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Download: Another New Baseband for your Froyo Droid

There is another new baseband update available to anyone running the new FRF57 Froyo build we posted this morning.  At this point I’m sort of confused as to what the previous baseband actually did if we have this new one which appears much more in line with previous baseband updates.  No matter what, this should help out call quality, signal strength, etc.

Now read all warnings…

*Warning 1* – It is highly recommended that you install the previous baseband (C_01.41.00R) before you install this one.

*Warning 2* – There is no proof that this is 100% legit or will not have a negative effect on your device.  It is also not all that easy to return to the previous baseband.  If you choose to install this, you are doing so at your own risk.

*Warning 3* – You will have to re-activate your phone if you apply the new baseband.


1.  Download:  baseband-update.zip
2.  Place file on the root of your SD card.
3.  Open ROM Manager and choose “Install ROM from SD Card.”
4.  Scroll down and find the baseband-update.zip. Tap on it.
5.  Skip “wipe data and cache.”
6.  Check the box to make a backup.
7.  Press “OK” and allow the new baseband to be installed.
8.  When your phone reboots, you will have to re-activate your phone.
9.  Done!

Comments or questions?  Issues experienced?

Source: MyDroidWorld


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  • Ben

    I am a indirect agent for verizon and I have a guy that has a droid, it updated him and now he is seeing a X with no signal and i cannot perform *228. I have mast reset it I have done the X and power button and the up volume and camera button and reset it. I cannot get it to do anything. Does the phone have to be rooted to perform what you said to do here or can i peform this for him. IF i can then how would I get in the ROM manager I have downloaded the zip file to his sd card. I tried to install from Linda Manager no luck help me please help this poor kid.

  • Ben

    I am a indirect agent for verizon and I have a guy that has a droid, it updated him and now he is seeing a X with no signal and i cannot perform *228. I have mast reset it I have done the X and power button and the up volume and camera button and reset it. I cannot get it to do anything. Does the phone have to be rooted to perform what you said to do here or can i peform this for him. IF i can then how would I get in the ROM manager I have downloaded the zip file to his sd card. I tried to install from Linda Manager no luck help me please help this poor kid.

  • Cdhoward32

    i cant make phone calls anymore can someone help me

  • ROM Manager failed, would just show M Screen then reboot without updating. Instead, I just renamed to update.zip and used sprecovery. Worked fine! I didn't need to dial *228 as the activation came up on boot. Where I used to get 1 bar at home in my living room, I now have 3! Thanks!

    • droidaholic

      did u have to reinstall rom manager after doing this.. mine said error occurred while processing list.. reinstalled and works fine

  • tonytbone7883

    now I'm losing wifi and 3G. Will 1.4 base band fix it?

  • tonytbone7883

    What if I have baseband C_1.3E.03P? is this bad? How do i get (C_01.41.00R) ?

    • ScreamDROID

      rom manager has both that file and the new one for froyo

      • tonytbone7883

        thanks, but where in Rom Manager is it? I looked in “download rom” but could not see it

        • ScreamDROID

          Its under stock images .

          • tonytbone7883

            Found it thanks do i have to wipe data and cache? or can i just update it?

          • ScreamDROID

            Not if yur already on froyo 2.2 .

          • tonytbone7883

            I downloaded and hit ok my phone rebooted but still not update to 1.41. do i have to install rom from clock work mod download and install http://www.thekilpatrickproject.com?

          • ScreamDROID

            Of course , yur flash is suppost to be on clockwork

          • tonytbone7883

            cool i did it, thank you, do you recommend going to 1.43?

          • ScreamDROID

            well to me there's no difference in signal , if yu would like to try it then
            go ahead , nd yur welcome 🙂

          • tonytbone7883

            thanks for your, I upgrade to 1.43. Much appreciated.

          • ScreamDROID

            No problem , glad to help , yu can find me in the root-ed chat room app , if
            yu dont know what that is , its ah chat room full of people that can help yu
            with rooted androids

          • tonytbone7883

            thanks for your, I upgrade to 1.43. Much appreciated.

