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Android 2.2 Kernels Released – Fixes WiFi

P3Droid just released 6 new kernels which will replace the one included in the Android 2.2 ROM you all loaded earlier and will also fix the broken wifi issue.  Yessir, we’re all good now, right?  Flash 10.1 running nicely on top of Froyo; what else could you want on a sunny Saturday afternoon?

Pick a kernel:

(If any of these links go down, you can get them all from the source link down below.)


Instructions for installing:

*Note 1* – This process is done in ClockworkMod Recovery.

1. Download a kernel from the list above to your Droid.
2. Open ROM Manager and choose “Install ROM Ffrom SD Card.”
3. Navigate to the location of the kernel you just downloaded.
4. Select it and skip “wipe data and cache.” Make a backup just in case.
5. Allow the phone to reboot into recovery and install your new kernel.
6. Reboot the phone and BAM! All done. Wifi ready.

Update: If you are having trouble booting into recovery, go into ROM Manager and flash SPRecovery.  Once that finishes, flash Clockwork Recovery again and all should be well.

Comments or Questions?

Source: MyDroidWorld (Huge thanks again to MDW for all these goodies!)

Cheers Chris for the heads up!


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  • Rthomas529

    I am unable to apply this kernel. In recovery I get E:Error in /sdcard/0.8(s)-v32kernel.zip

  • Dudash

    Supposedly wifi is supposed to work with these? Not on my droid. All wifi says is Error when I try to turn it on.

  • Ahil1391

    How much vsel is the 1Ghz kernel ?

  • Whats your facebook account, need to chat to you about this.

  • cam

    HELP!!! i cant get into recovery. i did as you specify and still i cant get in. please advise.

  • Frank Ortiz

    Hi everyone. Downloaded the 900Mhz and it works perfectly. Now I can use my Wifi iPad anywhere-which I'm doing right now to write this comment.
    Motorola Droid 2.2 Froyo — Rooted (Also thanks to droid-life.com)

  • Frank Ortiz

    Hi everyone. Downloaded the 900Mhz and it works perfectly. Now I can use my Wifi iPad anywhere-which I'm doing right now to write this comment.
    Motorola Droid 2.2 Froyo — Rooted (Also thanks to droid-life.com)

  • Brich66

    Am currently running latest Froyo 2.2 FRF84B with BB 0.4….and only have 800mhz..
    Are these kernels compatible with my build? Would like to ask before possibly learning the hard way. Thanks!! (MotoDroid).

  • Ajsheehan1

    Please Help!!! Installed 1250Mhz kernel 2 weeks ago…worked great! Today, I no longer have 3G network??? Phone and texted are fine but no internet connection for data. I've rebooted a couple times with no luck. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

  • Justin

    I loaded the 1100mhz kernel, but setcpu says I'm running 1200mhz.. there isn't a 1200!

  • Mikelmc

    Does anyoen know how to recover from installing the 1250 P3kernal.. it wont mount the SD card and the system keeps stopping and the phone rebooting? I reinstalled the SPrecovery but I can not access the SD card to restore the old rom I backed up. Is there any hope or am i stuck getting a new phone?

  • Tim

    Anyone have any luck running Snesoid with the 1000MHZ Kernal? I keep getting the “Rom load Failed” error.

  • Todd

    how do I find how fast my droids running?

  • Early215

    I like the 2.1 rooted better, my droid is running slower on 2.2, and using flash is horrible

    • ScreamDROID

      it depends on what froyo rom yu use , rom manager has the up to date froyo rom , its way better or use the onix 2.2 on rom manager

  • divemiguel

    installed 1100mhz kernel with froyo on droid. setcpu will only allow up to 800mhz. what am i missing?

  • mastana

    anyone else seeing lag, big time lag running 1.0 kernal still lag. otherwise flash works cool, cant wait till someone fixes lags.

    • boxer1802

      Yeah I have noticed a lag With the 1.0 Kernal. Im going to try the 800 and see how that is.

    • ScreamDROID

      yes it does lag ah little bit , 1100 works better .

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  • joe

    i am runnin 2.2 froyo and without a new kernal i am able to get 800mhz on setcpu. considering that the phone ran hot at the stock 550 mhz i dont think there is much reason to go above 800.

  • eddieonofre

    hey kellex how do I do to overclock froyo???

