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Additional Froyo Tips for Motorola Droid

In the video walk-through we did of Android 2.2 on the Motorola Droid earlier, we failed to touch on a couple of shortcuts or features that definitely need to be mentioned.  There are just so many new tweaks and minor adjustments made to Froyo that it’s hard to grab them all at once.  We seem to be finding new gems almost every hour!

Found these tips yet?

  1. New auto-brightness feature on power widget
  2. Multiple Gmail calendars
  3. New camera software
  4. Threaded download history
  5. Show numbers with keyboard up-swipe
  6. More recent shortcuts (long press on “home”)

Gallery of tips:

What else have we missed?


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  • Always present here..

  • Sp0836

    I need to know how to put my homescreen back to google whenever i close it and re open it..before i updated it, i would just use the task killer and when i opend the web browser it would automatically go to google. Now with the updated version, it goes back to what I was on the last time it was opened…i need help!!!!

  • Sp0836

    I need to know how to put my homescreen back to google whenever i close it and re open it..before i updated it, i would just use the task killer and when i opend the web browser it would automatically go to google. Now with the updated version, it goes back to what I was on the last time it was opened…i need help!!!!

  • well, This is a discussion on More Froyo within the Droid News forums, …. and can't accees the server on mydroid world

  • First off, thanks Kellex! Just got all the Froyo goodness up and running. The biggest annoyance I have though (and hopefully someone here will have some insight) is that several of my apps aren't around anymore (and when I look for them on the market they don't show up).

    I mentioned this to one dev and he grumbled at me about installing 2.2 before it was actually supported which makes me think I'm not the only one…

    Anyone figure out a way to fix this? I tried clearing the cache/data for the market app but to no avail 🙁

  • Switched to the updated Froyo this morning….I love all the features and runs super fast. Made the transition without a hitch….By brother, on the other hand is having major issues with his camera. It starts up and options work but the screen is always blacked out

    Is he the only one? Are there any fixes for the camera? What do you think Kellex?

  • carluverdrm2004

    I can't WAIT for new camera software! and more recently used shortcuts? AWESOME!

  • ajavgeek

    The most helpful change that I noticed is, In Gmail App, now you can select text. This was kind a pain in older version…

    Go Froyo

  • dimes

    I tried and was loving froyo but since there was no corporate calendar I sadly had to restore back to the latest cyanogen. 🙁

    • CrunchSA

      Did you realize that the corporate calendar now shows in the Calendar app with the gmail calendars?

  • Ben

    Back on topic…
    A few things I've noticed:
    – HD YouTube
    – Clock now brings up the multimedia deck style clock
    – Manage Application Settings menu has a few more options
    – Search feature has a configurable Searchable Items listings
    – Deafult Home Launcher has many feature the Market launchers provide (Still sticking w/LauncherPro though!)

    Other than this Froyo is quick and me likey!

    Running Froyo 2.2, Baseband Update, Team Chaos' Clean Dark Theme (sick boot animation!)

    • Ben

      Also noticed that iwthin Gmail now there are buttons to move from previous or next message…

  • Well, you noted how the “Silent” thing on the lock screen has changed icons… well, just like with the lowest setting being vibrate, it no longer goes into dead silent anymore, and just vibrate. For my purposes, that is VERY VERY much a positive (and theres surely some way to turn it off, somewhere).

  • you can now flip the phone horizontally in either direction and it will adjust properly accordingly

    • Kale Arsenault

      what do you mean by either direction? it appears mine only has vertical and on horizontal

  • Jarred

    Something small that I noticed, but its a huge deal for me is, Yahoo Email now works over the WiFi, it didn't in 2.1 and it does now in 2.2, It works great! Thanks a bunch Droid Life, first time rooting my phone and It was so easy, and made my phone so much better. Thanks a bunch

  • I've been unable to change my wallpaper to an image in the gallery. I can switch between the stock wallpaper images and live wallpaper okay, but nothing happens when I try to set it to a picture that's on my phone. Other than that, Android 2.2 is humming like a charm on my Droid, overlocked to 1.2 GHz.

  • Jay
    • Me

      “Wireless tether for root users” search for it in the market, works like a champ.

