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Release: Team Chaos Clean Black Froyo

Already sick of your stock Android 2.2 ROM?  How about a simple black theme to slap on top of it?  Team Chaos already put together a simple black theme to spice up the Froyo goodness a little.  Check it…


Download: Team_CHAOS_Clean_black_froyov1.2.zip


1.  You have to have Android 2.2 already installed.
2.  Download the Team Chaos Clean Black Theme to the root of your SD Card.
3.  Open ROM Manager and choose “Install ROM from SD Card.”
4.  Choose the “Team_CHAOS_Clean_black_froyov1.2.zip”.
5.  No need to “wipe data and cache,” but you should probably make a backup.
6.  Allow your phone to boot into recovery and work its magic.
7.  It will reboot, and BAM! Done!

Update: v1.2 is now available in ROM Manager.

(Download ROM>Team Chaos>Team Chaos Themes>Clean Black for Froyo)

For the full support thread, visit DroidForums.

Awesome work as always from Team Chaos and BGill55!

Comments or questions?

  • Just did a search on all Froyo posts from us over the last 3 days and it was used once…so…yep.Thanks for posting this informative article.

  • Runs like a dream. Fits all your themes like a glove (no doubt they wouldn't). Kudos and keep up the great work, brian.


    what does it mean when it says allow your phone to boot into recovery mode?


    what does it mean when it says allow your phone to boot into recovery mode?

  • Mal_eskrito

    Just rooted my Droid yesterday after 2 months of thinking about it. im glad i took this decision=). i big noob question how do i installa theme? I did exactly what it said above and nothing happen. Im running Bugless beast v.04. Help please.

    • First u need to have Rom Manager installed (not a requirement but helpfull) after u download Rom Manager from the android market u select the theme you want to apply (most are premium themes so u need the premikeum licsene for RM.) Once you download the theme you may want to make a back up of your current rom. Check the back up rom box when the rom menu comes uop. DON'T check wipe. It will reboot into recovery back uop and apply the theme. If u want to use SPR way. DL the theme (xda,DL,DF ect.) And rename it update.zip. don't put the .zip (windows vista and up) place that file on the ROOT of ur sdcard. Reboot into recover (x+piower) and pick option aplly update.zip. that's about it. Thanls again kellex for everything.

    • Mrpicolas

      Get rom manager or flash zip just like rom

  • Angelz2523

    love the theme but i cant download any apps from the app store ??? .. it just starts and stay like that, also it doubles up to. for example, i tried to re download beautiful widgets and it showed up like i was downloading it twice at the same time. pls help, thanks

  • Phillycheezst8k

    the intro alone makes you feel like a complete badass. thanks guys keep up the great work!

  • droidballa

    is this theme compatible with ever 2.2 rom? specifically bb V0.1

  • Porcelain Mask

    Maybe I missed it, but is this compatible with the new BB Froyo?

  • roreo

    does this work with the newest 2.2 update that was posted? not the 2.2 ROM


    Thanks for reading and helping me in advanced. I just installed Froyo 2.2 update. everything was wonderful. I saw on Droid-Life.com a post for a custom rom for froyo called – Team Chaos Clean Black Froyo by
    Kellex which looks great by the way! Now lets get to the problem im having. I used rom manager to load this rom. when the phone restarted it never got over the Moto logo. I restarted the phone and it took a while ( about 8min) it does reboot normal in to froyo 2.2 but not Chaos Clean Black Froyo, so i tried to reboot into recovery by pressing X then power button, now it stated by going into the moto logo and i keep the X pressed and and nothing happens i even left X pressed for about 2 min and nothing.. so i cant restore to previous backups… i dont consider my self a noob but obviously am. Im willing to learn but dont know the next step. Also i tried to boot into recovery from rom manager and it doesn't move from the moto logo. Pls help me to go back into recovery so i can us my backup prior to installing this rom. Thanks again.

    PS.. my phone works.. i dont have the new rom i tried to install. still makes calls and normal in that aspect, just cant reboot into recovery.