    • $creamDROID

      follow the instructions above .

      • eddieonofre

        I did install the 1000Mhz but my droid feels slower…
        i think I am missing something

        • ScreamDROID

          yur not missing anything , yu have to play with it more , or yu can use 1100mhz

  • so many wifi issues here. wifi signal is like low to no signal, and keeps randomly disconnecting

    • $creamDROID

      it always does that normally for most people , but it depends on how close you are to the wifi .

  • Tiesto

    exactly what file on my sd card do i drop the kernel file i have no service at my house and obviously no wifi yet

  • Deathpool

    I installed the 800mhz Kernel yet I am running at a max of 600mhz when I checked it with a overlocking widget. Pls help. Moto Droid. Other than that runs like a champ.

    • deathpool

      The max is 800mhz but just was wondering how come it was set at 600 mhz using the 800mhz kernel install?

  • jesco

    IS anyone having any overheating after installing 1000mhz?

    • james34

      yes, I just dropped it down to 800 but i am going to play around with it using the profiles. I would try that. Just an idea.

      • sundawg

        I get some overheating but only when I am using my internet for long periods of time, nothing really during casual use just prolonged usage.

  • DjShady

    Anyone having problems with videos not playing correctly? I get audio sometimes and no video on both videos on my sd card and Youtube videos. And where is the HQ option on the web version of youtube? Used to be that you could hit the menu and get a “Watch in HQ” option…

    • james34

      I know there is an are he covered under a topic of youtube videos playing HQ. Try doing a search for it on the site. I know i had found it and put it to use on my phone is you will be blown away. Good luck.

  • $creamDROID

    f*ck this krap im going back to 2.1 -_-

  • $creamDROID

    this damn krap is getting me very upsettttt , i try to reboot manually , then nothing , i tried rom manager …. nothingg !

  • james34

    Alrighty, I finally got 2.2 runinng on my Droid. Didn't read one important item, MY BAD. But here is the problem Google maps keeps failing when it wants to install. I went into the App. menu to see if i could uninstall it or clear out the cache and its all grayed out. Any ideas on what to do?

  • $creamDROID

    its not working for me , i relflashed both and still no reboot , im getting upset >=[

  • kmarker

    How come whenever I try to download google maps, it always downloads but then it says installation unseccessful?

  • go to market, get “wireless tether for root users”. its not built in to the OS, only the usb one is.

    • james34

      Question can one go to 2.2 from Buglesst beast 1.2 and not have any problems?

  • All I want 2 know is will my Droid do an instant 2.2 installment automatically?
    If so I can wait 4 that update…..if not I will head str8t2 my carrier 4 the proper hlp required. I am l@@king 4ward 2 all my new updates 4 my cell

  • choadmyster

    I can’t get my wifi to turn on I have tried several of the kernels and all it tells me when i check the box to turn it on is ERROR.

  • Shane

    Ok Felt good today that I got this far now the last piece I want to do for this week is to get my WiFi working at 800 Mhz. I try to installing the above kernal but then I lost root capabilities but when I install the Update.zip to get root back, I loose WiFi. Can anyone give me any pointers? Updates do not work with ROM Manager. When I “Install ROM from SD Card”, I select Backup ROM. Phone reboots to Moto signia and then hangs. When I pull out the battery and try recovery into SPRecovery, it doesnt work. Any input would be welcomed, critical to my ego or not.

  • Wayne

    Hopefully someone here can help me out. I’m running this 2.2 build with the 1100mhz kernel on my droid. I’m trying to wifi tether, but I only see “tethering” under my wireless and network settings, nothing about “hotspot” etc. Under the tethering menu, I only see an option for USB. Has anyone had or know how to fix (if possible) this issue? Any help would be much appreciated, thank you.

    • Jodey

      Wifi tether isnt in the settings menu….just download “Tether For Root Users” from the market…then BAM! tethered…….thank you, thank you..I'll be here all week…be sure to tip your waitress…

  • rarcuri

    followed instructions and now phone keeps rebooting itselt, any thoughts?

    • rarcuri

      Can't get to rom manager to recover backup. As soon as the phone comes up it goes right back into a reboot.

      • rarcuri

        Figure it out, recovered through the phone and not the app.