  • Phil

    Sorry, meant to include the screenshot link…. Froyo dropdown search options:

  • Has anyone noticed / mentioned the dropdown search options integrated with the google phone search? See screenshot…

  • picaso86

    Perfect – thank you 🙂

  • Ludacrosse05

    Did anybody else lose the ability to report a force close issue? I seem to have lost that feature.

    • Me

      I remember it not being for every app I had on 2.1, I havnt had a FC yet so I couldnt tell you if I “lost” that feature yet.

  • Chris Nimon

    Just realised I havent had a single FC or Reboot yet. Anybody else get lucky?

  • Chris Nimon

    Here's a funny one. Lost my google voice when I loaded froyo. Spent the last hour and a half trying to find out how to resend it to my phone. Then I found it. It was a link to the android market. sh!t 🙁

  • EggoEspada

    I made the jump to Froyo, and god do I love it.
    I can not wait for the source code to be released or the official OTA update.
    Looking forward to some true ROMs once that happens with all of Froyo's great potential.

  • marko

    i install froyo n it work fine for a whole day now the sencond day it keeps on freezing everytime i try to open an app i can't even play music going back to stock 2.1 … if i do it right hopefully i won't mess up my phone.. if anyone knows how to fix this plz let me know how thanks in advance

  • The best new feature that I have found is the quick contact in the universal search results. We used to have to searcg and then go to that contact, which made the “quick” part not so quick. Now you are just two taps away from contacting any friend from the search box.

  • jonj95835

    ok Here is a few more new things new Call Log And Smarter Text Messaging has your texting and hit space it will give multiple options you can hit like ? or otheres with out having to hit keys

  • Vince

    I installed the Froyo Rom earlier and updated the kernal and baseband. I don't think it's quite there yet. I don't know how long it took everyone else to see the speed, but I didn't see it despite the 1250mhz kernel (after a few hours). Also, I couldn't install apps using Astro for some reason, though it did automatically restore some of my apps. I did like many things I saw, but I'm back to Bugless Beast 1.1 for now. I can't wait for more Froyo custom ROMs though!

  • thai

    Gtalk is also sync. So if you're gtalking on your computer the chat thread shows up on the phone.

  • Super stable, love many of the new features but especially Multiple account, multi-calendar. Huge add. Only real issue is the pink hue I get with the camera. Anybody else have this or know of a fix.

    • That probably is a white balance problem, not something wrong with the ROM.

      Auto White balance is something that usually universally sucks (even on giant digital cameras), its just how things are =/

  • aczm1988

    Also a nice feature i noticed, when you use the volume rocker to put the phone into vibrate it only goes to vibrate not silent. I was constantly hitting it down to far and putting it on silent.

    • kellex

      Some people look at that as a negative. 😛

      • aczm1988

        True, sometimes silent is nice. Might be a pain in the future lol. Also noticed that under sounds you can have it make a sound when you lock/unlock the phone. Kinda cool

      • If you set vibrate as “only when not in silent mode” under Sounds, it will bring back silent as the lowest option on the rocker (by replacing the vibrate option, since it would do that on any other volume setting).

        • raj

          it's too bad that when you set it to “only when not in silent mode”, vibrate is no longer an option using the volume rockers

  • jt

    did they fix the google maps problem?

  • DiGz76

    Is anyone using better keyboard with froyo? When I switched to froyo better keyboard no longer has a dictionary for predictive suggestions. The only words it suggests are user added words, nothing else. Just wondering if anyone else is having this problem.

    • I'm actually not getting suggestions on Better Keyboard or the Android keyboard – it's like the dictionary is blank for me. Does anyone know how to 'install' a dictionary?

      • DiGz76

        I actually emailed the developer last night. He responded this morning and said that this was a known issue with froyo. He's working on a fix and will send out the update as soon as he has it.