  • jason

    can i use this for my nexus one also

  • Wolf

    Is anyone else getting the Gmap Error as well as the GPS not working in maps?

  • Cory

    Whats the name of the clock weather widget in pic one? I cant find it anywhere or I just suck.

  • superchachi

    can't for the life of me get anything to boot using ClockworkMod, even when it's asking to hit “OK” in the final step of loading a ROM from the SD card. It just shuts down and I get an unusually slow, but standard, restart. Any suggestions?

  • Great to see ROMS for Froyo surfacing so quickly; however, i think I'm going to wait for a Smoked-Glass Esque ROM, on top of a bug-free version of 2.2, is available. 🙂

  • isey78

    how do i remove it please? (i love the theme btw bgill, totally, but i can't deal with that thing on the notification curtain)


  • Bgill55

    Thanks For all the comments!!!

    • Wolf

      Big question for u bgill. Will this work with BB 0.1 that came out recently that is a froyo ROM?

  • timarnette

    For some reason ROM manager will not let me do anything. I have never had a problem. Everything is grayed out. Any thoughts???

  • matholomus

    Ok i have manually installed Froyo for my Nexus One when it first came out.. and before then, it was NOT rooted, and it still isnt, so how can i install this by not using ROM manager?

    — Thanks =]

    • You can't it requires having root access.

      • matholomus


  • sherpajosh

    Caused my droid to freeze up at the boot animation, had to restore from backed up rom.

  • Brandi

    ok i installed everything as it asked and everything runs beautifully except i cant get the same background as in the pic whats the issue??? it keeps giving me a stock lock screen and a stock background wall paper..help!!!

    • evltwn

      Looks like it's from BB Home Wallpaper Gallery.

    • Chris Nimon

      thats what im using, just plled it up in wallpaper

  • mrmex

    kellex again thank you for all your hard work

  • trevor

    Nice boot animation

  • downloaded from here and from rom manager followed instructions step by step and when it was downloading it stopped and said could not download theme. “BAD” any help please

    • droidaholic

      got the same thing

    • droidaholic

      K nevermind.. the first time i downloaded from my computer and then transfered it over and it didnt work.. this time i downloaded from my phone.. hope this helps

  • Chris.Go

    I don't like the icons at all. Why does the battery percent always look like ass on all the themes? Even the Smoked Glass perfect theme got a percent and it looks misplaced… really bad.

  • DiGz76

    Thank you! After all the custom roms and themes the stock droid look was painful to look at. Nice work.

  • So has anyone else been having there bluetooth dial but then not give you an audio connection until you mute/unmute your BT?

    • Debrihmi

      Everything went well for me, but I did have a connection problem with Bluetooth, no big – I re-booted and was fine..

  • Rejuvination

    Wow that loading screen was AMAZING!!!!

  • aczm1988

    Does chrome to phone work? Havent tried it yet just wondering.

  • machinegun68

    As much as I want to try this, I'll wait for the rom with Bluetooth dialing.

    • Debrihmi

      I don't know about this one, but the Froyo ROM that I installed from this site DOES HAVE Bluetooth dialing – just used it 5 minutes ago..

    • aarynk

      works on mine as well!

    • machinegun68

      Ok then that's it…I must Froyoize it.

    • mark

      it has bluetooth dial

    • Stephen

      Agreed, this ROM does have bt dialing. Used it this morning successfully 😉

  • gonna test this out now. looks like it might be pretty hott *does a backup first..as always*

  • Garry

    What is that camera icon in the notification bar?

    • Trug

      Does screen captures
      Found on market for free!

  • tyke

    Hey kellex is there going to be an update wit all those goodies for android 2.1 stock 🙁

  • Annoyed

    Please stop using the word “goodness” in every damn post about Froyo. It is getting old.

    • Trug

      Clearly “annoyed” haha

    • lolumad?
      You have/are:
      A: ROM envy
      B: skerd to root?
      C: had a bad day
      Get over yourself. Get on your meds.
      Go home and kick your dog because Kellex ain't the one.

    • Octotron

      Does someone need a nap?