          • tonytbone7883

            the file : before-p3-baseband-update.zip

          • ScreamDROID

            Yes that one

  • I see one person says that this baseband had a positive effect on batt life but I am wondering if anyone has experienced a negative impact? My batt life with FRF57 is great, but with this baseband it seems like the amount of batt drain from 'voice calls' is much higher than before. Has anyone else noticed this or am I nuts?

    • ScreamDROID

      i noticed it too , use set cpu so it wont drain too much batt out of yur phone

  • kMatheny

    FYI, If you changed your Vocode to EVRC-B, after updating your baseband, you'll have to go back and switch it to EVRC-B again.

  • Cassandra Wyatt

    Oops wrong post sorry 🙂

  • Cassandra Wyatt

    So I have been trying for days now to get this freaking zip file to download and can't. Can anybody please tell me if their is another file or a way i can download this thing. I normally don't have any problems with zip files but this one just isn't working for me. Thanks in advance.

  • Jinxygrrl

    Hmmm, everything went smooth except my 3G is gone. Any ideas?

    • RogerDroid

      Same here. The first baseband update went well for me, but I had no noticeable gain in signal or speed. But I just did this update and cannot get any 3G.

      • ScreamDROID

        theres been alot of problems , just do ah nandroid backup

  • al

    dang… wont re-activate…

    • al

      jk.. it works…

  • geekabilly

    Flashed this last night on my Droid running The Shiz & jdfg kernel @1000 using instructions verbatim — no problems with WiFi or anything that I can tell — one unexpected issue: WaveSecure prompted me to unlock the phone… No noticible change @ home where I typically go from no to 1 bar — WiFi signal does seem to be slightly stronger, though…

  • Chet

    can't activate. tried restoring every back up i have on my phone and it won't uninstall this new baseband, no matter if it's 2.1 or 2.2, rooted or unrooted. need help please! thanks!

    • ScreamDROID

      RSDlite .. yur going to have to downgrade to 2.0.1 again .

  • I am really not interested in updating to the newest Froyo build, and I have this one working pretty much just how I want, and I don't want the hassle of redoing everything… Is there any reason to update to this new baseband over the last one anyway? Has anyone who updated from the 1.41 to this one noticed anything remarkable that would make me even want to mess with it if the last one is working great?

  • tsteck

    Is anyone not having it show the 3G status? I just see my Bluetooth, Wireless, and the reception bars. There's no 3G listed.

    • Stew

      Had the same thing happen earlier. I went back to the first baseband update that came out and everything is back normal.

      • Josh

        Where can you find the original baseband?

  • Tkimball00

    Ive tried to change the baseband but nothing happened, i cant even create a backup using rom manager but i still have root access. i followed these instructions including the previous baseband but never got passed that point. when i go to reboot and instead it goes to the first screen ( M ) for normal time the ( M ) again and continues like nothing happened. same baseband as before i started. Can anyone help with suggestions please… [email protected]

  • Droid User

    After installing the new baseband i tried to activate my phone and this happend: Programming Unsuccessful. Any solutions?

    • Jorian85

      on the “touch droid to begin screen tap all 4 corners just inside the black area in a clockwise direction starting at the top left, if its like 2.1 this will get you into your phone and you might not have to activate it. i havn't tried this update yet so im not sure.

  • Josh

    I installed the new baseband and am getting about 2 more bars everywhere. However, when I'm at home (usually have spotty 1 bar) it shows 4 bars until I make a call. It drops down to 0 bars the moment I place the call, and the moment I hit END it goes back to 4 bars. Is it possible that the new baseband “tricks” the OS into reporting more bars than it actually has?

    • droidaholic

      same thing happened to me.. internet seems fine tho

  • dpu328

    I don't know if I should get angry or thank you for forcing me to trouble shoot on my own. I fixed the market problem by installing the updated Chaos Clean Black theme. 1.3 version. Fixed market problem. No clue if this will fix wifi. Can't look at it til I get home from work.

    Thanks for all your work and dealing with all the emails and comments.

  • Ron

    Noob question time: Do you loose all of your desktops and things like programs?

  • Tom

    Hey… Anyone know why I lost access to the bootloader….? I got the new FROYO rom from Rom manager, but now can't boot into the boot loader…

    And does anyone know how to fix it?