    • Ah…so I looked at Better keyboard in the market and there's the answer:

      “We are working to bring all the features from android 2.2's keyboard to BK, stay tuned for updates”

  • Chris Nimon

    Can make your own IME froyo keyboard at Gimpsta if you dont like the stock froyo


  • Does this have the call threading? Because I am so tired of feeling like i have to delete my call log every couple weeks because it just keeps going… and going… :/

    • aczm1988

      It groups all calls made to the same person if thats what you mean. Ex: Mom (3)
      3 obv being the number of calls made to that person

  • Dunner23

    Is there any way to run scripts yet for froyo? I want my godmode and blockads back!

    • aczm1988

      No god mode but my version of froyo has blockads script 😉
      http://www.blackdroidmod.com <<< where i got my froyo.

      • Dunner23

        hmm. I was avoiding that guy's site cause I thought he was involved in some sort of internet feud with my boy Cyanogen. But, no ads may be hard to resist. Thanks for the link!

        • kellex

          He's also stealing posts from this site. *shrug*

          • aczm1988

            Yes i dont condone him at all, but in my opinion his build (which was probably stolen) is faster.

            His main problem is he likes to take things without giving credit where its due.

            Like this.

            Nice site kellex 😛

          • aczm1988

            He does not know how to give credit when its due.

            Probably his rom is the same as the one here but its seems faster so i tell everyone about it. Runs cooler for me too the rom here felt like it was burning my hand off lol.

          • evltwn

            I've run those UD ROMs and they always seem to run real hot on my phone. Plus the ROM manager he promised has yet to appear.

          • aczm1988

            Never had a problem with heat, right now i havent gone higher the 98.6 usually in the mid 80's

          • Dunner23

            Interesting. I didn't know that, though I didn't bother delving too deep into the drama. The boycott continues. I'll deal with ads. I didn't really want to get rid of my blue energy theme anyway. Oh, and kellex, GO CELTICS!!!!!!!!! How can you hate on the best franchise ever? That aside, your site is awesome, keep up the good work!

          • Jess

            Download ad free in the market for root users. I'm using that until the ROMs start coming out.

          • evltwn

            Love the BBv1.1 with Blue Energy too…I'll wait until the source code is released and the Devs cook up some cool ROMs to install.
            Got your back Kellex, Celtics Suck! Go Lakers! Lakers in 6. It's gonna happen. Kobe Does! lol.

          • evltwn

            I saw that too, and was going to make a comment about it, until I saw he did list Droid-Life as a source. The guy's a douche-bag anyways.

  • Afroman

    Am I the only one who is finding this rom unusable? For me its always freezing, crashing and restarting. I can't go 5 min without having to take out the battery.

    • Dunner23

      yes. I've encountered some really small issues, but nothing like that. with such a cool name, I'm not really sure why god would do that to you. sorry bout your luck. thankfully theres always CM

  • octacon
  • Suman

    Any word if Cyanogen/Pete are working on a Custom Rom of this as well? Or are they waiting for an Official Froyo Rom to be released? Running Bugless Beast v1.1 now with LauncherPro ..really hesitant to give that up haha.

    Also can I still use the wifi tether app since this is a rooted rom?

    • nkhex19

      Cyanogen is waiting for the source code to be released. Then soon after a Froyo ROM will be released.

  • eddieonofre

    I want to have froyo badly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I have froyo! BADLY!
      <img src=”http://imgur.com/Wfgy1.jpg” alt=”” title=”Hosted by imgur.com” />

      • eddieonofre

        lol I'm thinking seriously on rooting my Droid
        because froyo seems tobe just great!!!

        • trust me, once u go root. u will never want to go back to stock. it gets addicting and u cant stop theming and finding new things that are awesome! i say do it! jump in! with all the help between this site, and several other forums, someone will always have an answer to ur question. and best of all, the way that kellex has laid everything out for us, anyone can root and do whatever they need to to their droids.


          • eddieonofre

            ok so far I rooted to 2.1 with user access
            now I'm going to get the 2.2 I hope it is as easy as it was rooting to 2.1

          • eddieonofre

            need help!!!
            I got error status 28 on SPrecovery
            What do I have to do???

  • nkhex19

    Was the Gallery issue fixed with Froyo? The whole 24 bit thing?

  • I really wish they would implement tap to focus on the camera app so that you can tap the screen to choose your focus point. Can we start a “features we want in 2.3” post?