    • kellex

      Just did a search on all Froyo posts from us over the last 3 days and it was used once…so…yep.

    • juliorodriguez

      Goodness gracious, lawd almighty. Someone get that boy his binky.

  • nkhex19

    So it looks like a lot of Devs are still waiting for the Source Code to be released before creating ROM's and themes for Froyo. Does the code get released before or after Moto/VZW releases the update? I read they release the code after but wasn't sure if that was true. Hopefully they release the code and send the OTA update before June 24th (Release date of the new iPhone)

    • kellex

      Hoping for source soon and my sources tell me official 2.2 in possibly 2 weeks.

      • avalanche208


        i love you kellex 🙂

      • picaso86

        my phone keeps rebooting randomly… im running the new 2.2 ROM… with a new 1.1 kernel… any ideas???

        • im runnin the same thing.. mine doesnt do that… try restoring to a backup you made, then reinstalling 2.2

  • timarnette

    What is USB debugging??

  • anyone else having problems with 2.2 being really laggy in changing screens, entering text,etc.?

    • aczm1988

      Yep, untill i downloaded launcher pro. Also the 2.2 rom im running is from http://www.blackdroidmod.com
      Its a little different then the one on this site. IMO its faster and runs cooler.

      • Rome

        which one of his kernels are you running??

        • aczm1988

          1Gz Kernel. Also used the 800Mhz

      • gonzo

        how did you get it to install, been trying all morning and kept getting errors. I'm not that familiar with nandroid installations I could have done it wrong.

        • aczm1988

          I downloaded my version of 2.2 from http://www.blackdroid.com

          • gonzo

            yup that's where I founded it at, did you install the smoked glass theme as well?

          • aczm1988

            Nah im running MrBobrowitz Blackmodzz theme.

  • aczm1988

    Mr Bobrowitz has a theme and theres a Blue Energy theme for froyo too. Cant wait till we get new Roms for it though 😀 Cmon Pete !

  • aarynk

    Not a big fan of the black and white on this one… Also saw that there is a Blue Energy theme out there already too.

    Glad to see people out there working on theming this build already.

    Anyone know of more themes for FroYo out yet? been looking but haven't seen one I like yet. I'm actually liking the stock look again so it's ok for now!

    • aczm1988

      MrBobrowitzs has 2 themes out. Blackmodzz and CyanLook for Froyo. Blackmodzz is great so far im about to try CyanLook.

      • aarynk

        Nice! Thanks I was just looking at the blackmodzz one where can I find the Cyanlook one?

        • aczm1988

          Under MrBobrowitz it just updated.

          • aarynk

            cool will check out ROM manager again… downloading the Blackmodzz one now!

          • aczm1988

            Yea it takes forever everytime you do a new theme. Makes ya nervous lol 😛

          • aarynk

            Yeah it does but this one took the longest for me out of all the ones I've tried… looks awesome though really liking it

          • aarynk

            Did it sit on the steam logo for a little but after you first loaded Blackmodzz?

    • blackcatroad

      Drop Theme (in Blue) is out and working. I'm running it now. He stated he was gonna start working on other colors as well.

      • aarynk

        Nice I want to see what other colors he comes out with blue isn't my favorite look on my phone… just downloaded the blackmodzz one by Mr. Bob it's just what I was looking for still looks stock but little tweeks were done like the black HTC looking status bar!!

      • The Race To Die

        looove droptheme. had it on bb v1.1 and now on froyo. highly recommend it.

  • Jamerson90

    I just finished installing it. it looks sweet

    • aarynk

      Did your phone sit on the steam boot for a little bit after you loaded?

      • Jamerson90

        it did. just let it do its thing. I'm up and running and i think it looks nice. The thing i love about MrBobrowitzs themes is that he mods a lot black, but keeps the icons looking the same

        • aarynk

          Thanks! Yeah really liking it so far like the black stuff and still kept the stock overall look.

          Really like the HTC notification bar he did

          • superchachi

            I can't for the life of me get anything to boot using ClockworkMod, even when it's asking to hit “OK” in the final step of loading a ROM from the SD card. Any suggestions?

