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Download: YouTube HQ App from EVO 4G

The first ported app from the EVO 4G has been released.  (Yay!)  The automatic Youtube High Quality app is available for all users on the Motorola Droid and Droid Incredible.  Yep, rooted and non-rooted.  It’s a simple apk file install that updates your stock Youtube app to the new HQ version.

Download: Youtube.apk (alt link)  (alt link2)

Instructions for installation…

*Note 1* – This will remove theming from your Youtube widget.

1.  Download the Youtube.apk to your SD card.
2.  When the file finishes downloading, tap on it and select “OK.”
3.  Then choose “Install.”
4.  When it finishes select “Open” and play a video.
5.  Done!

*Note 2* – If your widget does not work initially, reboot your phone and it should be fine.

Comments or questions?  Hopefully we see some Froyo ports soon!

Via: Android Central Forums

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  • strows

    didn't work for my Incredible. Now widget just loads and ends up having to force close.

  • ian

    do you have to do this from your phone or can i download this to my computer and then mount my phone and put it on there??? because i've tried doing it from my phone and its not doing anything when i click the download link??????

  • ddddD

    I have wifi disabled and still am able to default to HQ using 3G

  • palomosan

    Aweseme, love it, mine works on 3G or WiFi.

  • As for people having the issue of the widget saying “loading” I've found it has something to do with being signed into youtube. If you sign out, the pictures show on the widget fine. Try it out.

  • Ty

    People are funny. They gripe about everything. who cares you have to hit a button for HQ if you want it….i don't…i like the new widget and I think it's much smoother. Be happy it's something new since none of us are getting FROYO just yet obviously…..I'd be happy if something like this popped up every week….i live for updates and new features ….lol i get excited when i get an app update notification even….sad i know…but i'm happy. Thanks for the info about the reboot KELLEX…..and obviously you have to tell people 30 times or more that HQ should be on wifi…bc no one reads anything…grrr…lol

  • jack

    loading problem fix ok1) install apk file 2) go to downloads then uninstall 3) reinstall youtube
    go to mainscreen and install widget

    • jack

      sorry uninstall from astro then install

  • jack

    widget says loading on eris tried restarting and also removed apk from astro

    • jack

      and after dont forget to reboot

  • I wear extra eye dis is dope….

  • Here's a link to a QR Code for it:


  • masterxchief

    I don't know if anyone else pointed it out but the captions feature is available on this new youtube apk

  • melvin

    thanks very nice on my droid incredible.

  • doobie

    mine is working just fine. thanx to the maker. this should have been standard.

  • RoNYC

    Just dl this thank you! But for some reason this and LauncherPro does not like each other. I have been getting fc since dl.

    • lvmydroid

      I also have launcherpro and they are working just fine together. I've even set the HQ as default and works everytime.

  • lvmydroid

    Seems to be working fine on Droid, 2.1. Used this video to test. Definetly a difference when I switch to HQ.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kzd1OiP27s0

  • mikeranucci

    video quality is AMAZING. I can live without the widget.

  • wam

    When the youtube app updates for example

  • wam

    Will this cause any problems when an official update releases??

  • bonez

    Doesnt allow video uploaD

  • Austin

    People are funny… I love this, my single biggest issue with the youtube app was the difficulty of selecting high quality.. now I can do it with a push of a button

    oh and the addition of “last viewed” is pretty legit too

  • garbagedick

    anyone happen to know if this will work on the Droid Eris as well as the other droids?

    • Kardell

      Confirmed it does work on the Eris……..I loaded it on my wife's phone and its just that much better…….works fine.

  • droid user

    Video freezes up after pushing hq button. Help

  • why can't someone port the HTC contact widget from the Incredible?? I like that thing!! Is it because it not rooted yet?

    • rpjoneswsu3

      I am with you. I would LOVE to have a contacts widget like the one on HTC devices. Kellex, any chance of that getting ported to the droid?

    • pdash

      I second this, with a vengeance!

  • Gabe

    hey my widget loaded up after the reboot but for some reason it keeps saying “loading..” inside of it, but nothing occurs. is this suppose to be like this or is it not working right.

