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New Droid X Pictures Leaked

Needed further confirmation that one of the new Motorola Android devices is now officially the Droid X by Motorola?  Check out the pictures we just received from Gadget University…

No AMOLED.  4.3 inches of goodness.  DROIDX.  New MotoBlur.  Who’s even more excited for this device now?  According to today’s poll, it looks like a ton of you are.  And check out that top pic again…might be the prettiest we’ve seen yet.  Wow.  Sorry Droid 2, it looks like we’ve found our follow-up device.

Source: Gadget University

  • Xbutler27

    Verizon should have put the front facing camera on this from. Nice looking phone but i will wait for the front facing camera.

  • Xbutler27

    Verizon should have put the front facing camera on this from. Nice looking phone but i will wait for the front facing camera.

  • Ragib

    Why isnt anyone else wondering what the extra bit of material on the bottom left corner of the phone is!

  • I hope this question doesn't cause much discomfort 🙂 But what's wrong with Motoblur. I saw it on the Devour I thought it looked like a really nice thing to have. I'm a twitterer so I thought it would be nice. I don't have an Android phone yet. I'm waiting for one with great specs and Keyboard. But I loved the look of the Devour. I'm just curious what's so bad about the Motoblur?

    • EggoEspada

      Its not entirely horrible, but it just doesn't work for most people. To me it seems to cluttered and it doesn't operate as smooth. Granted it is nice for people who love social networking a lot, but it needs a lot of work done. Also, updates come in later than if it was a full stock experience. Though it seems Motorola is the best to update as they showed their plans for their phones to be upgraded in the future, which was all of them besides the Devour. I think they update based on what sells them the most. Which is why Backflip and Devour are the very last to update due to sales most likely. So I have a feeling they'll update the Droid X and Droid 2 just as well as the original Droid, if not better.

      • Thanks for replying and explaining issues with Motoblur. I was just curious as to why it's so disliked because I do participate in SN. I have my BB but plan on getting a droid as soon as I find the one that I like. Hopefully there will be one with great specs and keyboard. I really like the new droids mentioned here.

  • If it come to Singapore, i will definitely buy it!

    Thank you so much kellex! I love all your Motorola News!

  • MikeC

    I think the AMOLED screens have brighter, more vibrant colors.

  • MikeC

    It's nice, but why is “No AMOLED” listed as a feature?

  • jackadams

    I needed further confirmation that one of the new Motorola Android devices is now officially the Droid X by Motorola?

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  • Ragib

    Does anyone else know what the extra chunk of material on the bottom left corner of the top picture is :S ?



  • That is one beautiful phone. I need to see some more of the Droid 2 before I make any sort of choice as I'm still not sure if I'm ready do give up physical keyboards yet (yes I actually use the Droid's keyboard). But that top picture is gorgeous.

  • Come to papa, I wondering how much Verizon it's gonna ask for this phone, my upgrade it's not due until March 2011 but you never know.

  • KittyKittyLickLick

    Good God that is awesome! I have been very happy with my Droid, but with Swype I don't ever use my keyboard so I'd be okay with this tablet. Absolutely love the giant screen. Perfect for watching those BlockBuster movies you just downloaded with the new app. And to be honest, I do not mind that hump on the top back. It reminds me of the shape of my remote. Plus I'm sure it helps when holding it with one hand and typing. Can't wait!

  • t0ni

    This whole post is F'n hilarious!! Is there red on this phone?

  • Rider_of_waves

    I still want a physical keyboard with this phones power. Sounds like Droid 2 will just be a minor upgrade from Droid. Maybe I could get use to virtual. Not as savy as you other guys, but I love the droid platform.

  • Chester

    Let me start off by saying Hot damn, that is gorgeous!! I love the big screen and its exactly what I've been waiting for, minus the Blur. But I am willing to give it a try. I have come around on HTC's Sense (for Android, not WinMo) and would like to give this a try. If I don't like it, I can always root this bitch and put whatever I want on it!

    Second, I too have encountered those crapple fan boys. One of my closest friends has the iPhone 2nd gen unlocked on T-mo and tried telling me how much better his phone is than mine. Restraining the insatiable urge to punch him in the face, mostly cuz his sister is a slammin hottie and she turns 18 next month, I calmly explained why android is a million times better. Then I tried texting him a picture of my ass so he could kiss it. Unfortunately I had to email it since his phone blows. After that, he tried telling me that apple was the first to introduce a touch screen phone. Its sad how ignorant these people are, really. I then asked him to explain why he thinks an iphone is better than my Droid and if he couldn't, I got to steal a pair of his sister's panties. Needless to say, happy birthday to me!

  • Donglou

    Looks like the camera area is a little fat. Hope that means good quality!!! I just came on my girls face!!

  • sundawg

    DROID X SURE DO GOT A PURDY SCREEN!!! I love it, but I am content with my Droid not to mention after the mention of a 2ghz motorola phone dropping at the end of 2010 I am saving my money for that sweetness!!! only question does the Droid X have a front camera, and would the rumored 2ghz Motorola phone have that sweet feature either?

  • 1bad69z28

    Kellex, do you have anymore specs on this Beast?? Also what does everyone think about the the future 2Ghz Droid phone coming out?? I am holding out for the real goodies,

  • Josh121779

    isn't that the youtube widget from 2.2??

    • thebandito09

      I think it is since I've read that the 2.2 YouTube widget shows the most viewed videos.

  • 1bad69z28

    Hey Kellex, these shots are awsome, very nice looking. wish the Droid 2 looked like this with the upcoming 2Ghz plus features. Droid X is definitely stylin

  • marty mar

    They should have made the Droid two this exact phone but with a keyboard. Dont you guys agree?

  • Gabe

    so what kind of specs are we looking at here with the droidX? just curious i cant seem to find them on the site.

  • This looks badass, but I think im most likely gonna wait for a 4G phone.

    • Prankm

      If AT&T weren't so horrible where I live I'd consider that, but ug…. there isn't a force in this world that would make me sign another 2 year contract with them. Except for maybe Jessica Biel. Mmmm. Jessica Biel.

  • Now that's a beautiful phone. I would have to see if I could live without my keyboard. I really doubt it. I'm definantly a physical Keyboard user. I wish someone for once will come out with a Droid that has great specs like a front facing 8mp camera:) WITH a keyboard. Hopefully with all of the Droids being release atleast one will be in the bunch.

  • Prankm

    I'm hold off on my hate for Blur until I see what this new “Ninja Blur” is all about. The phone looks great, though. iPhone who?

  • EC8CH

    Look out Kellex…

    R.E.A.C.T is going to bust down your door and seize your Laptops….

    Oh wait, there's no fruit on that phone…

    You should be OK.

  • Capo745

    I was just looking at the camera, and right above where it says HD VIDEO, is that 8.0 MP or 8.5 MP?

  • Italia1918

    I want to see a side by side with the iphone… I want an android phone with the iphone smooth look… and not heavy like the droid…… even though i bleed droidddddd… i dont use the physical keyboard unless im going into recovery… do you know if the droidx is heavy?