• There's a problem with your theme.. thought you'd prolly want to know well I'll be waiting the Froyo build instructions. Thanks

  • Guest

    Whats that clock and weather widget on the home screen?

  • Jenny

    novice here …. so with the system restore will I loose all that i've added onto my droid? Silly question I know … but as I said novice here. thank you. eXcited to learn all fun things new and old my droid can do. :o)

  • Guest

    Whats that clock and weather widget on the home screen?

  • Jenny

    novice here …. so with the system restore will I loose all that i've added onto my droid? Silly question I know … but as I said novice here. thank you. eXcited to learn all fun things new and old my droid can do. :o)

  • Erikfig1

    THANKS!!! Worked just fine!!!!

  • YOssi

    Forgive if my question sounds silly but, is the Froyo 2.2 for Droid installation file is suitable for the european version “milestone” like mine?

  • HuGhEs

    new build is sweet but no google maps

  • Can this be done if you have two computers registering to one device?

  • sundawg

    For the people still awake, or the early birds that are rising to the good news of a new leaked froyo and are waiting on kellex to release the notes, search my name, I got impatient and successfully installed it on my phone and chrome to phone is working!!!

  • Flyinion

    oops meant to reply to my comment

  • sundawg

    I'm trying to update my Froyo build with that found on mydroidworld.com I hope it goes well I couldn't wait God didn't give me patience… Wish me luck Droid Lifesters!!!

    • sundawg

      HELLZ YEAH I GOT IT WORKING!!!! go to http://www.mydroidworld.com/forums/content/537-… and download the Clockworkmod Recovery file and follow Kellex's instructions 1. Make a backup of your current ROM.
      2. Download the P3DF-CW.zip file from above.
      3. Extract folder named 2010-06-08.03.05 (this is the new updated file)
      4. Place folder 2010-06-08.03.05 in the /sdcard/clockwork/backup folder on your sdcard
      5. Restart phone in recovery
      6. Go to nandroid, select restore, select the above folder and press the camera button.
      And you're done!!! I backed up my apps and made a backup of the last rom just in case but everything went smooth, the only thing that sucked is that you have to reactivate your phone (enter your gmail account and yada yada yada) but the chrome to app is working and I am super stoked!!! Thanks Kellex!!!!

      • dricks

        I wnt too try this but I get lost wen evryone says make a back up wit the nandroid and idk wat else how exactly do I make a back up if you can give me a stgep by step instructions would appreciate it

        • jt

          u can make a back up with rommaanager or use somethin like titanium backup

      • jt

        do u or did u update the kernal and baseband like the other 2.2 before this one?

  • Chris Nimon

    found 2 new froyo themes. first 2 are Roberj13 BE Theme. Other 2 are Team Chaos clean black V1.2 – real fast and smooth.

  • sundawg

    I LOVE MY FROYO ROM NOW I CAN'T WAIT TO GET THE OFFICIAL BUILD SO I CAN USE THAT NARLY FEATURE CHROME TO PHONE!!! I was disappointed when I couldn't do it but I guess it's because we were using a froyo rom instead of the real build… CAN'T WAIT!!! SUCK IT iPHONE, SUCK IT LONG AND SUCK IT HARD AS MISTER SEAN CONNERY WOULD SAY!!!

  • corydunbar

    Its about time we get an actual build and not just a very well refined custom ROM. I'm super psyched for tomorrow, but props still to the guys that brought us pre-FROYO as fast as they did.

  • Hey guess what non rooters, you can do this too!

    1.Go to market place
    2.Download Linkpush
    3.Go to settings in chrome
    4.Go to extensions
    5.Search for linkpush

    And there you have it!

    My only gripe is that when you send/push it you have to open the app to receive the link.

    • Connorhd

      Just to let you know, the reason for opening the app when you click the link is so the app doesn't have to run in the background.

      Without Froyo this would mean constantly polling the site for updates and would use much too much battery. I think a quick click on the app is a good enough compromise for now 🙂

    • Lane252

      lol i love how u come out with this after he tells us the same thing 2 days ago

  • DJ M

    Making backups right now lol

  • blade78

    I'll be waiting the Froyo build instructions.

  • Kais

    I sleep in fear that Kellex will post something as awesome as this, and i miss it. Now i have to be up in 5 hours and i'm wide awake F5ing….

    • aarynk

      HAHA same here been refreshing the site for the past 30 mins waiting for the new awesomeness!!

    • Haha it sucks waiting but he never fails

    • aarynk

      Just saw this on twitter from Kellex: “Droid Life Froyo build in the morning…good night all.” we will all have to wait for a little bit longer it looks like.

      No worries need some sleep tonight

      • sundawg

        not really, go to mydroidworld.com and download the updated leak and follow the original steps when you first installed 2.2 which was with clockworkmod

  • Flyinion

    Ok hate to do it but I have to be one of those asking for help rooting in one of DL's blog posts lol. I've been following the video instructions for “rooting” 2.1 but I'm stuck. I downloaded all files, the sbf, the es81 that gets renamed update.zip, and the 64 bit drivers for win7 and the RSD Lite app. I confirmed that I can indeed see the SD card, and RSD Lite sees the phone, but when I select the sbf file in RSD Lite, I never get the ability to “Start”. I'm running it as admin, I did not installed it to c:program files (x86)motorola though, I put it in d:motorola on my system. Any ideas here? I'm sitting at the up button + power button screen just waiting to flash 🙁

    • Flyinion

      Ugh well I finally got it to flash. I had to use my 32bit vista laptop. I got it to attempt on my Desktop with Win7 but it would instantly error out with 0x007 in the RSD window. I didn't get any further though since it's too late to deal with the rooted ROM and getting the phone set back up. Guess I'll have to finish this “tomorrow” night.

