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Custom Theme Friday: Black Ice Froyo V1.3

We initially had planned on doing a dual-Froyo theme Friday with this new Team Chaos theme and JRummy’s Kangerade, but Rummy’s is still going through some testing so it’s just this one for now. You can bet that we’ll have the Kangerade for you once he gets it finalized though.  With that said, check out the second Team Chaos theme of the week!

Theme:  Black Ice Froyo V1.3 by Team Chaos


*Note 1* – Make sure you have the updated version of ROM Manager.

1.  Open ROM Manager, select Download ROM and then Team Chaos.
2.  Choose Team CHAOS Froyo Themes.
3.  Then check the box for Black Ice Froyo V1.3 and select OK.
4.  When it finishes, check the box to make a backup if you do not have a recent one.
5.  You can skip “wipe data and cache” if already running another Froyo ROM.
6.  Hit “OK” to allow your phone to boot into recovery and work some magic.
7.  When it finishes, it will reboot and you should be Onix Froyo’d!

Full support thread for Team Chaos here.

Comments or questions?  I know I”m loving all of these new Froyo ROMs and themes.

  • Drw

    When I open ROMManager and go to Download ROM, there is no Team Chaos to choose from, Actually there doesn’t seem to be any ROM that are suggested by most of these posts. I don’t have JRummy either, just JRumm16 and the Rumm Rx v1.0. So while I’m here how does one get the ROMManager Premium to update?

  • lalalalala.

    does this works on nexus one ?

  • lalalalala.

    does this works on nexus one ?

  • 13guitars

    it just sticks on the “M” screen.. restored.. how did you guys get it to work??

  • 13guitars

    it just sticks on the “M” screen.. restored.. how did you guys get it to work??

  • spursrchamps2007

    Ok so I did a full wipe on my phone before I installed pete's latest froyo update. First time around this theme installed fine. Now I can't get past the moto load screen. I have seen other people with the same issue, anyone figure out why.

  • Ksmckay

    Noob question.

    Does installing a theme have anything to do with the base version. Meaning if I already have BB 0.1 running and then I install this will that change any of that or does it just modify whatever is already installed on the ROM to apply the new theme.

    Kind of like when you install the new basebands it affects a different part of the ROM then where the BB 0.1 is running.


  • Damonlbeaty

    Major Battery Drain! Dont know why, have been running this since it came out and seems like just in the last day my battery wont stay charged for long at all! Anyone else having this problem?

  • tonytbone7883

    When I do what the instructions say I get a “abort” unable to open file, bad file. Whats up??

  • Buuishere

    how do i put this theme on???

  • otter34

    I'm going to finally root. Just so I'm clear, can someone please verify the steps?

    I know I follow the guide below to to flash SPR. Then I need to install a rooted ROM. Do I install a 2.1 ROM or 2.2, or does it matter? And which do I choose?

    1. “Guide to rooting Android 2.1 on Motorola Droid” http://www.droid-life.com/2010/05/06/guide-to-r

    What's next with regards to downloading kernels, ROMS, themes, etc….that don't have any bugs? I have been reading a lot of these forums the past few weeks and it's come to a point of confusion. I know there were some bugs in the google maps app as well as some bugs in the new bugless beast and the themes from last week so now I have too much information in my head and don't know how to process it!

    When I install a 2.2 kernel does that mean I'm overclocked or do I have to adjust the settings somehow to become overclocked? Which one should I choose?

    Which theme would you recommend?

    • root4life

      me personally i always use cyanogen or buglessbeast. as far as the new bb i havent tried it due to it bein brand new.that said bb is an awesome rom.

      • otter34

        Thanks. I was leaning towards bb. Will I have to reprogram my phone? I sure don't want to have to call Verizon!

        • Chris Nimon

          If you have to reprogram youll know it when your phone reboots. Whenever I have to do it I just click “touch the android” symbol and press 1 when it tells me and that normaly takes me about 30 seconds. Option 2 is to skip the programming part http://www.droid-life.com/2010/06/10/tip-how-to… and dial *228 after boot.

