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LauncherPro Updated with Customizable Icons

LauncherPro, the current top dog of the launcher world, received another update last night, this time giving users the option to customize their tray icons.  Yep, just like the HelixLaunchers.

Enhancements and bug fixes:

  • Performance, stability, and memory usage improvements.
  • Fixed the bug where the Search option on the menu didn’t do anything.
  • Dock shortcuts now stay in their place when rotating the phone (leftmost shortcut stays at the bottom instead of moving to the top, etc.)
  • Custom dock shortcuts – Long-press any of the four shortcuts and you’ll be able to choose a new shortcut to replace it. You can add any type of shortcut; applications, contacts, direct dials, music playlists, and more!
  • Option to restore default settings in the Preferences screen (useful if you want to revert to the default dock shortcuts.)

Is it the perfect launcher now?  Maybe.

*For all users.


Download Link

Source: LauncherPro

Cheers Danny and OldNuc!

  • andrew401

    how come when i scan the barcode nothing shows up in the market? also the download link is broken. i want this soooo badd for my incredible please help fix kellex

  • andrew401

    how come when i scan the barcode nothing shows up in the market? also the download link is broken. i want this soooo badd for my incredible please help fix kellex

  • is there an easy way to port all of my shortcuts from Helix home screens to this after install? I am a little worried I will have to do it all over again! It took me forever to change all of the icons and I really don't want to redo it. Thanks!

  • mygixxer

    I didn't like this home app because of the lack of options. I was using GDM home for a long time but has recently become very slow and laggy. I have found a new home app “ADW” that is very much like the pro launcher, but has TONS more options. runs very fast with no lag.

  • Josef F

    I'm still getting the occasional FC on this, but it's still the best home app by far (IMHO)

  • GadgitGurl

    This is the best home app!

  • Michael

    I am loving this. Had problems w/ helix 2 and went with this home screen and it rocks.

    I was also curious if anybody knew where to get that time/date/weather widget w/ out being rooted? I have looked aimlessly for it and can not figure out which one it is.

  • WskyTngoFoxtrt

    My only launcher now. Fantastic!

    Quick issue. Has anyone else noticed, when unlocking phone, the wallpaper seems to shift down a few mm from where it sat on the lock screen. By no means a deal breaker, but kind of annoying sometimes.

    Great work, man!

  • p0k3y

    How do I switch from ADW to this? Can't seem to find ADW or anything in Manage Apps to clear defaults.

    • Towelie420

      flash ur rom again

  • Towelie420

    Currently I'm running the latest Cyanogen and I LOVE the launcher. The 5-icons-wide, 3-D app drawer launcher is SO GOOD LOOKING. I have dabbled with Running Bugless Beast, and I do like it a lot, but I want my launcher. I thought I had read earlier on this site that launcher pro had a 3-D app drawer. I can't find how to change that in the options menue. Also, I don't like the little custom quick shortcuts (don't hate me please lol) because I like to place those icons on my main screen.
    PS Kellex, your site absolutely rocks dude. I can't believe how much this has evolved.

  • aczm1988

    I Still prefer “Zeam” from the market. Best launcher ive used so far. Auto rotate, dedicated buttons on bottom, up to 9 home screens. Of course Petes new Bugless Beast 1.1 come with a home launcher with 9 screens too.

  • Mathew

    Anyone else realize you can pinch-to-zoom and see all home screens…very nice. So happy to get rid of Helix 2. Slow, so slow and way too many FC's. trade in a few less options not to have to wait 30 seconds for my app drawer.

    • GadgitGurl

      Thanks for the tip!

  • I'm really loving LauncherPro after this update! Seems to run faster, and the ability to change the quick launch icons is exactly what I was waiting for.

  • rockymtnhigh

    Ok, this is supposed to have the 3D launcher app drawer, right? I don't get that when I use it. THere does not seem to be any settings. Thoughts?

  • aarynk

    I like how you can finally customize the dock icons!!

    I like ADW launcher a little better more customization… been using all his beta builds! Glad to see Ander finally put this in the market

  • Nathan

    The only complaint I had before was that I couldn't customize the quick-launch bar. Now this is app is perfect!

  • Leo

    OMG I HAVE HELIX OTHER THAN THE MORE ROOM>….. I LOVE THIS APP BETTER! its smooth and clean and jus right 🙂 I likes alot!


    I am continually getting a message saying it cannot install onto my phone. Anyone else seeing this problem? I am currently running DarkEdge ROM and have had launcherpro on my phone before when I was running CM Pink theme. Anyone have any suggestions?

  • removement

    This launcher is perfect now. I have been using it since it was first talked about because of its stability and speed.

    I hope it is not going to try and do all the things listed below in some of these comments. When you start adding all these bells and whistles is when the app gets bloated, starts to slow down and sucks the life out of the battery. Leave all the bells and whistles to the other bloated apps out there.

  • cOMplEX

    Blazing fast is correct. Only thing that keeps me using helix2 is the fact I can choose whether or not I want the top info bar and icons with no text. If that were added it would be perfect!

  • Webman

    Much faster than Helix 2 , especially loading the homepage icons. Love it!