  • Wayne

    Hopefully someone here can help me out. I’m running this 2.2 build with the 1100mhz kernel on my droid. I’m trying to wifi tether, but I only see “tethering” under my wireless and network settings, nothing about “hotspot” etc. Under the tethering menu, I only see an option for USB. Has anyone had or know how to fix (if possible) this issue? Any help would be much appreciated, thank you.

  • Brosb4hoes

    I'm starting to freak out a bit I tried running it and now im stuck on the boot up Motorola M sign and i gotta take out the battery and restart it so i can get it to go to recovery menu. I need help I've tried everything for the past 4 hours and I'm at my wits end Please im begging someone help me out.

  • whats with these ass hats and only providing low voltage roms. My Droid just can't handle them, a standard voltage rom (which are released with the low voltage roms) work perfectly with my phone. Its not just this, Bugless beans on Clockwork only gives you the lowvoltage options too >=C

    • caustic3881

      WOW! No disrespect but these “ass hats” you call them essentially do this for free and frankly don't need to do it all. All Droids are different in how they handle voltages and heat so what might work for you won't work for someone else. Low voltage works fantastically for me so I have no issues. These people who make us these ROMS and Kernels are doing this just for the pure love it for the most part. If you wait a day or 2 I am sure you will have everything you are asking for and more but to call these people “ass hats” is kind of crazy. Oh and if you pay attention you can change to almost any kernel with any ROM, it's not too difficult… or maybe it is. Good luck with your hat!

    • Dunner23

      you could always get an iphone. I hear they're all the rage in the douche community. sounds right up your alley

  • caustic3881

    Anyone notice now with these new Kernels you can't check your CPU temp anymore just the battery? Am I missing something?

  • Killz

    My phon will not stay on for more dan 3 mins keeps rebooting for some reason what could i do?

  • I just figured it out, I believe it was a glitch in SetCPU or the kernel. I hadn't changed the default MIN in SetCPU (250), as soon as I moved the MIN slider my actual clock immediately jumped from 600 to 1100. I moved the MIN back to 250 and it's all good!

  • New baseband available for Froyo


  • sundawg

    I downloaded the 1000mhz kernel but I can't overclock my setcpu past 800mhz…. Anyone know why?

    • caustic3881

      Uninstall clockwork and then reinstall and try again. Worked for me I had the same issue.

      • sundawg

        I tried that, no dice I'm still not able to overclock past 1000mhz

        • caustic3881

          Did you reinstall the kernel after re installing ROM Manager and then run the auto detect on SetCPU again?

  • kaeo ortiz

    kellix what do i do, my clockwork mod recoverey doesn't work when i try to reboot into recoverey it just gets stuck on the boot logo.

  • kaeo ortiz

    kellix what do i do, my clockwork mod recoverey doesn't work when i try to reboot into recoverey it just gets stuck on the boot logo.

  • james34

    This has got to be the biggest joke ever. After reading and doing what others are saying to get 2.2 up and running on my droid still no luck. I am going back to 2.1 and run Bugglest Beast 1.0. Very sad day for one Droid User 🙁

  • james34

    Ok is this a joke? I have tried the 800mhz and the 1000mhz and neither one works. I tried the 1000 one first and thought if this dont work i will go with the 800 one. Both installed fine but when it boots back up the screen is frozen and then it shuts off and starts back up and it repeats its self over and over. What gives? Thank God for doing a backup so i can go back to something that actually works. But if anyone is out there that can give me any idea or clues on this so i can be up to 2.2 along with the others that have been able to please help me out. Thanks.

  • Stephen

    I can't seem to get busy box going…can anyone help me with this??

  • hawaiianbrowneyez05

    can i install this without using Rom Manager?

  • Team Chaos has done a black theme already available through ROM Manager. It's the top one specifically stating for 2.2. Looks very nice and installed flawlessly.

    • Thank you Mr. Penguin! I needed this 🙂

    • Dunner23

      Team Chaos FTW!!!

    • leftyatbest

      i am freaking out. i got 2.2 running. downloaded 1.25 kernel and got it running. i downloaded titanium backup from market to restore my apps but it said i didnt have root, so of course i tried using titanium to download busybox because that should have fixed it. i got to 5% and my phone rebooted and now wont turn on. is it bricked? it was at about 5% battery power but it was plugged in and charging, still plugged in. WONT TURN ON AT ALL!!!! HELP HELP! tried holding x and booting into recovery, still nothing? could it be that it just doesnt have enough juice to boot? PLEASE DONT TELL ME ITS BRICKED!

