. 😀

        • Chris Nimon

          what is it exactly? im like a teen looking through the bra section of the sears catolog. I dont know if I should get excited or not.

          • StephanC

            Well that's an interesting analogy. The H17txt is a Bluetooth headset that reads text messages to you and allows you to reply with voice. This is all possible thanks to the Android app “MotoSpeak”.

          • Chris Nimon


          • How do I retweet with the answer, i never use twitter so idk what to do

          • StephanC

            Go to Motorola's twitter page http://www.twitter.com/motomobile, login, find the retweet button next to the tweet about the question, then add your answer in front of the RT. Good luck!

    • Done and done….I think? lol

      • StephanC

        You're welcome. Good luck!

  • Baked14