    • ohiobuckeye7

      Are you trying to boot into clockworkrecovery mod or SPR?

  • dpu328

    I still can't find any answers 🙁 I reinstalled the baseband and a new kernel. Still can't get market to work. Not sure about wifi because I don't have one at work.

    This is taking up my whole day. I can't download any programs from market.

    • ohiobuckeye7

      after installing baseband, did you reactivate your phone? Gotta do the *228 option 1. Also. Can you get to the Market but just can't download from it or Market doesn't open at all?

      • dpu328

        It auto into the activation

  • Dracul

    I need help w/ something. I got the other baseband installed and working good, I tried 2 install the newer baseband but on my sd card it says baseband-update(2).zip. I tried installing that one and it says if i want 2 back-up and wipe data and cache. i choose the back-up, then tapped ok 2 go into reboot and install. but nothing happens. what can I do?

  • timarnette

    This was so EASY. I Love it. Thanks a lot!!!!

  • dpu328

    Okay, really in a bind here. I am running the newest Froyo, Chaos Black theme. I installed older baseband and the newest. I have no Wifi and I can’t download anything in the market. My next thought was to redo Baseband with a wipe. Please anyone.

    • dpu328

      is there anyone who can help? I'm thinking about doing a wipe while retrying the Baseband install

  • ohiobuckeye7

    Flash with attached kernel for wifi fix

    • dpu328

      What attached kernel? 🙂

      • ohiobuckeye7

        Overclock kernels were posted on the site for the original 2.2 update. this fixed wifi. The stock upgrade is clocked at 800 i believe. The posted kernels will allow you to do 1, 1.1, and 1.2 with wifi fix. check page 2 or 3 of this site. Links should be there.

  • ohiobuckeye7

    Well I have to say there is a difference in baseband. At my job, I usually get 2 bars. After upgrading, I have full bars and 3G is must faster and stable. My buddy has a droid too and putting the phones side-by-side, he only gets 2 bars work and mine are full. Sssaaaawwweeeettttt!!!!!!!!

  • Since updating to the new Froyo and baseband, EVERYTHING works great except one thing. When I try to download a new or previously downloaded app, it says “starting download” but stays there. Doesn't start, doesn't error out. Anyone having this problem? Or any advice on what to try? Like I said, everything else works perfect so it's not really making sense.. Help is appreciated.
    [email protected]
    Twitter @adamfox1

    • dpu328

      Me to and my wifi isn't working. Have you resolved this yet?

      • Kamisan1

        most overclock kernels fix the wifi issue.

    • Kamisan

      same here, cancel download, restart, after (it may have been doing to many at once, it re-downloads all your apps, except secure and paid ones, for those you need a market fix to spoof the market into thinking your droid is legit and not rooted or leaked software ) I cancel downloaded a few, restarted then it all went well, after market fix radio time and skype mobile showed back up. (p.s. skype mobile does not work worth a darn in froyo)

  • Yagermeister

    I FINALLY have MS Exchange calendar invites in my email I can accept, I finally have 1 calendar for Gmail AND Exchange, and all the other goodness of 2.2 on my Motorola Droid However the one issue I have come across is with the video “card” while playing ANY Storm8 game (not flash). The screen can't refresh itself so when I try to go to a second screen it just lays the new screen on top of what I was already seeing. It'll do the same if scrolling up/down as well. Very weird! Screenshot of Storm8 World War game is attached.


    • Yagermeister

      Can someone else download World War from Storm8 from the market and give it a quick try to see if you get the same weirdness? Thanks Droid-Life users!!

    • Drewwats

      Same issue, its not just you

    • Drewwats

      referring to the world war game, sorry…

      • Yagermeister

        Thanks Drewwats. At least I know I'm not crazy 😉 I just installed Bugless Beast Froyo V0.1 right over this one and the issue still exists.

  • works great. Battery life, functionality and signal strength are exceptional. SetCPU is set to ondamand 900MHZ high 250MHZ low with profiles running.
    system never gets above 86F runs cool and fast. Quadrant scores 1170 with this setting. I cant believe how fast and stable this runs, this is the game changer that i have been waiting for. also running chrome to phone, Amazing.