      • sundawg

        wow man I hope someone knows how to get your problem fixed but if not I hope you have insurance just tell them you lost your phone

      • Potentmf


        My phone did something similar because of lack of battery power. It was at 5% power when I plugged it into my laptop and it would not charge or turn on. So I plugged it into charger from the wall outlet, left it for about an hour and everything was good to go.

      • Pscoasmr

        even if its bricked, there is a free program from motorolla that unbricks them in about 3 minutes. ill get back to you in a little with the name of it

    • sundawg

      You sir are a gentleman and a scholar, I like the new theme, it's not as hard on the eyes as the stock theme. The boot animation is pretty badass as well, thanks for dropping this little treasure on the community.

  • John

    Did anyone get any of these kernals to work? I tried 1250 and 1000. The 1250 just gave me boot loops, and the 1000 gave me no service. I was going to try the 800, but I won't bother if it doesn't work.

    • midasman

      I am using 1100

      • John

        I've had nothing but problems. LOL. I've done this before, but never had these problems. I'm about to try and find and 100% flash back to oem and just wait. I can't even get the root access to work. SO frustrating

        • midasman

          can you go thriough the steps done thus far

    • I got the 1.0 working flawlessly

    • Shane

      John, were you able to get your issue resolved? Reason I ask is Im getting the same problem as you.

    • Shane

      John, were you able to get your issue resolved? Reason I ask is Im getting the same problem as you.

  • sherpajosh

    Can I go from BB 1.1 to Froyo straight with one of these kernels? Or do I need to install the one from the earlier post first?

    • You dont need one of the kernels. BUT, if you want to OC and use WiFi then you will need to 🙂

  • gstraight

    OK, so all modes of recovery no longer work. Hope one of you smart folks know how to get this fixed. Will not boot into recovery mode, locks up in all the recovery modes. Works as a rom but no wifi.

  • Dunner23

    Is there a way to fix permissions with 2.2 yet? I tried in rom manager and got some sort of fail message. Getting some FCs, wondering if maybe some permission fixing would stop it. To anyone who hasn't stepped up yet, don't be a puff, just do it. Three most important things in life are fast cars, fast droids and fast women!

    • Yeah I tried FP too same result, hope Koush updates this.

  • Sherpa Josh

    If I am going from BB 1.1 to Froyo, do I need wipe data and cache?

    • Dunner23


    • nooo. everything works fine on mine…:-/
      But if you want to wipe, then go ahead….

  • james34

    Ok is this a joke? I have tried the 800mhz and the 1000mhz and neither one works. I tried the 1000 one first and thought if this dont work i will go with the 800 one. Both installed fine but when it boots back up the screen is frozen and then it shuts off and starts back up and it repeats its self over and over. What gives? Thank God for doing a backup so i can go back to something that actually works. But if anyone is out there that can give me any idea or clues on this so i can be up to 2.2 along with the others that have been able to please help me out. Thanks.

    • scuba_koop

      Do you get the notification light red, and the battery is red and the screen tells you to plug in your phone? That is what I am having problems with. I tried several of the kernals. Works fine with plain 2.2 and setcpu can get to 800. Probably just stay there till a new rom is released!

  • anilraj420

    wow this is great really fast got everything runing good

  • charles

    uber thanks!

  • necroscopev

    Anyone else have an issue turning on the phone on silent? Turning the volume down or using the slider while locked only turned the phone to vibrate, i could not get it all the way down to silent. The only non settings way i was able to was using the Beautiful Silent Widget.

  • RealGame22

    For some reason, i still cant get root. Any Answers?

  • dgriff

    i am having a problem. i just went to 2.2 and every kernal i have tried to speed things up, it just keeps at 600 mhz for my max? any suggestions?

    • necroscopev

      You did the auto detect once again after opening SetCPU?