  • Socaliabs

    after installing this rom ,my droid seems to take a long time to charge and display the wrong percentage of the battery – what shall i do?

  • Mrlamotte87

    When install from ROM Mgr everything is good…im signed into Gmail and the Market opens up except for when i go to my downloads all of my paid apps are downloading at the same time with no progress. I can cancel all the downloads except for one of my games, it FC the market when i try to cancel it…any ideas as to why that is doing it???

    • Chris Nimon

      Mine kept doing that so I used the pull down menu and kept hitting clear. then went back into the market and updated 1 or 2 at a time. It seemed like it was trying to update too many at once and was locking up. Anyway this is what worked for me.

    • Terry

      After updating to this rom I can not longer download updates from the market. Everything else seems to be running fine.

  • iammebane


    • Chris Nimon

      somebody just posted this link http://www.mydroidworld.com/forums/motorola-dro

      • iammebane

        thanks bro…..i have no idea about any of that….. i was so lost…..i will keep reading… thanks again'

        • Chris Nimon

          I tried both the chaos clean black and the onix themes and they gave me back maps and navigation

  • Paintballxkid21

    is anyone having the problem that once it goes to reboot it doesnt leave the “M” screen

  • J Scott Gwin

    Outstanding!!! Running this on FRF57 without any issue. Hell, even the installer is tricked out. Thanks guys.

  • Smokeeater218

    Why doesnt it have navigation and google maps? This is a deal breaker for me. Too bad because it is a great looking theme.

  • Fireproof1905

    I can't get mine to boot into backup at all when i try to download and installl.. I'm using that latest froyo on my droid. any ideas???

    • Phillip

      try flashing alternate recovery, then flash the newest clockwork mod recovery. then retry downloading and installing whatever rom you want.

  • FP101

    Anytime I try to download this ROM or any other ROM for that matter, I get an error message and the download aborts. I'm running 2.2, BB V0.1. Any help please?!

  • FP101

    Whenever I try to download anything from the ROM Manager, I get an error message and it aborts the download. I've tried this download twice now to no avail.

    Any suggestions? I'm running 2.2, Baseband C.01.41.00R, Kernel [email protected]#1, BB V0.1

    Help please!

  • Pimp Steak

    I have the updated version of ROM & paid for the Premium version but I cannot access anything under ROM Management. Therefore, I cannot tap on “Download ROM. Any ideas?

    • dpu328

      You wont have options if SP is flashed. Make sure you flash clockwork

  • Pdroid00
  • Thegoldendroid

    Simple question: Can anyone suggest the smoothest and quickest froyo ROM in Rom manager with a black or colored notification bar? Just throw one out there.. everytime I seem to try one it has a stock look! THanks!

    • Put on bugless beast v 0.1 froyo, then put Team Chaos black with stock icons over it.
      Looks great 🙂

      • Thegoldendroid

        Tim thanks so much. I know you're one of the celebrities on this board…But can both of those be found on the ROM manager.. whenever I try downloading and transferring stuff things get a little crazy so i wanna keep it simple and easy…Im not trying have my cake and eat it too am I?

        • haha thanks man. Well heres the thing, we wanna get you set up to the point where
          you can have the cake and eat the whole damn thing lol
          Both items (bugless beast v 0.1, and team chaos black) can be found in ROM Manager

          First you throw on the bugless, then you open up the team chaos section, and scroll down to froyo themes and find the clean black with stock icons…
          And there you go. And also, its super easy since if coming from another froyo rom then there is
          no need to wipe anything. Just make a backup just incase 🙂

          Have fun!!

          • Thegoldendroid

            Android is like that rich grandpa who just spoils the hell out of you… he just keeps giving and giving…Bugless Beast has always been my favorite so Im doing it now. But man Froyo is fast. My quadrant benchmark tests just keep getting higher and higher everytime I do em..IM coming from Onix so Im sure this will be smooth as pudding.. Thanks so much for the formula.. I can't wait until JIT comes out!

