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New Droid X Pictures Leaked

Needed further confirmation that one of the new Motorola Android devices is now officially the Droid X by Motorola?  Check out the pictures we just received from Gadget University…

No AMOLED.  4.3 inches of goodness.  DROIDX.  New MotoBlur.  Who’s even more excited for this device now?  According to today’s poll, it looks like a ton of you are.  And check out that top pic again…might be the prettiest we’ve seen yet.  Wow.  Sorry Droid 2, it looks like we’ve found our follow-up device.

Source: Gadget University

  • Xbutler27

    Verizon should have put the front facing camera on this from. Nice looking phone but i will wait for the front facing camera.

  • Xbutler27

    Verizon should have put the front facing camera on this from. Nice looking phone but i will wait for the front facing camera.

  • Ragib

    Why isnt anyone else wondering what the extra bit of material on the bottom left corner of the phone is!

  • I hope this question doesn't cause much discomfort 🙂 But what's wrong with Motoblur. I saw it on the Devour I thought it looked like a really nice thing to have. I'm a twitterer so I thought it would be nice. I don't have an Android phone yet. I'm waiting for one with great specs and Keyboard. But I loved the look of the Devour. I'm just curious what's so bad about the Motoblur?

    • EggoEspada

      Its not entirely horrible, but it just doesn't work for most people. To me it seems to cluttered and it doesn't operate as smooth. Granted it is nice for people who love social networking a lot, but it needs a lot of work done. Also, updates come in later than if it was a full stock experience. Though it seems Motorola is the best to update as they showed their plans for their phones to be upgraded in the future, which was all of them besides the Devour. I think they update based on what sells them the most. Which is why Backflip and Devour are the very last to update due to sales most likely. So I have a feeling they'll update the Droid X and Droid 2 just as well as the original Droid, if not better.

      • Thanks for replying and explaining issues with Motoblur. I was just curious as to why it's so disliked because I do participate in SN. I have my BB but plan on getting a droid as soon as I find the one that I like. Hopefully there will be one with great specs and keyboard. I really like the new droids mentioned here.

  • If it come to Singapore, i will definitely buy it!

    Thank you so much kellex! I love all your Motorola News!

  • MikeC

    I think the AMOLED screens have brighter, more vibrant colors.

  • MikeC

    It's nice, but why is “No AMOLED” listed as a feature?

  • jackadams

    I needed further confirmation that one of the new Motorola Android devices is now officially the Droid X by Motorola?

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  • Ragib

    Does anyone else know what the extra chunk of material on the bottom left corner of the top picture is :S ?



  • That is one beautiful phone. I need to see some more of the Droid 2 before I make any sort of choice as I'm still not sure if I'm ready do give up physical keyboards yet (yes I actually use the Droid's keyboard). But that top picture is gorgeous.

  • Come to papa, I wondering how much Verizon it's gonna ask for this phone, my upgrade it's not due until March 2011 but you never know.

  • KittyKittyLickLick

    Good God that is awesome! I have been very happy with my Droid, but with Swype I don't ever use my keyboard so I'd be okay with this tablet. Absolutely love the giant screen. Perfect for watching those BlockBuster movies you just downloaded with the new app. And to be honest, I do not mind that hump on the top back. It reminds me of the shape of my remote. Plus I'm sure it helps when holding it with one hand and typing. Can't wait!

  • t0ni

    This whole post is F'n hilarious!! Is there red on this phone?

  • Rider_of_waves

    I still want a physical keyboard with this phones power. Sounds like Droid 2 will just be a minor upgrade from Droid. Maybe I could get use to virtual. Not as savy as you other guys, but I love the droid platform.

  • Chester

    Let me start off by saying Hot damn, that is gorgeous!! I love the big screen and its exactly what I've been waiting for, minus the Blur. But I am willing to give it a try. I have come around on HTC's Sense (for Android, not WinMo) and would like to give this a try. If I don't like it, I can always root this bitch and put whatever I want on it!

