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WaveSecure Shows Love to Rooted Users

WaveSecure, one of the top security Android apps, showed some love to the rooted community last week in an email newsletter.  They featured an entire section and blog post on how you can use WaveSecure even more effectively by rooting your device.  It’s not very often that we see a mainstream Android app talk about the risks and rewards of rooting your device.  Pretty sweet though, right?

The point of the article was to show users how to root and then place WaveSecure in their system apps folder to allow for extra security…

-WaveSecure can be made hard reset proof! This means you can make WaveSecure a part of your “system” and a simple factory reset of the phone will not remove it. It will, however, erase all WaveSecure settings from the phone. For our rooted users we have modified WaveSecure to fetch these settings from the server automatically. This way, if you have set your phone to be locked, it will even survive a factory reset.

-WaveSecure has the ability to start GPS automatically even if it has been switched off. Network location can be inaccurate with error of up to 2 km. GPS lets WaveSecure pin point the location of your phone more accurately. Of course, the phone will need to get a GPS fix for it to work.

They also provided instructions on how to install it into /system/apps…

This is the simplest way of getting this done. You’ll need a recovery image like Amon RA or ClockworkMod installed on your phone which can install update.zip files.

1.  You can download the latest WaveSecure in the form of update.zip
2.  Put the update.zip file on the memory card of your phone
3.  Restart the phone into the recovery console
4.  Install update.zip

Got to love seeing a company like this that has really taken off show support to the rooted community. Maybe this will help other big time app developers join in on the party?

(Not rooted yet?  Check out our full “Guide to rooting 2.1.“)

Also, if you aren’t familiar with WaveSecure, check out the comparison we did between it, Lookout, and Mobile Defense back in our early days.

Source: WaveSecure Blog

Cheers Tyler!

  • Very cool application to your mobile phone.

  • Very cool application to your mobile phone.

  • audio

    Is it just me or is the backwards hand on the Wave Secure Android illustration bug anyone else? The fist needs to be flipped the other way.

  • ellianth

    I've been considering buying this app but i don't want to pay yearly. Get them to give some kind of droid life discount 😀

    I'd love you forever

  • andy

    Someone should tell them that the android's fist isn't correct… at least not on that side of its body.

  • Barry

    Will it survive running RSD Lite on the phone? Not likely.

  • bigred4x15

    So I am having a small problem, I am running BB V1.0 and I have clockworkmod via Rom Manager Premium, but when I try to boot in recovery I can't get past the moto emblem. The emblem comes on for 30 sec and then the screen goes black for a sec and then the moto emblem pops back up. Any Ideas?

    • Mrpicolas

      Should boot into recovery before the moto embelem try holding x while rebooting see if that helps

  • jawa5636

    I would like to add that it's 20.00 for a year after 7 days or so it appears.

    • kellex

      Thats too bad. It was free for life if you signed up back in like January.

      • tcling

        Yep I signed up then too and still have it, shucks that stinks. I love the phone locator if someone stole it.

  • villian1998

    Nice, it's good to see companies realize the potential of being rooted. To bad it's $20/year but it does have some great features.

  • Cizzlen

    This is great news for the rooted android community. Just proves there are far more benefits underneath your droid than you think.

  • Saul

    Idk if its just me, but wth is this exactly??