    • Hey dgriff, i'm also stuck at 600mhz no matter what I try. Did you find a solution? I'm rooted and came from stock 2.1 rooted overclocked at 1ghz, no custom rom installed previously

    • sundawg

      I'm having the same issue but I'm stuck at 800mhz for a max i tried unistalling setcpu and I even installed the 1.0 ghz kernal but am still stuck as well…

  • recovery doesn't work for me, i've tried rebooting into recovery, installing from SD card. It just reboots and goes to the Motorola boot image and then boots up from there.. it wont go into recovery mode

    • Jess

      Flash SPRecovery from ROM Manager, reboot, and then flash Clockwork again. A ton of people have had to flash Clockwork twice to get it to work, but once it does, you'll be good.

      • thank you.. trying it now

        • Swwet! that worked for me.. Thanks Jess!

          • Jess

            Anytime! 🙂

  • anilraj420

    i dont see how anyone has problem downing this its so easy…but my damn maps not working i need my navi

  • With the new Kernals bringing the WiFi goodness I went ahead and installed. Everything works great, except I can't restore my apps from an Astro backup. When I select install it says nothing is selected, though it is. Anyone else have this problem. Same problem on my son's Droid as well.

    • I noticed that as well on mine.. not sure how to fix though

      • Was able to get the apps to install with Estrong File manager.

  • Pete

    How do I know which kernel is suitable for my driod(Milestone)? Or can I install any one?

  • anilraj420

    my google maps not workin anyone else have that proublem

  • midasman

    will not charge with any kernel. went back to cyanogenmod

  • Collin

    I can't get passed the Motorola logo…. HELP!!!!!!

  • gstraight

    Well I tried the install didn't work, tried again and stuck on the M Logo. Pulled battery and tried to reboot holding the x key and it stays lucked into the M Logo. Any ideas?

    • scuba_koop

      First boot after 2.2 nandroid load takes a long time. Did you just try waiting for a while? Don't watch it cause that will make it worse!! Seemed like mine took forever to reboot the first time. Just throwing that out there in case it helps!!!

  • 1.2…clocked at 1095… http://twitpic.com/1uc9ko

  • carterlive

    lost root acess to rooted apps…..

  • g00n

    Best of all.. new kernel.. “wireless tether” works 😉

  • midasman

    I flashed all kernels and everyone brings my battery to 0% and it does not recognize any charging type. Any one having this issue or know what I might be doing wrong

    • scuba_koop

      That is what I am posting about as well. I can't slide the green button to unlock the home screen and then the phone reboots.

      • midasman

        as long as I am hooked up to a charger I can do stuff on my phone but as soon as I un hook phone shuts down.

        • scuba_koop

          I tried plugging it into my laptop, but still no response. Haven't tried the wall charger??

          • midasman

            scuba_koop I think we must be the only two people in the world with this problem

          • scuba_koop

            Yup!! I think you are right!! Although I did see a post above with someone else having the phone lock up and reboot!

          • midasman

            i got mine fixed where did you get your kernels from rom manager or computer

          • scuba_koop

            Downloaded from the internet, then put on the sd card. Tried loading thru ROM manager and SPR recovery. Tried 800,900,1000 kernals all with same results!!

          • midasman

            try clockworkmod recovery and roms only from this post

          • scuba_koop

            Finally got it!!! I used clockwork and didn't rename the file to update.zip. Just browsed the sd card to the downloaded file and loaded it up!! I used drop-box for the transfer. Thanks for all your advice!!
            Someone on the P3 forum tried to tell me my battery needed charged….Like I am some kind of moron!! Not that I know everything about rooting, but it just sort of ticked me off, especially when people don't really read what I posted. I made it clear that the battery was not the issue!! Oh well, it is working now!
            Kellex…..if you are reading this…..I really enjoy the info on your site. Very well put together and loads of great info!!!

          • midasman

            i am glad you got it

  • scuba_koop

    Okay, no matter how I try to add these kernels I get the same problem. When the phone reboots there is a red notification light and the screen says plug in the phone. The battery icon is red. I can't unlock the phone, and then it vibrates once and reboots. I can never get past the unlock screen. Tried thru SPR and ROM manager?? Also when I do the nandroid, the last step with the sd card fails. I believe that is the app2sd thing??
    Help please!

  • Sgporeboy

    Hi. Is the ROM compatible with the milestone? I'm hoping it is because I'd like to try rooting my device to froyo, if not I'll just wait for through official update. Thanks guys!