    Second, I too have encountered those crapple fan boys. One of my closest friends has the iPhone 2nd gen unlocked on T-mo and tried telling me how much better his phone is than mine. Restraining the insatiable urge to punch him in the face, mostly cuz his sister is a slammin hottie and she turns 18 next month, I calmly explained why android is a million times better. Then I tried texting him a picture of my ass so he could kiss it. Unfortunately I had to email it since his phone blows. After that, he tried telling me that apple was the first to introduce a touch screen phone. Its sad how ignorant these people are, really. I then asked him to explain why he thinks an iphone is better than my Droid and if he couldn't, I got to steal a pair of his sister's panties. Needless to say, happy birthday to me!

  • Donglou

    Looks like the camera area is a little fat. Hope that means good quality!!! I just came on my girls face!!

  • sundawg

    DROID X SURE DO GOT A PURDY SCREEN!!! I love it, but I am content with my Droid not to mention after the mention of a 2ghz motorola phone dropping at the end of 2010 I am saving my money for that sweetness!!! only question does the Droid X have a front camera, and would the rumored 2ghz Motorola phone have that sweet feature either?

  • 1bad69z28

    Kellex, do you have anymore specs on this Beast?? Also what does everyone think about the the future 2Ghz Droid phone coming out?? I am holding out for the real goodies,

  • Josh121779

    isn't that the youtube widget from 2.2??

    • thebandito09

      I think it is since I've read that the 2.2 YouTube widget shows the most viewed videos.

  • 1bad69z28

    Hey Kellex, these shots are awsome, very nice looking. wish the Droid 2 looked like this with the upcoming 2Ghz plus features. Droid X is definitely stylin

  • marty mar

    They should have made the Droid two this exact phone but with a keyboard. Dont you guys agree?

  • Gabe

    so what kind of specs are we looking at here with the droidX? just curious i cant seem to find them on the site.

  • This looks badass, but I think im most likely gonna wait for a 4G phone.

    • Prankm

      If AT&T weren't so horrible where I live I'd consider that, but ug…. there isn't a force in this world that would make me sign another 2 year contract with them. Except for maybe Jessica Biel. Mmmm. Jessica Biel.

  • Now that's a beautiful phone. I would have to see if I could live without my keyboard. I really doubt it. I'm definantly a physical Keyboard user. I wish someone for once will come out with a Droid that has great specs like a front facing 8mp camera:) WITH a keyboard. Hopefully with all of the Droids being release atleast one will be in the bunch.

  • Prankm

    I'm hold off on my hate for Blur until I see what this new “Ninja Blur” is all about. The phone looks great, though. iPhone who?

  • EC8CH

    Look out Kellex…

    R.E.A.C.T is going to bust down your door and seize your Laptops….

    Oh wait, there's no fruit on that phone…

    You should be OK.

  • Capo745

    I was just looking at the camera, and right above where it says HD VIDEO, is that 8.0 MP or 8.5 MP?

  • Italia1918

    I want to see a side by side with the iphone… I want an android phone with the iphone smooth look… and not heavy like the droid…… even though i bleed droidddddd… i dont use the physical keyboard unless im going into recovery… do you know if the droidx is heavy?

  • It looks great, but I am not hating on the Droid 2 either. I love the size and feel of my Droid and not sold on having a bigger screen, guess I will have to wait and see how pocketable it truely is. I could care less how many mp's the camera has.. 5 is plenty for what I use a cell phone for. Now a faster focus I would be interested in that.
    It appears Motorola is going to do well no matter which one we choose!! I will probably wait to see what Droid 2 has to offer 1st tho.. I've only seen scant pics of it and not enough info to hate on it yet!! Its there flagship phone, so I doubt they are going to let it be outdone by another of there offerings. . Think hard about it.. would you if it was your company????

  • Gbregaglio1

    What's the blockbuster app?

  • Gbregaglio1

    What's that Blockbuster app?

  • dylan84

    I really like what we've heard about the Droid X so far. The thing looks, and sounds sexy as hell. Unfortunately my upgrade doesnt come for a LONG time. I just got my Droid in Jan, so my upgrade doesnt come til 2012. Maybe Verizon will give some sort of awesome upgrade deal for current Droid users.