  • Capo745

    Now, seriously. Please, Kellex, stop it. People are trying to go to sleep. You and your new froyo leak. Ok?….

    In all seriousness, thank you sir for all your tremendous help and support…..Thank you very much.



  • Jess

    Good, something to watch as I wait for sync to complete. Did everyone have to re-download the chrome extension and app for it to work?



  • Greg

    Kellex, you're something else. I wonder if you ever sleep!? I just came across this forum last week and have been monitoring it every couple hours of every day and I'm glad you and everyone else devote the kind of time you do to keeping everyone in the loop and helping out. With regards to helping out, I wonder if you or anybody else can answer a couple questions. I posted on a couple other threads the last 2 days and got no response. I profess my ignorance and I have read hundreds upon hundreds of comments and not seen an answer to these questions.

    I still have stock and haven't made the jump yet. I see these big quadrant scores and am worried that the CPU will burn out or short. Is that possible?
    1. If the phone was built to run so fast why doesn't it run that fast from stock?
    2. Will running so fast reduce the life of my processor? Is it possible that in 10 months I will need a new phone, or is this rooting technique pretty standard “in the industry?”
    3. In one post, Nadar said, “”Our processors are initially underclocked and they have the ability to be overclocked and underclocked with great range.” Why are they underclocked to start with and why wouldn't stock be at the higher end? Is faster always better or is there a downside to running so fast all the time?

    My phone has been running slower lately and I am interested to root just to make things faster.

    Thanks in advance and again thanks to you and everyone else for helping a newb like me

    • Josh

      I'm no expert or anything but I'll try and help if i can. For your first question is some roms are just built better then stock and with root you can overclock. for point 2 it reduces the processors life but not by alot depending on how much you overclock. If you cpu is suppose to last 5yrs it probably would take a few months of the life of the cpu by overclocking but most people by that time don't still own that phone. I would recommend if you decide to overclock to probably go to 800mhz and with 2.2 you really wouldn't need to go higher. But if you do overclock get setcpu and set up a profile on it so if your cpu gets over a certain temp it will go down to a certain clock speed. That way your cpu don't overheat which does cause it to run out faster. For point 3 is all about battery life, the reason they underclock is to get better battery performance. The more your cpu works the more it drains battery. Hope that helped and if I'm wrong on anything someone correct me.

    • Lee

      Just stay stock Greg and don't worry about it. 🙂

      Let the rest of us worry about it!

    • Me

      I read some specs on the CPU a while ago but from what I read the CPU can take a beating, even stock the CPU does get hot when doing a lot of web browsing, navigation, etc. I forget what the actual danger zone for CPU temps go but its pretty high, I believe the battery would “overheat” first since the CPU temp fluctuates pretty fast.

  • aczm1988

    Im trying out the new build seeing if its what kellex is talking about. If it is they have clockworkmod and sprecovery files on the site.


    • aarynk

      How is the build from droidforums working for you? been reading some good stuff and and going to probably try it in a few

  • sure kellex do it right as I got to bed 😛

  • Derek R

    Can't wait for the new build! I uninstalled the old 2.2 because I was having problems with connectivity (I gave it a full 24 hours before going back) but this new one sounds pretty solid

  • Mikey

    Just wondering, this is pretty bad a$$ but, what's the benefit of this? Maybe to share something with a friend who has an android phone and visa-versa?

    • kellex

      You can send files to your phone, map instructions, websites. A bunch of stuff.

      • Mikey

        haha, doody iPhone users say what? This Android platform is the future for sure. Maybe a little help with Google but I'd take Google over those Nazis at Apple lol

  • aczm1988

    Nice !

  • jedijesus95

    I'm pretty sure I have been trying this on the older build every hour. Can I has the new build now?

  • Ray

    hey kellex you know if you can put the chaos black froyo over this new build yet?

    • Jess

      A few people have applied it without any issues. I think I'm going to wait until tomorrow though.

  • preston

    sounds awesome! Second!!!

  • aarynk

    Thanks Kellex just saw the new build up on droidforums but was a little confused on install…

    I was thinking it was the same way you posted for the first FroYo build

    • kellex

      Hah nice. Yeah instructions coming soon. It's basically the same as the previous one, but you will lose root. Working on root now.

      • aarynk

        Awesome you're the best!!

      • Gunner
        • kellex

          Sorry removed your link. The build I'm giving everyone is much newer than that one.

          • Sweet 🙂 can't wait

          • Ray

            well give it up already lol

          • Gunner

            LOL. The one I posted was supposedly just leaked. Interested to see what you've got.

          • Trug

            Where is the new build? Is it different from the one on droid forums and MDW?

          • aarynk

            Can't wait to see what you've got for us tonight!!!