          • And this is only the first release. It will only get better and better.
            In Pete we trust! 😛

          • Thegoldendroid

            I was showing off my old bugless beast to a buddy of mine after a couple drinks and he so innocently said “This really is a bugless beast”.. I thought it was highlarious.. Pete is a wizard.. I can only imagine where its gonna go from here

          • machinegun68

            Sorry to butt in here, but how do you apply theme after the download? Sorry kinda new at this.

          • From Rom Manager 🙂

      • Chris Nimon

        I'm skeptical to load that with all ive heard so for. lets see a screenie, maybe that'll make up my mind.

      • Pdroid00

        I already have a froyo. Do I need to wipe data before I run.

        • Noooope 🙂
          But hey, make a backup just incase 😉
          Have fun! Play safe!

      • Thegoldendroid

        Guys I feel like an old black lady in a southern baptist church cause I need to testify! I just installed this combo and its insane..Did an immediate quardrant test and its at 1027 ( and you know it gets faster and faster) Thanks so much Tim for the combo this will definitely keep me happy for the next 48 hours 😉

        • haha nice!
          I'm boasting 17 MFLOPS running at 1000mhz
          and 1450 in quadrant….lovin it 🙂

          • Thegoldendroid

            Ok I just need to know how.. cause that combo you gave me can only be overclocked to 800mhz. 11 mflops and 1000 in quadrant. How do I get it faster? What are you using? what has a faster kernel? These are things I need to know immediately..Whatever ROM i gotta switch too is fine!

  • droid

    This sucks!!!! eveytime I try to download a theme from rom mgr. it downloads i go into recovery and it aborts install… i tried black ice , jsinlegacy iron man same issues… can anybody help? please

    • Chris Nimon

      for some people updating ROM Manager and reflashing clockwork has worked. Others have had luck with using alternate clockwork recoveries such as

  • ejmccarty

    hey guys im kinda new to the world of rooting and this is the first time i've ran into a major problem. i've been trying to install the team chaos red rum theme. right now i am currently running the blue energy theme with bb v0.1 and it's super fast. my problem is when i'm trying to install the theme. i've downloaded it from rom manager wiped data and cache and backed everything up but it keeps saying “installation aborted” “bad” so i tried to manually install it to sd card and came to the same trouble. i was just wondering if im doing something wrong. any suggestion would be helpful. thank you. droid for life brothaaas

  • Kraymanbauer

    Now not able to restore at all. Boots in the black ice rom over and over again. Deleted all from sd card. Attempted to dl bb and chose to install and still get team chaos rom. If anyone has an idea that would be money. Anyone else having issues?

  • Kraymanbauer

    Now not able to restore at all. Boots in the black ice rom over and over again. Deleted all from sd card. Attempted to dl bb and chose to install and still get team chaos rom. If anyone has an idea that would be money. Anyone else having issues?

  • blackcatroad

    Anyone having issues installing this from ROM Manager (where it just ends up rebooting or can't get into recovery) try this:

    Go into ROM Manager – Scroll down to “All ClockworkMod Recoveries” – tap that and then choose I flashed that and was able to get the phone to boot into recovery and install from the ROM Manager.

    @Kellex – Rocking the IronMan for Froyo Theme by JsinLegacy. You should give it consideration for a Custom Theme Friday. Pretty sweet. 🙂

    *no credit to me, found this on another site*

    • Ninjah

      yep im still having this issue, ill try that see what happens…

  • Chuck

    I'm running BB, and I was trying to download this theme! When i got to the rom manager it said i needed to download the newest version…tried to do that but in my app market it just contiously saying starting download, but never does! I tried to download another app just to see, and it still does it for that one as well!! Can anyone please help with this issue??

  • Flyinion

    Well, I know it's not this new Froyo theme or 2.2 but woot I just overwrote “rooted” 2.1 with my first real ROM. Chose JRummy's the Shiz blue to start with the stock kernel (haven't bought setcpu yet to monitor temps on an OC kernel). Everything came up fine without a data/cache wipe as well. Now to keep my eye on the 2.2 ROMs. I think being new to this I kinda want to wait for some of the kinks that sound like they're still around to get worked out first 🙂

    • Chris Nimon

      Feels good, dont it. congrats.