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Verizon V CAST Video Headed to Android Devices Monday?

Ready to watch full length TV episodes on your Droid or Droid Incredible? According to a Philly Verizon rep, you should be catching the newest edition of So You Think You Can Dance? on Monday through your Android device!  Yay?

According to Verizon’s website, V CAST Video is still $3 per day or $10 per month.


Via: Android Authority, Phandroid

  • Peter Cyril Jones

    VCast Video On Droid does not cut it…To watch it live it requires mobile TV.

  • Peter Cyril Jones

    VCast Video On Droid does not cut it…To watch it live it requires mobile TV.

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  • Prsncop

    Just called Verizon asking about VCast Video. The agent knew nothing!

  • Dalton

    It's Monday…where is this!!!?? I'm waiting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  • you can watch hulu on stock browser, xscope, or dolphin browsers on Android:

    HOW-TO is there ^^^

  • prowse

    Some good news: as with their Data plans, devices SHARE the connection and costs per ACCOUNT – not per DEVICE. so it will be 10 per month for your account, and if you have Family Plans, you are NOT charged per phone.

  • Hmmm… Pay for V-cast?? I thought when I had my LG Dare, Vcast was free as part of the unlimited data package. When I did have Vcast I never used it, so I'm pretty sure I'm not missing anything…

  • KittyKittyLickLick

    It won't be included in the data plan already forced upon us. I looked into buying the HTC Imagio and was told V-cast charges would be on top of the data plan. I'm not paying extra for their crappy tv service when slingbox, flo tv, and a bunch other are just aroumd the corner. Now if only I had a 4.3 inch screen to watch it on…

  • checo

    Yes the world cup will be on Vcast but only in spanish through the univision channel.

  • If it was free yeah

  • Yawn. When's ESPN ScoreCenter coming? {{-_-}}

  • david

    So if I get vcast I will be able to watch world cup matches??

  • yhwhsozo

    This should be a free service or something included with the data plan already forced to pay

  • crichton007

    It comes free if you have VCast internet on a feature phone (or at least did a few months ago) but when paying more for a smartphone data plan they add another $10? I'm not excited about that.

  • Beamrider

    Slingbox will be released for Android soon…I'll wait for it.

  • JLeo87

    I would really like to have V-Cast Video to watch NHL on my Droid, but $10 on top of my data plan and unlimited text plan would really put a damper on my budget since my Verizon bill is already ridiculously expensive…. V-Cast should be free for anybody already spending $30 or more for Verizon's overpriced data plans.

  • BIG willy

    This would be awesome if flash wasn't right around the corner bringing with it access to hulu.

    • Hulu does not work on mobile phones, flash beta is out on the Nexus One and Hulu does not work on it.

      • k0tix

        Hulu DOES work on flash esp on the nexus1 you just have to set your user agent from android to desktop and it works perfectly fine!

        • Like I said it does NOT work on mobile phones, they just have to block them one by one.

  • i'm more concerned with watching world cup matches somehow.

  • Im glad Verizon is trying to make some efforts to promote the Droid but im paying for anything extra. When Google releases the updates we'll have access to more shows for free.

  • Joe E

    F v cast….not worth a dime

  • Joe E

    F v cast….not worth a dime

  • Mikey

    What are they going to do once we all get flash and although it wont be streamed TV, hulu will give us everything we need??? Wouldn't be surprised to see this included in plans within the year.

    • Winterfresh

      As of the last news I've heard hulu will be blocked on phones, something about trademark rights or something.

      Maybe there will be a way to get around it though, who knows

  • Ben

    Honestly who cares.vcast will still be overpriced garbage.

  • spyderman

    Not that exciting… maybe if it was bundled with the internet access…. might be better and cheapercheaper

  • bobby

    if this is true i am so happy i can cry!! now for $10 i can watch all the world cup matches at work on my desk!!! dont know if my work pc would allow me to stream them on espn, that is if espn3 is in fact playing all of them live. if its flash then i should be ok. but, for $10 i can now have the peace of mind that i can stream them live at my desk!! i was actually contemplating getting that flo tv thing. not now!!!

  • redbar0n11

    PASS! Can you say Flash + Hulu?! I can… Tho, don't see me ever really doing that unless I'm stuck at an airport or some other random place without a laptop and SEVERE boredom. But +1 to the ability, always love ability.

  • Ray

    “I pitty the fool” that actually pays for this!

  • pyroholtz

    I will most likely pass…might check it out if they offer a demo period.

  • railrider

    When we get flash I will be watching videos off of HBOGO.com………..good stuff on there!!!

  • SecurityNick

    Wonder if this article is about the same thing or an alternative to VCast?

  • Alex

    Right on time. Now i can watch the World Cup at work.

    • kellex


    • villian1998

      That's what you think. I'm sure if you could watch the games it will be well after the fact and probably just highlights. Verizon won't be able to get the rights to play the games.

    • poeddroiduser

      I think ESPN said all WC matches will be on ESPN3.com

    • that's what I'm excited for! — V Cast clips are “cool” but… live ESPN TV for the World Cup would be AMAZING!!!!!!

  • John L.

    Wow, pay Verizon EVEN MORE money.
    They should be paying me, since I have to run one of their Samsung signal boosters where I am.
    And why pay for Vcast video on a MotoDROID, when you have entire YouTube video site to watch.
    and with 2.2 FroYo I am sure even more sites with video will work.
    Hah, Verizon is just looking to line their pockets with more of my money.

  • caphoagie


  • hawaiianbrowneyez05

    why pay for it when you can watch tv episodes on clicker.com on skyfire.

  • djspikezz

    pay to watch TV stuff = fail… now if they were offering movies in theatres/movies in general that would be worth paying for… not for TV though ><

  • kellex

    I really just like having the option. If some day I'm traveling and want to pay $3 to watch some shows, might be worth it.

    • Joe E

      Its is 3$ a clip and, depending on how long the show is, a full episode could be 5 or 6. I haven't had v cast in a while though maybe they finally improved it.

      • vzfellow

        nope..the clips are all free unless it is music artist licensed content. The $10 feature gives you tons of full episodes and skips the commercials.. im a verizon rep.

    • I agree. Probably the best use.

  • Pass…..
    V-Cast is sort of spotty. Plus, when I had my Voyager, there was NEVER any TV reception for it.
    No antenna or whatever. Lame 🙁

  • That is stupid, back when I had my dare, it was 30 dollars a month for internet and vcast. Now they are charging extra for it ontop of the 30 dollars a month is just stupid. The only reason to get it is because off the nhl playoffs, but that will be over hopefully sunday.

    • Jordan

      Mine was only 15 dollars for unlimited internet and vcast on my dare and ya now for everything its a fortune

  • Ricky

    hmmm $3 a day to watch TV on a small 3.7″ screen? I don't think so.

  • amosk

    Not paying for that. Call me cheap, but after shelling out about $100/month for my phone+data plan, I think I'll draw the line here. Sorry Vcast!

  • aczm1988

    Yea thats a nice feature, some phones have it. I missed it at first when i switched from lg voyager to the droid. Honestly now its not even worth the money IMO. Ill use my tv since i pay enough for cable as it is, let alone tv on my phone too lol.

  • aczm1988

    Yea thats a nice feature, some phones have it. I missed it at first when i switched from lg voyager to the droid. Honestly now its not even worth the money IMO. Ill use my tv since i pay enough for cable as it is, let alone tv on my phone too lol.