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Norton Smartphone Security Headed to Android

It was only a matter of time before Symantec and their line of internet security products found a way onto mobile devices.  They plan to introduce Norton Smartphone Security for Android in the coming weeks, a service which could give WaveSecure and Lookout a run for their money.

Here are the highlights pulled from Norton’s Android site…

Prevents strangers from using your mobile device in case of loss or theft

  • Remotely locks your mobile device if it’s stolen so thieves can’t use it and run up your bill
  • Instantly locks your mobile device if its SIM card is removed, so it can’t be used with another SIM card

Protects your privacy and the personal information on your mobile device

  • Prevents access to your private information if your mobile device is lost or stolen
  • Remotely erases all information from your mobile device, if you choose
  • Lets you block annoying and unwanted calls and text messages

Eliminates mobile threats before they can cause you problems

  • Detects and removes threats and forbidden files without affecting your mobile device’s performance
  • Scans all the files and app updates you download to your mobile device for threats

We’ve seen the remote locking feature on other apps, but the “block annoying and unwanted calls and text messages” is something that has me interested.  Your thoughts?

This should be available in the Android market sometime in the near future.  With a name like “Norton” attached, would you be willing to pay for it?

Visit http://www.norton.mobi from your phone’s browser to check for download availability.

Source: Symantec

  • Rdburke

    Not on my phone, not even if you pay me!!!!!

  • Norton is widley known for slowing down any system while its running.

  • Debrihmi

    No offence, but Norton was solid until they sold the company back in 2000?.. Since then they've been the biggest piece of rubbish that anybody can install on a PC – and now it's coming to Android?! WTF?!?! I've had to use REMOVAL PROGRAMS just to UNINSTALL it from friend's PCs – heaven help us..

  • With a name like “Norton” attached, I would be willing to avoid it like the plague.

    • Flyinion

      Yeah no kidding, they couldn't even pay me to run that on my phone much less my PC.

  • When I had my PC I used Norton once.. It was slow and ran forever.. I really am interested in the blocking annoying calls and texts thought. Droids don't have sim cards to remove so that doesn't apply to me and also once you report a phone stolen or lost on VZW it's forever gone because once the serial number is gone.. it's gone forever.. Prehaps this app can change Nortons image, but if it's to expensive they can forget it!

  • jstell

    Hah. Norton is getting no where near my smart phones. When I started my current job as an I.T. Director, my team and I spent our entire first week uninstalling Symantec Corp AV and replacing it with a managed AVAST Antivirus solution. Amazingly, everyone thought we had worked some kind of magic, everything just started working on their workstations and they were fast again! 🙂


    TOO MANY DAYS in a row without viable news about the Shadow or new Droid and now I hear from Sir Slate Jones that theres something called the PRO showing up. Brother I dont care if your just making crap up ! Tell me something new EVERYDAY !!! Add some Federation Starship Enterprise intergration to these phones. You know like (DROIDS NEW DUALQUAD SNAPDRAGON OLYMPUS OVERCLOCKING GOLD SERIES COMES WITH MOTOROLAS BRAND NEW REVOLVING FLUX CAPACITATING i107 SMOKESTACK SERIES) RUMORED to be on the droid 2…………….GIVE US SOMETHING TO READ !!!!!

    • Dito_Muertez

      Droid Invaded Monaco, and other small countries in the Mediterranean Gulf over the weekend. The OS has successfully Liberated their governments only to enforce what the smartphone is referring to as a Droidocracy.

      • blootzM3

        And communism In the middle east known as the iphone has subsided due to the uprising of the droidocracy lol

  • .: Android Getting Faster: Qualcomm dual-core Snapdragon 1.2GHz Shipping http://bit.ly/aXiMsb; what phone is this?

    • Lord Fortisque

      It's just their logo/flyer for snapdragon, you just have to read the comments to find that out. Besides: No one would be crazy enough to make a phone for left handed people. Amirite?