  • ejmccarty

    I am having problems with the update. I downloaded the update and moved it to my sd card, but I tried rebotting my phone with all the various ways described but it still won't let me reboot into recovery or use x and the power button. I need help!!! Was I supposed to unzip the file to my sd card ?

  • JP

    I'm sure there will be dissention here, but for the most part people having issues have been the ones using rom manager/clockwork to do the work, or have installed themes before testing the build, etc. or both.

    I admit I'm a noob at flashing the droid, however been using SBR and have had no issues what so ever, for baseband, froyo, etc.

  • jason

    I had an issue trying to install either baseband update. Went into manual reboot. Chose install from sd card, got the motorola symbol for 30 seconds… then the load screen and the baseband stayed the same. Attempted to install the newer one with same results, any ideas?

  • iammebane

    do we really need to change this????? i dont have any problems with signal or bars…..gonna stay the same unless my phone self destructs!!

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    • Spammers should die slow and painful deaths.

  • anilraj420

    i dont know how anyone has problems installing anything here theres clear instructions i get it done fine on first try everytime

  • Would you guys say its necessary to upgrade to the new baseband if your happy with the signal you get right now.

  • Louis21

    hey kellex this is my first time commenting even though i folow everything you post and you make my droid experience great thanks! about this new froyo, it runs great on my moto droid but the worst part of this build is the camera and gallery super slow and only 1 zoom option! pretty lame thats something they need to fix i use the camera alot!

  • kegofkillians

    Ok I've got a problem – I installed the newer Froyo via Rom Manager – no issues. I did the old baseband no problems. I did this baseband via Rom Manager and I'm stuck on the droid eye at bootup. Anybody else have this happen to them?

    Any suggestions?

    • aczm1988

      Restore an old rom thats all i can say. Whats your method of installing the baseband?

      • kegofkillians

        That's what I did – I waited 20 minutes. I now have BBv1.1 with the updated baseband still!!!

        I used Rom Manager the whole way.

        • aczm1988

          Ok heres what ive done and ive had no problems at all.

          For the this rom i installed it with sprecovery like it says nandroid backup and all that. Then i downloaded the baseband and installed as update.zip through recovery “apply update.zip”

          Zero problems at all my froyo is running fast as hell.

          Also before i installed this via sprecovery i wiped data and cache twice, then wiped cache once just to be sure since i used mybackup pro anyways

  • bjack

    what is the Camera App and the bug App?

  • wesdroid

    Has anyone else gotten status 20 or 31 exiting errors? Still haven't found a solution, I successfully got the froyo rom from saturday running but now when trying to use nandroid for the new one I get status 31 when I try just creating a simple or advanced backup, and anytime I try the restore to put on the new froyo I get status 20. Can't find what these codes mean anywhere!

  • peter

    My tip is that don't use rom manager to do this you need to manually boot while holding x! When i tried this i selected reboot in recovery in rom manager and i kept getting errors but it worked when i did a manual boot. just in case you are having problems

    • rdunseith

      Yep that's what I had to do. Only got a one bar increase on the previous .4 baseband in my basement now I'm rocking 3 bars and 3G.

    • anilraj420

      i used rom manager worked fine

      • timarnette

        Same here!!!!

  • Okay so today i believe i am finally goin to root but does anyone recommend a good backup. Also when root do you loose everything (pictures, apps, etc) ? i believe my contacts are safe through gmail but i just wanna play it extra safe.

    • necroscopev

      Titanium Backup, I love it! And yes contacts are safe, they backed up in the google cloud and reinstall automatically once you enter your google info.

      • aczm1988

        I swear by MybackupPro in the market. Its not free but its way worth it. Backups up apps (just not the updates for the apps you have to update em) and texts and calls and your system settings.

        Also welcome to the club if you took the plunge to root its a great place here 😀

      • timarnette

        My BackupPro. It is GREAT!!!!!