  • brando56894

    wow that thing looks amazing!

  • I REALLY don't like the back of it. I also happen to like the soft buttons.

  • Mike

    I just came.

  • Sean

    Looks sick. Anyone know if it has a keyboard?

  • Mrpicolas

    Ok plain and simple nezt time the iphone zombie starts ramblin about his phone flash a couple dofferent themed roms run ssome. Flash and show him how nice widgets are that should shut him up and if not. Remind him how much tge battery life sucks

  • Ace Z.

    WoW! I guess that DROID commercial that dissed princess' phones won't be able to disrespect this bad boy that's dressed in a Barbie outfit. I might just purchase this phone and have a tea party with it because this phone is Xtremely pretty. “Care for some biscuits and tea guvana?”

  • Natattack06

    appleheads / fanboys = obama followers / sheeple. My guess they think the iPhone is going to cover their healthcare…

    • net_enginerd


      Give me a break.

      • Natattack06

        Why? Do you need one? 🙂

        • net_enginerd

          Ha I can always use one. I just disagree with your equation, that's all. 🙂

    • xyzlene

      oooooooh snap !!!!!!! no you didn't!!!!!!!! +10000

  • Skinnhc

    Confused…why the “Google” logo if it has BLUR…????

  • Chris Nimon

    Anybody else try the JRummy thing? I kind of like it cause it lets you customize so much.

    • Jess

      If JRummy and Pete got together and had little PRummy ROM babies, my droid's life would be complete.

      • I think it should be called BuglessRummy, or JBeast…. 🙂

        • Chris Nimon

          for some reason those sound dirty, I like it

  • Legoturtle92

    This phone looks so nice. I currently had the Droid for a few months but I want to figure out a way to trade it in for the Droid X without having to buy another phone. This might be a good topic to look into.

  • Jess

    If THAT'S the summer release, imagine what's coming out later in the year. If I was a guy, I'd say I just ___ in my pants, as someone else below so eloquently put it. Holy @#$!.

    • KittyKittyLickLick

      As a guy, I'd just like to say how surprised I am to see a girl on a tech site. Especially a Droid site seeing how its marketed specifically to guys. Then again, my extremely feminine gay friend bought the Droid as well. Eh, I give you props. Kudos!

  • Chris Nimon

    lots of talk about a front camera but does it really matter? I dont think so until all our regular phone calls have the option to face chat, not just skype or the like.

  • That is dead sexy. Maybe I wouldn't miss my physical keyboard after all. Wow.

  • DaveIsAwesome

    I will keep my Droid until a 4.3 inch screen with a HDMI output and a front camera comes out for Verizon.

  • Zizagoo

    If the Droid 2 has the same OMAP3630 that this has, I'll still choose the Droid 2 over this, as it will get the same impressive Quadrant benchmarks (google “Motorola Shadow benchmarks”) whilst keeping the QWERTY. Front camera and HDMI would be nice, but isn't a necessity for me.

    Everyone jumped on the “WAAAH Droid 2 only has an OMAP 750mhz” bandwagon, without knowing exactly -WHICH- OMAP it has. The difference between the OMAP3430 and OMAP3630 is HUGE.

    • +1 good point
      As well Motoblur again? Sigh…

    • Teh Flower

      According to HoFo, the inside sources, who I know from the Droid pre-release threads to be pretty damn reliable, said that the DroidX and Droid2's insides were like twins.

      Bodes well for seeing there's a OMAP3630 in the Droid2. which again, makes it a huuuuuge leap in power form the Droid.

      Leaked Quadrant bencmarks show that the Shadow (Droid X) was only a tiny bit behind the Nexus One on 2.2, and that was with the 2.1 OS! Imagine these things with 2.2! Think of how amazingly fast that would be. I can't tell a lie, I'm super excited.

  • Guest

    no amoled? gay. 2.1? gay. is there a front-facing camera?

    • EC8CH

      And what phone HAS a 4.3″ AMOLED screen?

      • ion

        eight year olds, dude. 😛

    • ion

      gay? really? are you 15?