  • greg

    Thanks for the article. I love your site and am glad I stumbled across it! The third picture you show is the settings. How do I open that? I would like to add more home screens, but I can't. If I click on the application it brings me back to my home screen

    • Michael

      Hit the Menu button on the home screen, then hit preferences.

  • Michael

    It keeps changing my messaging icon to the browser icon, and its getting annoying.

  • Yagermeister

    Angel Rodriguez is the KING! The default launcher wasn't listed because the filter was set to Downloaded. Once I set it to All the default launcher (I didn't have helixlauncher2) displayed and the defaults could be cleared. PERFECT Answer!

  • Hey, when I open launcher and rotate screen it automatically goes back to the home screens. That's not supposed to happen is it?? If not how the heck would I stop it from doing that???

  • This Launcher is perfect now!!! It would be nice to start seeing some good themes for it!!

    • Falcon34

      I second that! I would love to see a dark theme to match the majority of the ROMs out there. I hate the gray google widget and dotted app launcher icon. I'm sticking with my themed helix 1 to match my black and blue themed bugless beast until somebody themes up this launcher. My dark themed helix just looks too good to let go.

  • matholomus

    Does it have ” hide notification bar” option yet?

  • Chris Kloiber

    Just tried this for the fist time, and yes it is smooth and fast.

    For some reason however I can only use a select list of “short-cuts” for the docked apps. I for one wanted to replace the Globe Icon (browser) with the “Navigation” icon found in CyanogenMod (Motorola Droid). But alas, I don't get that as a choice. Attempting to bring it first to the desktop, then down to the dock does not work either. Might uninstall, might not.

    Chris Kloiber

    Blog Moderator: Please allow login via OpenID, or better yet accept client SSL Certificates. Thanks.

    • Chris Kloiber

      I take it back. It can be customized. It's just a several step process. Thanks.

      Chris Kloiber

    • audio

      Chris –

      Select applications from the top of the short cut list and you should be able to choose from all of your apps there. It was slow to load for me but it works.

  • kulz

    best laucnher to date

  • Score!

  • Thomas Iansiti

    Switched back from Helix2…too many FC's and the app tray icon labels would jumble on landscape.

    Anyone else noticing a noticeable icon lag when opening the app tray on LauncherPro?? That seems to be the only bad thing I'm finding, well that and I did like the 'shelf' for the static icons in H2.

  • FunkyMonkey88

    Great find! Saw this last night when everyone commented on ADW Launcher. Updated shortly after and fell in love.

  • mygixxer

    I still use GDE home. much more options to choose from. launcher pro seems to be much better than helix2 but I don't see it holding a candle to GDE.

    Can someone convince me otherwise?

    • mygixxer

      GDE has everything that people are asking for:
      Scrolling dock
      Loop home screen option
      Custom buttons settings
      Home screen animation
      Quick slide/swipe from screen to screen
      7 screens
      custom home skins
      It's quick and responsive
      Little to no lag

      • It's not a pretty as the other launchers, kinda cheesy looking. Oh and it's not free!! Free is always better that not free! LOL

        • mygixxer

          True, but what's $3? I only have 2 apps that I have paid for, beautiful widgets and GDE. GDE gives me all that is being asked and requested from all the comments here. The options, customization and abilities given from GDE are more important to me than having a 3d app drawer. I don't have a rooted phone so the more options from an app the better.

        • mygixxer

          what do you mean it's not as pretty? As far as I can tell, other than customizing 4 permanants, customizing some icons and having a 3d app there really isn't much to it.

          Maybe I'm missing something here. I am wanting someone to not only convince me why I would benefit from switching from GDE to using Pro launcher, but to tell me the advantages. Many of you are saying pro launcher is now the perfect launcher now, but other than minimal options and it being nice and fast what else does it offer

          ????? ANYONE ?????

          keep in mind I'm not trying to prove anyone wrong. I want someone to prove me wrong and show me what I'm missing.

          • Instead of waiting for someone to convince you why not just try it? It is free after all.

          • mygixxer

            ok maybe I worded it wrong. I'm not looking for a convincing. I guess I'm wanting to know what else does it have to offer. I want a lot of options and it doesn't seem to have many. I have it on my phone, played with it for an hour or so and didn't see what the big fuss was about which is why I commented. Wanting to know if there is something outside of what I can see that is so special other than it running fairly quick. I dont want to waste time with it if it doesnt have anything more to offer than what I already know about it.

  • Yagermeister

    For the life of me I cannot figure out how to make my phone use this launcher instead of the one in cyanogenmod Any ideas fellow Droid-lifers??!!

    • Yagermeister

      I can click on the program icon and then choose my icons for the tray but if I go to do anything else and then click Home I get my old home and launcher.

      • nkhex19

        Did you try Home Switcher from the market? Its free and it allows you to switch launchers and set different launchers to your default launcher easily.

        • Yagermeister

          Good idea but I've never had to use a separate app to do this before.

          • GO to settings, applications, manage, hit menu- filter, select all, then find helixlauncher2 and hit the clear default button. Then hit the home button and it should give you the choice of which launcher to choose.