  • ANgel

    Can someone please post a pic of the new widget?? PLEase??

  • Tom

    Bad news for Froyo I'm afraid… It was apparently not supposed to be released. If any ROMs surface with the current build, I think it would be best not to touch it until Google puts out the source, and a ROM is made based off of that.

    • Everyone Like this so Kellex can see it and see if he seconds this.

      • kellex

        Google has pulled the Froyo update, so ROMs could interesting at first.

        This YouTube app is not from Froyo though.

        • Wow this is dissapointing.

          • kellex

            What is disappointing?

            Porting the Nexus One update over to the Droid would have been super buggy anyway. We are really just waiting for the source could to be released and then all will be well. I'm guessing the source will be out within the next week or so. 🙂

        • dominguez619

          I manually updated my sister's and brother-in-laws nexus one's. Is there any harm that may come from the update?

    • kellex

      This from the EVO which is not running Froyo. It's perfectly fine to use.

  • kellex

    For those worried about the HQ playback not being automatic, you have to be on WiFi.

    • Eric

      well duh, thats how the old app is too so i see no change here except the more convient HQ button

    • my youtube widget isn't working now either.

      • Gabe

        mines either. it keeps saying loading

        • Cowpoke

          Ditto. And if you tap it nothing happens. Want my old one back :-/

          • dominguez619

            Just uninstall the update from the youtube app and you'll have your old one back

          • had the same thing happen on my incredible. I restarted the phone and reset the widget and worked perfectly.

    • Jacob

      actually that is not true.. that is only true by default. press menu on the youtube app homepage and there is an option under the setting to default to HQ all the time.. even on 3G. hope this helps.. (HTC incredible)

  • John Snyder

    How do I do this with a Motorola Droid, 2.1 Unrooted?

    • braydenn

      you read.

    • Keith

      Um…just download, click “open” and uh….that's about it….

  • nkhex19

    This is awesome. From a video I saw on youtube this is supposed to come with Froyo. It was included with the OTA update the N1 saw anyways, looks like we get a Froyo treat early.

  • ANgel

    I'm not sure what the point of this is…I thought our custom ROMs give us HQ youtube by default??

    • kellex

      Not everyone is rooted my friend.

      • ANgel

        They should be! =)

  • thank the maker!

  • Still doesn't seem to default to HQ, it's just a bit easier to get there (hitting a button on screen instead of having to navigate two levels of menus). Is there a way to get it to stay on HQ?

    • Nick

      I was thinking that too, i thought it would do it automatically but it is a little easier than hitting menu to hit HQ, just wish it did it by itself

      • kellex

        Weird, it did it on my Incredible automatically.

        • Nick

          i restarted my droid and everything…..oh well, ill wait for 2.2 to come out and hopefully it will have it go HQ automatically. damn froyo is on my mind so much i was actually dreaming about it last night, hahahahaha.

        • i still have to click the hg button….wish it turned on automagically

        • i went into settings > checked the box to make HQ the default. problem solved 🙂

          • Nick

            I shoulda looked lol, thanks for the tip tony

        • Crezel C.

          I'm guessin this update YouTube player doesn't automatically play in HQ for Droid Users cause of the chip/processor difference. Whatever it may be, i don't mind pressin takin one step rather than 2

      • booky

        There is an option in the settings to also use HQ on mobile.

    • Just go into settings and check that you want it to default to HQ…pretty simple…then it defaults to HQ…widget is better too.

  • Porcelain


  • 'bout time 🙂

  • ircmaxell

    What's the problem with the stock YouTube app? You can still watch HD video on it (Simply go to Menu->More->Watch In High Quality inside of a video)… Is there some other reason that I'm missing?

    • braydenn

      sharper looking

    • kellex

      With the time it took you to write the instructions in that comment, I had switched off and on HQ videos with one touch 10 times. 😛

      • i don't get remote controls..you can easily get up and change the channel on the box itself. ::facepalm::

        • dominguez619

          Haha. Good one.

      • Daballa


  • Sweet!!!

  • braydenn

    beautiful, thank you!

  • braydenn

    beautiful, thank you!