  • Kruk13

    interesting baseband number on that. Definitely will be my replacement for the droid when my contract is up.

  • briderx

    If I bought a phone in 2010, the last words I should say is “it's a little clunky”..

    Oh, and while we're on the topic.. My boss just came to me and told me he “can't wait to get an iPhone” FML!

  • TheIronPirate

    Can someone please elaborate for me why everyone here hates motoblur? I'm going to upgrade my phone soon (from an old Chocolate 2… hahaha) I'm honestly torn between these phones: Droid, Droid 2, Incredible, and X. I have an idea of what motoblur is, but I don't quite understand why the mere mention of it sparks anger. Also, do we know what kind of improvement this “new motoblur” is over the old one? Also, if anyone could help me make up my mind about that aforementioned 4 phones it would be much appreciated.

    • EC8CH

      Motoblur has typically been a skinned over version of android designed mainly to integrate social networking more into the OS. As much as most like what HTC does with Sense, most dislike what Moto does with Blur. Apparently this has “Ninja blur”, which is supposed to be less intrusive than previous versions of Blur, and you maybe able to disable it altogether. Unfortunately even if you can disable it, updates on any phone with Blur are likely to take longer since Moto has to do more work to once they get the code from Google.

  • EC8CH

    If this is what is coming out BEFORE Moto's 2 2010 uberphones…. Apple's screwed.

    • I completely agree.

    • merrypol

      When they said, that Motorola is planning to release 2 smartphones for this year. The Motorola Xtreme a.k.a Shadow and this one called Motorola Droid 2 a.k.a Droid X.

      Actually it was 3, sources suggest that Motorola is planning to release a 3D phone as well.

      Well I say, keep on innovating your products Motorola — but stay away from BLUR!

  • Gorilla glass?

  • skltr21

    i still want the droid 2. i need the physical keyboard. everyone hates the droid keyboard but it just takes time to get adjusted to it. but i love it. i never use the touch keyboard. i hate that thing as much as you all hate the physical keyboard. =)

  • EC8CH

    Off Topic…

    Bugless Beast is now in the free section of Rom Manager (V0.1 can also be downloaded if Advanced Mode is enabled)

    • Omg, another off topic?!?! 😛

      I want my refund for the premium license!!!
      Lucky noobs….lol

      • EC8CH

        Pete's the whole reason I got Premium 🙂

      • caphoagie

        Only a few bucks and we helped support android development they can keep my money.

        • Of course…only joking….they deserve my $2 lol

      • sundawg

        Damn thats true…

  • Prankm

    And I ji____ed
    my pants!

    • cashier asked, cash or credit.. By the way, I'll pay by check.

  • Durangojim

    Did the original Droid have an IPS screen? I didn't think so, but the article mentions it. Did they mean ipad/iphone 4?

  • EC8CH

    Not feelin' the physical buttons on the front (prefer capacitive).

    Looks very well put together, more Droid like than even the Droid 2!

    I can see how some people don't like the industrial looks of Moto's designs, kind of makes them look “dated” if that makes any sense, but it's more my style so I like.

    Anyone have any ideas what's up with the features on the bottom back (small hole, slot, big circle)?

    • Thegoldendroid

      I understand what you mean by dated but I love an idustrial look.. but im a loft over condo kind of guy.. I like the design of these phones sorry…iphones look so soft…I mean Im a guy and Im glad that motorola is designing phones that guys can feel proud to carry…I dont want a sexy phone I want a phone that says I mean business!

  • phobic

    Hmm… not a fan of MotoBlur but I really hope this thing can be rooted easily,

  • geekabilly

    Looks good in the hand.. nice hands!

  • I wonder if this thing has the magnet for the multimedia/car mode switch when put in a cradle, a-la Droid 1…?

  • Woo

    why blur? I hope they have an option to disable it. Or even take it off all together.

    • I forgot who posted it but the best way I heard of taking it off is to “kill it with fire!” lol

    • ircmaxell

      +1. Get rid of Blur, and give it 2.2 and you may get me to pay my early termination fee. With Blur, no way. With 2.1? No way…

      • you know they can update to 2.2 …

    • kellex

      You have to understand that this isn't the Blur from the Devour or Backflip. It's completely new and first impressions I've heard from several people are very favorable.