  • Jhar

    haha quite funny, it was suppose to be Symantec's big entry into mobile, turned into a bitching session on norton.

    anwyays, now its just smoke and mirrors from symantec, let's see what they can come up with.

    Am a big fan of WaveSecure, it's gonna be hard to beat if u ask me.

  • Norton aaaaaaaaaa……No! Thank You i dont have any virus and i dont need any.

    • blootzM3

      The moment norton comes out. Cellphone viruses start showing up.hmmm conspiracy. Down with norton and the world will be virus free.

  • Droid life is slacking..anyone else feel the same way

    • kellex

      3 day weekend baby. We'll be back full on tomorrow.

  • DaShe24

    Doesn't the “Lookout” app have some of the same benefits of this potential Norton app? And Lookout is free.

  • Ricky

    Oh here we go, Good ole Norton promising the moon and giving you nothing but headaches. Never, Never, Never use their products!

  • No. Norton is horrible on computers, I can't imagine it would be much better on a mobile device. And there is really no reason to have an antivirus program on a phone in the first place.

    • Tom

      Your mobile device is basically a mini computer. It can get viruses, so, yes there is reason. However… Just like with computers… if you are not stupid… you should be fine even without antivirus protection. Norton, however, is never the solution.

      I remember once upon a time iPhone users thought that their devices were invulnerable to viruses… until an iPhone virus was made and screwed with several phones. I think mostly jailbroken users were effected… but none the less… IT DOES HAPPEN.

      • Of course it CAN happen, I just said there is really no need for it. Because there isn't. Of course viruses can be made for Android, but it's a very very rare thing to actually get one. Since the release of the HTC Eris and Moto Droid on VZW, I have yet to see one phone that has actually had a virus on it (I work tech support at vzw call center that has first priority for smartphone calls).

        So yes, it can happen. But it very rarely does.

      • I gotta admit.. this is actually pretty funny.


  • Dale Burke

    Sure we need Norton Virus Installer, how have we lived without it this long?

  • cranialoutlet

    Google voice can block calls. Norton will slow you down.

    Your experience will be faster and better if you're careful and you won't have to pay for services that, in the end, can't really protect your phone unlees you're just a putz and lose it.

  • Dy

    I couldn't agree more with most of you. We had virii on a weekly basis back 7 yrs ago. The day I put Norton off our corp LAN for CA, that problem stopped cold. It doesn't even stop threats for all those resources its sucking up.

    I don't know WaveSecure or Lookout, but I'd say they have nothing to worry about.

  • caphoagie

    What's this thing called Norton sorry mac user here don't know anything about this virus stuff. Ha ha.

    • Mike Cook

      Yep, because Mac's aren't important enough to target.

  • Like so many others have said, Norton sucks down some serious resources. Believe me, I know. It's 2010 and I'm still using Symantec's antivirus and firewall software. Why? Well, because I have a lot of very very sensitive data on my computer and require the absolute best in security. Does Norton software generate a ton of false positives? Oh definitely. Does it slow down the whole system? There's no doubt about it in my mind. But does it keep the crooks out? Once again, definitely. So the bottom line is that Symantec totally ruins the user experience but definitely keeps the data safe. So I use it on my computers, because security is key there. But would I use it on my phone, that I use just for personal use and random phone calls to place orders for pizza? NOT A CHANCE IN HELL. I would rather do a clean install twice a week for the next two years and lose all my settings each time, than install anything Norton makes on to my phone.

  • Octotron

    Norton lost me as a fan years ago. There have been such better free alternatives out there for virus protection. There is no reason why I would suddenly trust Norton again.

    • blootzM3

      It's pointless to have norton anyhow as worthless as they are. I've got phone insurance. If my phone becomes useless I'll just get a new one. Norton doesn't back up what they sell, I didn't get a new computer when all the viruses messed it up. Norton security is weak and just slows things down.

