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Adobe’s Flash Showcase, the One Stop Flash Shop

When Android 2.2 finally became semi-available to the Motorola Droid, one of the first posts we did included the apk for the Flash 10.1 beta.  This is one of those apps/plugins that has had almost as much hype as Froyo and was supposed to change the way we used our mobile browsers forever.  Remember?  Well, right after we all got it up and running, many of us said to ourselves, “OK, what now?  What sites can I use this on?  Hulu hates us, so….”

Guess what?  Adobe already has us covered.  They’ve released the Adobe Flash Showcase which gives you a listing of the top mobile Flash enhanced sites so that you can take full advantage of your new toy.

Check out the Adobe Flash Showcase here.

Cheers Rodney!

  • Pretty good post. I just stumbled upon your blog, The pages Adobe links to really show off what Flash can do on a mobile platform with a touch interface. & wanted to say that I have really enjoyed reading your blog posts..

  • Mhett21

    Use rsdlite to go back to 2.01 then let the vzw update take place

  • Donkersting

    Froyo question – I see that I can have multiple Gmail accounts in my calendar app, but can I have my exchange calendar and my gmail calendar in the single calendar app? If so, how?

    I applied the froyo ROM last night, and while I could see both accounts in my email app (awesome, btw), I could only see my exchange account in the calendar app.

  • Dito_Muertez

    Kellex, Dude,

    It's been a while since I told you this, but you rock. I've got Froyo, running great, 800Mhz is enough power, I've got flash, I've got chrome to phone, I've got all kinds of Baseband/radio updates (don't even really know what they are j/k). What else could I ask for?

    I did learn this, and wanted to share. I'm going to assume this is an issue with launcherpro not really supporting Apps to SD, because anything I've moved to the sd card is not working. Applications are missing from my drawer, widgets not loading up, just becoming useless, and i'd have to guess it's the interface. I can't say for certain because I haven't tried the actual launcher (launcherpro is so much faster still), but for anyone wondering, thought I should share that. And really, I've only got 4 apps that allow apps to sd, so it's not like i'm missing out on that much right now.

  • Petro S. Dragoumanos

    This is a great link. The pages Adobe links to really show off what Flash can do on a mobile platform with a touch interface.

  • Flyinion

    Hey guys newbie root question real quick 🙂 I'm sitting on the “rooted” 2.1 file (as per the Rooting 2.1 post) right now and have the premium ROM Manager installed. Just wondering, will I have to wipe data/cache again when I choose a ROM to install? If yes, I guess I just wasted my time setting up a few apps and redownloading from the market again lol. I did get Titanium Backup and backup all apps/system data though.

    • I didn't wipe and everything was just fine 🙂
      But if you are paranoid that your phone will die (most likely won't) then use titanium to back everything up.
      You'll be fine. Go for it…

      • Flyinion

        “But if you are paranoid that your phone will die”

        Uh hmmm, how does not clearing cache/data affect that? I've always seen “clear your cache/data” or “if you're running a recent es81 build you don't have to” but never anything on what clearing or not clearing actually can do. I thought the bricking potential was just from a bad flash?

        • I was just messing around. You arent going to brick your phone from doing any of this. Basically I can't even see how bricking is possible….
          I was being sarcastic….

      • Shane Boddie

        I was thinking about getting some Froyo here until BB drops on us. Haven't made my mind up yet.

        • Flyinion

          I think I'm going with CM or JRummy for my first ROM. Read a number of problem reports with boot loops on BB 1.1 which sucks because it sounds like it's a nice ROM, and read a bunch of reports of app problems (dissappearing etc.) with the current Froyo ROM. Plus I'm not sure if we need to update the baseband for the Froyo ROM and if we do, well I'm not sure what problems that might cause down the road lol

  • Sean W.

    does espn3 work with adobe flash 10.1???

    • I am wondering that to, how would we sign up for it you know, because it asks for highspeed internet provider, and idk what to do.

  • That's awesome! Just found a new way to waste more time…had to create a South Park character that looked like me from my phone.

  • Another question…will FroYo be able support my 24K Gucci live wallpaper? 😛

  • Yes, download ROM manager and flash to ClockworkMod Recovery. 🙂

  • second

    damn you htc for being slow on the updates 🙁

  • FIRST! 🙂

    • jt

      hey tim ur always a big help question. is there anyway to get sprecovery off of ur phone?

      • Did you do the RSDlite route?
        Did I see you asking the same thing in the forums? Like, your screen is going out right?
        Or am I thinking of someone else?

        As far I have read, using the stock 2.0.1 update zip file- flash that using RSD….then that update should automatically take SP away 😛 <—as far as I know…let me check again

        • jt

          well i finally got back to stock but i was trying to do the 2.2 unroot and that uses sprecovery but when i run it its like it already has it like its not aa fresh flash and i think thats what keeps messin me up thats why i ask. thanx

          • Interesting. To be honest I wouldn't know much about that stuff. I haven't had personal experience in going back to stock with a stock recovery. Sorry. I bet someone else on here could help though 🙂
            Thoughts anybody? lol

          • Mhett21

            Use rsdlite to go back to 2.01 then let the vzw update take place

    • timarnette

      Hey Tim,

      What is the best way to get adobe flash 10.1. You are a very smart man. My name is also Tim!!!

      • I flunked English in high school. lol
        Thanks man 🙂

        Just download the Flash 10.1 apk 🙂

        Install like any other apk file!
        Thanks again. You guys know how to make a dude smile hahaha

      • timarnette

        Tim do I just drop this on my sd card??

        • Yea, or you can install from your “dropbox”…whichever way you usually do it..

          • timarnette

            Tim I hate to keep bugging you. Says Adobe Flash is on my phone but there is not a place I can pull it up like a app. Any thoughts?? Thanks again. You are the smart Tim

          • It doesnt run like an app. It is like a patch i guess you could say.
            Once installed, open up your browser and start surfing…
            Or try the “about:debug” like Kellex and Ray showed.

            But you won't see it in your app drawer…

          • timarnette

            How do I do debug. I am not very smart. LOL