    • aczm1988

      I swear by MybackupPro in the market. Its not free but its way worth it. Backups up apps (just not the updates for the apps you have to update em) and texts and calls and your system settings.
      Also welcome to the club if you took the plunge to root its a great place here 😀

    • Kamisan

      when you root, backup first,, when I rooted my A855 I also went to froyo and a 900Mhx kernel as well as added the market fix. my gallery stayed, my apps redownloaded (had to cancel and redownload a few) and when I signed into gmail my contacts all came back. old text messages are lost and if you do not apply some market fix you will not see all the apps.

      • Corenojc

        About the same experience for me, but I had MyBackup App which kept my old texts and stuff. This new baseband isnt doing much for me tho, still bad service in spots I always had bad service and good service where I had good. no noticeable change.

  • I can't wait for froyo to get released to the public, maybe then this site will go back to how it used to be and not just for everyone who is rooting their droid. I used to enjoy the news this site had.

    • bradley

      wow put your sad face on

    • Menno

      There hasn't been a lot of non-rooted news for the Droid since the incredible launched.

      So basically, you'd only get an update every couple of days, if that. Wait for the shadow and droid2 to launch, then you'll see a lot of stock news.

      Rooting is an integral part of the android community. most android news sites don't report on it. I'm glad this one does.

    • necroscopev

      I understand seeing a lot you can't do since you are not rooted, but today alone three articles came out that had nothing to do with root or needing root. Once Froyo comes out and everyone has it things will settle down i am sure, at least until the next update is announced.

  • I went from getting 1-2 bars in my house to 4 bars 90% of the time. Gets a thumbs up from me.

  • bradley

    I tried to install but would not reboot. Now i tried to do it manually by going into recovery mode (both ways from rom manager and from just holding x and power) and my phone will not go into recovery. Does anyone know what i need to do to allow my phone to go back into recovery mode. It is not brick, it just will not allow me to go into recovery mode. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP

    • Jess

      From ROM Manager, flash SPRecovery, reboot, and then flash Clockwork again. For all of these versions of Froyo, we've consistently had to flash Clockwork twice to get it to “stick.”

    • menno

      Flash to an older version of clockwork. the newest version messes up with Froyo for some reason. I went to the previous version and it worked fine.

  • Rich

    i have the newest froyo and bandbase and still wont let me delete files in SU file manager

  • Ben

    Installed and working fine, although I see almost no difference in signal strength while sitting in the back of my office (~2bars of 3g either way).

  • JAStark87

    anyone know what happened to square? every since i put this on my phone the square app is missing and now not on the market anymore?

    • Kamisan

      install a market fix. Search the forums, it should not be hard to get, most froyo releases show up as either rooted, leaked, or something other than what the public is supposed to have, thus market hides apps, skype mobile, radio time, etc.. After the market fix update they show back up.

  • bradley

    I tried to install but would not reboot. Now i tried to do it manually by going into recovery mode (both ways from rom manager and from just holding x and power) and my phone will not go into recovery. Does anyone know what i need to do to allow my phone to go back into recovery mode. It is not brick, it just will not allow me to go into recovery mode.

    • adam

      I kind of had the same issue last night. What I did was push x the power, but don't let go of power until you get to recovery. That worked for me.

    • triplexcoast

      There are 2 other things you can try if you can't get into recovery using the “x and power” method, but they both require root… the easiest is to go into the market and download “Quick Boot”. In that app there is a one press option to reboot the phone into recovery mode. The other option is to download “terminal emulator” and enter the following lines into the interface:

      Reboot recovery

      Hopefully one of those helps, if you haven't already gotten into recovery.

      Oh; you can also run those same lines from the adb shell if you happen to be near your computer. 😉

  • okland272012

    i live in a very small to town so therefore terrible signal, last baseband did nothing and i was always at either 1 or 2 bars now staying consitently at 3 with this baseband

  • rizzet

    Easy, as usual and worked like a charm. I never have more than 2 bars at my house and with the last update and this one I am at full bars. Awesome!

  • JAStark87

    anyone else getting lower scores on linpack and quadrant?

    • blackcatroad

      I am, but I'm not overclocked yet. But the phone is still buttery smooth.

    • TheDon

      My score went up, 1367 on old Froyo @ 1Ghz now 1408 with same 1Ghz kernel.

  • Adam Call

    this froyo baseband works well for me. the first was no better, mayber worse than the “3” baseband.