  • StephanC

    Maybe with a name like “Google” attached to it.

  • Norton is widley known for slowing down any system while its running. It seems cool, but it would be important to me that it does not slow down my phone. The price also will matter too.

    • two Daltons huh thought i was the only one in the world lol

  • They couldnt pay ME enough to put this on my DROID.

  • JCCT

    Excellent!!! with this my device will be 3 times slower and I'll have a big time to get this rid out of my phone!!

    Exactly what I wanted (Y)

  • JP

    The inevitable occurs…

    Another system decellerator for Android, which doesn't yet have a need for AV.

    And when we do, it surely will not be from Symantec.

    Just remember kiddies, S is for Symantic, Symantec = Slow.

  • Nope, not even if it's free. As previously posted Norton=System Hog….

  • z32589

    Norton = bugged down device – period. There are no two ways about it. Unless someone can actually prove this is more secure and FASTER than Lookout it will not find a home on my device. Norton is just trying to use their name recognition to incite less knowledgable consumers into buying their product. I've been off Norton for about 3 years using Avast and, quite frankly, we all know which one is better.

  • Static_prone

    Another offtopic: hey Kellex, i see you have a new ROM directory link at the top that is “coming soon”, i was just wondering what type of things you are going to have in there, just the actually rom to download, or will it be features with pros/cons of different ROMs, or Themes for ROMs.

  • Aaron

    mmmmmh Symantec wasn't content with bloat code on the PC side they decided we need bloatware on our phones… I'll pass

  • kschulte

    I don't trust Norton for PC security, there's no way I'd install their software on my phone even if it were free. The last thing I need is their bloated program sucking up CPU and battery.

    • I agree Norton has always scared me, and the truth is i dont trust any PC security program. And also i feel that once Antivirus programs hit the mobile world that will bring viruses.

  • aczm1988

    Norton is a huge powerhog on pc, no thank you. Now if AVG came to android, bet your ass id get it

  • Nick

    No antivirus or anything like it will ever be on my phone, sucking up battery power and running when it doesn't need to. Until someone actually makes a virus that attacks android phones, thats when ill put something on but for now were in no danger, and if we are prove me wrong :-).

  • Static_prone

    offtopic: anyone know a screenshot app that can be used for nonrooted phones?

    • droidftw

      you had to use ddms.bat in the androidsdk to do it without root he has a guide on here search for it

      • Static_prone

        ok thanks, i was hoping there was a better way for a friend of mine to do it, i am rooted so i got all my options covered 🙂

        • Home++ launcher has a screenshot capture function. Works for everyone.

          • Static_prone

            i thought that just took screenshots of the homescreen and not in other apps?

          • I'm not sure, I never used the screen capture and uninstalled it recently.

    • Jedi_Gunslinger

      Have you checked out “Site Shot” in the market…? Not sure what it is you're looking for it to do, but it allows you take shots if webpages to store and send…

  • alan

    Symantec is know for bloatware, false positives, and generally screwing up a PC FUBAR. Made a lot of money as a consultant “fixing” norton. No thanks. Watch what, where, when and you won't have any issues. Wavesecure seems like a WAY more responsive company. Symantec will not even answer your emails most of the time!

  • Steve

    “with a name like Norton”…..never. Just what we need, something to bog down our devices 🙁

    • Dan

      I hear ya. It will bog down the phone plus your gonna need another program just uninstall the program completely.

  • monstergamer

    If you get the same features as lookout and the rest but only have 1 or 2 small features for a price, then I would not get it. Knowing Norton it will come with a price. I think I will still with lookout.

  • Tom

    Already have wavesecure free for life. Besides… Norton doesn't have a great track record for making efficient things… If it was Kaspersky or NOD32… I might switch…

  • Free App?

  • I don't know. I'll have to research it. I don't use Norton on my laptop so don't know too much about them.

  • I would pay for this 😛