    • Tom

      Only if you have the bootloader unlocked. If the bootloader is locked down…. then it will not work…

  • Burn

    has anyone noticed that the HTC keyboard constantly force closes with 2.2? or is it just happening to me? 🙁

  • 100th!!! 🙂

  • How do u root it…….

  • gamboo

    I'm having a brain crap! Does anyone know why when I go into ROM Manger to select the kernal there is nothing shown in the kernal file. It looks empty.

  • Burn

    Can you install cutsom themes with this ROM? Might be a noob question, but I'm new to rooting, just did today for 2.2 😀

  • Jason

    I downloaded the kernel I want to use but when I follow the directions, my phone doesn't reboot and install it. Any help?

  • Failed because of sd-ext error while restoring.
    I'll just wait for the Jrummy's Remix version or something.. =(


    FYI…The 1.1 and 1.2 kernels are mixed up.

    • Phillycheezst8k

      biker!!! thank you. i thought i was doing something wrong!!! they are mixed up!!!!!! alert the masses!

  • Gary

    Do I download this from my Droid or the computer?

    • DeeMat

      up to you, but either way it has to make it to your phone…

  • droid=justu

    (Question) does applying the new kernel fixes the flash also? Because I loaded the rom find but no flash. Other thn that its very smooth and clean.

    Side note. If would b cool if they used the little android man widget as a messaging quick widget.

  • Marc

    am i overlooking something? I got froyo and flash installed but everytime i installed one of the kernel and go to setcpu it always says 800mhz max. I can't get it to go pass 800. I already installed 1000mhz and 1100mhz and nothing works. Is anybody else having this issue? I use Rom Manager to installed them.

    • Chris Nimon

      did you set setcpu to auto? dont set it to droid

    • terry

      i had the same problem, i got to looking and it never was going into recovery mode, so flash recovery again, then install from sd card. That worked for me.

  • Luke

    1ghz working fine by updating through rom manager. 1080 in Quadrant 😀

  • bgoodwood

    This is hot dude, sippin on a smoothie enjoying my froyo!

  • sweeeeeeeeet

  • I enabled JIT in my build.prop file. Testing linpack to see if it actually has the JIT special sauce or not. I'm getting ~14mflop with jit “enabled”. Going to disable it and try again.

    • false alarm! I am getting the same linpack scores with and without jit enabled in the build prop. Oh well.

  • aczm1988

    Ok for everyone who cant get into recovery i flashed the clockwordmod recovery in rom manager 2 times in a row then it worked again. Also i didnt install these through rom manager i couldnt get that to work. I put these kernels (only tested on 800 and 1000) on my sd card inside another folder so sdcard/folder/kernel and then booted into recovery and chose “install zip from sdcard” and then installed it and rebooted and went right into setcpu and was good to go.

  • Before i insstalled the 1100 gHz i was running the pre-installed kernal of 800 mhz. The benchmark for that was 10-12 MFLOPZ. Now With The 1100 kernal, its 16-17. And wifi is fixed, and the phone is superfast

    • Ray

      how did you end up getting into recovery?

      • FSRBIKER

        Try alt/up arrow/del and then hold the x key until the white m logo comes up.

        • Ray

          i finally got it i just played around with clockwork recovery and it worked thanks though

  • Has anyone been able to register their Droid with chrome-to-phone?

    • Tyrian

      I'd also like to know if anyone has been able to send android links their phone via chrome/firefox.

    • No success for me with that yet

  • Christian Cisco

    If people are still having trouble applying this fix then try using sbrecovery instead of clockwork and then apply the fix and reboot .. mine works perfect now =]

  • Kevin

    Do I need to install one of the roms from the previous post about 2.2? Or do I simply install one of these roms? Thanks guys!

    • droidaholic

      these downloads up top arent really roms. their kernels for the phone that will control like wifi, network, etc. download the 2.2 rom in the previous post which u will find has no wifi then download one of these kernels.

      • Kevin

        Thank you much, trying it soon!

        • droidaholic

          Email me if u have any questions

  • Having trouble with the touch screen – registers weird presses, scrolling is kind of hard and jittery. Anyone else?

  • Does anyone have any clue why we cant go into recovery????

  • rmoyer62

    kellex having problems with video playback on stock 2.2 kernal anyone else???