    • merrypol


  • aarynk

    Can I line up NOW for this??

  • Now that does look sexy. The big black area below the screen with the Verizon logo seems to be wasted space though. Can't wait to see the specs on this!

    Now I'm going to have to decide on getting this when my contract is up, or waiting for that super moto phone that is supposedly coming out before the end of Q4…

  • kulz

    the front is sexxxxxxy! Not feeling the rearragement of buttons or the bulge but i can deal. Love the red accent on the shutter button?

  • Etherblueeatw6

    Who wants AMOLED ???? Are you willing to wait 2 months for it like with the INCREDIBLE??? by the way, remember the Incredible?? that was sooooooo last month…

  • EggoEspada

    Well. Looks like I'm putting some cash to the side..

  • I hate the bulge…..
    LOVE, the looks though….

    • mkregs

      Motorola already has us on the hook. I think the “bulge” was designed into it so more females would be interested.

      …chicks dig the bulge.

    • Chris Nimon

      I kinda wonder if it'll be like a finger groove type thing that'll make it feel more comfortable in your hand?

      • EC8CH

        My thoughts exactly…

        Plus it will also angle is slightly towards you when you lay it down on a table.

        • Chris Nimon

          $hit, I didnt think of that one.

  • Also, are the 4 buttons on the bottom physical buttons? It kind of looks like it… Aren't those buttons on most android devices just touch-sensitive buttons?

    • EggoEspada

      Yup. Those are physical buttons with some Moto flavor to it. Idk how I'll feel about that; I like the touch-sensitive buttons on the Droid and the haptic feedback.

    • EC8CH

      Nothing is standard about those buttons on Android devices… NOTHING.

  • briderx

    I am seriously getting sick of the guy at my work telling everyone the “iPhone is the best phone out there”. The guy has the 3GS and when I was running GLBenchmark yesterday, he came in my office and told me “my phone would run that way better” – I responded with, “how do you figure?” and he said, “look at my phone, it's shiny, yours is ugly.. Mine is better.”

    Anyone else get offended when you are proclaimed the “geek” of the company, yet they don't listen when it comes to “Android VS. iPhone”? AHHH! I want to scream! Even our IT guys think the iPhone is better.. I just don't get it. They're all waiting for the iPhone to come to Verizon so they can get a “good phone”… …

    • I was having a talk with my IT guys the other day about android vs. apple.
      I wanted to punch them in the throat! Pure ignorance….lol

      • briderx

        Steve did a good job at convincing the galaxy the iPhone reigns supreme.. Ignorant bastards.. I need a beer.

        • I need more then that…it's really frustrating when my girl comes to me and says “Ooo, I really like the new iPhone!”
          That is like some serious betrayal right there lol
          And if none of these phones are coming front facing cameras, how am I going to explain (to someone who knows nothing about the insides of a phone) that they're actually better!!!
          ARGGHHH!!! lol

          • briderx

            Some tape and glue will do the trick. Who cares if it's functional? Evidently just having it there is good enough for the world.. While we're at it, lets add some Buzz Lightyear wings.. With a little lightbulb that blinks.. That will catch their attention. Throw in some chrome and you got yourself a powerhouse of a phone.. It could even run off WinMo 6.5.

            In other news: Had one of my good friends switch from Android (MyTouch?) to HTC WinMo.. Tried convincing me that his phone was better. “It has the SnapDragon CPU!” I said.. Yeah, but mines functional..

          • Oh god dont get me started! Last weekend I went to a house party and I saw a couple of HTC's sitting on a table. I started playing with one and I could barely control the thing. It was sort of sad. A guy comes up and says “like my phone?”. I said “Noooo way, I gotz the Droidz”.
            He started rambling how his phone was better because of the Winmo and Snapdragon and I just kept nodding my head in agreement.
            What a douche…..lol

          • briderx

            Ha ha ha.. It's just not a functional device. I don't understand their idea with the stylus..? Who the f### wants to drag out a stylus each time they want to use their phone.. Good thing most of the phones have buttons for dialing (slide-out keyboard) this way you can actually type on the damned thing. So slow.. Unresponsive. I seriously can't believe after going from an android device, no matter how crappy it is.. it's still faster than the fastest winmo device..

