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Android 2.2 Kernels Released – Fixes WiFi

P3Droid just released 6 new kernels which will replace the one included in the Android 2.2 ROM you all loaded earlier and will also fix the broken wifi issue.  Yessir, we’re all good now, right?  Flash 10.1 running nicely on top of Froyo; what else could you want on a sunny Saturday afternoon?

Pick a kernel:

(If any of these links go down, you can get them all from the source link down below.)


Instructions for installing:

*Note 1* – This process is done in ClockworkMod Recovery.

1. Download a kernel from the list above to your Droid.
2. Open ROM Manager and choose “Install ROM Ffrom SD Card.”
3. Navigate to the location of the kernel you just downloaded.
4. Select it and skip “wipe data and cache.” Make a backup just in case.
5. Allow the phone to reboot into recovery and install your new kernel.
6. Reboot the phone and BAM! All done. Wifi ready.

Update: If you are having trouble booting into recovery, go into ROM Manager and flash SPRecovery.  Once that finishes, flash Clockwork Recovery again and all should be well.

Comments or Questions?

Source: MyDroidWorld (Huge thanks again to MDW for all these goodies!)

Cheers Chris for the heads up!


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  • Rthomas529

    I am unable to apply this kernel. In recovery I get E:Error in /sdcard/0.8(s)-v32kernel.zip

  • Dudash

    Supposedly wifi is supposed to work with these? Not on my droid. All wifi says is Error when I try to turn it on.

  • Ahil1391

    How much vsel is the 1Ghz kernel ?

  • Whats your facebook account, need to chat to you about this.

  • cam

    HELP!!! i cant get into recovery. i did as you specify and still i cant get in. please advise.

  • Frank Ortiz

    Hi everyone. Downloaded the 900Mhz and it works perfectly. Now I can use my Wifi iPad anywhere-which I'm doing right now to write this comment.
    Motorola Droid 2.2 Froyo — Rooted (Also thanks to droid-life.com)

  • Frank Ortiz

    Hi everyone. Downloaded the 900Mhz and it works perfectly. Now I can use my Wifi iPad anywhere-which I'm doing right now to write this comment.
    Motorola Droid 2.2 Froyo — Rooted (Also thanks to droid-life.com)

  • Brich66

    Am currently running latest Froyo 2.2 FRF84B with BB 0.4….and only have 800mhz..
    Are these kernels compatible with my build? Would like to ask before possibly learning the hard way. Thanks!! (MotoDroid).

  • Ajsheehan1

    Please Help!!! Installed 1250Mhz kernel 2 weeks ago…worked great! Today, I no longer have 3G network??? Phone and texted are fine but no internet connection for data. I've rebooted a couple times with no luck. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

  • Justin

    I loaded the 1100mhz kernel, but setcpu says I'm running 1200mhz.. there isn't a 1200!

  • Mikelmc

    Does anyoen know how to recover from installing the 1250 P3kernal.. it wont mount the SD card and the system keeps stopping and the phone rebooting? I reinstalled the SPrecovery but I can not access the SD card to restore the old rom I backed up. Is there any hope or am i stuck getting a new phone?

  • Tim

    Anyone have any luck running Snesoid with the 1000MHZ Kernal? I keep getting the “Rom load Failed” error.

  • Todd

    how do I find how fast my droids running?

  • Early215

    I like the 2.1 rooted better, my droid is running slower on 2.2, and using flash is horrible

    • ScreamDROID

      it depends on what froyo rom yu use , rom manager has the up to date froyo rom , its way better or use the onix 2.2 on rom manager

  • divemiguel

    installed 1100mhz kernel with froyo on droid. setcpu will only allow up to 800mhz. what am i missing?

  • mastana

    anyone else seeing lag, big time lag running 1.0 kernal still lag. otherwise flash works cool, cant wait till someone fixes lags.

    • boxer1802

      Yeah I have noticed a lag With the 1.0 Kernal. Im going to try the 800 and see how that is.

    • ScreamDROID

      yes it does lag ah little bit , 1100 works better .

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  • joe

    i am runnin 2.2 froyo and without a new kernal i am able to get 800mhz on setcpu. considering that the phone ran hot at the stock 550 mhz i dont think there is much reason to go above 800.