  • brando56894

    Wow youre on top of stuff today kellex! I'm loving froyo at 1.2 GHz 😀

  • avalanche208

    not the best video ever, but here is flash in action on my droid over 3g. 🙂


  • atomicsunset

    After testing for 2hrs using the sbrecovery method I had no access to marketplace. It would open then instantly close. One hour later my touchscreen and menu buttons stopped responding. Needless to say I was freaked. I might try again in a few days as more feedback comes in but its too scary for me right now. I thought I ruined my phone somehow!

  • Chris Nimon

    found video of froyo comparison with HD2 and an iphone on geeky-gadgets.com. first video is with flash enabled, 2nd is with it set to on demand.

  • Cranman

    I can't get it to reboot… It says “press OK to reboot into ClockworkMod Recovery and continue the installation” and it does nothing. It's not hanging it just doesn't reboot. Can I do a manual reboot and force it from the reboot menu?

  • aarynk

    Loving the FroYo ROM even more now!! Was running great on the 800mhz stock Kernel and now this thing flies with the 1ghz

    GREAT BIG THANK YOU to P3Droid and all at MyDroidWorld and of course you Kellex for posting all this stuff on your great website!!!

    • how did you get it to work, it won't work for me. Cant get into recovery

      • aarynk

        Did the original through Clockwork and then also did the Kernel through Clockwork worked no problem for me both times.

        Did you use SpRecovery? I've been reading that people that did have not been able to get back to recovery

  • teejaytm

    Can we get a video of it in action for those of us that are on the fence?

  • I cant reboot into recovery, can anyone help

    • Martin

      Hey I know what your going through I can't reboot into recovery either I'm scared haha help please

      • Cranman

        Me either…

        • I wonder why we cant

          • The first time I tried it rebooted bot not into recovery, now nothing will work!!!!

          • aczm1988

            Well i didnt do this throught rom manager. I booted into recovery then chose “install zip from sdcard” and navigated to the kernel that i put on a folder on my sdcard. Installed it and booted right up. Tested this method with 800 am doing 1000 as i type. So far 800 works this way.

          • The problem is i cant reboot into recovery from either rom manager or just by holding x and space

          • Ray

            me either not sure what the hell is going on but im sure kellex will have a fix up here soon enough

          • If you look near the top of comments, Sremex has a fix that worked for me

          • I dont seem to have any problems lol
            Nelson laugh… “haw haw!” lol j/k
            Yea, Kellex is on it 🙂 lol

          • droidaholic

            just go into rom manager and reflash the recovery image

          • Cranman

            This works! The key is that you have to put it IN a folder on your SD card… I threw mine into the /downloads folder and it worked great!

          • I just have a quick question. Should I wipe cache or format any partition before install zip from sdcard? I'm coming from Jrummy's Remix..

          • Ahh, nvm. I guess you don't clear any data or anything. Updating kernel now..

      • Brandon

        I had the same problem…it seems to be the recovery itself. flash an older one like 1.3.1 and it works.

    • Ok this is how I got it to work. Go into rom manager and flash sprecovery, then install clockworld recovery. Then turn the phone off and reboot into recovery, go to install zip from sd card, find your kernel and it should work.

      • Ok this worked for me too!!!!! Thank you!!!!!

        • I emailed him about 30 min ago so we will see

          • kellex

            Updated post. 🙂

          • Sweet!!!

      • Thank you, that helped me out.

      • droidaholic

        When I went through rom manager it erased my recovery.. just go in through the recovery instaed of rom manager and pick install from sd card.. worked great that way

  • Maybe a dumb question but…By “skip “wipe data and cache”” does he mean skip over it? Or to check it? Lol

    • Ray

      Dont check it!

  • Ok think I'm gonna take the plunge…. Froyo download commencing…

  • Ray

    hey kellex what kernel did you select because the 1100MHz didnt fix my wifi?

    • aczm1988

      I used the 800 one.

      • Ray

        ok i tried 1000 and 900 i guess i will try 800 now damnit

        • aczm1988

          Have you noticed extra heat with this rom. My phone is really hot

          • I'm definitely getting some heat. Feels like I can cook breakfast on this thing lol
            I think, it will cool down after a bit 😛 Hopefully….

    • Did you ever get wifi working? I've tried every kernel and none of them seems to fix my wifi… Any ideas? I keep getting an error every time I try to click on wifi.