          • Yagermeister

            Angel Rodriguez is the KING! The default launcher wasn't listed because the filter was set to Downloaded. Once I set it to All the default launcher (I didn't have helixlauncher2) displayed and the defaults could be cleared. PERFECT Answer!

    • Did you clear defaults in the settings>manageapps directory?

      • Yagermeister

        When I go to LauncherPro in settings>applications>manage applications>LauncherPro>Launch by Default it says No defaults set. This is where I normally go when switching Home Launchers

        • Mrpicolas

          Get home switcher free in the market

  • Awesomeness! This was the one thing it was lacking in my opinion.

  • redbar0n11

    Didn't realize that this runs as a program. When I would use Adv Task Killer to kill apps, it would “close” too I guess, and restart. Then I'd lose the 2nd persistent tray icon, yet it was still properly linked. So I would just re-apply the link to the app I wanted, and the icon would return. Did this a few times before I noticed that it was running like an App in Adv Task Killer, and once I unchecked it so that it wouldn't close on me, seems to keep that icon now. Also, had similar issues with the clock and my alarm not going off if you kill the app – unchecked too lol.

  • I went back to home++ recently. It's still a little buggy sometimes but way better than it used to be. The current version doesn't support live wallpapers but o don't mind.

    • I just recently went back to using my Motorola StarTrac!! =D

      • The in call battery swap feature on that phone was the best.

  • talkdj

    Hey Kelix, thanks for the heads up on the customizable app tray! I got the download last night as part of updates but didn't know it was ready to do this. This is by far the best launcher out there. No FC's, very fast too.

  • Nmiz

    Finally!! Always thought launcher pro was faster, but hated the icons. Officially switched to launcher pro, so far seems way faster, no slow downs, and no for closes yet. (only been an hour tho lol)

  • rals

    I just hope it runs better without some the force close issues I run into everyday.

  • August

    Happy. Switched from Helix. This one rotates my homescreen where Helix wouldnt. So far so good

  • KELLEX, how do you get the white nexusmod wallpaper lines. I can't make the white color 🙁
    Does it come with the new Bugless or something? 😛

  • Austin

    Can someone tell me why this launcher is better than helix?

    Non rooted motoDROID

    • No force closes, way snappier scrolling, and it is just PLAIN better.
      Try it out and see for yourself 🙂

    • keithsmith22

      I like it better because there is no lag and no force closes like I had with Helix. Plus it is quick and snappy changing between screens as well as in the app drawer.

    • scrizzo

      Its responds faster and has less errors for the most part. Lag is a deal breaker for me and i found that this launcher doesn't lag much at all compared to helix 1 and 2.

    • superchachi

      I didn't love that Helix Launcher would change the order of the persistent apps when switching from landscape to portrait. I loved that Helix 2 left them alone when rotating, but it was even slower that 1. My Lag Test app now runs consistently in the high 40's vs. high 20's with Helix. Unsure whether causation or correlation.

  • Eric

    2 things imo would make it perfect. 3d scroll on app draw. and let me be able to use my HTC widgets with it which it shows and is not possible.

  • rob

    Hey kellex, big fan of this and adwlauncher, you ever find any word on tat home?

    • Mrpicolas

      Tat home hosed us and there stuff is on nothing yet there is another company working on an interface kellex signed up for their list

  • cnpalmer

    Almost perfect! This is blazing fast, sweet transitions and no FC's at all when flipping modes, rotating and accesing apps that I was receving with Helix1.

    I still would like to see…
    – Customizable row/column count for the app tray (choose row count and column count for both normal & landscape mode)
    – Loop home screens option (Allow for a user option/choice to loop home screens, be able to continuously scrool through)
    – Customizable app tray icon (I wanna be able to make the app tray icon dark to match my themes)
    – Customizable app tray location (Let me choose where to put the app tray on the bottom)
    – Customizable persistent app icon count (Ability to have up to 6 persistent shortcuts)
    – Icon themes (I love the clear glass look of the default shortcuts, add the ability to have themes to adjust them)

    I know it's a laundry list of requests and probably some of them are far fetched but I've seen it done in other launchers/home replacements. This one already stands out form its competition, why not rise way above the others.

    And the LAST thing I'd like to see is a DONATE link somewhere for this guy!

    • I would donate lol

      • duckphan

        I would donate too. Off Subject: HELP! When I switch from Rom to Rom it removes my handcent and twitter apps even thought I back them up with Titanium backup first. For example I switched from the Pink droid life them to the blue them of Jrummy and can't find the app anywhere to restore it.

        Can someone help me out?

        • You dont need to wipe data and cache everytime you jump from ESE81 builds.
          That should fix your little “losing all shiz” problem 😛
          I dont even use Titanium anymore unless I'm doing something stupidly risky lol

    • Nate

      I'd donate. 😀

  • Mmmmm, MONEY lol

  • Adam

    This is the perfect launcher now.

    There is seriously nothing that could be done to make it better.

  • Mrpicolas

    Woot Wooten good day indeed

  • Lee

    This thing is the shiz!