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Nexus One Android 2.2 Update Released

Time to start building those ROMs.  The official Froyo/Android 2.2 file has been released into the wild for the Nexus One.  This is going to be a fantastic weekend.


Download: signed-passion-FRF50-from-ERE27.1e519a24.zip (alt link)

Instructions for manually updating your Nexus One…

1.  Download the official Android 2.2.
2.  Drop the file on your SD card.
3.  Rename to update.zip.  (If your phone doesn’t show extensions, just “update”)
4.  Turn off your phone.
5.  Hold down the “volume down” button and power it back on.
6.  After the phone loads some files, scroll down to recovery and press the “power” button.
7.  When the exclamation mark appears, press the “power” and “volume up” button at the same time.
8.  Choose “Apply sdcard:update.zip” from the menu.
9.  Use the trackball to navigate to “apply sdcard:update.zip” and select it.
10.  When you see “Install from sdcard complete”, select “reboot system now”.
11.  Done!

Update: It appears to have been rooted already.  I know Pete (Bugless Beast) is on it and you can bet Koush is as well.  Stay tuned!

Cheers Wade!

  • Moto plans to update its phones to 2.1 first… what the heck?? How stupid!

  • neysha

    It needs to be next for moto Droid! !

  • neysha

    It needs to be next for moto Droid! !

  • r0m4n

    nice tut… worked for my n1!

  • ZivkoP

    Wait do we have to be rooted inorder to recieve the 2.2 update WHEN it makes its way to the droid?

  • braydenn
    • Tom

      bit late there….

  • braydenn
  • actngrezy

    some of the develpoers were having problems getting the port deodexed although some of the features of froyo have already been enabled. So we will see som efeatures pop up in some of the newer roms coming out. As far as 2.2 as a whole I believe it needs to be deodexed first. Now this was only after a few hours of recieving the files so I'm sure after digging into them for a day or so they will hopefully be able to get it deodexed and ported. But hey I would be happy with some of the froyo features until the source tree is updated with froyo for the droid.

  • Jarrett

    Ok wow the hero go froyo before the droid… this makes me saaad

    • Tom

      Why? its incomplete. That will probably do more harm than good. I'll stick with Koush and Pete who ensure everything is in top order.

  • Tom

    All I have to say is… BRING ON THE CUSTOM ROMS! 5.0.7 froyo now? hmm… I'm looking forward to this.

    • Jer

      Pete said on his twitter page that he is finishing up his BuglessBeast 1.1 first…should be here soon

  • austin

    why cant this be installed on the moto droid?

    • Tom

      I answer your question with another question…

      Is your build number ESE27?

      If you are like every other Droid owner and have ESE81, then the answer should be obvious. It is being ported over if you are rooted, so fear not.

  • austin

    why cant this be installed on the moto droid?

  • DroidFan

    i know this isnt the right section to post this,but you think anyone will create a place where we can share apps like installous does on the iphone when its jailbroke?

    • jt

      i was wonder the same thing i know i kinda sounds shitty to try and share apps without paying for them again but hey if theres a way im kinda down for it

      • john locjaw

        With prices for Droid apps so ridiculously cheap and written by individuals, why steal them?

      • kellex

        We do not share stolen apps on this site sorry.

    • aczm1988

      They did it was ipmart-forum.com but its closed, i wonder why lol 😛
      Im not condoning this at all but if you happen to go to 4shared.com and run into paid apps thats your own business 😛

  • i did everything but it sed failed i think it is this what do you mean when u say drop the file to da sd

  • Rejuvination

    Damn Kellex, you are THE MAN! I'm still waiting for devs to release a version for the Motorola Droid, but I'm sure everyone is with me when I say you are the Droid King 🙂

  • andrewcweaver

    I love how people could be so stupid as to try and install this on a Motorola Droid. “DO NOT TRY TO INSTALL THIS ON A MOTOROLA DROID.”

  • Jon

    until now, I haven't seen a reason to root. This could push me that direction. I'll be watching for ROM

    • trumpet444

      huh? just kidding. To each his own!…I “almost” wish I didn't root, kind of like I wish I never started drinking! Haha. again just kidding. I will be watching for this one too though

  • necroscopev

    Awesome! Let the Droid 2.2 ROMs Cometh!

  • nkhex19

    So from what I've heard there never was an official root for the 2.1 update (why we had to install SPRecovery via RSD Lite and then install a Rom to enable root access) and these Devs got root access already to the 2.2 OTA update for the N1, does this mean when the Droid receives the 2.2 update it will be easy to root like 2.0.1 was? If it will be a simpler process again I think many more people on the fence will finally make the leap to root.

    • Jon

      < is one fence sitter that would fall to the dark side 🙂

  • louieco

    If a 2.2 Rom makes it out soon, it may be the thing that finally convinces me to root!! What a great week for Android.

    • Drew

      Same here.

  • EggoEspada

    Damn… I really hope this gets ported to the Droid.
    What a crazy week for Android lovers, just like every week something awesome happens or emerges. =P

  • droidroks

    Froyo is starting to taste tart. When will the sweetness that comes from froyo be on our plate(droid)? I hope it's just in time for dessert tomorrow night.

  • Ray

    Could we see this on the droid by the end of the weekend…I hope so

  • Nom4d3


    • jasonfrmtx


      • eddieonofre


        • -3…. back to even 🙂
          The reason this is news is it will get into the devs hands faster. Hopefully getting customs to us faster…

    • aczm1988

      Its here because now the devs can make one for us. And nice attitude btw, all caps always gets more attention 😀

  • Someone pleeeease rip this apart quickly. if not, there HAS to be a way to fool, trick or hack that adobe link into thinking I have 2.2 for a flash dl link

  • Oh boy… I will be sooooo looking forward to see a ROM on this!

    • Stick2e – Ernesto

      I visit this site like 20 times a day… now I have to visit it even more to look for those new ROM's news… lol

    • kellex


      • Jon

        I gotta say kellex. You sure stay on top of s&^t. I love you blog. Way to go man!

  • andrew401

    hey kellex, can devs build a custom ROM for the droid from nexus ones 2.2 source?

    • kellex

      Pretty sure they are about to start trying to. 🙂

      • andrew401

        oh man i can't wait to see what Pete and Koush does with this. I've been rockin my incredible lately but I think I'm going to have to give my Droid a little loving ahaha

        • andrew401

          so is that a yes they can do it, or we don't know yet and are going to find out?

          • droidroks

            I would hate for Pete and Koush and other devs to not be able to enjoy a weekend without hearing all these demands. After all they don't have to make roms and stuff for us to enjoy. We should all be thankful and embrace the fact that these guys are working hard to make these bada$$ roms for our enjoyment. Have faith in 2.2roms being available before the official ota.

      • aczm1988

        Hope you dont plan on sleeping lol, gonna be alot going on this weekend. I know ill be up and this site untill i get froyo on my droid. Hopefully they bust ass to get a ROM going soon 😀

  • Kevin D

    shadow pictures revealed at engadget… mystery droid.

    • kellex

      Oh baby.

  • yay!! can't wait for droids release!! i might actually go back to stock for a few days until a custom rom is added lol

  • James

    does this work for droid?

    • kellex

      No. Do not try to install this on your Droid.

      • Does Cyan's root work on Droid? {{-_-}}

        • Ray

          Not yet looks like they are working on it right now

      • john locjaw

        Kellex, do you hear if Google is at all working on the NAV app so that you can drive with the 3D map without having a route planned?

    • LOL

    • Story

      Does not work with Droid