            Oh, and I will try to copy/paste his response about APPS! HA HA HA.

            Him: Winmo is a little clunky, but I have no real complaints so far. The thing I love about it is that I can download anything from anywhere; megaupload, rapidshare, etc. You're not locked into the android marketplace nanny state. And there is a ton of open-source free software for winmo out there.
            Tuesday at 2:48pm ·

            Barry Taylor: Wait Pal.. You're joking right? That's the benefit of Android over iPhone.. Android is “OPEN SOURCE”.. I download TONS from megaupload/rapidshare/personal websites.. It's not locked into android marketplace.. you weirdo.

            And there is a ton of open-source free software for android out there.

          • The definition of ignorant is just a basic lack of knowledge…
            That guy is an ignoramus…lol

            Keep sticking up for Android, and it in turn, Android will continue to stick up for YOU!!! 🙂

          • briderx

            If I bought a phone in 2010, the last words I should say is “it's a little clunky”..

            Oh, and while we're on the topic.. My boss just came to me and told me he “can't wait to get an iPhone” FML!

          • Good point…THIS IS 2010!!!! lol

            Bosses suck….lol

          • MAK

            Actually my boss has a Droid also…he won't root it like me though:)

          • Shooter McGavin

            My boss actually has an iPhone but now he wants a Droid after seeing me play with mine and all the things it could do.

          • Michaelbrandonw

            i can understand the guys point though…. i hacked, tweaked, cooked and customized winmo for years. the HD2 is a slick piece of kit. Sure winmo has faults but on a business standpoint its got a leg up… full exchange support, seamless Outlook integration, pocket Office, seamless remote desktop access to Win PCs, free wifi tether (for the last 3 years) and for me… most important.. SPELL CHECK! How a smartphone can lack this function is beyond me. i send far too many important emails to important people to make a silly mistake on a touch phone or qwerty keyboard. i love android, but i just dont know if its ready for solid business use yet.

          • I can testify against that statement. My droid connected to our exchange at my work in under 3 minutes. Their winmo phones needed IT to come get them working.. Believe me, I tried.

          • brandonmee

            haha That was good for a great laugh….a winmo phone

          • caphoagie

            Let face it guys apple owns the masses people think of the iPhone and its ease of use. And if they want to sacrifise control and power they are better off with that phone that's made from unicorn tears. For myself android has me for the long haul as long as they don't mess up.

          • briderx

            (Unicorn Tear..) HA HA HA!

          • kulz

            serious betrayal~! My gf did the same thing and she's got a rooted n1~!!! the harrassment i get in this office about iphone vs android…geeezzzz~!!!!!!

          • tonytbone7883

            Major betrayal dude, but if she's hot, let it go. LOL front face cameras can only be used with wifi anyway, right? She may be around wifi 15% f her calls.

          • Trust me…I'm letting it go 😛

          • sundawg

            haha my fiancee is the same way but she acknowledges that the droid is better, just that the iphone is pretty… -_-'

          • xyzlene

            lets face it. the majority of girls like shiny pretty things. they don't care about specs or performance. make it pink, white , purple, jeweled, and it will sell…….

            one of my girlfriends wanted a shiny red compact camera. way over priced. horrible performance. i tried to persuade her to get a plain jane black cannon. it was like pulling teeth!

            girls who pass on glitter and run with with slr's and real smartphones know whats up…I guess thats why we call them women.

        • Falcon34

          Beeeeeer. Sounds good to me! Maybe too many of the IT iPhone lovers are smokin' to much of something instead of drinking a good ole' beer.

          But hey, what do I know. Android is for porn anyway… lol.

      • Guest304

        Eh, you guys need to talk to the real “IT” people. Here the sys admins & network admins all know android is going to take over and is far more powerful. The iPhone is simply a crapple… it's nice but still a crapple. We have plenty of apple fanboys here but the top level techs are all android.