  • spyderman

    So I'm confused… is the link for this android 2.2 for rooted users only?

    • Jamerson90

      yes. you have to have 2.2 for this theme to work

    • kellex

      All ROMs are for rooted users only. This is just a theme to go on top of the 2.2 ROM we got over the weekend.

      • I forget his name but he posted a comment on here saying non-roots can now get 2.2
        Obviously they wont have this theme, but they CAN have 2.2 🙂
        I thought that was cool. AND, awesome for this site to post…


        • Jamerson90


        • spyderman

          Thanks Tim… but that was a guide to root then get Froyo 🙁

          • Really? Awe, damn. That guy really bitched me out too. Damn.
            Sorry :-/

          • WAIT, I just read through that whole thread lol
            I'm good lol
            It IS for non-roots, AND for people who dont want root. Sooo, that is neat 🙂

  • been running this since it first came out… it was great to get rid of that ugly stock theme..

  • mschlitter

    Where can I get the background image?

  • jeff

    Hey dumb question but getting the 2.2 rom on the droid means u stay rooted so can I still use my wifi tether app too tether my laptop and my phone? Cuz I really hate usb tether wire bother me lol

    • aczm1988

      Not sure havent tried it.

      • jeff

        Okay let me know how it goes when you get home because I don't feel like having to switch over just to switch back to bb1.1 if it doesn't…I am waiting as of right now for bb 2.2 rom

        • aczm1988

          Will let you know soon as i get home, check this post around 6pm ill make sure to update it for ya 😉

          • Jeff

            k i appreciate it

          • aczm1988

            Ok just tested it. It works fine i tethered my girlfriends ipod to my droid everything works.

          • Jeff

            Awsome i was worried verizon were gunna get there hands in the mix and find a way to stop that all together..so glad i rooted and am anticipating BB 2.2 rom

  • aczm1988

    Dam Tim ya beat me lol

    I prefer Mrbobrowitzs theme better.

    • He has a good theme, but I am all about that Chaos Star in the notification slider 😛
      More metal then yo mommas tea kettle lol
      Neither of them are transparent though, so…..I wait for Pete…

      • aczm1988

        Yea true i cant wait for pete. Have you tried Blue Energy for froyo? I like the blue but i hate the themed blue icons.

        • No I havent just for the same reason. Dislike of blue icons 😛

      • aarynk

        That's the one of the things I didn't like was the star in the slider… plus all the icons black and white.

        Mr. Bob's blackmodzz one is running great on mine

  • FIRST!!!! 🙂

    • Mrpicolas

      Be honest Tim you don't like froyo. Lol… anyway when I get back from vacation ill wake up earlier to beat ya

      • I'm allergic to dairy 😛 jk

        I like it but I'm just waiting for a real polished version.
        I didn't even like 2.1 till Pete got his hand on it 🙂 lol

        • Mrpicolas

          I know what ya mean

        • Jose Martinez

          Tim, don't you worry… Pete had this to say on Saturday: “Working on it…please be patient. It will not be released until it can live up to its name.”(alldroid) and this last night: “I'm off to bed, made alot of progress on #Froyo The tweet about 3G and 4G was a joke by the way lol some of you caught it 😉 RT” (twitter).
          There's A LOT of people waiting for Pete, god bless that kiddo… ;^)

          • Oh yes 🙂
            I'm eying that twitter like none other…lol
            Excitement fills the air….

          • aarynk

            Glad to see Pete is going to come out with something!! Will def. be making that switch when it comes out

          • Jose Martinez

            Just wanted to ask you guys (and forgive me those who have) to please consider to make a donation to these developers who without 'owing ANYTHING to any of us' work tirelessly day and night to put out this ROMs. It doesn't have to be much $3, 5,10… or buy their apps on the market (ROM Manager, Klaxon, etc). We spend $10 bucks for a movie or 2 hours of entertainment… how many hours does your 'new' phone entertain you for…? Not only that, it's a 'same-better' phone all-around! Cheers Droiders and keep mod-ing!