  • Im running the froyo update and it let me get to recovery. Anyone having the same problems??? I cant backup this rom

    • bsteen

      Try uninstalling then reinstalling RomManager

  • Can anyone show me how to root my Kin??? lol

    • Ray

      no we cant but you cant miss the damn pink banner to the right that says HOW TO ROOT

    • Ray

      Kin thats not even a android phone get outta here man. Hey can someone show me how to root my iphone. seriously!

      • caphoagie

        Why do you want to add a porn store. LOL.

    • J/K calm down…My droid wont go into recovery

      • Jamerson90

        mine wont either. at all. kinda ticking me off. i cant make a backup, or anything. no clockworkmod recovery or sprecovery. X(

        • stefan

          happened to me to. If your using Clockwork with RomManager, flash SP Recovery (alternative recovery). Than reflash clockwork and everything should work fine

          • Jamerson90

            I got it running a few hours ago. found it on a post in the comments. thanks tho 🙂

        • bsteen

          Try uninstalling then reinstalling RomManager. That's what fixed this problem for me.

          • Jamerson90

            I fixed it a few hours ago, thanks tho

          • sundawg

            this worked for me, thanks for the insight!

  • necroscopev

    Awesome! I will load this up soon, was holding off but really no excuse not to now. Also i may not be first in the comments but i beat Tim-o-tato so that has to count for something! 😛

    • aczm1988

      Lol hes gonna be bummed out, didnt make it 😛

      • necroscopev

        I know! It is almost like he has a life on the weekend or something, unlike me. i am too hungover to move too far from my computer lol.

      • Ray

        Tim is MIA on this lovely Droid life Saturday

        • What's all this talk lol
          I am sooo hung over. My head hurts.
          I got a IM from MrPocilas and he was like “Froyos here!”
          I thought I was dreaming lol
          OK, so whats the scoop? People are losing their SU permissions
          and can't go back into recovery? That's scary.
          I'm flashing it right now, all systems are a go so far.

          What a glorious day!!!

          • necroscopev

            Ya i am worried about the SU permissions too….let me know how it worked out for you. Gotta say the Droid-Life community has to be one of the best out there, helpful and fun!

          • I got the NINJA! 🙂 Everything is good!

          • Ray

            i got the ninja but i cant get any of these damn kernels to work i just want wifi so i can see how flash works over it

          • aarynk

            It's a great ROM… been running since this morning no issues here also no issues getting new Kernel added… running it at 1ghz right now!!

      • I'm highly upset! lol

    • Punk 🙁 You would my ass lol

  • aczm1988

    Ok hopefully this will fix my droid from getting too hot. Soon as i loaded up this rom my temps went through the roof. The oddly enough, i ran out of free space …. How does that happen when i had like 50 something free before i flashed this. This does seem like its a big rom too take up too much space.

  • Trug

    I know this is off topic but does anyone know if app developers need to add the Apps 2 SD card feature to the program for it to work (a couple of programs can switch over to the SD card for me) or is it just 2.2. Rom that wont allow it?


    • NZT

      It is up to the developer to add this feature…I am sure most will going forward.

  • Ray

    Just a lovely day in the life of a droid owner.

  • checo

    my market isn't workin

    • lithium630

      My whole phone is f'd up. Can't get into recovery.

      • Seano

        i cant either 🙁

        • lithium630

          After numerous reboots, my phone started working okay. I then went into the rom manager and rebooted into recovery. Got it working now. Testing out Flash 10.1.

          • Seano

            i read somewhere else how to fix it.

            flash sprecovery then reboot and make sure its sp. reboot phone and go back into rom manager and flash clockwork. this solved my issue.

          • james34

            Ok is this a joke? I have tried the 800mhz and the 1000mhz and neither one works. I tried the 1000 one first and thought if this dont work i will go with the 800 one. Both installed fine but when it boots back up the screen is frozen and then it shuts off and starts back up and it repeats its self over and over. What gives? Thank God for doing a backup so i can go back to something that actually works. But if anyone is out there that can give me any idea or clues on this so i can be up to 2.2 along with the others that have been able to please help me out. Thanks.

  • NZT

    What is the best method to backup your Droid? Meaning contacts, apps, etc.

    Thank you for any help.

    • Ray

      my backup

      • aczm1988

        +1 MyBackUpPro