        • Austin

          agreed. I work in IS at the help desk for my University and my coworkers and bosses all know android is taking over. One has an iPhone and wishes he could get out of his contract.

    • kellex

      “It's shiny, yours is ugly…Mine is better.” Hahahah I have no response to that, but it's exactly what I would expect them to say.

      And since I need another smile, it's time to watch the Android Phone is for Porn video!

      • briderx

        I seriously didn't know what to say to that Kellex. I think, for the first time in my life I was speechless. He, again came in today at lunch, showed me his lock screen and said, “see, this is a real phone.”

        2nd time in my life I was speechless..

      • Michael_NM

        My response is always, “If I wanted an Iphon't, I would have bought an Iphon't.” I honestly couldn't care less what Iphonnies think. They don't know what they're missing with their religious love of Apple and it's toys…

        After watching the Android is for Porn video, feast your eyes on this again: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w83UQkiuNZQ

      • brandonmee

        I think the reason why everyone who doesn't have a functional brain thinks the iphone is better is because it is more of a status symbol. I only question….If just about everyone you know has one…is it still a “status symbol?”

        • xyzlene

          how can the iphone be a status symbol if you can buy one at walmart??????

          i thought status was about exclusivity or being unique.

          imo – nexus one = status

    • EggoEspada

      Yea. I lot of people don't realize its not the greatest thing in the world. There was someone who actually thought Apple came up with the idea of a front facing camera and the only phone ever to record at 720p.
      Irks me to the max, but if they're happy with their choice then so be it. I know better. 🙂

      • memnoch73

        Haha.. That 720p video cracks me up. Good luck fitting that file on your phone that is full of music, movies, pictures and apps. Well they can always expand the memory with a new SD. Oh wait no they can't but we can. Droid does…

    • memnoch73

      Oh snap you guys are too funny. Just had the same conversation with some guy online. Those dumbass fanboys are such sheep. Maybe we can talk Jobs into starting a suicide cult so all the fanboys follow… Haha

      “My new iphone has a flash on the camera now!!!” Welcome to 2007…

      • LRiley

        yeah i has flash now, after like 4 versions, and we already got flash software, iphone is just hype

        • LRiley


        • pappy53

          I don't think that even the iPhone 4 has Flash. Jobs said “NO FLASH!'.

      • Metalface20

        my droid has a flash on my phone and flash in my phone……. beat that apple!

    • Thegoldendroid

      I had a guy tell me on facebook today that my phone might beat his in specs but you gotta admit his iphone is sexier…so sad how little these appleheads have been left with

    • tonytbone7883

      Don't listen to them they all suck…. The main thing a phone should do is make and complete phone calls in a clear and (not dropping call) manner. The iphone can't even do that!!! It drops calls and the caller is always saying “what, What, I can't hear you” and then they have to call that person back!!! 🙂 The Iphone has a 412MHz processor and the Droid comes with a 550MHz-TI processor and can be over-clocked to 1.25GHz !!! Thats why you can see the screen go from portrait to landscape on the iphone and the Droids screen does it so fast you can't barley see it.

      • Mattb

        I use a Droid and even owned a 3G before that, But…

        I happen to know that the reason you can “see the screen go from portrait to landscape on the iPhone” is because there is an animation that lets you know the phone is doing something. It's not because the phone is slow.

        Yes, it's one of those “shiny apple” things, but what's wrong with a little added beauty in any consumer product? I mean that's one reason why people like HTC's Sense. It is definitely why Google just picked up Matias Duarte, former head of UI and User Experience design at Palm– Android is more open and in some ways more powerful :), but it cannot be argued that it is in any way nicer looking than something like iOS or WebOS. It's the difference between something like basic Linux and Windows 7. One's shinier, yes, but we all make a choice between the two for our own reasons.

    • StephanC

      Show them the true hard facts. Then ask them; “How does it feel to have another man tell you how to use your phone?” Or “How does it feel to be Steve Jobs' bitch?”