  • IMA_210

    Well I am back to square one after flashing this new baseband. My signal strength is back to what it was when VZW released the 2.1 update. The leak that was released on Saturday had me full signal where ever I went. Either the previous radio update was bogus, or this newest update is more in line with the original baseband.

  • Yagermeister

    With the 800Mhz kernel, I am posting 12.015 on Linpack and 941 on Quadrant 🙂
    Cyanogen with stock kernel was 6.x on Linpack and 450-500 on Quadrant 🙂

    • ldrbuck

      WOW. I run BBv1.1 with 1,2Mhz and only posted 9.78 on Linpack and 754 on Quadrant….whats my problem?

      • Yagermeister

        I make sure in SETCPU to put the Min/Max both to 800 then I go into Advanced Task Killer and kill off all other tasks and then run it. I also believe JIT may be helping this out (if it was included in this ROM). If JIT was not included then I'm not sure what the issue is 😉

  • Jose Martinez

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  • Cyberdemon

    What was the ORIGINAL baseband version number with our Droids?

    • Kevin

      When I had the 2.1-update1 build under CM (if that matters), I had baseband C_01.3E.03P

  • JAStark87

    when i go to the previous one and try to flash it on from rom manager it wont reset

    • Chris Nimon

      I think you might have the same problem I did. when he says previous he means the one from sunday(?). It was the one I already had. (C_01.41.00R)

  • bradley

    I click install from sd card then ok to reboot and nothing happens, it just sits there. What am i doing wrong for it to not be rebooting.

    • jessemyers

      Mine is doing the same thing.

      • bradley

        Once i go to manual recovery where can i find this baseband?

  • JAStark87

    where do i find the previous baseband to update to first?

  • gonzo

    could't wait had to experience it for myself..so far so good installed both baseband previous and current because I didn't have either installed, also installed 1ghz kernal that were posted before, 800 is cool 1ghz is cooler. FYI Quadrant on mind was 1084 with the stock kernal, will have to try it at 1ghz

  • Judge

    Does this only work if you have the newest version of froyo?

  • I am wondering if this is going to be better or worse than the other baseband, because the other one seemed to help my battery al lot, I went a whole day with out a charge and I was surfing the web a lot.

  • Jeremiah

    Has anyone else noticed that this build seems slower than the last? I only got 504 with quadrant. I have the 800 mhz kernal. AND bTunes is not in the market. Anyone else experience this?

    • patrick

      use setcpu. your phone will only go to 600mhz even with the kernal installed. you have to manually overclock it. The same thing happened to me. my score was really low then i realized i was running at 600 mhz. after overclock i got a 1470 on 1.1 kernal

  • Chris Nimon

    Kellex, has your wife/girlfriend reported you missing to the police yet? you've sure been busy since the weekend.

  • aarynk

    Sorry a little off topic but has anyone tried the kernels from the first build on this new one? Did it install ok and OC'd ok?

    Want to DL one but phone is running great right now. Not sure if it needs more than 800mhz

    • Chris Nimon

      i reloaded the 1.25 ghz kernel and so far it great.

      • aarynk

        Thanks will download one now

  • Joyrex

    anyone know if you can still unroot and go back to stock if you install this? …not that i will anytime soon

  • Kriven4437


  • aarynk

    Just downloaded now just waiting for the reboot!! The other baseband actually did give me better service so I'm excited to see what this one does!!!

  • Chris.Go

    Can you update your 2.1 with this?

    • kellex

      I wouldn't. Not sure what would happen.

      • Cyberdemon

        i updated my 2.1 UD10 rom with the last baseband update and have NOT had any issues. I will probably do this one too.

        • Cyberdemon

          Just installed the latest baseband on my UD10, seems to be fine so far.

    • Droido

      yes, you can

  • cwaffles

    New baseband installed! No issues. Man I love having a rooted phone! Thanks droid-life for all the recent Moto Droid Froyo stuff!

    • Marc

      “No matter what, this should help out call quality, signal strength, etc.”

      Do you see any improvements in any of the above areas?