    • EC8CH

      HTC's SenseUI has that particular feature in their camera software.

      • I didn't know that, thanks! Anyone know if there is a port of the SenseUI camera or if there is a “tap to focus” camera app?

        • kellex

          Yeah Sense has it. I've heard it's coming on the Xtreme as well. So Motorola must be doing it in their new software.

  • heathcliff

    I'm mixed. It's faster, seems stable. Yet the installed WI-FI sometimes works, sometimes doesn't. Haven't gotten HULU to work, get error message. Email download on K-9 is not pulling automatically. And even though the overclock says 1250 in the link, it's only 1100.

    • The kernel links were not named correctly. The 1.1 is actually 1.2ghz and the 1.2 is only 1.1. If you download the 1.1 kellex posted you can oc to 1.25ghz. Hope that helps!

    • Falcon34

      I ran into the 1250 overclock really being 1100 as well. Anybody know which one is the 1250?

      Also, I noticed quite a few of my apps don't work with Froyo. I did a nandroid back to bugless beast because it was getting frustrating not being able to use my apps.

  • Matt G

    Wasn't auto-brightness always present?

    • PyroHoltz


      Kellex, what exactly is 'new' about the auto-brightness, now present in Froyo?

      • timothy

        Nothing. You can just enable it in the widget now. You couldn't do that before.

        • EC8CH

          By widget, do you mean the power management widget, if so then that fixes the reason I disliked that particular widget.

          • nkhex19

            The power control widget that comes with stock Android now allows you to use auto brightness as well. So it has 4 brightness options now instead of 3 on the widget.

          • PyroHoltz

            Excellent, thanks for clarifying.

          • EC8CH

            Perfect, thanks nkhex19 for the carification
            and thanks Google for fixing that widget.

            Next improvement… long press on the wifi and bluetooth buttons brings you into their respective wireless settings page. Useful for bluetooth devices that don't always auto-connect.

    • kellex

      Yeah sorry it's in the widget. Should have clarified that. 🙂

  • William S.

    Man I ain't rooted loli wanna know when the official joint coming out. 🙂

  • Paul E.

    Ok, this stuff continues to tempt me, but I keep saying to wait until there's a BB or Cyan version of it out there. Grrr. Thanks for keeping us all updated on what's been changed and such….

  • lschicky

    I want to know what improvements were made to gmail or is the calendars it?

    • kellex

      I touched on Gmail in the videos I did. It's got some minor fixes that had been driving many of us nuts for some time now.

      • lschicky

        ahh haven't had a chance to check that out yet.

      • lschicky

        Ahh nice videos, I was hoping they fixed the not being able to edit the text you are replying to in an email, but totally like the drop down account menu while composing an email.

      • you mean like colored labels and the quick-switch between accounts? Holy crap, had I known, I would have rooted and gotten froyo 3 weeks ago. 🙂

  • picaso86

    Any ideas on a compatible HTC IME keyboard? I really like that one… : /

  • DJ

    Havent been able to get the numbers with upswipe how exactly do you do it?

    • kellex

      Swipe up and hold. Start at the middle of the keyboard.

      • barry egan

        You don't have to swipe. The keyboard simply extends itself if you touch in the top row and then move the finger up out of it. The 2 extra rows appear with punctuation and numerals for quick access. On iPhone you could do this with the key that changed to symbol/numerals on the bottom left corner, if you held the finger down, then dragged to the desired item, it would clear the extra dialog on release.

        • kellex

          Oh good to know.

          • Todd

            I also noticed yesterday that you can add variations of words to the text memory. When you type out a word (i.e. happenin) and select the word that is not highlighted in red it then gives you the option to save that word variation. This applies to any “black” word.

      • Woody

        Just a thought: I noticed that the Visual Voicemail app is included in this rom, which isn't easy to get rid of. I was able to do it in terminal, maybe you want to post instructions Kellex? I'm sure other people will encounter this.

        • If you have Root Explorer, you can just go into the system/apps folder and rename it to make it not show up. That's what I did with it and Twitter. Then it's still there if you need it later. 🙂

          • Woody

            good tip, thanks!

      • DJ

        Thanks big help as usual!