    • sundawg

      Pssh you think thats bad not only do I have to defend Android at work but I have to convince my friends as well who all have iPhones!!! But yet when it comes time to “hey lets watch this on youtube” everyone is turning to me… But 2.2 is getting their respect when they saw me streaming Avatar off an anime site, so it's definitely starting to change some minds but others are still in aww that the iPhone 4G will have “new” features. Also what helps change minds is the awesome communities Android has like this fine web site!!!

    • jason

      I'm in the advantageous position of owning and using an iphone, having owned a nexus one for 2 months before dumping my warranty replacement on ebay, and being more technical than every single person I work with. I can tell everyone I know *from experience* that android blows the iphone out of the water, and they have no choice but to believe me.

    • LGT

      Yes! I tell them all to stop drinking the Kool-Aid. Anytime someone asks me about getting an iPhone I say “yeah, be like all the rest of the sheep.”

    • xyzlene

      valid point regarding your perspective.

      One caveat – the iphone has the best virtual keyboard. typing on the droid is pretty sad. yes, there is a keyboard. yes, many prefer swype. true multitouch for virtual keyboard will make the droid 100& perfect.
      other than that…….droiiiiiiiiid!!!!!!!!!

  • anyone have stats on this yet?!?

  • Holy crap… I said I was going to buy the Droid 2 on the poll, but this just might have changed my mind! Clear pics can work wonders!

    Kellex, quick question… You say “no AMOLED” above, how do you come to that conclusion and what kind of screen does it have?

    • kellex

      The guys that sent me the pics said no AMOLED. Must just be a bigger version of the LCD we have on our Droid's which at this point is far superior to these new AMOLEDs.

  • tonytbone7883

    Any spec's yet? Processor speed?

    • kellex

      GU said Snapdragon but makes no sense. It should have a Texas Instruments OMAP.

      • Should have? I think you mean, “better have!!” lol

      • tonytbone7883

        I agree I'd rather have a TI processor. It just seems to be better quality and TI is a proven company.

      • tonytbone7883

        I wonder if Droid 1 will ever be able to be over-clocked to 2.0 GHz.. Developers? 🙂

      • Problem is, only the OMAP4XXX series has HDMI-out capability, and it's very unlikely to be powered by a dual-core CortexA9. Snapdragon supports HDMI-out.

  • tonytbone7883

    I like it but does it have a physical keyboard? Will it come with Froyo 2.2?

    • Br_d

      No physical keyboard, and you can see that it has 2.1 ATM but it will certainly get froyo eventually.

      • tonytbone7883

        I normally use the virtual keyboard but sometimes when it wont pop up (rare) I can switch to my dependable physical key board.

  • I need a cigarette

    • kellex

      That top pic should sell it to everyone. It looks so much cleaner than the EVO.

      • my coworker just got the evo today…i already have a buyer for the incredible, so when this bad boy is available…im gettin' it and takin' it out to a nice seafood dinner

        • kellex


  • Barsoum89

    looking good

  • azurikai


    does look mighty pretty 🙂

    • bildo818

      My first “first” on droid-life!

  • bildo818


    • azurikai

      argh 😛 you got me beat.

      • bildo818

        WHAT??? FINALLY!! Looks beautiful but I am right in saying this has no physical keyboard right? After my LG voyager and my Droid 1 – I need a keyboard!

        • kellex

          No keyboard for sure. Trust me though, with Swype, you won't need one. I quit using my Droid's keyboard after month 1 when Swype was leaked heh.

          • bildo818

            I've tried Swype so many times and it has NEVER registerd any of the tutorial words. I've tried about 4-5 times and cannot get through the tutorial becuase it doesn't register. Maybe it wasn't the beta newer version, but I felt like it was wasting my time in the tutorial, how good could it be?

          • You can skip the tutorial 😛

          • bildo818

            OK, I'll be honest…I did skip it to just try it, but it doesn't recognize the letters – I see the line generate over my letters, but nothing is ever shown in the text field. Is there a link you could recommend for the beta or do I need to wait?

          • IMHO, and to me that means a lot…
            These are the best ones out there. I wouldn't trade it for any other