      • cwaffles

        Wasnt really seeing any issues before, so its hard to say. That, and I've only had the new baseband on for about 10 minutes. 🙂

      • jonj95835

        doing this one now but the one from a few days ago helped me at my house i use to get about half of my bars after update full bars and 3g all times

        • aarynk

          Last one did the same for me so hopefully this one is better!!

  • a QR code to do it from your phone:


  • cwaffles

    Just curious as to what you guys think. I'm running the 900mhz kernel. What do you think the best minimum speed I should use in SetCpu???

    • 250

      • No! The best min is 900, and max 900, keeps it cool and stable… hahah just playing don't do that. Set up setcpu to on demand and profiles

        • -_-

          not amused…lol jk
          I was reading that and thinking, “who the f*** is this?” lol

  • Chris Nimon

    whats the process for installing previous band?

    • Chris Nimon

      never mind. already installed. “thats Dumas”

    • kellex

      The links above in the post to the old baseband have instructions and download links.

  • gonzo

    thanks guys…btw let us know how the new band turns out…

  • R R

    “New Radio Baseband Brought to you by P3Droid, Writing Radio image…” *crosses fingers*

    • raj

      i know, that message stayed up for a long time. i was sweating bullets haha

  • marben79

    Will this delete all my apps

    • cwaffles

      No, it will not delete your apps as long as you skip wipe data and cache

  • Waffles

    Installing right now!

    @gonzo – *22899

    • adams

      i've heard of *228 but what does the 99 do?

      • Josh

        adding the “99” to *228 just makes it so that you don't have to listen for the voice then select option 1. It just goes straight to the programming part, so it's a bit quicker if you're among the impatient of us (like me) hehe

  • RealGame22

    I never do these baseband….If it's not broken, Don't fix it. {^_^}

    • kellex

      Not bad thinking there. 😛

      • Jose Martinez

        Not bad logic at all… but again, Droid changes everything… We literally break new phone setups every few days or weeks, it's the nature of mod-ing… We break them so we can build them back up even better! Yes, I guess you could call this an addiction… ;^)

  • gonzo

    what the number again to activate the phone

  • 1st 🙂

    • Br_d

      Yep and right before that:

      PeterAlphonso @FearxJustin working hard at the moment and getting no sleep. It will be worth the wait, I promise.

      Yeah, I'm not going to bother with froyo until pete releases his build.

      • Same here Bromeo…lol
        If Pete says “well worth it”…I can only imagine…
        Mmm, the spare parts folder is gonna be sweet I bet lol

        • U know.. I never really did understand how to use spare parts… bb is fast enough without it! Hey what ever happened to pete making a beauty rom?? I remember when he'd make a beast then beauty it! I'm old…

          • It was sort of a joke. The spare parts app is just random lil tweaks…Usually nothing special.
            Other ROM's use spare parts a lot where you can change phone fonts, sizes, and colors.
            Pete usually sticks to using optional scripts…
            Either way, it will be bad-ass…

            And, I believe he stopped making beauties for the time being. Havent anything about those in a while.
            Could be wrong though 😛

        • andrew401

          Pete is such a beast of a dev. It's crazy in my honest opinion he is the best out at making ROMs hands down. I dont care what anyone else says

      • blackcatroad

        I like Pete's ROMS cause you don't have to mess with setCPU. Every time I've loaded a ROM that used setCPU, the chip seems to get real hot. {and yes I had it set for on demand & was using profiles 🙂 }

    • And that's the 2.2 I'm waiting to move to. Till then I'll stay with BB v 1.1

      • skinnyboy

        Yeah, me too. I had Froyo over the weekend, but was getting FC's on Rhapsody and some other apps. So I'm back to BB v1.1 until Pete releases his Froyo ROM.

        • Hoping for it to drop this week.

        • I haven't tried Froyo yet. Gonna wait for Pete and his awesomness.

    • dominguez619

      Ahhhh! Can't wait. Thanks for the heads up

    • Mrpicolas

      Nice. Bb will be here soon

      • I wonder how long is soon is gonna be.

        • Mrpicolas

          I think petes big hurdle was the update zip that's why every build so far
          has been nandroid

          • Well I don't mind waiting.

          • Cdhoward32

            i cant me phone calls anymore can you help me